Unexpected (MFM)

Club Xandra 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,557
2 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Publishing Menage Amour: BDSM, Erotic Romance, Menage, Multiple Partners, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Small Town, MFM, HFN]

Ashlyn Stanford had known she was different and had never fit in with the people she'd known growing up. She didn't have it in her to be mean, conniving, or fake.

She finally found the place where she belonged and was able to be the woman she was supposed to be because her uncle tried to protect and hide her away from a stalker.

It was a place she could feel safe and at the same time, learn more about being a submissive—something she’d wanted to do for a while but had been forbidden to.

Dante Ramiraz had always seen him and his friend Baylor Gains ending up with a tall, thin, sophisticated woman until Ashlyn was dropped into their laps. She was only supposed to be there to be trained and protected, but she ended up being everything the guys have ever wanted.

Now their only goal besides loving her was to keep her safe from herself and her stalker.

Unexpected (MFM)
2 Ratings (4.5)

Unexpected (MFM)

Club Xandra 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,557
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Dante followed Stefan into the lounge and over to Jenny and another woman. He almost stopped in his tracks.

He stood behind her with his hands clasped behind his back while Stefan walked around to sit on the lounge by Jenny, so he was able to listen to them for a minute.

The woman’s hair was as thick as Jenny’s, but it was so black he noticed the blue tinge where the lights hit it. It hung straight down her back in a smooth curtain. He couldn’t tell how long it was yet, but he’d guess it to be as long as Jenny’s.

He jerked when he heard her laughing at something Jenny said. The sound was light and joyous, and it brought a smile to the people around her.

“Ashlyn, I want you to meet my friend, Master Dante Ramirez. He’s going to be the one training you.”

Ashlyn turned her head, glanced up at him and smiled, but then she leaned forward and then looked around Dante’s legs.

Dante looked at the ceiling and sighed.


He cleared his throat to get her attention. Ashlyn looked up and then tried to look around him again.

“Ashlyn,” Dante said.

She looked up and stared and then started shaking her head.

“What’s wrong, Ash?” Jenny said and touched her arm.

“There’s no way.”


“Because he’s beautiful. He’s not going to want to be with me,” Ashlyn told Jenny in a whisper, but her eyes stayed on Dante.

“You know he can hear you?” Jenny said, and chuckled.

Her face heated with a deep blush. “Oh, my God. I said everything out loud?”

“I’m afraid so,” Jenny said.

Ashlyn turned to Stefan. “Can’t you get someone who’s not so…”

“What?” Stefan asked and tried to hide his smile.


Dante shook his head. He raised his hand when Stefan went to answer her. “No, you may not, sub.”


“You don’t question your Master, little sub.”


Dante rolled his eyes and then curled his finger at her. “Stand up.”

Ashlyn stared at him, frozen until Jenny pushed her. She stood in front of him and looked way up at him. “God, you’re tall.”

Dante looked over his shoulder. “I’ve got this, Stefan.”

Stefan grabbed Jenny and pulled her away from her friend and walked off.

Ashlyn turned to watch them and took a step to follow them.


Ashlyn jerked to a stop.

“Let’s go where it’s quieter so we can talk.”

She nodded.

“Follow me.” Dante turned and walked off. A minute later, he looked back and saw her frozen in front of a scene with two men having sex.

“Ashlyn, come.”

Ashlyn sucked in a breath and rushed after Dante.

“Oomph,” she said when she ran into his back.

Dante turned and stared down at her.

“Are you like made of rock or something?” Ashlyn said as she rubbed her nose.

His lips twitch as he continued to glare down at her. “You will stay right behind me and just look at my back. That way, you won’t get distracted or hurt yourself.”

Ashlyn nodded and bit down on her lip. He turned and walked off again. She followed as quickly as she could, but he walked so fast. His legs were double what hers were. She tripped over something and went down hard.

Dante turned to make sure she was behind him and sighed when he didn’t see her at all. He noticed one of the club monitors bending down through the light crowd. He exhaled when he saw him lift her to her feet. The monitor smiled down at her and smoothed her hair away from her face.

Dante took the few steps to stand behind her and listened to her.

“And then I was running to keep up with the Greek god, and I tripped.”

The monitor’s smile grew as the scowl on Dante’s face deepened. “Did you hurt yourself, doll?”

Ashlyn shook her head. “No, but I have to find him. He already looks like he wants to kick me out.”

“Oh, I doubt he’d do that.”

Ashlyn grabbed onto the other man’s arm, which brought a scowl to Dante’s face.

“You don’t know him,” she said, barely loud enough for him to hear. “He’s huge and made of stone, and he doesn’t smile, and I know he doesn’t like me.”

“Oh, I think he likes you just fine,” the monitor said. His grin widened when he saw the exact moment she realized Dante was behind her.

Dante stood straight with his hands, clasped behind his back, and waited.

“He’s there, isn’t he?” she whispered.

“I’m afraid so, doll.”

Ashlyn sighed. “He didn’t hear me, right?”

The monitor was trying really hard not to laugh.

Ashlyn’s shoulders fell before she turned and looked up at Dante. She smiled brightly. “Oh, hey.”

Dante rolled his eyes and sighed. “Come with me,” he said and held out his hand.

Ashlyn automatically took it and turned to the monitor. “By the way, my name is Ashlyn, what’s yours?”

“Brett,” he yelled as Dante rapidly walked off with her.




She thought she’d have trouble falling to sleep, but it dragged her down quickly. The next thing she knew, it was daytime, and she had one man’s head between her legs and licking her cunt, and the other sucking on her tits.

“Oh, my God,” she squeaked at the sensations immediately took her reason and sanity.

Both men chuckled.

“We were wondering when you were going to wake up, little sub. We’ve tasted you for several minutes.”

“I thought it was a dream.” Her breath whooshed out. “What’s he…?”

Dante grinned down at her. “Are you asking what Baylor is doing to your sweet little cunt?”

Baylor chuckled, sending a river of heat through her body.

“I’ve never…”

“You’ve never had anyone eat you out?”

She shook her head. She gasped when Dante lowered his head and sucked sharply on one of her nipples. She felt something in her core tighten unbearably. “Oh, please…”

Dante raised his head. “Please what, little sub?”

“I need…”

“Do you need to come?”

“Yes!” she yelled.

“Okay, Baylor, send her over. I don’t want to torture her. This time. I need to get my cock into her.”

She felt something press inside of her cunt at the same time Baylor bit down on her clit, sending her soaring. She collapsed back on the mattress, with her eyes closed, and tried to get her breathing under control. She was vaguely aware of the men moving but didn’t pay attention.

Her legs were pressed wider apart, and then something probed at her pussy. Her eyes flew open to see Dante starting to push his massive cock into her.

Her hands flattened on his midsection. “Wait…”

Dante shook his head. “Am I hurting you, little sub?”

She shook her head.

“What are the colors you need to remember?”

“Um… Yellow, and red.”

“That’s right. That’s the only thing that’s going to stop me.”

“It’s just… your size. I don’t understand how it can fit.”

Baylor laid down beside her and raised both of her arms over her head. “It’s going to fit. Eventually,” he joked, making Dante chuckle and her gasp.

Dante started pushing in again. She knew he went slow and was as gentle as he could be, but his cock still felt like it would tear her apart if she moved or he jerked.

Baylor pinned her hands over her head with one hand and tipped her chin up to take her mouth with the other. He pressed his lips against her and then dove in, distracting her from the discomfort. As they kissed, he slid his hand down and started flicking her clit, making her arch off the bed.

“Oh, God.”

Dante grunted. “Fuck, I’m in, little sub.”

She just laid there, prone as the different sensations took over her body.

“She’s ready for you, Dante.”

“Good, I can’t hold off too much longer.”

“Then start riding her.”

She sucked in a breath when Dante pulled out and then pushed back in one thrust. He did that for a while but then started going faster and riding her harder.

The tension in her body tightened. “Oh, please. Do something. It hurts. I need…”

Baylor nodded to him. “Throw her over.”

Ashlyn’s gaze caught on Baylor’s and held. It helped to ground her, and then she screamed as the band burst inside of her, letting her fly apart. She heard her sounds mix with Dante’s to fill the room. She finally came down enough to take a steady breath. She concentrated on staying conscious, so she was unaware that Dante had pulled out, and Baylor started to push in.

The difference in their cocks jolted her enough to open her eyes. Baylor had her knees draped over his arms as he started pounding into her.

She grabbed onto the blanket underneath her.

“You’re going to come one more time.”

Her head thrashed back and forth. “I can’t,” she whined.

“You can, and you will.” Baylor glanced towards the bathroom. “Dante, I need you to play with her ass. She’s fighting me.”

Dante came back and grabbed something out of the nightstand. “Well, we can’t have a naughty sub.”

She moaned at the devious smile on his face that sent a shaft of fear down her spine. She felt him reach under her and then him probing at her asshole. She tried wiggling away, which caused them both to chuckle.

“Oh, you’re not getting away until you have one more orgasm.”

“But, I can’t.”

“Yes, you can, and we’ll show you.”

She felt the tip of his finger push into her ass as Baylor kept pounding away at her cunt. A scream tore from her when Dante thrust his finger into her as far as it could go.

“There she is,” Dante crooned, and he kept moving his finger in and out.

Baylor groaned. “Fuck, I feel your finger. I’m not going to last long.”

“Well, then, we’ll have to push her a little harder.” He pulled his finger out, replaced it with two, and thrust them in, pushing through swollen tissue to give her the edge she needed to come again.

A low wail started to grow in her and increase as both men drove almost violently into her.

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