Propositioned by Outlaws (MFM)

Outlaws 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,963
10 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Western Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, exhibitionism, spanking]

They’re not ruthless outlaws, but they’re due to hang for a crime they didn’t commit, and only one woman can save them. Fearing innocent men may swing from high ropes, Victoria uses her connections and issues a plea to the marshal, but she has ulterior motives and a personal agenda. Lane and Art are on their way to Cripple Creek to clear their names. They encounter a woman in danger and lend a hand, but their protection costs her more than an average barter. A prostitute’s daughter, Victoria discovers her mother once serviced men who were doomed to die. She reads explicit details regarding her ma’s past. Curious about womanhood, Victoria decides to have her way with the sexy bandits. After a passionate night, Victoria realizes she’s unable to fathom the cowboys’ fates. She will protect the men who saved her and effectively keep them from a hangman’s noose.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Natalie Acres is a Siren-exclusive author.

Propositioned by Outlaws (MFM)
10 Ratings (4.2)

Propositioned by Outlaws (MFM)

Outlaws 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,963
10 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
It kept my attention and gave a few laughs along the way.



“You over there,” a gruff voice called out about the time she heard the single cracking sound of a gun cocked. “Stop where you are.”

Victoria’s lungs felt heavier than usual as she gulped. With the last gasp of air she nabbed a conscious effort to hold perfectly still. She closed her eyes and started to pray, wishing she hadn’t stayed down by the water this late.

Back when her ma was living, she often warned Victoria about hanging around the creeks and rivers for long periods of time. That’s where she was bound to meet up with strangers. There was a clearing there, and considering Cripple Creek was well populated now with the gold rush in California leading folks to Colorado, many wanderers stopped to view the open area with its numerous springs, rivers, and brooks.

Travelers riding through typically took a notion to rest right around those parts, if only to admire the scenery of snowcapped mountains in the winter and a multitude of colors in the fall. In the summertime, the countryside was a favored picnic spot.

Yes indeed. God once smiled on that very place. Some said the Colorado valley was the prettiest stretch of land ever found this side of heaven.

As the footsteps moved closer, Victoria trembled from the inside out. Even spots of beauty appealed to the ugly.

Victoria concentrated on the sounds behind her. There were at least two lily livers, maybe three. Victoria couldn’t stand a coward, much less a group of them determined to stick together.

“Well, shit howdy, this ain’t good, is it, Lane?” a man’s voice drawled.

“No, it sure doesn’t look too promising,” someone else replied, presumably Lane.

Not much for keeping her back to a man, or two of them if that be the case, Victoria shifted and planned on turning around.

“Don’t move!” the first fellow shouted. “We ain’t got time for proper introductions, but my name is Art, and this here is Lane. That’s all you need to know other than the fact that you’d better listen to me. Put your arms straight forward and hold real still.”

Great, just what she needed—some sort of chance meeting with an outlaw who didn’t even know how to threaten the innocent. Since when did a man rob a woman and introduce himself in the process?

She gasped. Oh God, he was gonna kill her.

He was probably some young gun looking to make a name. He wanted her to know who shot her in the back before he put the first bullet there.

“Go on now. Listen to what I tell ya. Put them arms straight out,” Art told her again.

“I reckon you mean you want ’em in the air,” she corrected him, figuring if she’d already been bushwhacked, it didn’t matter what happened after the cowards secured her.

“No,” both men chimed together.

“I want them there arms straight in front of you,” Art said. His voice was unmistakable with the thick drawl from back East, probably around Virginia.

Victoria squeezed her eyelids tightly together and tried to steady her breathing. She started to follow the stranger’s request. Then, defiance made her change her mind. “I’m turning around,” she advised them.

She opened her eyes and lowered her arms. Today must’ve been her day to die, but she wasn’t going out of this world with her eyes closed when there was so much natural beauty surrounding her.

Oh no. If someone planned on shooting her, she wanted to look at nature then walk into heaven with her eyes wide open. “Gutless outlaws,” she mumbled.

“Little lady,” Art snapped again. “I advise you not to move. There’s a rattlesnake slitherin’ right behind you. Now, the best you can do is pay attention and listen right well.”

Victoria’s mouth dried. A snake? She reluctantly turned her head ever so slowly. She stared down then glanced off to the left.

Oh mother and father—whoever he was—in the clouds above, the man wasn’t lying. Why she failed to notice the damn thing or the way that rattler shimmied across the dry dirt heading in her direction was any man’s guess. The fellows behind her probably weren’t interested in her excuses.

“Now listen to me. We’re gonna get you out of this,” Art said in a throaty rasp. “When I say go, you’re gonna dive to the right and roll on down that hill without a look over your shoulder. You understand?”

“Yes, but…”

“We’ll talk about butts later,” Art quickly told her, cocking his gun. “You have a right nice one, by the way.”




He’d spanked her. He’d fucked her pussy, sucked her sweet clit. Now, Art wanted that pretty little ass.

After he finished giving her an orgasm driven by his lips, mouth and tongue, Art longed to introduce her to the forbidden.

Lane, greedy somebody that he was, yanked her over him. He framed her face and kissed her like he might forget how if he didn’t practice right then. Art grabbed her hips and drew her to him, positioning her bottom right in front of his rigid cock.

“Hang on there,” Lane said, breaking the tender moment he and Victoria shared.

“It’s all right,” she promised. “I don’t want to wait. I need both of you inside me.”

“You do, huh?” Art asked, rubbing his cock over her shapely globes.

“That’s what I said,” she crooned, dragging her body over Lane’s as she found an angle possible for double penetration.

Dying to poke that precious ass, Art reined in his control before he ripped into her. Holding his cock at a distance, he finally couldn’t stand it anymore. He rubbed the tip over her entrance, waiting for the puckered hole to flex and welcome him.

Then Lane entered her. Art jerked and pulled back. He was ready to take what she was eager to give but instead he resisted the heavenly invitation, determined to observe for a second more before diving straight into temptation.

“Damn, sweetheart. You must’ve been born this way,” Lane rasped, stroking her.

“What?” she asked, shifting her hips to accommodate the cock buried inside her.

As Lane’s heavy balls bumped against her, Art rubbernecked and watched, taking himself completely out of their intimate connection.

The sight of their two bodies rocking together made him hard. Lane paused before he slammed inside her and his forceful movements took Art to the brink of insanity. There was nothing more erotic than a stiff pecker slipping in and out of a slick pussy.

“You only interested in watching, Art?” she asked, glancing over her shoulder.

“Yep.” He walked around to the side of the bed and observed a little longer, getting a close-up view in order to tease her. There he gained a much better picture anyway.

Victoria’s folds parted as Lane shoved his cock inside her cunt. His dick disappeared between the honey-colored hairs scattered across her mound.

Lane’s brow wrinkled. His jaw set. He was close to claiming a strong finish.

“Ah hell,” Art said, pumping his cock through his tight fist.

“You must prefer looking on,” Victoria whispered, placing her palms flat against the back of her head. Working those thighs, she bent her knees. With her toes digging into the mattress, she opened and closed her legs as Lane entered her.

In a matter of seconds, Lane was working a little harder. Clutching her hips, Lane shoved her body high above him, and then yanked her back over him. Repeating the process once more, he said, “Art, if you’re gonna join us, you’d better find your place soon.”

Art stared at Victoria’s full breasts. Leaning over, he kissed her protruding nipple. He fondled her as she fucked Lane, wishing he and Lane could just keep her in bed, screw her all the time.

There was no need to do much else in that prairie. Loving on any pretty woman was about the only thing worthwhile. A whisper in his inner ear reminded him that wasn’t entirely true now.

Fucking Victoria was the only way to go. After being with her, he didn’t have a need for any other.

Standing behind her once again, Art’s hands fell to her rounded rump. This time, he spread her for a well-intended purpose. He towered over her, jerked once, and fell against her back, grabbing her around the waist to secure her against him.

“Oh God!” she screamed as he thrust inside her.

“That’s right, beautiful. Your prayers have been answered.” Art grunted as he fucked her. The wait was over, and the delay was sure worth the temporary sacrifice. 

Lane withdrew a few inches, making room for another participant, and Art gave her body time to adjust. But when her sleek passage began milking his cock, squeezing around him so tightly he thought he might pop, well, that was the final test of a man’s strength.

He screwed himself balls-deep, completely filling her asshole. Then, he retreated, realizing he was greedy when he buried his dick inside one hell of a tight, virginal hole.

Seconds later, Lane’s pace quickened. Victoria bucked like a wild woman. And Art wasn’t about to be left out in the cold.

He hammered inside her and took that beautiful bottom he planned to stamp as his own.

“Fuck and the pleasure found in it!” Victoria screamed, tossing her head back.

Art grinned at her crazy vocal expressions, finding more pleasure being inside her than he ever imagined possible. He struggled to give Lane a little room, and as soon as he did, his good friend took advantage.

Lane started a-whooping and a-hollering, and Victoria practically sang. In the midst of her satisfying song, Art listened to the only words a man needed to hear from a satisfied woman.

“Deeper! Harder! More! Oh please, men, please! Give me more!” 

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