Hunters of the Gods 5: The Countdown (MFMM)

Hunters of the Gods 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,302
9 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Fantasy Menage a Quatre Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, vampires, werewolves, M/F/M/M, HEA]
Alusia was on a mission of revenge when fate stepped in, revealing her mates as well as redirecting her destiny. The powers of the gods are strong, just as they have been revealed to her friends, but finally she is seeing the purpose to her life and all she has to offer, with the powers hidden within.
Finding her mates and securing the bond helps Alusia to find her way as a warrior, as a witch, as a wolf, and as a woman destined for greatness. Her battle is a dangerous one, but ultimately it will prepare her for the war she will embark on alongside friends that have become her family.
Note: This book contains double and triple penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.


Hunters of the Gods 5: The Countdown (MFMM)
9 Ratings (4.3)

Hunters of the Gods 5: The Countdown (MFMM)

Hunters of the Gods 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,302
9 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Fast paced! I can’t wait for the new series.




Rule, Temerec, and Law Saint were talking to Kurtis and his brothers, Miller and Konan. They just set the three wolves off to investigate Knoll pack and infiltrate the pack land. Rule didn’t know Kurtis and his brothers too well. They were distant cousins of the Saint family pack, but lived in a different territory when their parents took positions down south to aid in legal issues for various packs.

Their parents, all Omegas, were lawyers who helped aid mixed human and were blood members who were more fully involved in the human world than in their were ancestry. Kurtis and his brothers followed their own callings as Enforcers, which eventually led them on a mission to protect Alexandra as the gods were made aware of her abilities and existence. Everything seemed to happen for a reason, and that’s what he wondered right now. Their own mate was out there somewhere, hunting a powerful witch, and Alusia obviously had powers of her own. So what did this mean for them, as Hunters of the Gods, as Alphas to Saint pack as they navigated through the bullshit and identified the evil trying to destroy all were packs, or at minimum, weaken them? Where was Alusia now? Was she dead or alive? Would they ever see her again?

“So do you think these men will be successful? We need more than just this Alpha’s name,” Temerec asked Kurtis.

“They’re good men, and capable. They have done several jobs like this over the years, including infiltrating a facility guarded by a sorcerer,” Kurtis said to them.

“Wonderful. Like it wasn’t bad enough being zapped by that witch, Delia?” Law said.

Kurtis chuckled.

“You survived,” Kurtis said.

“Just barely,” Temerec added.

“Alusia is an amazing woman and wolf,” Kurtis said, and then looked over towards the building where other men were preparing for an additional hunt. They were all still trying to close down the holding facilities, and any transition locations they came across. All while Avi and her men, plus other weres, weaned through and processed the incoming wolves from Shay and Merker packs as well as others.

“You have known her long, Kurtis?” Rule asked him.

“Yes, Alpha. Many years we fought side by side, but I must say that the powers you describe her having, and using, were unknown to me, and my brothers. Although I believe that Buschool was aware,” he said to them.

“Why is that?” Law asked.

“Buschool and Alusia have a special bond just as him and Luna have. Alusia, Loki, and Avi were guards over Alexandra. They are all very strong, capable wolves. This magic, her abilities, will help her to achieve her missions.”

“Alusia said she needed to leave us, to go hunt down and kill the witch, Delia. Do you know why?” Rule asked him.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know why. All I can assume is that it has something to do with her past, before we connected and were called to protect Alexandra. I grew up with Alexandra and Alyssa in the small town we lived in before the attack. You know, I was supposed to be her date for prom,” he said to them.

Law squinted and felt the jealousy and anger. It was instant.

“Uhm…I didn’t say that to upset you. We knew we weren’t mates. I mean I knew as a wolf we weren’t, but we were friends. It wasn’t until after the attack on Alyssa that Alusia and Avi and Loki came around and then became her best friends. There was a natural bond there. Still don’t know how it happened or why they are all so close, but they share some kind of bond,” Kurtis said.

“Wonderful. More secrets. Now if only we could see her again, we could ask,” Law said.

“She will return to you. There is much going on these days. Lots of uneasiness with the Circle and with other packs. We need to eliminate the threat.”

“First we have to identify it, Kurtis.”

“It will happen, Law. These men are good. I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear from them by tonight.”




Alusia could sense her mates’ uneasiness. They had questions, but the desire, the mating musk felt so strong and intense, it was difficult to even think or prepare for what was to come. As they escorted her into the SUV and prepared to drive through the grounds to their own estate, Law lifted her up onto his lap and held her gaze. “It’s been hell being apart from you, and knowing the danger you were in and this need to hunt Delia. We want answers, Alusia.”

She held his gaze, stared down into his dark green eyes, that wild brown hair and gruff along his cheeks. She reached out and stroked along the prickly skin. “I know you do, and I won’t ever lie to you or to your brothers. I know how important this is. How lucky we are to be mates, but my head is spinning, and I feel so much, especially locked in the confinement of this SUV with the three of you.”

“He was breathing through his nostrils. “I feel it too, mate. Accept us tonight. Become part of us officially.”

“I’m here aren’t I, Law?”

He narrowed his eyes at her, but then pulled her closer to kiss her lips. She ran her fingers along his shoulders to his hair and tugged as he plunged his tongue deeply into her mouth. She felt her heart racing, her pussy leaking cream in preparation for their cocks, and their claim of her body and she nearly came from the thoughts and sensations. She rocked her hips, and tightened her thighs against his until she felt the second set of hands move under her top and unclip her bra. A hand cupped her breast in the front. Law, then another from behind her, Temerec, as Rule continued to drive and then he suddenly stopped.

“We’re here,” he said, and Law released her lips. She gasped for breath and saw his glowing eyes. “I can’t wait to bury my cock so deeply inside of you while you call out my name.”

“Yes. Oh by the gods, yes. Take me,” she said to him.

The doors opened and he whisked her out quickly, and had her through the open doorway of their home, up the stairs, and then placed on her feet in front of the bed in record speed. She felt lightheaded and Temerec and Rule chuckled.

“Needy huh, Law?” Temerec asked as they began to undress while Law yanked her top up and off her body, and then pressed her jeans and panties down. She assisted, heart racing, pussy throbbing, and a moment later she was on the edge of the bed, legs spread wide and her hands pressed back over the comforter by Temerec and Rule.

“Oh my!” she exclaimed, and lifted her torso up and down.

Law lowered his face down to her cunt and inhaled. “Our mate,” he said, voice distorted, and she knew his incisors were elongated and he was almost half shift.

“Law, please take me. Make me yours.”

“With pleasure, mate.” He lowered down to kiss her lips, before trialing his mouth to one breast and then moving to the other. He licked, tugged, and suckled her breast until he had his fill. The sensation of his teeth scraping along the sensitive skin was enough to make her come, but she fought it. She wanted him to get a mouthful and know her scent, her taste. So when he licked her belly then nibbled her inner thighs making her giggle and leak a little cream, she wanted to stop resisting and just come.

“Look at this body. By the gods, baby, you are fucking hot,” Temerec said to her and lowered down to kiss her mouth. He and Rule kept her restrained and she loved it. Felt so submissive and desirable to them that she could explode in pleasure and happiness. “You’re incredible too, Temerec. You and your brothers are a gift of perfections. OH!” she exclaimed as Law slid his tongue into her cunt and began to feast on her pussy. In and out, he stroked his tongue deeper, then twirled it and she felt it elongate then dip and hit that perfect spot that had her wild with need. “Oh Law. Law, Law Law!” she cried out and came.

He mumbled and moaned against her pussy and his brothers growled low then nipped her breasts. She was shocked as they began to nip her elsewhere and then changed positions. Now Temerec’s mouth was on her cunt, stroking, thrusting in and out, and then he licked along her asshole.

“Yes!” she screamed out and then he pulled back, flipped her onto her belly and Rule took his place, spread her ass cheeks and licked her from cunt to asshole, back and forth so many times and methodically that she began to rock her ass up and down and hump the bed. She gripped the comforter and demanded their cocks.

“Please stop teasing me and fuck me already. Claim me damn you. Oh!” She screamed out unable to fight the consecutive orgasm that rocked her body.

His tongue was off of her and then his arm came around her waist and he hoisted her up. Temerec lay on the bed, legs hanging off and she immediately reached for him, but Rule held her back slightly as if showing her he was in charge and she needed to submit to her Alphas’ control. She moaned and then exhaled. “I need, Rule. I need so bad it burns inside of me.”

“We’ll help you with that itch, mate. With pleasure,” Rule said and he lowered her over Temerec, and she immediately took his cock up into her cunt and then held steady and moaned aloud.

“Yes, oh yes.” She gripped her hips and thrust upward. The bed dipped and Law was there, his thick, hard long cock looked so huge she wondered if it would fit, but she was so turned on, felt like this was perfect and meant to be that she allowed nature to take its course. She tilted her chin out and licked along his cock. He grabbed her hair and brought his cock closer. “Suck it, Alusia. Get a feel and a taste for it. We’re all going to claim every hole tonight. Every inch of you will have our mark, our scent, and all creatures everywhere will know you are ours.”

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