Twin Games (MFM)

The Heroes of Silver Springs 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 80,000
67 Ratings (4.1)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage Trois Romantic Suspense, M/F/M]

Angelina Keaton inherits the Keaton Municipal Airport and someone doesn't like it, but fires and tampered airplanes aren't enough to make her sell the family business.

But she can't save the airport without help. She finds that help and a whole lot more in the Graham brothers.

Firefighter Jason Graham loves games. One look at Angelina and he knows he's found the perfect playmate. But someone is playing a different game with Angelina and it's turning deadly. Jason is no investigator but his twin brother is. Who better to call in on a mystery than an FBI Agent?

Put FBI Agent Jackson Graham in the middle of a case and he's in his element. Not one for games, he prefers the direct approach and straightforward solutions. But when he finds himself in the middle of a game between his brother and Angelina, he decides playing along just this once could be fun.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Twin Games (MFM)
67 Ratings (4.1)

Twin Games (MFM)

The Heroes of Silver Springs 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 80,000
67 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Great Story. Enjoyed the character interaction and the sex scenes were way HOT!!!
A very good book but not a menage like the blurb leads you to believe. There is only one scene and it's when she "kidnaps" the wrong brother! A really good read over all though.
Professional Reviews

Joyfully Recommended: "Oooh Baby! Twin Games is one smokin' hot story. Ms. Ramagos has a willing combination here, a strong independent woman, a sexy firefighter and then she threw in a conservative twin. Did I mention identical, hot twin? Adding fuel to that fire is the danger that seems to be stalking Angelina. I found Twin Games to be very well written, including not only a strong plot line but as well some super spicy, and funny, erotic sex scenes. I have quickly fallen in love with the Silver Springs folk and hope to read more about their firemen (and women). Twin Games is definitely one of my Joyfully Recommended reads this spring." -- Tanya, Joyfully Reviewed

5 HEARTS: "I was totally blown away with this story. The author has the ability to weave several stories into one without taking away the readers interest in the main storyline. I loved how the stories were wrapped up towards the end, tying all the characters together. Twin Games kept my interest with strong characters and a suspenseful, fast flowing plot. Even with the problems plaguing Angelica, she was such a great character that I found myself wishing I could be her for a day! Angelica's sister, Tessa, also was a great character and I hope we get to read her story one day, as well as Jackson's. Twin Games features some great sexual fantasies written very erotically and I can't wait to read more by this author." -- Lisa, The Romance Studio

5 FLAGS: "Wow! Sexy, sassy and outstanding! Jam packed with more sexy hunks than you could shake a stick at, Tonya's newest in the series just makes it better. Jason and Jackson are hot. Good thing playing with fire is a fireman's specialty. I can't wait for the next in the series. Secondary characters give a long desirable list of choices. Keep them coming, Tonya!"
-- Melisa, Euro-Reviews

4 STARS: "Fun, sexy and engaging, this novel's plot, which contains M/F/M scenes, is easy to follow, but the complex characters are what really capture your attention. Ramagos skillfully develops the primary and secondary characters without taking the focus away from the protagonists." -- Keitha Hart, RT Book Reviews

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Jason had crept through the living room, silently followed the sounds of ragged breathing and quiet noises of pleasure that grew louder as he neared the end of the hall. And at his own bedroom door, he met the surprise of his life. The moans belonged to Jackson all right. A Jackson that stood bare-ass naked a few feet inside the room with his dick shoved down Angelina's throat.

Jason had watched them, shock and amazement rendering him speechless. He could see enough of Angelina to know she was dressed, though from what he could tell there wasn't much to the lingerie she'd chosen. Sweet Jesus! She looked like a Goth version of an angel in all that black. Her hand slipped between Jackson's legs, found his balls as she sucked him and dammed if Jason didn't feel his own dick growing hard from the sight.

Jackson said something too softly for Jason to make out, but he guessed it to be a warning because his brother began thrusting hard and quick, fucking Angelina's mouth. It wasn't until then that Jason realized his brother wore a makeshift blindfold. Jackson. Claustrophobic, don't-leave-me-alone-in-a-small-place, I-can't-stand-the-dark Jackson, blindfolded!

And with that, Jason knew exactly what happened. It wasn't hard to figure out. Angelina had decided to act out his kidnap fantasy but unknowingly got the wrong brother. She'd probably intercepted him at the station. It wouldn't be the first time Jackson popped into town unannounced and showed up at the department at the end of Jason's shift. She'd been there, Jason guessed, waiting for him, blindfolded Jackson and brought him here.

Jason had waited until they were through, until Jackson blew his wad down Angelina's throat, until she leaned back on her heels to look up at him, until his own dick throbbed in painful jealously, before he spoke. Now, Angelina stared at him, her eyes huge in her face, confusion her paramount expression. Jackson's hand flew to the blindfold, jerked it up and off his head as he shot a look over his shoulder. His eyes closed on a shaky breath then he opened them as he turned to face Jason.

"Oh, God." Angelina gasped and fell back on her rump. The move was definitely not graceful and Jason got one hell of a view of bare pussy lips—thank you crotchless panties—as her legs spread on her way down. Her gaze danced wildly from Jason to Jackson, back and forth, back and forth so quickly she reminded Jason of a cartoon character watching a ball ping-pong bouncing around wildly. "Shit," she breathed, the curse low and full of exasperation. "There are two of you."

"You didn't know we were twins?" Jackson asked, and the look he shot Jason was filled with accusation.

"No. I had no idea."

What could Jason say? It hadn't been an important factor to mention at the time? Jackson lived a good three hundred miles from Silver Springs and visited only once or twice a year for a day or so at most. Those visits generally coincided with Christmas and their father's birthday in March. They were in the middle of August, nearly smack dab in between Jackson's usual visiting months. Besides, how could he have guessed she would decide to turn criminal and end up with the wrong brother?

"And you aren't Jason, are you?" she asked and looked up at Jackson. Hope and a deep perception swirled in her so expressive eyes.

He slowly shook his head. "I'm Jackson."

Angelina nodded. "That's what you meant when you said I had the wrong guy." She winced and rubbed her forehead. "God, I thought you were just getting into the role."

"I take it you got the book?" Jason said and couldn't hide a grin. Dammit, he was jealous as hell that Jackson got to play out even half of Jason's fantasy with this incredible woman Jason couldn't get out of his mind. Jason's dick was pouting because Jackson got the first blow job, and yet Jason felt this insane urge to laugh.

Angelina glared at him through long lashes. "Wipe that smirk off your face, buddy. You are so not in a position to be smiling about anything right now, funny man."

Yet, was that a faint twitch Jason saw tug at the corner of her lips? He looked closer. Yes. Yes, she was definitely holding back a grin of her own. He looked at Jackson and, well what do you know, he was so obviously biting back a smile too. Was it possible the three of them could turn this into something to laugh about?

"Oh my God," Angelina groaned and covered her face with her hands.

Jason's heart leapt to his throat. Oh no, please don't let her start to cry. Let her scream, rage at him and Jackson, throw a few punches even, anything but cry. Jason couldn't stand to see a woman cry.

"I'm so embarrassed," she said into her hands.

He could see that much was true. Her skin was turning a pretty remarkable shade of red. And not just her face, or what he could see of her face around her hands. No. This blush began at the roots of her hair and quickly washed over her all the way to her ankles. He bet if he could see her toes inside those glossy black heels he would find them blushing too.

"I'm sorry," Jackson said, his voice soft as he knelt beside her. "I shouldn't have let it go this far."

She sighed, dropped her hands, and looked at him. No. She hadn't been crying, wasn't even about to. Her eyes were dry even if they did seem darkened by a cloud of self-recrimination. "You tried to tell me. I'm the one who wouldn't listen."

"I should have made you listen." He reached out, tentatively at first as though he expected her to slap at his hand, but when she didn't, he laid that hand gently on her bare shoulder. "I really am sorry."

And this was why Jackson was the twin that the women always went for? Jackson knew how to talk to a woman, knew how to show emotions that were so often too lost inside Jason to make a surface appearance. Jealousy curled in his gut, a familiar feeling he'd known most of his life. Jealousy because Jackson could show so easily things that he could not, and Jackson never felt embarrassed, or ashamed, or wrong about his emotions.

Still, it was a form of jealousy he could deal with. He'd lived with it for this long after all. This jealousy wasn't some new feeling, some new form that developed from watching Jackson with Angelina. No. As long as he got to join in next time, he would be satisfied. Wouldn't he? His relationship with Angelina was sexual. Wasn't it?

Just like that, Jason knew what to do. Provided, of course, that Angelina liked this sex game stuff as much as he thought. He pushed himself off the door frame, walked to her side opposite Jackson, and knelt. He didn't touch her, not yet. Instead, he rested one hand on his thigh and balled the other into a fist, placing it on the floor for balance.

* * * *

That would have been a piece of useful information earlier, Angelina thought as she studied Jason. God, she couldn't believe this, couldn't believe the things she'd done to the wrong twin, the things she'd been about to do. She should be angry, furious as hell at both of them. Yet, as she watched the mischief move behind Jason's gray eyes, thought of the look that was both apology and desire she'd seen in Jackson's equally gray eyes, what she felt was inspired.

How many women could claim possession of two incredibly sexy men like Jason and Jackson even if for a short time? She'd begun her little fling, as it were, with Jason for fun, used it as an escape from the horrors happening in her life. Why couldn't she continue that fun now with both twins? She'd always fantasized about being with two men at once. What woman didn't? So why not turn this fiasco into a fantasy fulfillment of her own?

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