Love and Lust (MMM)

Pain and Pleasure


Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 8,113
0 Ratings (0.0)

Fifty Shades of Gray pales in comparison to what Taren and Ian do behind closed doors. Ian loves his pleasure laced with sweet pain. Taren’s only desire is to give Ian everything he wants and deliver his fantasies. What better way to celebrate their love than a vacation to a BDSM resort that promises to satisfy their every sexual fantasy? Taren has brought titillating sex toys designed to tease, torture and delight. The icing on the cake is introducing Ian to one of Taren’s old, trusted friends, Kevin and including him in one of their sexiest scenes. With help from Kevin, Taren plans to double Ian’s pleasure.

Ian knows Taren’s past is a little more adventurous than his own. It’s something that’s always intrigued Ian about his husband and Dom. Now Ian comes face to face with a piece of that past. And Kevin’s glorious! Fantasy and reality collide when Ian is treated to the attentions of two skilled Doms. He’s never had a gay threesome and admits he’s a bit jealous. However, Taren makes sure Ian enjoys his time with another man while being the protective husband Ian loves and trusts beyond words.

Love and Lust (MMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Love and Lust (MMM)

Pain and Pleasure


Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 8,113
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

“That bathroom is amazing. There’s hoops in the shower and a huge tub.” Taren started when he heard Ian’s voice behind him. “Sorry. I thought you saw me.” Ian leaned around him and motioned to the mirror. “I left my butt plug out after prepping, that’s an added attraction I don’t want right now.” He chuckled nervously. “It makes my thinking all fuzzy.”

Taren turned and pulled Ian into his arms. “I’ve noticed.” He pressed a soft kiss to Ian’s forehead then held him at arm’s length. “What happened to wearing as little as possible?”

“Well, sir.” Ian blushed a bit and dropped his gaze to the floor. “I had the thought that a package is more fun if it comes wrapped. I’m willing to wear less, if you’d like, sir.”

“No.” Taren shook his head. “I like that idea a lot and this looks nice. Showing you off is only a perk if you’re comfortable with how you’re shown.”

Ian wore pale gray, lightweight pants, no belt, sandals and a matching gray button-down shirt that was open and hung loose. The thin, silver chain attached to each of his nipple adornments formed a Y and was attached to a single chain that disappeared under Ian’s pants.

“Approve, sir?” Ian unzipped his pants to reveal the cock cage lined with nubs and an external prostrate stimulator. The upper most ring was seated right under Ian’s glans and his sounding bar replaced the penis plug and was where the chain attached.

“Please don’t leave me for Kevin.”

Ian laughed softly. “Not a chance.” When Taren reached out and tugged the chain, Ian quickly added, “Sir.”

“Hmm.” Taren pulled Ian’s pants closed and zipped them up. He hooked one finger under Ian’s chin, tilted his head up and kissed him, deeply and passionately.

Taren jumped when there was a soft rap on the door.

Ian put one hand on his chest and smirked. “You’re nervous.”

“No, I’m not.” Taren feigned insult but that only made Ian grin more.

“Uh huh.” Ian pointed a thumb at the door. “Are you going to answer the door? Sir.”

Taren bobbed his eyebrows a few times and smiled when Ian took up a spot near the middle of the room, dropped to his knees and clasped his hands behind his back. Rolling his shoulders, Taren took a deep breath and strode to the door, opening it without hesitation.

“Hey, hey, damn it’s good to see you!” Kevin hadn’t toned down over the years. He was just as boisterous as Taren remembered. “You look great, man.”

Taren opened his mouth to return the greeting, but he was pulled into a bear hug before he could speak.

Kevin clapped a hand against Taren’s back while continuing, “So, where is this boy who managed to bridle and tame you?”

Taren snorted and twisted to face Ian, catching the smallest hint of a smile and nod. Ian’s way of indicating he was amendable to meeting Kevin. Kevin was one of those guys most people liked when they met him. He was personable, chatty and funny. Kevin was the guy who busted the image of the silent, brooding Dom into smithereens. He’d talked his way through more than one steamy encounter with Taren. Brooding didn’t describe Taren, at least he didn’t think so, but he wasn’t what anyone would describe as chatty either.

Moving to the side, Taren held an arm out, motioning to Ian. “Kevin, meet Ian.” He closed the door gently.

Kevin whistled long and low as he walked in a slow circle around Ian. “I’m impressed that he’d even given you a second glance let alone married you.”

Ian’s gaze popped up for a split second and the corners of his mouth twitched up. Taren arched an eyebrow and huffed a sigh. Ian casually looked down at the floor again.

Kevin burst out laughing. He hunkered behind Ian and slightly to his left. He held an open hand hovering over the back of Ian’s head. “Ian, I think we’ll get along well.” Kevin looked up at Taren. “May I?”

Taren nodded. “You may.”

Using only his fingertips, Kevin brushed over Ian’s glossy, black hair and down Ian’s neck. He ran his fingers over the chain Ian wore, making Ian shiver and his abs tighten. Sure signs to Taren Ian was enjoying the attention from Kevin.

Kevin stood and took a few slow steps around Ian, looking him over thoroughly. He reached down and slipped a finger under Ian’s chin and lifted. “Stand up for me, boy. I’d like to see all of you.”

Ian was a lean, athletic young man and incredibly graceful. Kevin drew in a long, deep breath. The way his gaze moved slowly over Ian’s form was almost predatory. Kevin leaned forward and used two fingers to open Ian’s shirt wide and slide it partially down his arm.

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