Second Chance at a Cheerleader (MFM)

Snowedin Fantasies 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 62,164
2 Ratings (4.5)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, consensual BDSM, spanking, HEA]
Dan Tyson and Matt Goodman are the ultimate nerds, not to mention millionaires, after their video game hit it big. They always dream of loving one woman, Lanie Brookes, queen of the school. But back in high school they couldn't interest any woman. Definitely not someone as amazing as Lanie. As their high school reunion approaches they decide to blow off some steam, by sharing a date from Fantasies Fulfilled.
In high school, Lanie Brookes had the life everyone dreamed of. She was head cheerleader, dating the captain of the hockey team. But since staying in Snowedin to take care of her mother, her life has gone downhill.
When she receives a mysterious subscription to Fantasies Fulfilled, she decides to make the most of it, picking two men for the price of one. But she never guessed she’d selected the two men she's dreamed of since graduation night, Matt and Dan. But will they still be interested in her now? Or will the fantasy go up in smoke when they realize who she's become?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Second Chance at a Cheerleader (MFM)
2 Ratings (4.5)

Second Chance at a Cheerleader (MFM)

Snowedin Fantasies 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 62,164
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




She read the words across the card, her heart picking up speed at the insignia across the top. Fantasies Fulfilled. She held the invitation in her hand, hardly able to breathe.

Over the last few months she’d heard all about Fantasies Fulfilled from her best friend Beth. First when she talked about satisfying her own fantasy, about who she’d planned to meet and how much she was looking forward to her evening with them. And since her fantasy, Lanie heard all about Beth’s two men, Marcos and Dell, who she thanked the Fantasy Fulfilled team for connecting her with, or reconnecting in Dell’s case.

Every time Beth mentioned her fantasy night, or the two amazing men it had brought into her life, the green monster of jealousy reared up inside Lanie. It had been so long since she’d felt even a fraction of that excitement. It had been even longer since she’d felt sexy or beautiful, as Beth described Marcos and Dell made her feel.

Had Beth gotten her a subscription to the service? No one Lanie knew had the connections or excess income to gift her with such a subscription. Fantasies Fulfilled was a very exclusive service, and could be very expensive.

Not that it mattered who got her the gift. Lanie didn’t know a lot, but she knew not to look a gift horse in the mouth. She didn’t care who gave her the subscription. She had it now, and she planned to have a little bit of fun with it.

Her heart pounding, she sat down at her computer. The machine groaned, upset to be reawakened. Way past its prime, the computer still worked, albeit much slower than it had years ago. She opened up Internet Explorer and typed in the website, detailed across the bottom of the card.

The main page appeared in the same black and silver lettering as the invitation. It was rather bland, considering what type of work they did. She’d been expecting lewd pictures or at the very least a few veiled references to the services they provided. From what she saw, Fantasies Fulfilled could have been selling drying cleaning chemicals. But very high end ones.

Lanie typed in the password off the card and the website opened up. Lanie felt like Alice stepping through the looking glass, as the website revealed a whole new world to her. One she’d never expected to be invited to. Across one side of the screen a list appeared of every fantasy she could think to indulge in, and then some. BDSM, exhibitionism, voyeurism, roleplaying, and same sex experimentation.

But one fantasy stuck out to her more than all the others. Ménage.

After all Beth’s talk about her two men, Lanie couldn’t deny the idea appealed to her. She leaned back in her chair, imagining being sandwiched between two men, their arms wrapped around her, their voices whispering sweet words into her ear. Telling her how beautiful she was, how wonderful, how amazing.

Without realizing it, her mind flashed back to high school, to the party following graduation. Back when she was young, free, and so sure of herself. A confident person she didn’t recognize now. The only time she’d ever been sandwiched between two men, their glowing admiration filling each touch, every look and smile.

She’d only danced with Dan Tyson and Matt Goodman that night to make her boyfriend of the time, Vance, jealous after a knock-down, drag-out fight. He’d told her she’d never be able find anyone else willing to put up with her shit. He’d acted like he deserved a goddamn medal just for dating her. To prove him wrong, she’d run out to the party and found two guys more than willing to lick her shoes if she’d asked them to.

But what surprised her the most about the dance was how safe she felt between Matt and Dan. Maybe it was because she knew they’d do anything for her, that she could bat her eyes and they’d come running. Unlike Vance, who made her beg for ten minutes of cuddle time after he’d rutted on top of her till he got off, though she rarely did. But it felt like more than that. More than just the power she held over them. There was a gentleness to their touch, a reverence in their eyes, that made her feel like a prized possession. They were the only men she could remember that made her feel that way.

To this day, when she felt upset, alone, invisible, she still pulled out the memory, let it play out in her mind and remind her of a time when she was someone special, someone worth loving.

She’d been using that old memory a lot recently. It was about time to start creating a few new ones. She had a lot of loving to make up for. Two at once seemed the most efficient method of taking care of her problem. She smiled to herself. It was only logical.

Clicking on the link, her eyes widened. Her pussy dampened as she read all the messages, all the dirty wishes these pairs of men asked for. There were so many requests. So many men out there search for the same thing she did. Who would have ever guessed?

Damn, this was the best present she’d ever received.




She reached her hands out, grabbing hold of Matt’s shoulders. She leaned on to him, her legs quaking beneath her. She blinked up at him and almost gasped at the glance he directed to her. His eyes were so hot and dark. Her skin prickled at the biggest smile she’d ever seen cross his face.

A deep heat coiled in her belly, and her breath shuddered. The two of them combined could take out a whole city block—at least a city block filled with women—with their devastating looks. And they were all focused on her. How had she ever gotten so lucky?

Dan unzipped her dress, kissing each inch of newly exposed skin. Matt peeled the dress from her shoulders, his eyes never leaving hers. His gaze burned across her skin, like a physical touch, and Lanie had to fight back the urge to moan at the stare. Dan sucked on her neck while he unhooked her bra, allowing the fabric to fall from her body. Her nipples pebbled in the cool air. The cold brush set her nerves quaking and her pussy gushing.

“I’d hate for you to be hurt in any way.” Dan picked her up, throwing her down on the bed, quickly following after her. “We have a lot in store for you.”

He held himself above her with one hand as he used the other to pull his shirt over his head and off. His dexterity and balance amazed her, for at least as long as it took to remove his shirt, and then his broad chest distracted her. All rippling muscles and hard angles, it was a work of art. He threw the shirt across the room, his muscles flexing. Her gaze traveled down his body, toward the stacks of defined muscle covering his abdomen. Her mouth watered at all that tight toned flesh. Her teeth ached to bite into the wall of hard muscle, to nip into the dense flesh. 

Just behind Dan’s shoulder, she watched Matt do the same. Tugging off his T-shirt and throwing it aside, he unsnapped his pants and pushed them down his legs, kicking them aside. His gaze didn’t move from her, as he slumped down on the bed beside them. His warm body curled along her side, blanketing her in heat both on the inside and out.

“God, you are so beautiful.” Dan coasted his finger down her stomach. Her skin tingled beneath his touch.

She looked up at him, surprised by how sincere he sounded. He couldn’t be really seeing her. She wasn’t beautiful. Not anymore. She had been, back in high school. All the boys had wanted her back then. But she wasn’t that girl anymore. Her stomach was now round and covered with fat, so were her thighs and ass. Even her breasts weren’t as perky as they used to be.

“You’re very sweet.” She crossed her arms over her chest, covering herself without a thought. She shifted on the bed, uncomfortable beneath their intense gazes. “But you don’t have to say that. I know what I am.”

“Clearly you don’t,” Matt declared from her other side, his lips brushing along her shoulder as he spoke. “Because you are gorgeous. Not just to us, sweetie, but to the whole world.”

“I’ve gained twenty pounds since high school.” Matt’s hand ran down her arm, his ticklish fingers caressing the inside of her elbow and the soft skin down to her wrist.

Dan’s fingers crept a little further down her stomach, his index finger circling her belly button, and her stomach fluttered. “That may be, but it was in all the right places.”

“Where do women get these ideas that men don’t want any meat on their bones?” Matt spoke to Dan above her, a devious look on his face. “I like a little junk in the trunk.”

Dan chuckled, his toned chest rippling with the sound. “I know you do.” He leaned over, staring into her eyes. “But I’ve always been a tit man myself.”

Matt gripped her left wrist, pulling her hand back from her chest, while Dan did the same with her right. They spread her arms out across the bed, leaving her open and naked before them. A shiver coasted across her skin, the urge to jerk her arms back into place and cover herself was almost overpowering. But when she looked up, the raw hunger in these men’s eyes stole all the protest from her limbs.

“Tits are pretty damn good, too.” Matt leaned down in sync with Dan.

She screamed out when both of their mouths latched on to her nipples. The different dual sensations of their mouths on her sent her into orbit. Matt licked and sucked at her breast, his touch teasing and sweet, while Dan’s mouth nipped at her other side, sucking her deep into his mouth.

It was intoxicating, the combined and different touches. She’d never known how overwhelming and arousing being with two men could be. Probably not many women did. But it wasn’t just their mouths that were amazing, but the way they looked at her and spoke about her. As if she were beautiful, wonderful and more than they deserved. It had been a long time since she’d felt that way about herself, and even longer since anyone had looked at her or spoke of her that way.

She coiled her hands in both their hair, holding them to her chest. Not willing to give them an inch to move. She liked them right where they were. They circled their tongues around her nipples, tickling across the sensitive nerves. Pleasure quivered across her skin. But her arms shook, too weak to keep them where they didn’t want to be and they took advantage, each moving in a different direction across her body. Dan slid his lips upward, licking across her collarbone and up her throat. Matt traveled the opposite route, pressing kisses to her sternum and down her belly.

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