Hunters of the Gods 2: Protecting Their Heir (MFMMM)

Hunters of the Gods 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,253
14 Ratings (4.1)
[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Fantasy Menage Paranormal Science Fiction Romance, Reverse Harem, shape-shifter, werewolves, M/F/M/M/M, HEA]
Alyssa Morgan is learning who she is and what her powers are. She waits for her mate, Galvan Keuric's, return so he can meet his son Brock for the first time. But that isn't what the gods have planned for her. She is also the mate to others and unaware of the battle on the horizon.
While watching her son play and pretend to be human, she catches the scent of another wolf. When she turns and locks gazes with him, she realizes he is her mate and tries to ignore the pull. She misses Galvan and believes he is the only one for her. But that isn't the case, and soon her destiny with his brothers, Puello, Ross, and Stark, is revealed to her.
She can only resist the power of the mating musk for so long, but once she submits, more is revealed to her. The powers to heal, the ability to rule, the strength to fight to protect her son, the only heir to the Keuric pack, as well as to protect her mates. It is one small battle but a significant one to ensure the sanctity of Keuric pack, and build a larger army for when the ultimate war will challenge them, and the true enemy to all wolf packs across the US is revealed.
Note: This book contains triple penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.


Hunters of the Gods 2: Protecting Their Heir (MFMMM)
14 Ratings (4.1)

Hunters of the Gods 2: Protecting Their Heir (MFMMM)

Hunters of the Gods 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,253
14 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I loved Alyssa's story. It had all the feels of a great love story. Alyssa is raising her boy, Brock, and missing his dad, Glavin. She was waiting for him to return to her when she meets his three brothers. Glavin's brothers are her mates and want her, but Alyssa feels she is cheating on Glavin. It breaks her heart, but she knows she must move forward with her life.
I love the reunion between Alyssa and Glavin. So sweet and loving. It was a tearing up moment for me.
Also loved learning more about the villain's plans. Can't wait for the next book in the series.
JK Maxwell
Better than book 1, but still not as good as Ms. Dwyer's contemporary, non paranormal stories. I was looking forward the this book because I was eager to find out more about Alyssa and Brock, and the excerpt was so emotional and powerful. While I enjoyed Alyssa's character the overall story just felt....thin. Puello was the main Alpha and I liked him a lot, but neither he nor his brothers' characters seemed very deep or fleshed out. There were so many moments that didn't make sense or were glossed over. Galvan being missing was a central point in this AND the previous book. So why was his reunion with Alyssa so anticlimactic? Why, when he finally came home was there no reaction from his mother amd fathers?? Why, in the final fight scenes, did Alyssa not realize the villain was a wolf? She had been able to sense wolves in the past. The villian had previously asked her out on dates and she never sensed him as non human? Lots of hanging story threads in the book. The dialogue felt a bit simple, particularly for a story that is supposed to be kind of complex with multiple plots and mysteries. Another thing I noticed, the Alphas were very much bit players in this and the prior story. They are very much at the mercy of fate and the gods and are not proactive at all. Even Alyssa, who is is strong, seems helpless in a way. If everything in the story is governed by "destiny", then there is no suspense. The Alphas have very little control of anything in the story. It's like all the characters are puppets, just waiting around for instructions. Finally, it's so weird to me the disparity in writing between Ms Dyyer's military books vs. her paranormal stuff. In the military books the writing is very clear, more concise, and the stories tighter. There's more romance and deeper emotions too. Here, the writing is vague and kind of meandering. There's action, but even the action is a haphazard with little purpose. I feel like Ms. Dwyer has yet to really grasp the paranormal genre. Her contemporaries are auto-buys for me, but I might have to pick amd choose books from this series going forward.




Puello got out of the SUV, inhaling the scents of the outdoors as well as humans. This was human territory, no wolves. He walked along the path knowing he couldn’t shift to enjoy the scene as a wolf, but yet something told him it wasn’t why he was here. He needed peace of mind. He needed to calm the intense feelings he had and the anger, the hatred toward the rogues and those they had been hunting for years. He almost felt like he missed home and wanted to just live life on the pack territory, but he couldn’t do that. Without Galvan, they weren’t complete.

He continued along the path by the lake and watched the children playing football. As the wind blew a gentle breeze, his nostrils tightened. He felt a stinging sensation and stopped short. What is that? He walked on, inhaled deeper, his senses kicking in. No, it couldn’t be. By the gods, it can’t be.

He saw the platinum-blonde hair, blowing gently in the breeze. Her shapely hips, the tight blue jeans, sneakers, a sweatshirt in baby blue. He walked closer, and his wolf knew immediately who she was. My mate.

His heart pounded inside of his chest, and his throat felt like it dried up. He had to force his wolf down, to not howl a claim to all who could hear. Then she turned, her eyes landing on him, so bold and green. Her lips parted, and she abruptly turned around and walked back in front of the tree. She leaned against it, and he stepped forward, inhaled as he got closer, and closer. He felt confused. A human? Something strange and different attacked his senses, and then she looked up at him, looking scared out of her mind. Hell, he towered over her. She was small, feminine, and so incredibly gorgeous he felt pride, excitement, and nearly grinned.

If she were human, perhaps she didn’t know about wolves. By the gods, what do I do? How do I handle this? She stared at him strangely.

“Can I help you?” she asked him. Her scent aroused his wolf.

“Uhm, I think you can. I’m Puello, and you are?” he asked and reached his hand out for her to shake as he inhaled. She caught him doing that and stepped away from the tree, pulled her backpack onto her shoulder.

“Not interested. Leave me alone.” She started to walk away. He heard a whistle blow and then kids laughing.

“Don’t go,” he said and touched her arm and froze. She stared up at him, and he licked his lips. “You feel it, don’t you? Despite being human.” She shook her head fast, too fast.

“Don’t deny it. Just tell me your name,” he said in a commanding tone. She squinted at him.

“I’m married. I know what you think you might smell or whatever, and you’re way off. There are humans around here too, so don’t go making a scene. I’m married,” she repeated, and he was shocked. She was his mate. Who the fuck was she married to? A fucking human? Are you kidding me? She was his mate, maybe even his brothers’ mate, and—

“Mommy, Mommy, did you see me?”

She bent down as a little boy with wavy blondish-brown hair to his shoulders jumped into her embrace. The wind blew, and he was shocked. That was Keuric scent on him. He had Keuric blood in him. Galvan’s.

He narrowed his eyes, completely confused, and they started to move.

“Who is this?” the little boy asked.

“No one. Just a stranger. Let’s go now,” his mother said to him.

He couldn’t let them leave. What the fuck was going on here?

“Wait, don’t go. I need to know who you are, and who his father is.”

She stepped closer and clenched her teeth. “You stay away from us. I don’t know who you are, but if you come near us ever again, you will regret it,” she said, and her all-consuming scent attacked his senses. He grabbed her and inhaled against her neck. She gasped.

“Mommy!” The boy yelled, and then Puello felt the kick to his leg. The kid was punching him, and it was hard. It hurt. He pulled back.

“No, child, I’m not going to hurt her,” he said, bending down, gripping the kid’s arms. He looked into his eyes. Puello was shocked, and the boy froze and stared right back at him and inhaled. “Galvan,” Puello whispered, and then the mother gasped, covered her mouth, and tears filled her eyes. She grabbed onto her son.

“Who are you?” she asked.

He stared at her. If she gave birth to Galvan’s son, why hadn’t Galvan marked her, or told him and the others about her?

He saw the emotion, and then the kid sniffled.

“I think it’s okay.” She pulled the boy back.

“I’m Galvan’s brother. The boy has his scent all over him, and his eyes, by the gods, his eyes are identical to his father’s,” he said.

He didn’t know what to do as she squeezed her son to her and stared at him. The boy stared up as well but hugged his mother tightly around the waist. He didn’t think twice and pulled them both into his arms and hugged them.

“I don’t know what happened, what went wrong, or what is going on, but I’m here now. Your family, and we’ll figure it out together.”




Puello gripped her hips and pulled off her boy-short panties. Itw as fast, sort of rough, but then his hands gripped her hips, he closed his eyes and just breathed too. Was he feeling as out of control and needy as her? Was she causing him to feel crazy with need? He clenched his teeth, held her gaze and breathed through his nostrils. “Mine.” He whispered, but the sound, the tone, those glowing wolf eyes hade her pussy creaming instantly and a gasp escape her lips. “Puello.” She moaned and the next thing she felt was warm breath as Puello’s mouth went to her pussy and he inhaled deeply. She grabbed onto his head, tilted her hips upward, her head back, and moaned. Then Stark, naked, greedy for a taste, knelt on the bed, and pressed over her from behind. Cupped her cheeks and kissed her on the mouth.

Ross began to pull up her top, and as Stark released her lips, they yanked off her tank top, and there she was naked before them. In tune to every sensation. To her breasts swollen and needy, to her palms as Stark pressed his lips to them and trailed more kisses up her arms.

“A goddess. The gods have given us a goddess,” Ross said and cupped a breast with one hand before leaning down to feast on her nipple.

Stark inhaled.

“Fae, wolf, magic—”

“Delicious,” Puello added, and then she felt his tongue press into her cunt and came just like that.

The feel of their mouths on her skin and her body’s reaction was overwhelming. She moaned into Stark’s mouth as he plunged his tongue in deeply. She tightened and rocked her hips as Puello’s tongue elongated in her channel, pushed deeper, tasting, drawing juices from her cunt and making her feel desperate. She turned, pulling from Stark’s mouth. As his mouth landed on her neck and suckled hard, she locked gazes with Ross, part of her breast and nipple in his mouth and his eyes glowing a bluish green.

“Ours. You are ours forever,” Stark stated. Ross pulled his mouth from her breast, Puello pulled his tongue from her cunt, and they moved around, rotated to feast on her equally. She grabbed at them, at Puello as he climbed onto the bed to move around her but instead covered her mouth to kiss her thoroughly. She ran her fingers through his hair and then moaned as Ross blew warm air against her pussy lips before licking and tasting her cream. Stark cupped her breast and then slid her one arm away from Puello’s head to press back against the comforter, giving him fuller access to her right breast. He licked, nipped, and tugged on her nipple, swirled his tongue over it while Ross plunged his tongue into her pussy and Puello simultaneously devoured her moans. It was hot, sexy, and so wild she felt desperate for them to be inside of her. Puello pulled from her mouth and stared into her eyes. “You are ours forever,” he said and nipped her lower lip, then pressed her arm back against the comforter.

“I need you, mate. My wolf is so fucking needy,” Ross said to her. His lips were wet from her juices, his eyes wild, sexy, exotic as they seemed to glow.

“Take me. I want all three of you to take me, claim me,” she said.

They removed the rest of their clothing, then Ross gripped her ankles and pulled her down to the edge of the bed. He slid his palms up her thighs, spreading her, and then aligned his cock with her pussy as Puello and Stark held her hands above her head, their fingers entwined.

“We will be one, and we promise you, we will bring Galvan back. We will find him, and together we will protect you and Brock and be a family.”

“Yes. Yes, Ross— Oh!” She moaned as he slid his cock into her pussy, nudging, thrusting, and grunting until he could push all the way into her cunt. She tilted her hips upward.

“So tight, so warm and perfect. Mine. Mine,” Ross repeated and thrust all the way in, claiming her. He rocked his hips and then held himself deep inside of her. His brothers released her hands, and Ross moved over her and kissed her mouth, her neck, and her shoulder as he thrust into her deeply. She ran her hands over his shoulders, pressed her breasts tighter to him as the ache deep in her core lessened with every stroke.

“I feel that. Oh God, keep going. Faster, deeper, Ross. I need you deeper.”

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Never. You wouldn’t, couldn’t. I’m not fragile. Take me,” she commanded.

He did just that and thrust, and stroked, making the bed shake and rock before he came inside of her and bit into her shoulder, shocking her. She felt so much, was so overwhelmed with emotions. She also wondered why Galvan hadn’t marked her when they’d made love and then realized that the time wasn’t right. The mark would let all know she was the mate to the Alpha, and that would endanger her more. There was no turning back after tonight. Once the three Alphas marked her as their woman, filled her with their seed and their scents, everyone, even their enemies, would know that the Keuric pack would instantly be empowered, and any possibility of a takeover would be defeated by all of them.

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