What should a Tygerian colonel do when he develops a devastating and disastrous attraction that’s totally unsuitable? 

Kylon Bonnett, close friend of Prince Mikos, goes to the aid of Prince Larz on Laltana when both they and the disgraced human prisoner, Rasc Centarlo become embroiled in a mission to the unfriendly prison planet of Gatifrey. A deranged commandant there is harboring a deadly secret, and playing a dangerous game with the prisoners’ lives. 

Prince Mikos and Ryan’s paths converge with Bonnett’s and Centarlo’s in a surprising way. They discover the commandant’s true identity and find themselves in grave danger, when it becomes a contest between them and the commandant to see if they can survive this mission that takes them deep into enemy territory.

In Enemy Territory
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“You talked to Mikos? The Bloody Prince?”

“We’re good friends, yes. Do you have a problem with Mikos?”

He shrugged. “He was my enemy for a long time, and probably killed my half-brothers, and a lot of my friends. Or his unit did anyway. Neither of my brothers would have pissed on me if I’d been on fire, though, so I guess it wasn’t exactly a heartfelt loss to me. Mikos seems like an asshole, but whatever.”

“He’s not an asshole,” Bonnett said, but without any heat. “He’s one of my best friends. But I guess I can see how an Alliance marine might think so. Especially considering how badly he—how do you humans say it—'whipped the Alliance’s ass?’”

Rasc laughed. “Hard to argue with the truth, I guess, and he did beat us, that’s for sure. No denying that. Seems pretty cowardly, though, for anybody to go after his mate and child. No one should have a quarrel with them. Especially considering Ryan once was an Alliance officer. Or maybe that’s why they went after him.”

“Maybe. But it’s been a long time since they married. Surely people aren’t still upset.”

“Oh yes, they are. A lot of people still wish Ryan Donnelly had refused to marry the prince, and we could have kept on fighting. I knew we were beaten though. It was only a matter of time, and not long either before it was over one way or the other. A lot more people would have died if Donnelly hadn’t married the prince.”

“Exactly. But some organizations like ARes and now this Assassins’ Order apparently didn’t see it that way. I think they’re trying to restart a war. And killing Prince Mikos’s mate and child would certainly do it. That’s why I wanted to tell you about all this, since you’ll be going to Gatifrey soon. And if I know Mikos, he’s making plans to travel there now.”

“On his way? To do what?”

“To find the assassins. There was already a plan in place to go to Gatifrey and investigate. This incident just accelerated all that. The killers definitely have his attention now. I don’t think he’ll rest until he cleans out the entire rats’ nest of them. I don’t like the idea of you getting caught up in it. So if he does show up on the planet—and I’m not sure if he will—but if he does, get in touch with us immediately, and I’ll get you and Setin taken out.”

“Why would you do that before our mission is over? Why do you care about me?”

Rasc was surprised when Bonnett moved fast, coming right up on him and pressing his body against his, moving him up against the wall. Bonnett’s hands caressed his naked ass, pulling it tightly toward him, while managing to thrust his tongue into Rasc’s more than willing mouth. His fingers slid over Rasc’s jaw, stroked down his throat, and traced the outline of his lips while Rasc moaned and melted in his arms.

Bonnett stopped kissing him long enough to look down at him. “I have no idea why. But it seems as if I do.”

Rasc’s eyes went wide and his breath started coming faster. Bonnett’s eyes, on the other hand, were heavy lidded and full of need. “Damn you, Centarlo,” he murmured as he stepped close again and pressed his lips against Rasc’s hair. “This in no way means I don’t still disapprove of you, you know. Strongly. And I think you need a strong hand to keep you in line.”

“Okay,” Rasc replied, his voice coming out surprisingly shaky. “Duly noted.”

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