Triple Treat: Back for Seconds (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,429
1 Ratings (5.0)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, HEA]
Morgan McLean, Glenn Hilton, and Xonra Gibson want to move in together, but everything is too complicated and the joy is fading from their relationship. How can they sort out their lives and bring back their original happiness in just being together? They sit down together and try to think logically through everything. Finally, Morgan decides they can make it work by moving into Xonra’s apartment, as long as they have the kitchen renovated. Except that the mess and dirt and noise of the renovations becomes another huge hassle to live with. And that’s before Morgan runs down the hallway to join Xonra and Glenn in bed. He jumps on the bed and smashes it. Will they ever be able to reclaim the fun and happiness in their lives? Will they even be able to make their relationship work? Or is it just all too hard?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Triple Treat: Back for Seconds (MMF)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Triple Treat: Back for Seconds (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,429
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“At last.” Xonra dropped backward onto the bed, heaving a huge sigh of relief. She heard the front door slam shut behind the last of the workmen and let her arms flop at her sides and her body sink into the mattress.

Glenn took her purse out of her nerveless fingers, and then pulled her shoes off. “The day was that bad, huh?”

“It wasn’t the day so much, it’s all this having to be up and dressed before seven to let the workers in. I like to start my mornings a little more slowly than that.”

“Another week and you can,” Glenn said soothingly.

Xonra heard running feet in the hallway and lifted her head an inch to look at the door. Morgan came running into the room, yelled, “Geronimo!” and leaped onto the bed beside her and Glenn.

“Party time,” he said as he landed.

There was a loud crash, and Xonra screamed as both men fell on top of her. Her upper body tilted down so her head was on the floor surrounded by the broken wooden slats from the bed. It was all too ridiculous for words. She started to giggle, and then to laugh. By the time Morgan and Glenn hauled themselves out of the wrecked bed, and off her, and then extricated her from the mess, she was laughing too hard to stand up.

“Morgan, you idiot,” she wheezed.

“Hey, it’s not a problem. Our old bed is in the other room, we’ll sleep there instead,” said Glenn.

Xonra coughed, gasped, and laughed some more. “It’s just as well I wasn’t madly in love with that bed,” she said turning on still wobbly legs to look at it.

Practical Glenn was already pulling the blanket off the bed and shaking bits of wood and dust out of it. “Likely the bedding will be fine,” he said in a placating tone.

“The bed, not so much,” she replied, and began laughing again.

“How was I to know the bed wasn’t strong enough to take it? I used to run down the hallway and jump onto my bed all the time when I was a kid.”

“You were probably a lot lighter back then. Or maybe didn’t pack so much punch into your jumps,” said Xonra, shaking her head at her poor bed. It was now not much use for anything except as the basis for a bonfire. She patted the bedpost. “Rest in peace, you poor thing.”

Xonra changed into sweat pants and a T-shirt, then checked the rest of the bedding carefully for stray wood splinters, while the men dismantled what was left of her bed and dragged the wood into the living room, adding it to the pile of trash the workmen had left from the kitchen remodel. The head of the renovating crew had promised that they’d take away all the mess at the end of the project, so the broken bed could go then. Likely the entire crew would be laughing at them though, imagining they broke it with boisterous sex, not with a jump from mad Morgan.

The spare bedroom was a much smaller room than the master bedroom, and as well as Glenn and Morgan’s big bed, it still contained her desk, chair, and office set up, plus some of the men’s things that they hadn’t wanted to give away, but weren’t exactly sure what to do with yet. Not to mention her TV, which the men had replaced with their much bigger one. It was currently resting on the bed. Xonra groaned and made a space for it on her desk. It looked as though she wouldn’t be using her desk any time soon now. Still there was no way she’d sleep on the floor so it would have to do.

Fucking Morgan. Whatever had he been thinking of?

When she returned to the living room, Glenn was setting out coffee on the rug in front of the fire. Not that the fire was switched on, but more that there wasn’t a whole lot of space right now for them to sit anywhere else. The dining chairs were stacked on top of the dining table which had been pushed against the back of the couch, so the workmen had a bigger space to saw lumber and so on.

“I’ve ordered pizza and garlic bread,” said Morgan. “I’m sorry about your bed, love,” he added giving her a hug.

“That’s okay. We’ve still got yours we can use.”

“Tomorrow after work we’ll move it into the master bedroom, after we’ve vacuumed the bedroom carefully to make sure there are no splinters. None of us want to get one in our bare feet,” said Glenn.

“Or even worse, our bare ass,” added Morgan, smiling again.

Xonra just shook her head. These two were irrepressible, but damn, she loved them anyway. “You’re both mad. Stark, staring, looney tunes.”

“But you love us anyway,” said Glenn giving her a hug as the doorbell rang.

Morgan hurried to collect their pizza and Xonra sat on the rug and picked up her coffee. One thing was certain. Life with these two men would never be boring. Crazy? Maybe. Boring? Never.




Glenn led her over to the window and she stood there happily looking out over the garden where they’d spent a very pleasant morning together. Two men were walking around there now, holding hands, and she smiled. She hadn’t been brave enough to hold hands, even though most of the time the three of them had been alone.

“There must have been twenty or more people eating breakfast when we were in the restaurant. Yet no one else was in the garden when we were there. I wonder where everyone is.”

Morgan stood behind her, resting his cock in the crack of her ass. Xonra shivered. He was huge, hard, and hot, obviously ready to play.

“Some might be playing tennis, or walking the hiking trails, but I expect more would be sitting around the swimming pool. Sunbaking beside a pool is kind of a vacationy thing to do, don’t you think?” he said, leaning over her back and placing both hands on her breasts.

“Mmm.” She pressed back against him, rubbing her ass against his body and pushing her breasts into his hands.

Glenn stood beside her and turned her head to him for a kiss. His lips were hot and demanding, drawing her into his mouth, enveloping her in his need. Glenn held her chin in one hand and fucked her mouth desperately. She could feel the damp head of his cock resting on her thigh and then his fingers were in her cunt, fucking her there as well in time with his tongue in her mouth.

Their bodies were all tangled together as Morgan still had his hands on her breasts, pulling on her nipples. He rubbed his cock up and down her ass crack and Xonra had to rest the palms of her hands on the window to stay upright against the waves of emotion the men were arousing in her.

When her lungs were almost empty of air, Glenn lifted his lips from hers and bit her earlobe, then kissed along her jawline. He pushed between her and the window and held his cock at her pussy entry. “No more condoms. We’re all clean. We’ve been together and faithful to the three of us for months now, and you had the anti-pregnancy injection ages ago. It’s time to step out as a family. No condoms, okay?”

Xonra’s breath hitched. She’d had the injection looking toward this happening, but hadn’t expected it to be just yet. But Glenn was right. They were a triad and it was time to act like they truly did belong to each other. Besides, if they were going around naked all day, putting on a condom for sex was a bit strange.

“Okay,” she whispered.

Instantly, he drove deep inside her, filling and stretching her. His bare cock felt amazing, so hot and hard and somehow so much more alive than when it was covered over even by a textured condom. Xonra’s breath hitched. Oh, wow. She hadn’t expected the difference to be so extreme. He was incredible inside her and her cunt poured cream over him, welcoming him inside.

Morgan moved away from the window and she watched his reflection in the glass as he hurried into the bathroom and then came back with a small jar of cream.

She gripped Glenn’s shoulders, waiting for Morgan to open her ass so he could join them. Meanwhile Glenn wiggled his hips sending more of her juices flooding over him. The head of his cock touching her walls always excited her, but now it was even better.

Morgan’s fingers pressed against her muscles and then pushed inside much faster and in far more a demanding manner than usual, not waiting for her to adjust, but driving deep in one long, strong push.

Once he was inside her, he rubbed cream against her walls and then slid his fingers out, presumably to coat them with cream again. But in that moment heat burst across her sensitive tissues, burning with a fire that made her hold tighter to Glenn as sweat broke out over her forehead.

“Fucking hell what is that stuff?”

“It’s warming cream to make you nice and hot. Do you like it?” Morgan asked, kissing her neck as his fingers penetrated her again, slathering more cream onto her walls.

“Any hotter and I’ll combust.”

“Excellent. I hope you combust all around both of us in just a few minutes. This can be a quickie, and then we’ll go to bed for a slowie,” joked Morgan.

Xonra giggled. How could she resist these men? They were a never-ending delight to her. Not to mention mighty fine lovers.

Glenn held out his hand. “Put some on my fingers and I’ll add a bit to her cunt. We might as well all enjoy the hot stuff.”

Glenn rubbed cream over her pussy lips and clit, while Morgan continued to open her ass. By the time both men had seated themselves inside her again, Xonra was on the verge of an orgasm.

“One decent thrust and I’ll come,” she warned them.

“That’s okay. We can do fast,” promised Glenn. He leaned back against the window and she wiggled closer to him, pressing her hard, aching nipples into his chest and grinding her mound over his pelvis.

Morgan inched closer to her, too, resting his body over hers and his hands on the window, framing Glenn’s head. He kissed the back of her neck, then he and Glenn kissed. It was a fierce, feral, mashing of noses and teeth with no finesse whatsoever, and it raised her lust level to boiling point in a nanosecond. They often kissed at home and it was always rougher than the way they kissed her. But this was so passionate it was almost violent. She could only suppose it was partly due to the effect of that warming cream on their cocks. Likely they were as aroused and needy as she was.

Then they pulled out and slammed into her again. Usually they began with a measured, slower pace, and gradually sped up. Today they started at full speed and their deepest possible penetration.

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