Jenny Penn Special Collection 1(MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 148,843
1 Ratings (5.0)

Box Set #53: Jenny Penn Special Collection 1 (All 3 books for $3.99)

In Deception, when Banning & Dunn’s newest development grinds to a halt thanks to one determined woman, the developers take matters into their own hands. Tessa only expects to help solve her friend’s marital problems, but Ty and Chase sweep her off her feet and the three share a sizzling week of passion. When reality rears its ugly head, how will Tessa cope with being deceived?

In Tanners’ Angel, Mary Anne Winters arrives at the Tanner ranch after escaping raiders. She has had enough of men telling her what to do. Malcolm Tanner knows exactly where Mary belongs—in his bed. That’s where his brother Mike wants her, too, but honor keeps him from corrupting her. But Mary won’t be denied, and the Tanner brothers are about to learn there is no taming an angel in love.

In Jamie’s Revenge, Jamie Traynor is seeking payback from the two men who broke her heart. Brodie and Caelen MacAuley are intent on corralling the one woman they’ve ever loved and correct the biggest mistake they ever made, letting her go. Trapped in a battle of wills with too much pride to admit defeat, Jamie is about to learn that revenge comes at a cost.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Jenny Penn is a Siren-exclusive author.

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Deception (MFM) Tanner's Angel (MFM) Jamie's Revenge (MFM)

Jenny Penn Special Collection 1(MFM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Jenny Penn Special Collection 1(MFM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 148,843
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley





“I’m Ty—” The dark one began to introduce himself.

“You two are perfect. The agency couldn’t have picked better specimens.” Tessa waved her hands with excited nervousness, a giddy giggle escaping.

“Specimens?” The blonde cocked an eyebrow. “Do you hear that, Ty? We’re specimens.”

The dark-haired man scowled. Tessa barely noticed, still overcome by their presence. She’d asked for a hot man and she’d certainly gotten just what she ordered. You didn’t find men like this at the supermarket, that was for sure.

“Come on in.” Tessa latched onto one thick bicep and couldn’t help but give it a squeeze as she pulled Ty through the door. “They’re waiting upstairs for you.”

“What? Who?” Ty let the strange woman pull him into the darkened office.

This was not the reception he had been expecting. Chase and he had come to Miller’s Design in search of Tessa Miller, the wicked witch of South Bend. Whoever this woman was, she obviously had them confused with somebody else.

It was apparent Chase was not about to correct her misunderstanding. Not that Ty expected him to do anything else. His best friend since childhood and now business partner, Chase was always getting into mischief.

“I don’t know who you are, but I’m looking for Miss Miller. I’m—”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” She cut him off again and gave him an engaging double-dimpled grin. “I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Tessa Miller. Now come on, they’re waiting to see you.”

Chase grinned. Ty knew what he was thinking. This was too good to be true. This pint-sized minx was the witch of South Bend? This was the woman who’d single-handedly brought their multimillion-dollar condominium development to a stop?

Ty was having trouble processing that thought as well. The condo complex was going to be a very profitable investment for Banning & Dunn. All the buildings to the left and right of the building that housed Miller’s Design were bought and vacant. The plans were printed, permits in hand. Everything was set for demolition to begin.

That is, everything but Miss Tessa Miller. Never had he run across such a cantankerous renter before. She’d begun her campaign as a series of letters. It had escalated from there when Ty, via their lawyer, had tried to bribe her out of the building.

She had refused the money and been exceedingly rude to Dave, who had then started legal action with unusual zeal. That hadn’t intimidated Miss Miller; she had hired her own attack attorney.

Then she had stepped up the heat and contacted the historical society. Now she was not only trying to stop Banning & Dunn from demolishing her building, she was also attempting to stop them from tearing down any of the buildings. It was a mess, a disaster, a headache Ty didn’t need right now.

That was exactly what had brought them to her door tonight. They were here to try a last-ditch attempt at face-to-face negotiations before the situation dragged on any longer and became more expensive than it already was.

“We were so nervous that the agency wouldn’t take our request seriously,” Tessa babbled on as she began to physically drag Ty past a series of worktables and storage bins.

“I didn’t think the lady on the phone thought I was serious,” she confided.

“Why wouldn’t she?” Chase asked, playing along.

“She used the word ‘unusual,’ like, eight times.” Tessa waved her hand again, nearly smacking Chase in the process. “But in that way that implies…”

“Disbelief?” Chase suggested.

“More like disgust.”


Agencies, specimens, the mysterious ‘them,’ and now disgust. Whatever was going on, it sounded kind of kinky. Chase liked kinky. He was also liking the wicked witch of South Bend, as he had named her several weeks ago.

Of course, that was before meeting her. She’d earned the name from the sharp, belligerent letters she had written. They had formed an image in Chase’s mind of a short hag of a woman, one with a pinched-up face, cold eyes and a large pole permanently protruding directly from her ass.

He had been right about the short part. She barely reached his shoulders, but she wasn’t a dainty, waif-like creature either. Soft and gently rounded, she exuded an alluring sweetness that tempted him to take a bite and see if she tasted as good as she looked.

He wondered what her reaction to that would be. The puckered nipples pointing through her blouse said she would gladly return the favor, but there was something about the wild mass of honey curls framing her heart shaped-face with those big, laughing hazel eyes that made her look innocent.

Chase’s cock stirred, reminding him that they hadn’t done innocent in a while. A long while. Too long, Chase decided as he watched the sway of her generous hips beneath her rumpled skirt as she walked ahead of him through the office, still towing Ty by one muscled arm. He felt his cock harden and pulse with need. Yeah, she had a nice ass, just perfect for holding while he pumped himself fast and furious into her from behind.

From the dent in Ty’s Jeans, Chase knew she had the same effect on him. The way Ty was letting the little woman drag him around was telling, too. Of the two of them, Ty was always the controlling, dominant one who made a woman kneel and obey. He had a special room full of toys for just that purpose.

Chase got a thrill out of mastering a woman, but he was willing to follow as well as lead on occasion. Ty never followed. Chase eyed the small hand that was managing to drag Ty past the workstations. Well, he never had before.

Apparently, he wasn’t going to now, either. Chase almost ran into Ty when he dug his heels in. They had reached the door at the back of the office when Ty forced everybody to a standstill.

“Something wrong?” Tessa turned wide eyes and an even wider smile on him.

“Yes, Miss Miller. I’m not sure you—”

“Oh, am I making you uncomfortable?” She let him go. “I’m sorry. I’m being pushy, aren’t I? I’m just so excited you showed up, but I assure you there is no need to worry.”


“I promise we’ll treat you with the utmost respect. I wouldn’t let anybody do anything to you that you are uncomfortable with. To tell the truth, I’m a little nervous myself. I’ve never done anything like this.”

She imparted that last bit in a whisper as she leaned close. Ty got a strong whiff of her lavender-scented hair and for a moment lost his train of thought. Damn, but the woman was confusing him. Not just what she was saying and doing, but his response to her was all wrong.

“We’re not going to gangbang you or anything.” She patted his arm in reassurance. “You’re quite safe.”

“Yeah, Ty.” Chase snickered. “They’re not going to gangbang us, so relax.”

Ty shot Chase a hard look, annoyed with him for enjoying this so much. He was annoyed with himself, too, for not being able to get the image of being gangbanged by a group of women led by Tessa Miller out of his mind. The idea made his cock throb with approval.




Ty’s restraint broke. He gave in to his hunger, sucking her hardened tip deep into his mouth. She writhed and moaned against him. She was so sweet, so responsive it drove the need riding him higher, unleashing his bestial nature. As he moved from one breast to the other, he used his fingers, tongue, lips and teeth to torment her sensitive flesh.

Chase groaned as he watched Ty love Tessa’s breast. He wanted a taste, wanted to taste her all. With that single intent, he slid his hands down over the generous curves of her hips, snatching the zipper of her skirt and undid it.

The skirt fell to the floor, leaving only a pair of flimsy, lace panties in his way. Not about to be outdone by Ty’s barbarian techniques, Chase tore the underwear from her body. Forcing his hand between Ty and Tessa, he boldly cupped her mound.

Tessa groaned. The small part of her brain trying to warn her that this was wrong was choked by the erotic sensations of having one man licking her tits while another’s fingers traced over the edges of her pussy lips. One thick finger divided her folds and slid up the center of her slit, making her arch and moan. Her legs parted to allow his questing fingers further access.

She was as wet as Chase thought she would be. When he felt her clit beneath his finger, he flicked it, making her cry out, her hips arching into his touch.

Tessa had never felt so good. A delicious coil of tension began wrapping around her pussy, spreading out over her belly, twirling and strengthening with the sparkly pleasure radiating from her breasts.

It wasn’t enough, not nearly enough. As her pussy began to clench and spasm, it felt achingly empty. The desperate need made her moan and twist, wanting more, needing something thick and hard filling her.

Ty lifted his head and admired her nipples. They were red and sensitive from his constant attention. He watched her eyes darken to pure chocolate as Chase continued to rub the little bundle of nerve endings hidden between her thighs.

He could read her desire, understood her want. The little woman wanted to be fucked, but he did not intend to give in to her just yet. He wanted this to last, to suspend her in this moment of need and pleasure, to drive the sensations higher until there was nothing left but the three of them, hot, sweaty and clinging to each other.

Slowly, he began kissing and licking his way across her rounded stomach as he knelt before her. Taking his time, enjoying the journey, he worked his way toward the wet folds of her gleaming pussy.

“You greedy son of bitch,” Chase muttered. “I wanted a taste of that.”

Chase would have to wait. The sweet, musky scent of her desire drew him in and he wasn’t about to stop. The pink, swollen folds temped him to rub his face against her softness, stroke his tongue over her creamy slit, devour her with long, hungry licks. Ty did not resist the temptation.

Tessa jumped when the tip of tongue slid up her pussy and brushed against her clit. He lapped repeatedly at the quivering button, working it into a firestorm of sensation. Chase was not about to be outdone. With an arm around her waist, he supported her as he bent his head to her breast and began tormenting her nipple in rhythm with the tongue buried between her pussy lips.





“I…I…” She panted, obviously too consumed with her own arousal to figure out what to say. Mike punished her for that weakness with another smart smack to her pussy. “Please! I can’t take anymore.”

“That’s the point,” he growled against her nipple.

Sucking it into his mouth, he lit up her pussy again. Relentlessly, he drove her deeper and deeper into the storm until she broke, screaming and convulsing as the scent of release flooded out of her pussy to dampen the edges of the crop. The sight of his angel writhing with her climax broke the last thread of his patience.

With a growl, he ripped the binds at her feet loose and crawled between her legs. His fingers, clumsy with need, fumbled with his belt and the buttons of his pants. One popped off and bounced against Mary Anne’s stomach before rolling down her side.

Mike barely noticed. Freed of the tight confines of his denim jeans, Mike’s focus fixated on lining himself up to the entrance of heaven. Looping her knees over his arms, he slid all the way home as he bent over her, bringing her knees to her shoulders and letting him feel the sweet convulsions of her sheath around every inch of his oversized cock.

Mike looked down into the flushed, panting features of his angel and growled. “Tell me this is what you want. This is the way you want it for the rest of your life.”

It took her a second, her body trembling helplessly under his, but slowly her lips pulled into a smile. “I love you, Mike Tanner. You’re what I want now and for the rest of my life.”

Her head lifted then as her lips searched blindly for his. She missed by a little, and Mike turned his head to catch her kiss. Forcing her lips open with the pressure of his, he took her mouth as he did her body with a relentless savagery fed by an endless hunger.

No matter how hard or fast he pistoned himself into her, he couldn’t get enough. With a frustrated growl, he let her legs slide free. He reached for the binds at her wrist, stretching over her forced his cock so deep that his balls bumped against her pussy. His little vixen loved it.  He could tell from the way her sheath clamped down tight and treated his full length to a soul shattering ripple.

That didn’t stop Mary Anne from stretching up and sinking her sharp teeth into his shoulder for retribution.  The shirt protected him from the sting of her sudden bite, but the act snapped the last shred of his control. Snarling, he released the knot in his hands and jerked the stake clean out by the rope.

Free, his angel snapped into motion, her arms circling his neck as she lassoed him with her legs and began wildly pumping and grinding her pelvis into his. Mike let her get away with the small show of defiance while he rolled them. Even as they ended with her on top, he took control. With one hand holding her neck, he kept her head buried in his shoulder as the other settled to flatten her hips out.

Malcolm knew his cue and sauntered forward, already tugging on his belt. Freeing his erection, Malcolm knelt down between the couple’s splayed legs. Locking gazes, Mike knew what his brother wanted. Releasing his grip on Mary Anne’s waist, Mike felt as well as heard her suck in a sharp breath as his brother’s hands gripped her hips.

Before she could form the question he felt racing through her body, Malcolm lifted her ass straight up, freeing Mike’s cock to the cool, winter air. He grimaced as Mary Anne screamed.  Without a flicker of gentleness, Malcolm impaled himself fully into her cunt and began pounding into her with ruthless determination.

With each hard thrust, Mary Anne’s body rubbed against his, and Mike could feel her tighten from her tits to her stomach as she began moaning and bucking backward on his brother’s dick. Malcolm rode her right back to the edge of release, bringing back the pleas and screams as her body began to tremble under the strain.





The gentle slide of her thigh had smooth sensual motions that spoke volumes of the torment Caelen’s dick received beneath its velvety caress. As if making his twin’s balls go blue weren’t bad enough, Jamie had curled herself around the side of his chest. Propped up on an elbow, she watched Brodie, even as her fingers negligently teased one of Caelen’s nipples.

The girl had evil in her eyes and on her lips as she leaned down to whisper in Caelen’s ear. Brodie couldn’t hear her, but from the way Caelen tensed, he knew Jamie had something coming his way. Given what she’d already proved herself capable of, that should have had his dick pulsing thicker than it had been for the last four days.

Hell, Brodie would have never believed he could go soft as he watched Jamie crawl naked toward him. That was a dream he’d long fantasized seeing. Those full tits hanging down, brushing their puckered tips over his chest as she mounted him. Just the feel of those little chocolate curls parting back to press a thick, creamy pussy kiss into his stomach should have had him ready to explode.

It didn’t because he couldn’t get over the binds. If they hadn’t been in his way…his dick pulsed eagerly back to life. Oh, yeah. When they’re not in the way…

“What’s wrong, Brodie?” Jamie raised a brow. “No threats to make?”

Knelt over his chest, there wasn’t any secret of hers he couldn’t see. “You gonna have to shave that pussy, darlin’. It better be smooth the next time I see it or I’ll handle the matter myself.”

That had the smug seeping from her smile as her gaze narrowed. “You don’t have to worry about that, Brodie, ‘cause this is going to be the last time you see it…or feel it.”

Sliding her hips down, she dragged that weeping cunt right down his stomach to drench his cock in a smothering kiss. That did it. Brodie grunted and clenched hard as she started to hump herself against his length.

Fighting her every inch of the way in an attempt to deny her this victory, his dick didn’t really care what his pride had to say. It just liked being kissed, and he just hated hearing that smug giggle.

“I guess you don’t really care about a little hair after all.”

“You listen, and you listen good, Jamie Traynor. When I get out of these ropes—”

“What?” She came to a perfect stop with the small clenched opening of her sheath pressing right down over the heated curve of his cock head, taunting him with  just a little press before sucking in a breath and withdrawing. “You gonna spank me again, cowboy?”

She’d stolen his voice with that move and the wench did it again. Laughing at him as he gave over a grunt right along with a flex of his hips upward, she pulled her sweet pussy free when he tried to claim what was his.

“I don’t think so, Brodie. I might have come for dick, but I didn’t come for yours.”

She pulled herself back to her knees, spreading her legs a little wider so she could grind against him, angling her hips to assure the little pebbled bud of her clit got the full length rub, Brodie could see the delicate muscle of her neck clench. Jamie wasn’t half as in control as she appeared.

She’s in heat. In full-on heat and she probably had it worse than either him or his brother. That was just the weakness he could use to get her to do just what he wanted. Jamie might have physical control, but that didn’t mean she had total control.

Flattening her hands on his chest, Jamie appeared to have completely forgotten him as she worked herself into a fevered pitch. Eyes closed, head straining back, she was the perfect picture of seduction. The harder she pumped, the more she began to slump slightly forward on her weakening arms.

As they trembled and bowed out, they lowered down the sweet fruit of her breasts until all he had to do was strain painfully forward to capture one. Like a puppet in his hands, she collapsed downward, offering him all of her tempting flesh to taste. Without his hand, Brodie couldn’t do his best work.

What he had was pure feral hunger that he unleashed in a torrent over her tender tits, making her mew and lift her hands to position her own breasts for his feasting. Capturing her nipple in the sharp grip of his teeth he twirled it over and over again with his tongue, delighting at the way her hips escalated into a panicked motion of need.

Letting her breast pop free, Brodie growled out his first command. “Give me that pussy, and I’ll give you the kiss you really need.”

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