Her Doms' Devotion (MFM)

Club Xandra 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,066
2 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Publishing Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Small Town, Contemporary, BDSM, Romantic Suspense, MFM, HEA]

Colt and Cason Turner live a great life and love their freedom until they meet Emma. Then they ask themselves how a simple favor for a friend can be so complicated?

Emma Walsh finally gets the courage to go to the club her brother told her about. She’s been curious about the lifestyle for years, and wanted to explore her submissive side. It would have been fine until she finds out the bitter truth about the Doms in charge of her training, and then she just wants to run.

Instead of running away, she runs into danger that might just scar her for life.

When the men find her injured, they devote themselves to her care and love but is it too late for the three of them?

Her Doms' Devotion (MFM)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Her Doms' Devotion (MFM)

Club Xandra 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,066
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Emma walked into Club Xandra and looked around. She’d seen it earlier in the day when no one was about when she had a meeting with Stefan, the owner. But at night, with the sensual music and the darkness, it looked like a whole different place. One a bit scarier than she’d imagined.

“May I help you?”

She looked over at the tall desk to see a woman around her age standing there.

“Hi. Yes. I’m supposed to meet Master Stefan here.”

“Let me call up for you.”

“Thank you.”

Emma stood around and tried not to look self-conscious as people came in the door and looked her over. She felt like a piece of meat when some of the guys looked at her. A few gave her the creeps. She was glad now that the owner was going to set her up with two Masters that he trusted to train her.


She turned towards the dark smooth voice she remembered from earlier.

Stefan shook her hand. “Usually, you would be on your knees with your head bowed, waiting for my instruction.”


He crossed his arms over his chest. “No worries, honey. That’s why I’m setting you up with one or two Doms. They’ll teach you all you want to know.”

Stefan looked her up and down. She wondered if he approved of the short black leather skirt and a see—through button-down shirt. She’d left her long blonde hair loose around her shoulders and very little make-up. Just enough to give her eyes a little color.

 She looked down at herself when he didn’t say anything.


“For one, the shoes have to go.”

“I have to go barefoot?”

“Yes, sub, you do.” Stefan turned to the girl at the desk. “Emily, would you call the Turners up to the lobby?”

“Yes, Master Stefan.”

Stefan turned back to her. “I’ve decided on having the Turner brothers train you, and since you’ll be theirs for the time being, they’ll deal with your clothing.”

“Is it too dressy?”

Stefan snorted. “No, honey, there’s just too much of it.”

Her eyes widened. The long-sleeved shirt she wore was see-through, so she could see the tank top she had under it. She’d left the first few buttons undone, so her cleavage showed. The skirt was very short. She’d almost changed when she realized people could see her panties if she bent forward.

The door opened, and two large men walked out and over to where she and Stefan were standing. She could tell right away they were brothers. If they were twins, they weren’t identical, but they were damn close. Both had dark hair and piercing blue eyes. Their bodies were tan and heavy with muscle, and she wondered what they did for a living.

The one to her left had a few shade’s lighter hair and eyes. They both wore black leather pants and boots, but this one wore only a black vest that showed his tattoos, where the one on her right wore a long-sleeved silky black shirt.

The tension and silence in the room finally got her attention. She looked up at all three faces and felt hers turn beet red.

All three had scowls on their faces and looked ready to throttle her.

Oh, jeez, I’m in trouble already. “I… I’m sorry.”

Stefan nodded. “Emma, I’d like you to meet Cason and Colt. I’m assigning you to them because I know they’ll take very good care of you.”

“I… oh, well. Alright. I guess that would be okay…” She stopped when the one on her right raised an eyebrow.

Stefan’s lips twitched as he turned to the other men. “Take very good care of her. She’s a special friend.”

Both men nodded and turned their formidable attention to her.

She watched Stefan walk away and almost raced after him. She raised her chin and reminded herself she wasn’t a wimp, and she could always turn around and leave.

The seconds passed as she waited for one of them to talk.

She opened her mouth. “I…”

The darker one raised his eyebrow again, making her stop. She looked down and started counting tile when they stayed quiet.

“I’m Cason.”

Her head snapped up. Okay, now she knew the darker one was Cason. He seemed to be the sterner one, also.

“I’m Colt. The first order of business. Get those shoes off and put them in a locker with your car keys and anything else you brought with you.”

She bent over and pulled one and then the other shoe off and walked to the discrete dark wood lockers. She put her things in them and closed it.

She looked back at them. “Um. There’s no lock.”

Cason shook his head. “Emily will give you one with the code for now. When you get a chance, get your own, and she’ll just assign you a permanent locker.”

Emma nodded and walked to Emily and reached out when the woman handed her something. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Emma thought the girl seemed sweet and wondered if they would ever become friends? Since she had just moved to the area, she hadn’t a chance to meet women. The fact, Emily has the same interest in kink as her made it even better.

She was starting to put the lock on.

“Nope, not yet. Take your shirt off and put it in your locker.”

She spun around and stared at Cason. “Really?”

Cason rolled his eyes. “Yes, really.”


“Do it, sub.”

“Oh,” she murmured and pulled off her shirt, folded it, and put it in the locker. Now she stood in a short skirt and a thin tank that left little to the imagination.

She faced them and waited.

“When you come into the club, you’ll put your things in the locker and immediately go to the sub lounge and wait for us.”

She nodded at Colt.

“Keep your eyes down and follow us. We’ll show you where you’ll sit if you’re not with one of us.”

She followed them in and jolted at the first look at the club in full swing. People were half-naked to naked. Some were talking or eating, some fucking or just playing.

Cason cleared his throat to get her attention. She hurried to catch up to them.

Colt stopped at an area beside the bar where several sofas and the tables sat. The back of some of the sofas were to the room and emphasized the space as separate. But the subs could still see the room, and everyone could see them.

“This is the sub lounge. It’s close to the bar, so you’re all looked after when you’re in the space. When you arrive, you’ll come right here. Don’t stop or talk. You’ll have our collar on so most of the Doms won’t bother you.”

She nodded and swallowed. Most Doms? Shit, what did the others do?

“We’re going to have you sit. Jenny is here, and I’ll introduce you. She belongs to two of the owners and is very sweet.”

She opened her mouth and snapped it shut when Cason narrowed his eyes.

“Turn around, sub,” Colt said as he took something out of his pocket.

She felt something come around her neck and reached up to touch it. It was a light blue collar with a silver part of it in the front that was engraved with Turner. It almost felt like a dog collar, but she wasn’t going to say anything.

“Jenny, this is Emma. Can you answer any questions she might have?”

Jenny smiled. “Sure. Hi, Emma.”

Emma looked up at them. “How long do I have to sit here?”

“As long as we want you to, sub.”

She sighed and walked around one of the sofas to sit by Jenny.

She watched them walk off with a sense of disappointment she couldn’t describe.




Emma exhaled. Forever? He said forever. It was something she hadn’t wanted to believe could happen, so she tried to push it out of her mind.

Colt laughed. “I think she’s finally getting it, Cason.”

“God, I hope so. Can I go back to my dessert?”

She felt herself blush when she realized Cason had his fingers up her ass, and his face was very close to her pussy.

“Yeah, I think she’s ready.”

Before she could take another breath, Cason’s mouth latched onto her cunt while Colt took her mouth in a kiss so passionate it could make her come from that alone.

Emma didn’t know how much longer she could take the torment and was thrashing on the mattress as they held her down.

“She’s close, Colt.”

“I need her mouth on me. Get her on her hands and knees.”

She shook as they maneuvered her into the position they wanted from her.

“Open up, pet.”

She got her first close look at his cock and swallowed nervously. How was she going to fit that into her cunt, much less her mouth?

He cupped her chin and raised her head. “Don’t be nervous. We’ll take it slow.”

“I… I’ve never done this before.”

Colt froze. “Like ever?”

She shook her head.

“Baby, are you a virgin?”

She shook her head. “No, I just don’t have a lot of experience.”

Cason chuckled and smacked her ass. “That’s okay, baby. We’ll teach you everything you need to know.”

Before she could say anything, Colt’s cock pushed against her lips, making her open her mouth. He slid it in an inch and worked on that before going deeper.

She hummed her appreciation of his taste and tried to take more of him, but he held her head steady and controlled everything.

She felt something nudge her pussy, and then she felt the pressure and guessed Cason was starting to fuck her.

“Ohhh,” she said around Colt’s cock.

“Easy, pet. Cason is going to go slow.”

She tensed a few times as he penetrated her.

“You can take me, baby. Relax and let me make you feel good.”

Emma did what Cason instructed and then felt him dive deeper. God, how much farther before he’s all the way in? His cock seemed to go on forever.

“Emma, suck me, love.”

Colt helped to distract her, so she concentrated on him.

“Fuck, I’m in, baby. You’re so fucking tight. I think I’m in heaven.”

Emma heard Colt chuckle.

They both moved inside of her, timing it perfectly. They synchronized their thrusts to match each other, so they thrust into her at the same time before pulling out.

She didn’t know how much longer she could take it. The build-up was racking her body, making it scream for an orgasm that was just a thrust away.

“Emma, I’m going to come, and I want you to take every drop.”

A shiver ran down her spine at the dominant way Colt talked to her.

Her thoughts scattered as they both pumped into her, thrusting at a fast pace before she tasted Colt’s creamy, salty cum as it hit the back of her mouth and slid down her throat. She swallowed as fast as she could until it was all gone. She whimpered when he pulled out and slumped to the mattress in front of her.

“Jesus, woman, your mouth is lethal.”

She tried to giggle, but Cason started to ram into her, and the pressure was getting painful, but it still wasn’t enough to send her over.

“Please. More,” she cried out.

“Alright, baby, I’ll give you more.”

She stiffened when she felt something press against her asshole. “Wait.”

“Easy, let me in. I’ll make you feel good.”

She dropped her head and upper body when her arms gave out and let it rest on Colt’s chest. She grabbed onto his hand as Cason worked first one finger and then two into her tight ass at the same time he slammed into her cunt.

He did that for so long that the ache inside of her turned into a burning need. She was begging him and crying out her need to come.

She didn’t know how much longer she could stand it.

“Come, baby.”

She was startled when she instantly flew apart. She couldn’t control it at all. It was a bit disconcerting when Cason played her body and made it do what he wanted, and it was beyond her control.

She vaguely heard herself scream, which mixed with his grunts and groans of satisfaction.

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