Fortress of Feelings (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 57,404
1 Ratings (2.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]
Priscilla decides to take  the meeting with the architectural firm owned by Henry Pratt, knowing she won’t work with or for him. The meeting was set up through a business contact she doesn’t want to alienate and to dismiss the fundraiser and donation made in her name would seem childish. Especially since they are considered equals, both with stunning examples of buildings in cities across the US and UK.
Palmerston’s Follies, forts built and never used for their military purpose, are a part of her history. When Henry purchased them years earlier and literally threw her off the one she’d been studying, her plans changed. One short meeting and kiss years ago should have been long forgotten. Priscilla should put her fantasies aside and meet with the bi-coastal architect behind the façade of gossip and reality. She's unable to resist Henry’s invitation to view his refurbished fort project. Here's hoping she can leave with her pride and sanity intact.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Fortress of Feelings (MF)
1 Ratings (2.0)

Fortress of Feelings (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 57,404
1 Ratings (2.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Cilla took a slow walk around the interior of the room, her fingers trailing along the cold concrete as she took in every detail.

“I find it strangely erotic how you touch the building, how you feel the cragginess of each section,” he said.

“That’s because they are all different. I can see and feel the pour lines of each section. No two feel the same.” She glanced at him, knowing he knew that, too.

Henry gave her a strange look with an eyebrow lift instead of words.

“Just like no two kisses are the same.” It was a blunt statement. In the cool depths of the fort, she felt a strange new boldness overtake her. Cilla knew if she was ever going to get him out of her system, she wanted one more kiss. Mainly because she knew their first kiss had to have been inflated in her mind over time.

“Have you done another thesis on kissing?” Henry asked, not holding back his smile.

“No.” She felt bold and blunt would work best for her here. “Just a bit of private research. A woman knows from a first kiss if the man will become a lover, friend, or if they’ll have no further contact.” She looked directly at Henry and closed the distance between them with a few steps. She stood just inches from the bulk and heat of his body, giving him the moment to make the contact.

“If that’s true, what was your decision about our first kiss so long ago?” he reached one arm up and braced his weight against the wall, close to her shoulder.

“That kiss…was a good kiss for what it was. Quick, intense, forbidden and erotic.”

“I’ll agree with you, Priscilla, but getting involved with you wouldn’t have been smart, and if we’re telling the truth, I knew you’d be a temptation I might not resist. At that point in my life, I couldn’t drop everything to have an affair even with a beautiful young woman.” He hesitated and added, “It wouldn’t have been fair to you, either. You were still in school, looking ahead to the start of your career. Affairs have a way of stunting growth in too many directions for the young. I didn’t want to be responsible for your misdirection.”

“That’s why you tossed me off the rig? I do recall you telling me I was a temptation you didn’t want to deal with.”

He gave her a sly smile. “You have no idea the restraint it took to leave you alone, but you were essentially trapped on the fort with no chaperones. If you’d stayed much longer, I didn’t’ know how much more I could resist you, and I never wanted you to think I took advantage of you.”

“I was of age, Henry. If anything had happened, it would have been because I chose to let it happen.”

“Let’s just say I wasn’t prepared to find you here that day.” He continued to look directly at her.

“I’ve decided it was a moment in time that can never be recaptured. Blame it on hormones or chemistry. I will admit I was intrigued and disappointed when you tossed me aside.”

“I’ve never forgotten that kiss or how you felt pressed against me.” Henry paused. “That hurt to admit.”

“If we’re telling truths, I wanted more from you that day, too. It surprised me because you were a total stranger, yet I wanted to run my hands along your shoulders, to feel the muscles in your arms, to run my fingers under your shirt, letting my nails trail along your back and sides until they met in the front running along your tight abs.”

Henry cleared his throat, staring at her. She didn’t move toward him, yet saw a subtle shift in his hips, redistributing his weight.

“I wanted you to know how I might make you feel if we continued,” she said, “and that hurt to admit, too.”




“Cilla, there’s no cameras turned on up here. No recordings of any kind,” he reassured her before dropping his lips over hers lightly.

“Then kiss me, Henry. Make me feel like you did so long ago.” Her fingers tugged at his hair and pulled him back to her lips. This was the kiss she was looking for. It was hot, erotic and made her body tingle. He wrapped one arm around her back and pulled her up against his length, deepening the kiss, sparring with her tongue for supremacy of the kiss. It was a give-and-take of nips and licks, of kisses, and finally, with her sigh, his other hand closing over her breast. He held her tight, pinched her nipple, then rolled it between his large, strong fingers. “Oh, Henry,” she managed when he dipped his head down and ran his tongue along her throat.

It was simple for him to slide the silk from her shoulders. The straps of her cotton tank fell aside with a simple push. Then his fingers were hot against her skin, his mouth sucking her nipple between his teeth. He would change sides and repeat the same thing to her to her nipple. Back and forth, side to side, Cilla was in a new haze of eroticism.

It was her decision to hoist herself up against him and wrap her legs around his hips. This new position gave him complete access to her breasts. He began at the start, kissing her lips and rolling her nipples. She was excited beyond anything she’d ever known, until the kiss ten years ago. No other men had managed to work her into this degree of lust and need. No other man had held her in this vertical mating stance, which she used to her advantage.

He groaned around her nipple and sucked it deeper between his lips. “Fuck me, Cilla,” he managed to mumble around her breast and took two staggering steps to the closest lounge, gently letting her down to rest on her back on the padded surface. He dropped to his knees and used both hands to push her breasts together, nipping and sucking both nipples at the same time.

“Henry, don’t stop,” she groaned, her fingers pressing his shoulders against her body. Cilla used her short nails to draw patters against his body, annoyed that his shirt blocked her way to actual skin.

She didn’t care how long it lasted, only that with one last nip, her body shook with an orgasm she’d never experienced before, different from a vaginal orgasm or ones she gave herself with masturbating and toys. The unmistakable shudder ran through her whole body. Henry continued to pinch her breasts and nipples as he kissed her lips.

When he dropped one hand from her breast, she groaned in objection until she felt it running along her body, skimming over her ribcage and down to her hipbones. He landed the heel of his hand against her clit. She knew the cotton panties were damp and pressed between her lower lips. Henry used his hand to press against her, land went back to rolling her nipple and sucking on her bottom lip.

When she thought he’d make her come again, he pulled from her. It took a second for her to accept he was gone and in that same second, she felt him pulling her panties down her legs. His large finger stroked against her wet lips, separating them before gently pushing in her body. Cilla let her hips jut forward, taking him deeper.

“Oh Babe, I’ve waited for years to do this.” He dropped lower and used his tongue to lick along her lips, up and back, tasting her juices and then leaning up to kiss her mouth. She accepted her essence on his lips and licked them clean. He moved back lower, leaving one hand on her breast while penetrating her pussy with his other, first one finger, then a second. Then he’d pull back and lick her from top to bottom. He’d push them back inside her and suckle on her clit.

This orgasm was different, better, harder and more intense than she’d imagined could be real, but it was, and it was happening to her. With half-lidded eyes, she glanced down and watched his head disappear between her legs. Between the sight and touch, he pushed her over the edge.

Her body took over, greedy for his attention as her hips rose to meet his fingers and lips. He grabbed her hips with his hands and held her higher to his mouth, lavishing her with his tongue. “Damn girl, you are wet.”

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