Box Set #56: Men of Passion, Colorado, Volume 1 (All 3 books for $3.99)

In Claws and Fangs, Kelly Sims expects writing about Passion, Colorado’s first art festival will be an easy assignment. Damon Darrington and his brother Jude’s lives were changed forever after a run-in with a werewolf and vampire duo. When Riker, the vampire involved, apologizes to Damon, Damon forgives him and the two become fast friends. The brothers and Riker know instantly that Kelly is the woman for them, but a jealous female vampire is out to take her place. They will fight for her, but will they reach her in time?

In A Wolf’s Lust, Samantha Chambers returns to Passion, Colorado ten years after narrowly escaping a werewolf attack to prove that werewolves exist. When Blake Branson rescues Sam for a second time, he realizes she is the perfect woman for him and his friends, fellow werewolf Victor Lassiter and werecat Reed Hudson. The murderous werewolf after Sam won’t let up, and when the killer captures Sam and Blake, Reed and Victor will fight to free them both.

In The Wolf Within, Marc, Adam, and Hank Shelton don’t want trouble but can’t remain silent when a boyfriend roughs up his woman. Timid Tatum Griffin unexpectedly runs to the rescue as well but gets trapped by the bully. Werewolves come to saver her, but that is just the first surprise in store for Tatum. Can she forgive her father and the men she loves for keeping secrets from her?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.


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Claws and Fangs (MFMM) A Wolf's Lust (MFMM) The Wolf Within (MFMM)

Men of Passion, Colorado, Volume 1 (MFMM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing





Damon Darrington had done something to her. He’d had an aura about him, an animallike presence that had sent her toes tingling and her pussy clenching with need. She’d never had such a visceral reaction to any other man. The man was pure sex in worn-out boots and faded jeans.

His dark eyes had latched onto her and had held her in a grip she never wanted to break. Just as in the picture of him on the Internet, he had a strong chin, the kind of chin that all Hollywood heroes had. But the draw from him was more than just his amazing appearance. He’d taken her breath away and made her want to drop to her knees and suck his cock. The man was like catnip to her. He oozed sex appeal.

Something, some invisible force, had erupted inside her compelling her to stay with him, to do anything with him, to know everything about him. Even now her insides were burning with an internal sexual flame.

“Kell, stop.” Lilly yanked her arm free and slammed to a stop. “I can’t go as fast as you. Besides, what’s the hurry?”

Kelly shoved her notepad and pen back into her purse, flung it over her shoulders, and put her hands on her hips. She dragged in huge gulps of air and wondered if her heart would ever be the same. “No hurry. I just felt like walking fast. Is there a law against that?”

“A law? You’re asking me about the law? Earth to Kelly? What happened between you and Mr. Gorgeous Photographer?”

She couldn’t look Lilly in the face. If she did, her friend would know as surely as if she’d come right out and told her. Instead, she pointed at one of the food booths. “Hey, let’s get a funnel cake. I’ve been dying for one of those all day.”

But Lilly wasn’t buying her diversionary tactic. “I dropped one because you hauled me away from Damon’s booth like a mad woman on crack. Wait a sec. Okay, now I know you’re trying to hide something. You hate funnel cakes. What happened in his tent?”

Kelly didn’t answer. Instead, she averted her gaze and tried to act like Lilly was off base. “Pfft. I told you. Nothing. Now can we forget about him and have some fun? I don’t want to waste the entire day on work.” Like I could ever forget him. I’ll remember him until the day I die.

But Lilly was like a bulldog with a new chew toy. She wasn’t about to give up. Lilly narrowed her eyes and put her face close to Kelly’s. “Oh, my God, you sucked face, didn’t you?”

“No, of course not. I’d never do such a thing, especially while I’m on the job.” She dropped her gaze to the ground.

“Kelly Sims, I know when you’re lying, and you’re lying up a storm right now. You sucked face with Damon Darrington.”

“Urgh. I wish you wouldn’t call it that.” She took in a deep breath. “But yeah, I did.”

Lilly’s mouth dropped open. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

“You’re the one who guessed.” Do I tell her the whole truth about how I let Damon go a lot farther than a kiss?




She inhaled a sharp breath, held it, then released it as he pushed his fingers into the seam of her pussy. His middle finger found her clit and rubbed it as he turned her nipples loose and feathered kisses up to her neck. He paused, his mind flashing forward to the moment when he’d sink his teeth into her to claim her, but she wasn’t ready yet. Even if she never was, he would accept her decision.

He massaged her clit, swiping over the hard nub to sink his finger into her sheath. The sounds she moaned could’ve made any man come, but he held on, intent on giving her satisfaction first. She bucked against his hand and clutched one hand over her breast and another against his chest. By feel alone, she worked her hand under his shirt and twisted his nipple. He laughed as the tiny sting of pain zipped into him.

She rocked against his hand, pushing her pussy toward him as hard as she could. She locked her gaze with his. He could see the buildup of her climax in the glitter of her eyes and in the wetness on his hand.

“Come for me, Kelly.” His cock ached, but he wouldn’t give in until she’d had her pleasure first. “Fuck my fingers like you’ll fuck my cock.” He added a second then a third finger to thrust into her pussy as he used the ball of his hand to torture her clit.

He heard a knock on the door but ignored it. Nothing would stop him. Nothing could stop her. She squirmed under his attention, and he worked his hand faster, reaching for her sweet spot to send her over the precipice. He hit it, and she tensed, readying her body for the final push.

Still, she kept her eyes on his. Yet when she started to scream her release, he clapped a hand over her mouth and muffled the sound. Her climax broke free to send tremors rolling through her body. Smaller orgasms ushered after the first burst of release, like aftershocks following a major earthquake. She closed her eyes, her breathing slowed, and her body relaxed.

He kissed her lightly on the cheeks, happy to have given her what she needed. But his cock ached so much he doubted he could stand.


* * * *


Kelly closed her eyes and let the final rush of her orgasm drift away. She sighed then opened her eyes to find Riker watching her. Although he tried to hide it, she could feel the hardness of his erection against her leg.


The flecks of amber in his eyes fascinated her. Why hadn’t she noticed them at dinner? “Yeah?”

“Sit down.” She pushed on his chest, moving him back beside her. Standing, she unbuttoned more of her dress and let it slide to the carpet. She let her bra slide off along with it.

Riker’s jaw worked as though he were gritting his teeth. She could see his arousal not only in the tent of his slacks but in his lust-filled gaze. Fondling her breasts, she went to her knees then reached for his slacks. She undid them as he watched her, his tongue peeking from between his lips. He helped her get his slacks and underwear to his ankles. His fully erect cock stood outward, almost touching his stomach.

“Kelly, you don’t have to,” he said in a rush of air.

She chuckled, brushed her hair over one shoulder, then pushed his legs apart. “I know I don’t. I want to.” She tried to hold back her smile but couldn’t. “Besides, you look like you’re about to die.”

His relief was palpable. “That is one hell of an understatement.”

Keeping her gaze locked to his as he’d done to her, she bent and brushed her tongue over the tip of his cock. “Mmm. You taste good. Musky and hot.”

He dragged a breath through his clenched teeth. “Are you planning on torturing me? Because if you are, you’re doing a damn fine job of it.”





Tucking the bottle and the bar’s wrapping back into her backpack, she pushed away from the rock and started following the rough path that would lead back to her Jeep. Dark would come soon, and she wanted to get back to town before the light faded. Her shift at Tony’s Diner would start soon, and she didn’t want to be late. Not that she needed the job. Her family was wealthy by anyone’s standards. But waitresses often heard about events and people more than others. She’d take care of her customers and keep her ears open.

She’d only gone a few yards when the sound of a growl brought her to a dead stop. Her breathing picked up, and her pulse raced as she turned around.

The black werewolf’s tongue lolled out of its head as though it had just finished a hard run. Glowing amber eyes pierced her as she tried to remain calm. But her attempt failed when her gaze landed on the jagged white scar on its shoulder.

Get the gun.

Moving as slowly as she could, she shoved her hand into her backpack, keeping her attention on the werewolf. She searched for the gun, but instead, her hand caught on the scissors she’d shoved into her pack the night before. The backpack slid off her arm and fell to the ground. Crying out in pain, she dropped the scissors then closed her hand around her camera and yanked it out. Blood dripped from her hand onto the camera as she dropped to her knees, struggling to get the backpack’s flap completely open. She tried again to get her gun, still keeping her attention on the werewolf.

What the hell is he doing? Is he posing?

She forgot to keep digging for her gun as she gaped at the animal. Almost as though he realized she was holding a camera, he strutted back and forth, his head and tail held high, his ears pricked forward. Every few steps he would pause, going into a picturesque pose.

Okay, big guy. Smile for the camera.

Wiping the blood off the camera’s lens, she held it up and focused his image through the lens. She clicked pictures as fast as she could, hoping she’d get several good photos out of the bunch.

Suddenly, he stopped, faced her, and she would’ve sworn he grinned at her. His image blurred. She looked at him over the camera and squinted, but the blurred image wouldn’t clear. One moment she saw the face of the werewolf, and in the next, she saw the arms and legs of a man. The white scar along his shoulder wavered, showing a flash of a human cheek. Then the image swirled into the werewolf’s face again. The werewolf’s tail vanished then reappeared.

Oh, God, it’s him.

Her throat closed up as the memory of the man who had attacked her ten years earlier flashed through her mind. Her first instinct was the same as it had been that day long ago. She tensed, prepared to run.

No, not this time. I’m ready for him this time.

The werewolf was changing back and forth, going to part human, tempting her that he would change into a human. Then the image would abruptly revert to its werewolf form.

Cursing that she’d gotten so entranced by the shifting images that she’d forgotten to take more pictures, she lifted the camera and took several more shots.




His balls flapped against her chin as he thrust forward then back. She held onto him as much as she could without her hands. Alternating between using her tongue to slide along him to lightly skimming her teeth to the bottom and back again, she sucked on him, silently urging him to let his seed go.

She growled, an animallike sound, when he pulled away and swung his leg over. Sinking to his knees beside her, he scooped up the remaining whipped cream on her face then pressed his mouth to hers. She tasted the cream mixed with that unidentifiable taste that was his alone as he fondled a breast and tunneled his fingers into her hair.

He broke the kiss just as she needed more air then gave her a peck on her cheek. “Now it’s my turn.”

“I thought that was your turn.”

He chuckled. “Point taken. Okay, then, it’s your turn.” Going to the end of the recliner, he pulled her back up then knelt between her legs and sprayed a generous portion of whipped cream on top of her mons. She licked her lips and tried to spread her legs even wider.

Blake dipped one finger into the white mountain then put his finger into his mouth and sucked, making a noisy display of delight. “I bet your cream tastes even better.”

She squirmed, her pussy aching to have him find out. “Then eat me.”

Flattening his tongue, he slurped up the whipped cream from her mons then pushed her pussy lips apart and dove in. She cried out as he pressed his mouth against her clit and sucked. Nibbling, sucking, flicking his tongue over the throbbing mass of nerves sent tremors rushing outward into the rest of her body. He shoved two fingers into her pussy, never stopping his delightful torture on her clit.

Sam pushed against his hand, loving the feel of his fingers inside her, wanting the feel of his cock soon. She clenched her vaginal walls, holding his fingers inside her, foretelling of the pleasure he’d know when he replaced them with his cock. He moaned, letting her know her ploy succeeded.

Without warning, she climaxed, jerking her head side to side as thunderous waves rolled through her. An explosion of light and dark erupted behind her closed eyelids, and she released again, flutters spreading outward from her pussy. She screamed his name, a sound filled with lust and need.

“Easy, baby.” He slid a hand under her buttocks and found the tight rings of her anus. Plunging a finger into her dark hole, he renewed his attack on her clit and finger-fucked her harder than before.

She couldn’t think, could only react. Her body jerked into another frenzy, already ready to explode again soon. Thrusting her hips upward, she lifted her head to find him watching her. He kept hold of her, his fingers in both her holes. The sounds he made lapping up her juices put her over the edge, and she cried out as yet another orgasm rushed outward.

He kept his fingers where they were, pushing in at the same time from both sides. Her panting grew louder, and she kept her gaze to his, unable to ask for more or to plead for him to stop.

“I wish Reed and Victor were here.”

She blinked, at first surprised by his words, then found herself loving the idea. “Tell me what they’d do to me.”

He smiled, his expression filled with a sexual wickedness. “Right now, tied up like you are, Reed would love to have you suck on his dick.”

She could almost feel Reed’s cock and ran her tongue around the inside of her mouth, imagining circling his cock as he thrust in and out.

“Victor would want you to pump his cock. He’d want you to take him to the brink, and then he’d push you onto your side and fuck you in the ass.” He shoved another finger into her butt hole as she flexed her fingers, trying to grasp Victor’s invisible cock.

Blake shoved another finger into her pussy. “We all want you, you know. We want to fuck you until you scream our names one after the other. Would you like that?”





Adam and Hank waited on a rock outcropping several feet away. He gave his brothers a bottle, the one alcoholic drink they could enjoy while on duty as long as they didn’t drink more than two. He grunted as he sat down on the rock next to them.

“You’re sounding pretty old, Marc,” joked Hank.

“These people make me old.”

“Hang in there. The ordeal’s half over.”

Hank lifted his beer to endorse Adam’s declaration. “Here’s to showing another bunch of city folks a good time on the range.”

“As if this is anything like a real cattle drive.” Marc took off his hat and tracked his hand through his hair.

“You mean cowboys in the real West didn’t have a catering truck or men to take care of their horses after a long, hard day on the trail?” Adam chuckled then pointed the top of his bottle at a couple standing on the outskirts of the camp. “What do you think’s going on with them?”

Marc shifted his gaze to the couple. He squinted, brought out his werewolf vision, and groaned. “Aw, shit. It’s that jerk Doug Harmon and the Willum girl. Looks like he’s upset at something. Judging by his earlier disposition, it wouldn’t take much to get him riled up.”

“Maybe she gave him a hard time for flirting with Lindsay.”

“If she did, he deserved it. But I’m thinking it’s him that’s got his back up.”

He could sense his brothers’ werewolves getting restless. Doug shouted at the girl, bringing Hank to his feet. “Damn, I hope he doesn’t start anything major. I just want to sit and eat a burger in peace. Is that too much to ask?”

Stacy squealed as Doug grabbed her arm and yanked her closer. She tried to jerk her arm out of his grip, but he wasn’t letting go.

“Damn it. I knew that guy was trouble the first minute I laid eyes on him.” Marc gritted his teeth, keeping the angry howl of his inner wolf at bay. “If he doesn’t knock it off pretty quick, we’re going to have to take care of him.”

Adam took a long drag on his beer, emptied it, and set it on top of the rock. “Maybe we’ll get lucky and one of the other crew will say something to him.”

Marc scanned his fellow coworkers. If they’d noticed what was going on between the couple, they were doing a fine job of ignoring it. “I think we’re shit out of luck. Fuck, tell me he didn’t just slap her.”

Hank and Adam were on their feet, positioned as Marc was, to break into a run. “I wish I could, but I can’t, big brother.” Hank, the one who usually kept a fun outlook on life, punched his fist in front of him. “Shall we deck him?”




She was a tiny thing, but her body was shapely and her breasts big enough to fit the palms of his hands. Her nipples were reddish-brown like ripe raspberries. He’d sucked on them and wanted to suck on them again. Her waist was lean, her hips wide enough for a man to get a good hold. Hazel eyes gripped him and held him as tightly as any lasso ever could.

She had her hair pulled back into a long ponytail that did nothing to excite him. He reached behind her and yanked the ring of material away and tossed it behind him.

“You shouldn’t wear one of those things ever again. Let your hair down, girl. You look sexier this way.”


“What?” He nibbled along her neck and felt her shiver.

“It’s a scrunchie.”

He drew back and studied her. “Do you want to play a word game?”


“That’s the second time you’ve told me what something was. First a sundress and now a scrunchie. It’s like playing a word game. Or would you rather we look through a dictionary together?”

She blushed, the pink spreading into her cheeks and making her even sexier than the moment before. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I mean…I wouldn’t want you to think that I thought you don’t know—” Her eyes widened as she realized what she was saying. “Shit. I’m sorry. Maybe I should go.”

He took her by the arms to keep her from getting off the table. “Tatum, relax. It’s okay. I don’t want you going anywhere.”

“You don’t?”

“No. I don’t.” The furtive glint in her eyes told him she wasn’t sure if he was telling her the truth. Who had made her so skittish? If he could find out who’d made her so self-conscious, he’d give them a piece of his mind. He dropped his gaze lower. “Go on. Finish what you started.”

Her smile came and went, replaced by a lust-filled expression that had his stomach tightening. If it was the last thing he did, he’d get his cock inside her. She was an intoxicating mix of sweetness and spice, of innocence and sin, and he couldn’t wait to feel her pussy walls clamped around his cock.

She managed to get his button undone but was having a problem sliding his zipper down. Her hands shook, so he helped her get the job done. Although she was trying to act like she had sex on a regular basis, he sensed an underlying nervousness that only the inexperienced at love possessed. She gasped as his growing cock burst from behind the flaps of his jeans.

“It’s okay. It won’t bite.”

She searched his eyes, and he laughed at her confusion.

“It’s a joke. Go on. Touch me.” Taking her hand, he placed her palm against his cock. As if on command, it twitched, and she yelped then yanked her hand away. He brought it back and wrapped her fingers around his cock.

Damn, if simply having her hand around him felt this good, could he withstand the delicious torture of having her pussy wrapped around him?

She let out a breath and began to stroke him. Her lips parted as she leaned to the side to get a better grip on his cock and cup his balls. His body reacted to her touch like kindling to lighter fluid. He watched her, emotions firing across her face, never staying long enough to give him time to figure out what she was thinking.

“I’m going to fill you so full of cock you won’t be able to talk, baby. First I’m going to play with my pretty pussy.”

He spread her legs with his foot so that her pussy was easy for him to get to. He bent down and ran his tongue through her juices while sneaking a peek at Simon. The other man had lowered his jeans enough that he had one hand on his cock, stroking it and the other squeezing his balls. Their eyes met as Owen lapped at her cream. Simon drew in a deep breath and briefly closed his eyes as if he could taste her from there.

Owen speared her with one finger and slowly pumped it in and out of her hot depths before adding a second finger to torment her with. She loved having her orgasms drawn out. She said they were so much harder the longer she had to wait for them. Owen planned to draw this one way out. Seeing the want in Simon’s eyes spurred him on. He had her and Simon didn’t. He knew the time was close when he would have to share with the other man, but for right now, in this moment, he had her all to himself with another man lusting after what was his. It was a heady feeling that had his balls pulsing between his legs.

“Fuck me, Owen. Now! I need your cock in my pussy.”

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