Hunters of the Gods 1: Power of Their Mate (MFMMM)

Hunters of the Gods 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,024
15 Ratings (4.1)
[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Fantasy Menage Paranormal Romance, Reverse Harem, shape-shifter, werewolves, M/F/M/M/M, HEA]
Alexandra and her sister are special. The stories they were told as children are suddenly real, and their part in this strange world sends them into further danger, but on a course they are meant to travel. Once the spells are broken, the evil doers will not stand a chance in succeeding in their agendas.
The process is neither easy nor does it help to suddenly be bound to four powerful men who are destined to be warriors, and ultimately risk their lives for the sanctity of the Circle. With Elders behind them, and as hunters of the gods, their destiny seems set. They have seen so much violence and death that they lose a little hope that this world can stay on track or be changed forever because of the power of evil they can't identify.
That is until Alexandra comes along and binds their fate. Being mated to someone so special suddenly makes every day a dangerous mission. 
Note: This book contains triple penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.


Hunters of the Gods 1: Power of Their Mate (MFMMM)
15 Ratings (4.1)

Hunters of the Gods 1: Power of Their Mate (MFMMM)

Hunters of the Gods 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,024
15 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
What an awesome start to a new series. Dixie always knows how to keep her readers turning the pages!! Loved it!
Love the start of this new series. Love the mix of romance and a good paranormal mystery. Alexandra is so feisty, spirited, and has magical power, and she has yet to come into these powers. Her Grandma Margarete is magical and knows that Alex and her sister, Alyssa are destined by the Gods for something great.
When Alex meets her mates - three wolves and one sexy vampire, the story gets hot.
Alex and her mates learn new clues, but still a lot to uncover to defeat the villain. Can't wait to read the rest of the stories in this series.
Love Dixie Lynn Dwyer's books.
JK Maxwell




Alexandra held the camera, and zoomed in on the flowing waterfalls cascading into the manmade koi pond. It was one of the many sites that helped identify the city of Dallas. Some large buildings, the M-Line trolley, took her into the art district. She was working for a private company and currently hired as a freelance photographer. Today she was taking pictures of the downtown area and the art district, and hopefully would catch some live action on the streets. She swallowed hard, and felt a little bit of pain in her head. The injuries she had sustained in the car accident four years ago caused her problems here and there. She wasn’t complaining, because she could have died and no one, not even the doctors, could explain why she lived. However, whenever pain began to form in her head, she would get this sensation like she was overconcentrating, or feeling on edge. It would last a few minutes tops, and then it would begin to ease, while simultaneously feeling warmth, and a connection to something she could only describe as part of her. It was strange, but she wanted for it now and it took longer than usual to feel it. Perhaps she only imagined it? Either way, it helped her to deal with the pain.

She heard some laughter, and then turned to see a bus unloading children to enter one of the art galleries she was heading toward. It was a large place that also had an outdoor garden area with all types of sculptures and unique pieces from local artists. As she walked closer, she zeroed in on certain people. These were all shifters. No humans among them, except for people who were already walking into the gallery. She swallowed hard. It had been information overload for many years. To learn of her parents’ disappearance, or death, no one was sure, and to learn of their place, hers, Alyssa’s and baby Brock, who was turning five shortly. Their grandmother thought it better to keep Alyssa and the baby hidden, and not even inform Galvan’s family of the heir. She felt that was wrong, but a higher power was at hand and they had to obey the gods.

She couldn’t help but smile to herself as she looked at the children. They were so happy and innocent. Some of these children were around Brock’s age. Brock had quite the personality and Alyssa was doing well raising him on her own. Her sadness, not having seen Galvin or knowing if he was dead or alive, ate at her every day.

“Let’s stay in two lines so we don’t cause any trouble,” one woman said, and tapped some of the kids’ shoulders, directing them to which line to stand on. That woman stood out in her designer blue dress, low heels, and gorgeous face. She was stunning, but she was of the wolf and that made Alexandra pretty uneasy. Her and wolves didn’t mix well. In fact, she avoided them as much as possible, even good looking ones she met at bars with her friends. It was like some sort of inner warning signal went off each time she met a man. She always got the not good enough, or not right sensation, and wondered how she knew, and what if she were wrong? What if her fears, her realization that she was more than human, meant for more than this life was standing in her way of letting anyone close to her?

She took position a few feet away and caught the eyes of two men standing on either side of the blonde. Their eyes roamed over Alexandra’s body and she returned their inappropriate perusal with one of her own. The one man snickered then licked his lips. She turned away as if bored with their flirty looks.

Her long platinum blonde hair was pulled back in a low ponytail. She wore tight blue jeans, heeled ankle boots, and an off the shoulder sweater. She always liked to wear relaxing clothing while photographing, and she never knew if she would need to lay on the ground, or a get a little dirty grabbing the perfect shot. Her friends, mostly wolves, told her she was stunning, and they helped her keep the not so sincere wolves at bay. Sometimes she felt as if they were her guards, like perhaps the gods assigned them to her, but she liked them all. Got along with them well, and shared things girlfriends share with loyal friends.

She watched the men and the children with caution as well as interest. To learn that somehow her family, her parents had a connection to these shifters gave her a feeling of uncertainty of where she belonged. Perhaps that was why she did jobs like these, freelance ones, where she wouldn’t be forced to a daily routine, stuck in the same office, doing the same photo touchups day in and day out?

She smoothed her hands along her tight-fitting jeans, and then lifted the camera up to catch the expressions on some of the children’s faces as they took in the art. She also caught a few moments the blonde woman shared with the children as they hugged her waist and leg and she pointed and spoke of the art.

“What are you doing?”

The deep, abrupt voice made her jump a moment. Usually she was so aware of everything going on around her, but got caught in the beauty of the scene before her, and the compassion in the blonde’s eyes as well as the adoration in the children’s eyes toward her.

It was one of the big guys that had been with the blonde woman.

“Oh, I’m a photographer,” she said, and stared up at the man. He was big, and mean looking, with a scar along his cheek.

“Doesn’t explain why you’re taking pictures of the woman and the children.”

“I suppose you would think it was strange, but actually I was compelled to take the photos. She is a beautiful woman, and it seems the children adore her.”


The man turned, and the blonde was there with another man, as some other adults walked the children around the gallery.

“Is something wrong?” she asked, and looked Alexandra over, squinted, and then smiled softly.

“Just asking this photographer why she was taking pictures of you and the children,” he said to her, and then eyed over Alexandra.

“I didn’t mean to be disrespectful. There’s no ulterior motive, ma’am. I’m a freelance photographer working on some various things today, and I was compelled to take your picture, and of the children, as well.”

“Compelled?” the woman asked, stepping closer. She sniffed, in what she thought was an inconspicuous way, but Alexandra knew what to look for. Her grandmother taught her well. Alexandra lifted her chin.

“Yes, ma’am. It was a beautiful sight. The compassion in your eyes and the adoration in the children as they held onto you. Would you like to see?” she asked, and lifted the camera strap over her head and went to move closer when the man Stamos stepped in her way and raised his palm.

“Stamos,” the blonde whispered, and then shook her head. He exhaled as if annoyed and then retreated. Alexandra showed the woman the pictures and the blonde loved them.

“These are amazing, even looking at the small window I can tell they are brilliant. You said you’re a freelance photographer?”

She asked.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Oh please, call me Elaina.” She stuck out her hand and Alexandra stuck out hers.

“Alex,” she said.

“Alex?” the woman questioned.


“Short for Alexandra, but everyone calls me Alex.”




Preston wasn’t too happy about any of this, but his wolf was so determined to claim its mate that nothing else mattered. They would figure things out later, because no matter how angry, jealous and furious he was, thoughts of not claiming Alexandra, not finding her after all they had gone through, was worse than jealousy.

He slid over her body then rolled her sideways as Heracio began to unzip her dress. She pulled from Preston’s lips.

“Don’t be scared,” he said, and traced her jaw with his finger. Those gorgeous baby blue eyes, so bold and enticing held his gaze.

“I am scared. Have been scared of wolves since the attack.”

“You don’t show your fear, especially earlier this evening when you countered moves against the wolves trying to abduct our mother,” Saunder told her, then kissed her bare thigh.

She rolled to her back and Preston slid between her legs. He kissed along her bare breasts then down her belly. “So sexy and lovely. All ours for the taking.” He inhaled against her mound and she lifted her pelvis. He heard his brothers removing their clothing and then felt Alexandra gasp.

They slid palms up her arms and then clasped their hands with hers.

“We will protect you with all we have. Possess you in many ways, Alexandra. Do you accept us all as your mates?”

“Yes, Preston. Yes,” she said, and he smirked then growled deep and low, making her moan as his hips and tongue took his first taste of sweetness.

He slid his tongue into her cunt and she moaned louder and louder.

“That’s right, sweet woman, we are going to make you moan and come over and over again,” Heracio told her, and lowered down to feast on one breast as Saunder feasted on her other breast. Preston slid fingers into her pussy, then alternated tongue and fingers again and again. Her taste was so instantly addicting. The scent of her skin, the softness of it, yet the toned muscle beneath made him proud she was his mate. She had a fight in her, a warrior’s attitude, and he loved that about her.

“She smells incredible. Let us taste her before you take that virginity and we officially claim her our mate,” Saunder said to him.

“With pleasure, brother. We have all night to make sure it takes,” Preston said, and eased up from between her legs, started to undress as Saunder slid in for a taste next.

He inhaled against her cunt. His wolf both relaxed, and started to demand to take. He licked her slit, got a tongue full of cream, and then licked along her asshole.

“Oh my God, what was that?” she asked.

“Delicious,” he said, and then plunged his tongue into her cunt again and again. Then Heracio demanded to get a taste next, so Saunder moved out of the way and Heracio was there.

Alex moved her head back and forth. “Oh please, please I need more.”

“Oh, you will be getting way more momentarily, mate. Just you wait until we fill every hole with cock,” he said, and then slid his tongue into her cunt and she gasped.

“Heracio!” she exclaimed, and Saunder and Preston chuckled low.

He ate at her cream and then lifted up. “Ours.”

“My turn.”

Preston wasn’t surprised that Cable’t would join in. Alex’s scent was a combination of multiple species of shifters as well as Fae. She was filled with magic, with sincerity, kindness, a healer and a fighter combined. He was getting a stronger scent of her the closer they got, and the more they tasted of her.

Heracio moved to the side and Cable’t took his place. Her eyes zeroed in on Cable’t, and then he slid his palms up her legs then back down to her ankles. She gasped when he pulled her to the edge of the bed, then lowered down and inhaled against her cunt. “Oh by the gods please, oh please.” She begged and then came, grunting, moaning just as he locked onto her cunt with his mouth. He suckled hard. They watched and felt the power of this monster, this vampire, and were in awe of him. When they sensed his incisors elongate and then nip her pussy, she screamed out and their wolves growled low. He eased his mouth off of her and stared at Alex.

“Change of plans, we all claim you, our mate, tonight,” he said, and then stood up and began to undress as Preston pressed between her legs and then eased over her body. She cupped his cheeks, and ran her fingers through his hair.

“You are incredible, mate.”

She shook her head. “The four of you are. I’m in awe of you and how you make me feel,” she told him, and he gave her a wink as he slid his cock to her pussy, then held her gaze before he nudged his way into her cunt, then thrust through the barrier and filled her with his cock, marking her.

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