[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
As a new member of the Darkfall Mountain pack, Kian is sent to spy on a new wolf pack in their old hometown. With a war brewing on the horizon, the pack needs allies. Kian isn’t aware that the Alpha of the pack he is supposed to recruit is watching his every move. Noel is nothing like Kian expected. The Alpha is domineering, rough, and yet there is a soft side to Noel, too. The harder Kian fights his attraction, the closer Noel and he become. 
Noel is Alpha of the Blood Ruby pack. He is suspicious of outsiders, and Kian seems to have knowledge of the massive kidnapping operation run by humans. With his sister missing, Noel needs answers, and Kian is the key. Noel takes Kian captive, though the last thing Noel expects is Kian’s compliance. Finding out Kian is his fated mate complicates matters. Sparks fly between them, but can their love survive the secrets and suspicion?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Mating Kian (MM)
9 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Bloodlust ebbed and curiosity took its place.

His nose found its way to the smaller wolf’s neck. His paws harmlessly pinned the submissive beast down, and perhaps realizing Noel wasn’t going for the kill, the outsider froze. Frightened eyes met his. To Noel’s shock, the shifter started changing forms until Noel’s paws touched human skin slick with sweat.

If Noel were human, he would have smiled. Two can play at this game. Noel was deadly, both in human and wolf form. If this cunning, little wolf thought he could blindside Noel and inspire pity in him, then he had another thing coming.

Once Noel was back in his human skin, he continued caging the submissive wolf’s body with his. Like this, with their flesh pressed together, chest and groin touching, it was harder holding on to logical thoughts and easier to forget this man had the potential to be his enemy.

Up close, it was easier to admire his prey. The submissive wolf looked even sexier, with his brown hair tousled, like he’d been thoroughly fucked. The body underneath him, slender, lean, and enticing, felt like a perfect fit against his hard one. The man swallowed. Seemingly possessing more courage than Noel initially thought, the outsider began to reach out to touch his jaw, but Noel easily pinned his arms down. 

The man underneath him let out a shudder. Noel lowered his head, licking the trail of sweat running down the submissive wolf’s neck. He could feel the strong pulse there, and God did he taste fine. Noel didn’t even know his name, knew practically nothing about him, and yet Noel knew he wanted this tasty, little morsel.

Mate. His wolf rolled out the word as if it meant everything. Noel paused, wondering if his Alpha beast had made a mistake. His human half might second-guess and occasionally make the wrong decisions. The wolf, however, lived on instinct and never failed him before. Noel had plenty to think about, but not now. There was too little information to work on. Damn, but he was having trouble thinking right now. 

It would be so easy to taste and explore the submissive wolf underneath him. Noel knew the attraction wasn’t one-sided, and the stranger wouldn’t be able to deny it. Not with their thickening cocks pressed up against each other. When the little wolf’s gaze shifted from Noel’s face and down the line of his body, the man let out a little moan. That sound went right to Noel’s dick. 

Shit. What was this man doing to him?

The man’s companion let out a furious roar, shattering the spell. For a couple of moments there, Noel had forgotten he wasn’t alone and his quest for answers. This little wolf was dangerous. No one was able to distract Noel this much. Then again, when he saw something or someone he wanted, he went for it, no questions asked. 

The search for Allie had built up so much frustration and anger in him. Noel needed a little time off, but he had a feeling once he tangled with his this submissive wolf, they wouldn’t stop with a simple hookup. It was clear to him, although he didn’t know why, that these two might not have been involved in Allie’s disappearance, but they had information his pack needed. Noel might have fun getting those answers of out of this submissive wolf, who seemed more eager to yield to him than fight.

Noel spared Ryan and the other wolf a glance. Like him, Ryan had the other shifter pinned, but there were scratches on the outsider. 

“Nathan,” the man underneath him rasped.

“Tell Nathan to stop fighting. We don’t intend to kill either of you. You have my word.” 

Those brown eyes lit with defiance. The fire there only multiplied Noel’s desire a thousand fold. Who knew his little wolf had some spine to him? 

“Your word? I don’t even know you.” Nonetheless, the man looked to his companion. “Brother, stop fighting. Don’t make it worse. They don’t intend to kill us.”

Brother, Noel mused. That explained the physical resemblance. The other outsider ceased fighting, but Ryan was on edge. Through the pack bonds, Noel knew Ryan was beyond rational thought. At this point, only anger fueled his brother, and only Noel’s grip on the pack bonds held Ryan back from ripping the outsider apart. Noel needed to settle this now and make a decision.

He turned back to his prize. “And yet you and your friend had the audacity to come into our lands.”

The man looked away, clearly acknowledging they’d broken pack protocol. “This was our home once. We had to leave.”

Noel took a whiff of him again, putting his nose against the man’s neck. The submissive wolf was so tempting, Noel couldn’t help but lick him again. The man looked unsettled. 

“Don’t do that, please.” 

“Why?” Noel felt like a predator toying with his prey. 

No, that wasn’t right either. His wolf wanted to play and had a feeling this submissive wolf did as well.

“You’re distracting.” At that admission, heat crept into the man’s cheeks and neck.

Keeping the submissive wolf’s wrists down with one hand, Noel used his other to grip his chin, making him look at Noel.

“What’s your name, pet?”

“Kian, and I’m no one’s pet.” Kian bared his teeth.

“Pet’s a term of endearment.”

“You’re a complete stranger.”

“My name’s Noel Sandoval, Alpha of the Blood Ruby Pack, and that over there is my brother.” Recognition flittered across Kian’s eyes. Interesting. “Now let’s get to know each other better.”

Kian swallowed. “I don’t like the sound of that.”

“What you like or dislike doesn’t matter.”

“Nathan and I are your prisoners, then?” Something other than fear blazed behind those eyes.

“Depends. Change back to wolf. Follow us. Remember, if you stray away from the path, we’ll easily chase you down.”

Kian lifted his chin. “I’m not going to run, not when I know it’s useless. My brother and I don’t stand a chance against you or Ryan.”





“Do you want me, too?” Kian whispered, looking into those intense, green eyes that starting turning wolf yellow. It was such an irrelevant question.

“Silly pet.” Noel guided Kian’s hand to the bulge between his legs, still trapped by wet denim. “Feel that? I’ve had a hard-on ever since I saw you walking into that inn.”

Kian shuddered. So Noel was the one watching them earlier.

“Take off my jeans,” Noel ordered. 

Happy to obey, Kian undid the button and unzipped Noel. He’d seen Noel naked earlier, but still, he gasped at the sight of the Alpha’s dick.

“So big, I don’t think I’ve had anything so large in me,” Kian whispered.

“Why, pet? How many men have been in you?” There was a note of jealousy in the Alpha’s voice. 

“You have no right to be envious. We’re strangers.” Kian froze when Noel gripped his fingers.

“No, we’re more. We’re mates. Your wolf knows it, so does mine. So I have every right to be fucking possessive of what’s mine.”

Kian didn’t know whether to be offended or turned on. No one had ever called him their anything before, and it felt nice. To belong, to be owned by this powerful Alpha, was that so bad? 

Mates. It sounded so strange to his ears, especially at a time like this, but Noel was right. The word resonated deep inside his beast. Besides, if he belonged to Noel, Noel would belong to him, too.

He could feel his face burning but remembered Noel’s order. Kian helped the Alpha out of his jeans. Noel shoved them away. Kian moaned at the touch of Noel’s heated, steel-hard dick rubbing against his.

“So good,” Kian murmured. 

“This is nothing, pet.”

“Kiss me again. Please,” Kian begged. 

Noel gripped a handful of his hair. Kian didn’t mind. He liked some pain to his pleasure.

Noel took his lips, sending pulses of electricity to Kian’s dick. The Alpha made a trail of kisses down his jaw and neck. Noel took Kian’s left nipple in his mouth and sucked until the bud hardened. 

Crying out, Kian began to fist his hand into the Alpha’s hair. Not forgetting his right nipple, Noel took it into his mouth. Feeling the slight edge of teeth, Kian moaned his assent. Noel bit down, leaving the imprint of his teeth there. Through a mix of pain and pleasure, Kian stared at the mark, alarmed by how aroused he was. 

Any souvenirs Noel left behind on his body would remind the world Kian no longer belonged to himself but someone else, this wonderful and gorgeous Alpha. Noel trailed more kisses down his body, finally settling on his knees and reaching for Kian’s cock. It was certainly an odd position. Most dominant wolves were opposed to giving, but Noel gripped his thighs and opened them with those powerful hands and blew against Kian’s heated member, already leaking with pre-cum.

“I want to taste you, pet. Once I’m done with you, you’re going to clean away your need from my body.”

Kian shuddered at the vivid imagery. He couldn’t wait to lick the mixed taste of him and Noel’s sweat off those hard planes of muscle. The moment Noel opened his mouth and took Kian’s cock in, Kian ceased thinking. He might be on the receiving end of the blowjob, but Noel still had all the control. The Alpha seemed to be having a ball exploring his member. Noel tongued away the pre-cum on his tip, swirling under his sensitive cockhead. A moan tore out of Kian. He could sense his submissive beast, yearning for more, for this Alpha’s domineering touch. Noel licked him from crown to base, not neglecting his balls.

“Alpha, please.” 

Kian’s voice was ragged with need. He no longer recognized himself, but he’d never felt any freer. All his life, he’d lived in fear, waiting for those more powerful than he to make his decisions. He was a follower. There was no shame in that, but for once, he reveled in making his own choices, and he chose Noel. What would it be like to belong to this terrifying, powerful Alpha? What would it be like for this Alpha to belong to him? For the mating worked both ways.

Dizzy with want, Kian mewled when Noel finally took his prick in his mouth. The Alpha didn’t gag once, didn’t stop. Noel bobbing his head up and down was such a sight. Kian wasn’t sure he could keep himself from shooting. As if Noel understood his predicament, the Alpha pulled his mouth away and rose to his feet. Noel closed his hand on Kian’s needy dick and began to pump up and down, his movements slow and deliberate.

“I can’t hold it back any longer, Alpha,” Kian confessed.

“Then give me your surrender, pet. Do it now.”

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