[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Interracial Consensual BDSM Romantic Suspense, M/M, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
Detective Colvin Rush is hungry for love, but his work keeps him busy. Until one day, the job takes him to Caeden Croft’s door in his search for a killer. Rush is surprised to find himself so drawn to a victim’s friend, and at first tries to keep his distance but soon finds himself disciplining Caeden in the most delicious ways.
Caeden is instantly drawn to Rush, who makes him crave the hard edges of sex with Rush as his Master. And one bold move by Caeden sparks a hot affair between them that both men are determined to revel in.
But the killer is still at large. He isn’t done wreaking havoc on all those connected with his victim, and Caeden is next on that list. Rush finds himself in a race against time to find the madman and save the man who’s stolen his heart.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Vanilla Cream (MM)
2 Ratings (3.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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5 COCKTAILS: "Vanilla Cream is the third book in the Interracial Heat series by E. A. Reynolds. While this book is part of a series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone novel with ease. Colvin Rush is a detective in the local police department. He is kept busy with his work. He keeps his private life separate from his work life. No one in his work life has any idea Colvin is gay but he does not seem to be hiding it. He just does not address it with his coworkers. Colvin is a Dom who cares for those he is around. Caeden Croft is a submissive and his path crosses the Colvin when Colvin is looking for the killer of a close friend of Caeden. Caeden had a rough childhood and has become a strong man who has a handle on his life. He operates the family business, which will become his in a short amount of time. The connection between Caeden and Colvin is blistering. They make a great match together. I enjoyed seeing how they had trouble keeping their hands to themselves. The sex scenes were explosive. I found this book well written with a very authentic plot. Ms. Reynolds does a great job of balancing the romance and the suspense. The main and secondary characters were exciting and tempting. The ending was somewhat predicable but it is more the journey to the end that this story is all about. Overall, this was a fascinating book." -- Victoria, Cocktails and Books

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He gave his nipple a tug through his shirt. Too bad they’d had to meet under such terrible circumstances, he mused. Not that it mattered. The cop was straight. He hadn’t so much as blinked when their hands touched. The contact had lit his fire pretty good while that hot detective had been totally unaffected.

With a sigh, he grabbed his new things and threw them in the washer before returning to the living room to go through the rest of his bags. He’d picked up a new vibrator and a nice dildo for shower play. It had a suction cup for attaching to the wall. He took the toys out of their boxes and fingered the cock. It had a nice realistic feel, but there was no substitute for the real thing. Still—

The doorbell rang, cutting off his thoughts.

He cursed at the sight of the items on display and shrugged. Straight cop on a gay case—fuck him. Let him deal with it. He put the toys on the table and ran a hand through his hair before going to pull the door open.

“Hi, Detective.” He motioned him in. “I see you had no trouble finding me.”

He shrugged. “Not at all.”

Caeden watched as Rush glanced around the living room. His gaze fell on the toys on the coffee table and the man didn’t even blink. He must be real secure in his sexuality. “I just got home,” he explained with a hint of defiance. “I get a discount, plus there’s a sale on sex toys, so there was no reason not to treat myself.”

“I see.” Rush gave him an amused smile.

“I bet your love life could use some spicing up.” Caeden went to the couch and snagged a pair of cuffs from a bag.

“That is probably true,” Rush agreed, watching Caeden’s every move.

Caeden held the plastic package up in front of Rush, revealing a pair of covered cuffs. “You should come by the store and let me fix you up with a few things,” he said softly. “The toys aren’t just for gay guys.”

Rush reached behind him, snagged cuffs secured at the small of his back, and held them up. “These work good.”

Caeden salivated as his eyes caressed the cuffs. “I bet they do,” he murmured and took a bold step toward Rush, hoping he didn’t kick his ass or arrest him for coming on to him. He tossed the package onto the couch. “I bet your girlfriend gets a real high from those.”

He shrugged. “Would you?”

His breath stalled. “Uh, I—”

“Do you like being cuffed or tied? Does it make you high to give up all control to your partner?”

Caeden traced one of the cuffs. “Depends what my lover is going to have me do,” he answered. “Does your girlfriend like when you take control?”

Rush shifted, pushing his cuffs into his pocket, and Caeden moved closer to him, hoping he wasn’t making a big mistake. “Tell me what you like, Caeden,” he murmured. “Do you like having your hands secured while he fucks your mouth? Do you like being restrained and spanked?”

His heart beat faster. “I’d let you do it with my hands cuffed, but I don’t usually,” he admitted. Caeden stroked his hands up Rush’s forearms to his biceps. “You’re just so hot I could make the exception.”

Rush chuckled. “Don’t touch without permission, or I just might have to cuff and spank you.”

He physically shivered. “Are you going to take me over your knee?” Caeden asked breathlessly.

Rush grinned. “I’ve been known to roll that way.”

“Sounds like you like a little recreational S&M too,” Caeden said, barely containing the excitement building inside him.

“Quit being nosy,” he said in a mildly amused tone. “It’s not like you can handle me.”

Caeden smiled, a little surprised. “You don’t think?”

Rush smiled. “No, I don’t.” He looked down Caeden’s body slowly and back up. “I’m sure you have your fantasies about S&M, but they’re probably pretty tame.”

“And you think you could push my boundaries?” Caeden demanded, his body coming alive. “Make me beg?” Rush chuckled and Caeden closed the remaining distance between them. He put a tentative hand on Rush’s hip. “So you’d cuff me and do what?”

“I’d spank you because you’re a pushy little bottom and that’s if you were lucky,” Rush murmured. “Now, don’t touch without permission.”

“Fine. Whatever.” That was obviously the detective’s way of telling him to back off.

“Was Harris and his friends into prostitution?”

Caeden shrugged. “Yeah. I know Harry didn’t make enough at the store for his tastes. He liked expensive things like that phone he has, and he drives a Beemer. His new boyfriend didn’t seem to have any problems indulging him. Harry mentioned quitting for him.”

“Was it certain he was getting out?”

“I don’t know,” Caeden said curling his hands at his sides to keep from touching the beautiful sienna skin before him.




Rush yanked him away from the wall and clamped a hand behind Caeden’s neck before tugging him down the hall to his bedroom, where he gave him a shove into the room. Caeden stumbled and landed against the wall with a thud. Before he could recover, Rush was on him, pinning him to the wall, and inserting one hard thigh between Caeden’s legs.

Pleasure rushed him, making him dizzy as the hard muscle scraped against his cock. “Isn’t there a law against police brutality?”

Rush chuckled. “Police brutality?” He brushed Caeden’s lips with his and a swirl of heat curled low in Caeden’s belly.

A sharp nip and Caeden’s lips parted, giving Rush’s tongue uncontested entrance. Caeden whimpered as the first taste of pleasure slithered through him. He tried to free his hands, but the vice grip of Rush’s held him in place.

Caeden arched his lower body, rubbing against Rush’s thigh. His cock tented the front of his robe and his mind reeled as Rush deepened the kiss. It was as good as he thought it would be and better. His blood heated in his veins as Rush hand moved between his legs, cupping his erection through the fabric of his robe.

Caeden whimpered and thrust against it even as Rush’s tongue tangled with his, tasted him, made him feel enjoyed, made his blood heat even hotter. And then it was gone. He opened his eyes on a moaned protest.

“Police brutality?” Rush stepped back, yanked Caeden’s robe open, pushed it down his arms and shoved it off before quickly turning him and then shoving him into the wall chest first. He forced the younger man’s arms up the wall and held them in spite of his struggles. Rush reached behind him to the small of his back and dislodged the handcuffs secured there. He snapped them into place and pressed his erection into the other man’s ass.

“Keep those hands up there. If you take them down, this will only get less fun.”

“Bastard, let go of me.” He shivered.

Rush pushed his fingers into his hair and pulled his head back so their eyes barely met. “That’s Master Bastard to you, sub boy,” he muttered against his ear and his hot breath bathed Caeden’s skin. Rush released his hair and that now-free hand made a beeline for the nipple ring. One tug and Caeden hissed.

“Master.” He said the word with breathless reverence.

“You like that don’t you?” Rush asked softly. “That’s why you had it done isn’t it?”

He liked it that’s why he hadn’t removed it.

“Answer me,” Rush said roughly and gave the ring another tug.

“I like it, Master,” he affirmed.

Rush pinched his nipple and Caeden moaned. This is exactly how he’d expected to be handled. Rough yet with easy dominance. It made his cock leak against the wall. His head fell forward lightly tapping against the wall as he gave in to the sensual heat engulfing him. “You get no safeword,” Rush told him. “Do you understand?”

Caeden breathed heavily as Rush released him. He understood perfectly, and he was looking forward to taking his lumps now that it was happening. “I understand.”

“Good boy. I’ll only give you ten lashes with the belt, but I have to warm you up with my hand first,” Rush said. “Understood?”

He nodded. “I understand.” Excitement sizzled over his skin. He was practically trembling in eagerness.

“Are you sure?” Rush rasped at his ear as he reached around and fisted his warm erection. “I bet you taste like sweet innoce—” He broke off as his fingers grazed the head of Caeden’s dick.

Caeden laughed. He didn’t know if he was keeping that, but the way Rush tugged at it, he wasn’t sure he’d be getting rid of it anytime soon either.

“Ah, I like that.”

Caeden’s breath hitched. He pushed his ass back against Rush, felt his erection grind into his ass, and shivered when Rush tapped his cock.

“Keep your tight little ass still.” He pressed him tighter against the wall. “When I’m ready to fuck, I’ll let you know.” He tapped Caeden’s cock a little harder.

Another pull of his cock ring and Caeden groaned roughly. He had known Rush would command his body without mercy and make him ache for more “Please.”

“Please what?” Rush purred at his ear. “Please fuck you?” Rush stroked Caeden’s balls.

“Um-hum. Um-hum.”

Rush chuckled and ran a finger down the seam of Caeden’s ass down to cup a firm globe. “You have a fine little ass. It’s just the right size to fill a man’s hands and spill over just a little.”

Caeden panted, turned on more than he knew he should be. The man could be a psycho cop, but something told him he was in good hands.

“I’m glad you like it, Master.”

“Tell me what you think about this, Caeden.”

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