Worth Fighting For (LoveXtreme)

Warriorville 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,095
11 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Menage, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Action, Military, MFMMM, HEA]

Every day is a gift worth fighting for and Brea Castle knows this firsthand. She is a survivor and survivors don't know the word quit.

Getting away from the past hasn't been easy but Brea is determined, and she works hard to succeed in her job and to make her bosses, Kinsey, Elliott, Panther, and Nevco Colby happy.

Trust is not easily earned, and when Brea hides her personal life from her four bosses at a time when her allegiance and devotion to her is questioned, it makes her look like a suspect instead of an ally. When they finally break down those walls and reveal their attraction it's nearly too late.

The Colby men have trust issues of their own, but they follow their hearts and an attraction so strong even being used, lied to or cheated on is worth the effort to find out the truth about Brea.

Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Worth Fighting For (LoveXtreme)
11 Ratings (4.4)

Worth Fighting For (LoveXtreme)

Warriorville 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,095
11 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Siren Publishing


“How long do we need to stay here for? Kevin said he wants to sign contracts,” Kinsey asked Panther as they stood by the bar in Irvin Young’s mansion. The place was huge and went on and on and the landscape was impressive from what he saw pulling up along the long driveway. This man had money and his friend Kevin Kerchov was filthy rich too, and he wondered why either man batted an eye at the cost of doing business with them.

Elliott and Nevco were talking to a few other men who were potential clients. Nevco looked annoyed and his eyebrows remained scrunched together. He was so fucking serious. They all were to an extent and these things grew boring quickly.

As he scanned the place while Panther shrugged his shoulders, Kinsey’s eyes landed on the backside of one sexy woman in a mid-length slim fitting black dress. The slit on the side was sexy yet conservative as it landed mid-thigh. Her ass was full, round, appearing firm, and her back was exposed, showing off definition like someone who worked out hard and was fit and trim. He continued to look as three men smiled and gave her their full attention. He looked at her thin neck, the fancy updo that exposed her tan complexion and at the two thin straps of her dress, all beaded and sparkling. It was classy, sexy, designer. When she laughed, moved her hand, the French manicured fingernails around the stem of champagne, he heard his brother whisper, “Brea?” just as she turned their way. She hadn’t seen them but he felt like he was punched in the chest, the sight of her, the acknowledgement of his body’s instant reaction to her and now how it went up a notch when he saw it was Brea. Their Brea.

“Holy fuck,” Panther said.

Kinsey didn’t take his eyes off of her and as one of the three men he didn’t know placed his hand on her hip and whispered something to her, he wanted to intervene. He had no right to. Not in a brotherly way or as a boss, no, this was personal. He liked her, was totally attracted to her but knew nothing could come of it. She was fifteen years younger, gorgeous, professional, and she worked for him and his brothers. She was a major asset to their business, their people person, their deal sealer, and then it hit him. He wanted more. Wanted to take a chance, wanted to touch, to feel, to taste her.

“I think we need to rethink the whole employee-boss relationship thing,” Panther said.

He turned to look at his brother. Panther, dark blond hair, rich blue eyes, an air of control, power emitted from him. They all shared that characteristic, and people respected that, felt inferior to them. That was fine with them. They were superior men in every aspect except intimacy. They feared it. Feared letting their hearts get involved in any relationship whatsoever.

“If he moves his hand any lower he’ll be copping a feel of her ass,” Panther said and turned away and asked the bartender for another drink.

He didn’t need to look back. He closed his eyes a moment. Envisioned her ass in the tight black dress as it stuck out from behind her, the curves of her body enticing to any man. To a man like him who saw her as more than just a piece of ass, it was hard not to focus on her assets. Especially in that dress. Her breasts were full and as she turned sideways, seemingly trying to get the man next to her to give her space, he saw her side profile, breast and ass. She was fit for a king. Fit for him and his brothers. That thought shocked him silly and he looked away again.

Kinsey looked to the right. His brothers Elliott and Nevco had Brea on their radar too and boy, did they both look super fucking serious. Nevco was glaring. That wasn’t good at all. Kinsey knew that look. Sweet Jesus, they were fucked. They were all attracted to Brea. Sweet, young, inexperienced Brea, with a voice so damn sexy it was hard not to get a hard on from listening to her speak.




Kinsey and his brothers got undressed and Nevco had her stand before the edge of the bed, naked and looking sexier than a woman had the right to look. Her breasts were so damn big and full, the pink nipples hard and appetizing, her taut abs, the belly ring, luscious thighs and tattoo of tiny bursting stars along her hipbone looked feminine and sexy.

“My God, look at her,” Panther said as he lowered to his knees, placed a hand on her hip and kissed along the tattoo. She shivered and looked down at Panther with love and desire in her eyes. Kinsey could see it. She was going to be their woman to share, to protect, to maybe even love. Brea, so young and classy, more than they deserved. More than he deserved. He suddenly felt as if he weren’t good enough for her and that was a first. He watched Elliott move to her other side, a bit hesitant in his motion, as if the sight of her luscious body, and the realization of what they were about to do, was beginning to sink in. Elliott kissed her hipbone and cupped her breast.

“God damn, woman, you are fit for kings, a damn feast,” Elliott said and then licked her nipple and tugged. She closed her eyes and moaned softly. Nevco moved in behind her and kissed her bare shoulders. “Do we need condoms?” Nevco asked.

“Maybe you should use them. It’s been a long time for me,” she admitted, and even that turned him on.

“We’re clean. It’s been months and we always use condoms,” Kinsey said to her. She held his gaze.

“We would never put you at risk. This is special and we want nothing between us. No barriers,” Elliott added and she nodded in agreement.

Nevco locked gazes with Kinsey, who couldn’t help but to be aroused watching his brothers begin to prepare their woman to be marked and claimed by them. Kinsey felt the surge of possessiveness. It was instant and like nothing he ever felt before. He wanted to make love to her, to fill her up with cock and claim her so she would never stray, never want another man ever but the four of them. Nevco nodded before he disappeared behind her, obviously kissing along her back, then down her spine to her ass.

“You still sore here?” Nevco asked from behind her.

“I don’t feel it. I just feel all of you,” she admitted and opened her eyes and locked gazes with Kinsey.

“More, baby?” Kinsey asked, stepping closer as Nevco moved from behind her and Panther and Elliott ran their palms up her thighs and took turns stroking her cunt. She gripped on to their shoulders as they lifted her onto the bed, spread her thighs, exposing her pussy and ass to Kinsey.

“More?” Elliott asked her.

“Oh my God, yes, more. Yes,” she hissed and Kinsey lowered over her, his hand above her shoulder. He stroked her cunt as he held her gaze. She closed her eyes and he thrust fingers into her.

“Open. You keep your eyes on me.” She blinked them open. Her gorgeous jade green eyes looked shocked but aroused. She panted for breath as Elliott and Panther leaned back on their sides and cupped her breasts.

“Arms up and back in acceptance of our power and control,” he ordered, then bit the inside of his cheek, hoping he didn’t shoot his load all over her body instead of inside of her. He was fucking there already. How the fuck could that be? He had sex with beautiful women before. He thought to himself and instantly knew that Brea was not just another beautiful woman. She was more beautiful, sexy and important than any woman ever in his life and that that confirmed how real this was. The potential for this to be forever. To have what their parents, their friends had. “Holy fuck,” he whispered and gripped her hips and aligned his cock with her pussy and began to nudge right into her. She felt tight, wet, small and that shocked him and added to her appeal.

“Baby, let me in. Please, baby, I can’t hold back. Your beauty, your body, and acceptance has me about to come,” he admitted.

“It’s been so long. Oh God, you’re huge,” she exclaimed and that just added more fuel to the fire about to combust inside of him.

“Fuck,” he said and nudged and nudged as Elliott and Panther pinched her nipples and Nevco stroked his cock. “Look what you do to us. Look at my dick, baby, it’s because of the sight of you, the need to be inside of you, to claim you our woman,” he said.

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