Fearless (MFM)

Lone Wolf Lodge 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,972
4 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Menage Amour: Suspense, Contemporary, Drama, Crime, Menage, Small Town, MFM, HEA]

Morgan Carmichael is the step-sister to Elisa and Faith and she’s the toughest out of all of them, but she’s had to be to survive and to hide the fact that she's running from her past. They think she's trying to kill herself by doing dangerous things, but in fact, that’s the only thing she’s found to keep the demons of her past away. She’s tried so many things to try to help her deal when her emotions get overwhelming, but the thrill and sometimes pain from her adventures are the only things that work to keep her sane.

Brandon Hughes and Tray Pratt are big, dominant men and have been trying for years to find a woman strong enough to deal with them. They found her in Morgan, but now they have to help her deal with her ghosts and keep her from killing herself before they can move on.

Fearless (MFM)
4 Ratings (4.8)

Fearless (MFM)

Lone Wolf Lodge 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,972
4 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


The conversations around the yard stopped at the sound of a rumbling motor coming toward the lodge. It got louder and louder before a sleek motorcycle pulled up. The rider parked the bike, swung their leg over, and stood before they pulled off the helmet.

Several people gasped.

“Who the fuck is that?” Brandon asked, unable to tear his eyes off of the beautiful blonde in tight black leather pants, boots, and a long-sleeve black shirt. Her hair fell down her back in a riot of messy curls. He watched as she looked around and then her face let up.

Brandon, Tray, and several of the men jerked their gazes toward a group of women as a few of the women squealed. The men watched as Faith and Elisa ran toward the other woman, and the three embraced for a long time.

“Jesus, I think I just swallowed my tongue,” Tray mumbled.

Brandon snorted. He tore his gaze from the women and scanned the area until he found Mack or Damon.

“Hey,” he shouted to get their attention. He pointed at the group of women. “Who the hell is that?”

Mack walked over to stand beside Brandon and Tray. “I assume that’s Morgan, Elisa and Faith’s sister.”

“Why are you scowling?” Tray asked Mack.

“She’s a little wild, and Elisa worries a lot about her. Both sisters do. It seems the woman likes to take chances. I’m afraid of what will happen to Faith and Elisa if Morgan kills herself.”

“She’s suicidal?” Tray asked, shocked.

“No, she just does crazy, dangerous shit like sky diving, rock climbing, stuff like that. She’s got a lot of guts, that’s for sure. We’re hoping she’ll decide to stay. The business she worked at since she was fourteen closed down. Elisa said she was just stopping by for the wedding before she moves on.”

“Where?” Brandon asked.

Mack shrugged. “No clue. I don’t think she even knows.”

Brandon nodded and shared a look with Tray. Reading the attraction in each other’s expressions, they both grinned. They’d finally found a woman they were both instantly attracted to and that sounded tough enough to put up with them. They were definitely going to get to know more about her.

The three women walked toward the crowd with their arms linked and smiling.

Elisa stopped in front of Mack and Damon. “Guys, I’d like you to meet my sister, Morgan.” She turned to her sister. “Morgan, these are my fiancés, Damon and Mack.” She pointed toward the side. “Those are Faith’s guys, Aston and Bo.” She noticed the intent looks the sheriff and his friend were giving her sister and smiled. “And this is Brandon and Tray. They don’t belong to anyone.”

Faith walked off and into Bo’s arms while Elisa slipped her arms through Damon’s. Faith and Elisa grinned at each other when Brandon, Tray, and Morgan stood mute and stared at one another.

“You’re really fucking beautiful,” Brandon burst out.

Mack pushed Elisa’s face into his chest when she choked and sputtered.

“Thank you,” Morgan said after the shock wore off and smiled. Morgan bit her lip to prevent herself from laughing as the people around them choked and tried to hide their amusement.

She wanted to say, ‘and you’re ginormous,’ but kept her mouth shut. They were both huge, but one was taller than any man she’d ever met. Both were extremely handsome. The shorter one of the two had lighter hair and blue eyes and was handsome in a movie star way. The bigger one had dark hair and eyes and was the most masculine man she’d ever seen.

Tray cleared his throat and held out his hand. “It’s nice to meet you.”

Elisa was thrilled when she watched the sparks fly as the two touched. Morgan held his hand and gasped at the heat that raced up her arm. She tried to pull away, and her heart tripped in her chest. Her eyes shot to him when Tray tightened his grip before he released it. Morgan turned when Brandon held his hand out. She was a little frightened to touch him, afraid she’d feel the same sizzle she’d felt with Tray.

Sure enough, one touch and her body softened and tightened at the same time, sending a riot of sensations through her body. Fuck, she didn’t like those feelings the men brought out in her. She’d be polite, but otherwise, try to stay the hell away from them while she was there.

Morgan tried to immediately jerk away, but Brandon held tightly to her hand.

“Um… it’s nice to meet you,” Morgan stuttered. She released a breath when Brandon finally let loose of her hand.

“How long are you staying?” Brandon asked. If he had his way, she wouldn’t be leaving.

“I’m here until after the wedding.”

“I thought I heard you were offered a job here at the lodge?” he asked.

Just then, Elisa walked up and slid her arm through Morgan’s. “She was, and I’m hoping she decides to stay because we desperately need her.”

Morgan huffed out a laugh and rolled her eyes. Shit, Elisa could really be a nag when she wanted to. “That’s a shitty thing to do to me.”

“What?” Elisa asked innocently.

She snorted. “Putting a guilt trip on me.”

Elisa hid her grin. “It’s not a guilt trip if it’s true.”

Morgan pulled her arm away and turned to face Elisa with her hands on her hips. “That’s bullshit, and you know it,” she grumbled.




Her breath snagged in her throat when Tray’s hand engulfed the breast closest to him.

“Let’s see if you like a bite of pain,” Tray whispered against her temple as he started to tighten his grip on her nipple.

Brandon grunted. “She likes it. I can feel how wet her crotch is getting.” He made a left turn at the base of the mountain. “Fuck, baby girl. You want this cunt filled with a cock?”

Morgan nodded. She was unable to say anything with the rioting emotions ripping through her. The stinging pain from Tray’s fingers grew stronger, making her breath start coming in short pants. Add to that, Branon’s fingers felt like this were trying to rip through the fabric so they could delve into her pussy.

Morgan didn’t notice when they stopped. What she did notice was they had taken their hands from her. Her eyes flew open and she squeaked when she was yanked out the driver’s side door and into Brandon’s arms.

She chuckled when he dropped her onto a massive bed. She tried squirming away as the men started pulling off her clothes and then their own.

Morgan licked her lips at the two perfect male specimens standing in front of her slowly rubbing their cocks in their fists. She knew she wasn’t a virgin but by the size of them it was going to feel like it, the first few times.

“I want that mouth on me,” Tray growled.

“You want to try to take both of us, baby?” Brandon asked as he palmed his huge erection. He smiled when she nodded, but he could tell she was nervous, which would heighten her feelings. “Let’s get her revved up a bit more. I don’t want her to have a lot of trouble taking me.”

Tray immediately pushed her legs apart and dropped down so his face was against her wet cunt. He inhaled and ran hid fingers over the smooth skin. “I appreciate you being bare for me, sweetheart. It will make it more pleasurable for you when I eat you up.”

A startled scream split the air and Morgan’s back arched off the mattress at the first swipe of his tongue between her saturated lips. She’d never had a man go down on her before. It startled her how good it felt.

“Jesus, she tastes like honey.” Tray used his thumbs to separate her cunt lips so he could reach more of her. His tongue circled her clit, then pushed into her cunt before sliding lower to circle her anus. He did this until she was begging them to fuck her.

Meanwhile, Brandon stroked her stomach and sucked on first one nipple and then the other until they were both bright red and achingly stiff.

“Get her turned on her hands and knees,” Brandon directed.

Tray slid back and flipped her onto her stomach and then helped her to balance on her knees. “Steady, sweetheart. We’ve got you.”

“Just please hurry. I need you both so much.”

“And you’re going to get both of us in every way imaginable,” Brandon informed her as he moved around the bed until he was behind her. He pulled her back until her hips hung over the mattress a bit. He pushed a finger into her cunt. “Fuck, she’s tight. She’s going to strangle the hell out of my cock.” He pushed two in and spread them, trying to loosen her a bit.

Tray watched from beside her head. “Oh, Lord. This is going to be hot.” He leaned down until he could see her face. “Hold up a second,” he told Brandon and slid under Morgan until his cock was even with her mouth and he could see her face. He stuck a pillow behind his head. “Okay, I can see how’s she’s taking you.”

“Oh, she’ll fucking take me. Won’t you, baby girl?” Brandon murmured.

Morgan nodded and reached out to grip Tray cock. She smiled when Tray turned rigid at the first swipe of her tongue. She hummed at the salty, sweet taste before she engulfed the whole head into her mouth.

She vaguely heard the sound of a condom wrapper and then froze with her head up as she felt the pressure build in her pussy.

“You’re doing so fine, baby girl. You can take me,” Brandon growled as he pressed an inch of his cock into her, pulled out, and then advanced a bit more as he penetrated her tight cunt.

Tray smoothed the hair from her face and watched as she flinched a few times. She didn’t say anything, but he still watched her closely. He knew when Brandon had made it all the way in at the groan that tore from both their throats and the rapture he caught on her face.

“Fuck me,” Morgan demanded.

“Oh, you’ll get fucked, baby,” Brandon growled.

He grasped her hips in his large hands hard enough she knew there would be little bruises on her skin, but that just made her need heighten. She hissed when he slowly pulled out but he pushed back into her tight cunt right away.

“Hey, I want your mouth,” Tray reminded her.

“I won’t let you come until you’ve swallowed every drop of Tray’s cum,” Brandon said in a threatening tone.

Morgan immediately lowered her head and sucked his cock in until it hit the back of her throat. She worked him hard, using one hand to hold onto the base of him as her mouth sucked the rest of him. Her other hand slid in between his legs and cupped his heavy balls.

“Jesus,” Tray shouted. “I’m not going to last.”

His grip on her hair tightened, pulling another moan from her. Her body tensed in a need so strong it took her ability to think straight. She doubled her efforts to get him to come, because the ache Brandon was creating was turning into full out painful need.

“Fuck,” Tray shouted as his cum filled her mouth. “Take all of it,” he demanded of Morgan. “Every last drop.”

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