[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Ernest’s whole family is dead, left to die beneath the tunnels of Sage, Wyoming. He has spent weeks returning to the land of the living after being rescued, just in time, from certain starvation. Now he is ready to find something to live for–love.
His search takes him into the arms of the luscious, studly, and extremely sexy Zane, an Arapahoe who owns the local carpentry shop, which makes custom furniture. Interviewing for a job, Ernest is soon madly in love with the beautiful man who is in love with someone else–Cooper.
Zane and Cooper are quite happy to share, and soon Ernest is the filling in their lusty sandwich...until things take another turn and they add a fourth to the mix.
Luther, a young shifter buried in the same tunnel that took Ernest’s family, lost two of his siblings as well.
Can the quartet find love and contentment in each other’s arms after their first unexpected liaison?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Unexpected Liaisons (MMMM)
7 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Why don’t we have dinner together?” Zane suggested. “Mick and Jamie’s restaurant is great.”

“The old diner, right?” Cooper asked, finally releasing his brother and stepping back. “MJ’s?”

“Yes,” Curt cut in. “We’ve eaten there loads of times. They do pretty good pot roast, and ribs, and something called shepherd’s pie, one of John’s suggestions.”

“That sounds good,” Cooper said, smiling at the younger men. There were traces of shadows in their eyes, a remnant of their experiences, but they looked physically well. “Shall we meet at around seven? If we can get a table?”

“I’ll go see Mick right now,” Joe said, putting an arm around his husband’s waist. “I’ll let you know if there’s a problem.”

“I’ll see you later, bro,” Chester said, kissing his brother on the cheek. “We have to go to work, at the grocery store. We’ll meet you at the restaurant.”

Cooper nodded, watching them leave. A few seconds later, he was alone with Zane again and felt the weight of the man’s sherry-brown eyes on him.

Turning, he met Zane’s look with his own. The heat in the room shot up ten degrees, the scorching temperature in Zane’s eyes setting Cooper’s libido on fire. He took a step closer, mouth parting and cock thickening.

They came together, hands reaching and lips searching. Hungry moans echoed through the workshop, and Cooper thought he would come right there. A slight sound from behind them stopped their kisses before things got out of hand, and both men turned to see a small, slender young man at the door.

Breathing hard, Zane cleared his throat twice before speaking.

“Hey, Ernest, how’s things?” he said, licking his lips and adjusting his jeans to a more comfortable fit.  He restrained the apology that was on his lips, staring at Ernest’s face, seeing no jealousy there, seeing something that had his pulse racing even more.

The young man stared at Zane, and then Cooper, his expression a mix of awe, surprise, and a touch of pure lust. Cooper felt a flash of something jolt through him, his eyes meeting the pale gold of the newcomer, seeing the sleek, compact body and the evidence of arousal in the bulging crotch of the man’s jeans. Shit, the man was sexy as fuck, that doe-like look in his beautiful eyes showing no jealousy, only carnal curiosity.

“It’s Thursday,” Ernest said hesitantly. “Did I get the wrong day?”

“No, no, Ernest…I just, er, forgot that I was expecting you,” Zane said with a slightly embarrassed smile. “Someone distracted me,” he continued, with a glance at Cooper.

Ernest gave a slight smile. “That was some distraction,” he replied shyly.

Cooper grinned at him wickedly. “What can I say? I just have that effect.”

Zane nudged him with his elbow. “This is Ernest. He’s going to be working here part-time, see if he likes it here. He came for an interview two weeks ago… He fits perfectly.” Cooper shot Zane a look, hearing the double meaning in the words. Zane was looking at Ernest with eyes dark with desire.

“Hi, Ernest, I’m Cooper,” the older man introduced himself, holding out his hand. Ernest walked farther into the workshop and took Cooper’s hand, shaking it quickly. Cooper felt that soft touch jolt right through to his cock. What was happening? His libido was working overtime, first with Zane, and now this little bundle of gorgeousness. Cooper was mesmerized by the smaller man’s beauty, the long, pale-gold hair, and those stunning eyes set in a face of almost feminine perfection. “I’m unemployed.”

Ernest giggled a little, keeping hold of Cooper’s hand.

Cooper shot Zane a look, kind of questioning. Zane sent him a knowing one in return and gave a slight nod. That brief exchange had Cooper’s blood humming. He didn’t quite know what was happening. He’d been a one-man kind of guy until now, but it seemed like he was now fiercely attracted to a second man as well. Ernest was just too cute for words – and Zane was giving his approval.

“What do you think of it so far?” Cooper asked huskily, stroking his thumb along Ernest’s soft hand. Ernest met his gaze with one that was darkening with desire.

“Sexy as hell,” Ernest replied, licking his lips. Cooper followed the path of that pink tongue intensely and groaned. He shot a second, questioning look at Zane, who smiled, his cinnamon eyes dark with passion, watching the proceedings with interest, and not a hint of jealousy.

“Sexy’s good,” Cooper said approvingly, bringing Ernest’s hand up to his lips and running his lips over the ridge of knuckles. His tongue came out, retracing the path, exploring Ernest’s fingers by taste.

“You’re beautiful, little one,” Cooper complimented, smiling into Ernest’s eyes, hearing the hitch of breath as Ernest inhaled sharply.

Sucking one finger into his mouth, Cooper kept his eyes on Ernest, gauging the man’s readiness. He didn’t want to do anything that Ernest didn’t want, but judging by the guy’s responses, that wasn’t going to be a problem.

“Thank you,” Ernest replied with a gasp, his eyes narrowing to slits, a moan leaving his lips. “You’re not too shabby yourself.”

Zane gave a soft laugh and moved in behind the little shifter. “Ernest and I came to an…understanding…a couple of weeks ago, when he came here for a job.”




Ernest’s cock was already hurting with need as he reached the top of the stairs above the furniture workshop. He could feel the heat of Luther behind him, hands already moving nimbly for Ernest’s belt, his fingers making teasing forays around his crotch.

Ahead, Cooper’s bare ass swayed enticingly as the big man disappeared down the hall and into the communal bedroom, discarding the rest of his clothing as he went. Ernest felt his jeans fall to his knees, and stepped out of them, groaning loudly when Luther began fondling his bare cock. Behind him, he heard Zane murmur something, and then Luther was lifted off his feet. He was slung over Zane’s broad shoulder with a sharp yelp, with Ernest ending up under Zane’s arm, wearing nothing but a sheen of sweat, his T-shirt having been tugged off on the stairs.

Zane gave a husky chuckle as he entered the bedroom, throwing the two shifters gently onto the big bed. Ernest grinned over at Luther as he bounced a couple of times, the grin fading as he took note of the angry red of his mate’s beautiful cock, the moist bead of pre-cum at the tip, and groaned.

He reached for the sexy servile shifter, grabbing hold of a long hank of hair, fusing his lips desperately with Luther’s. Together they rolled, Luther’s slim body slick with sweat as he ate hungrily at Ernest’s mouth. Tasting peppercorn sauce, beer, and fresh strawberries, Ernest hummed with pleasure, moving one leg between his lover’s, letting Luther pleasure himself, rubbing his cock against Ernest’s taut thigh.

Shoving Luther onto his side, Ernest left the tasty flavors of Luther’s mouth, curling around in a sixty-nine position. Hungrily, he lapped at Luther’s cock, needing the taste of Luther’s cum like he needed his next breath. He felt Luther latch onto his cock, the pair of them sucking and licking greedily.

The bed shifted, and Ernest glanced to the side to see Zane and Cooper in a similar pose, except Zane was straddling Cooper’s long body, his face buried between Cooper’s thighs, Cooper’s tongue lashing at Zane’s ass. A long pull on his cock had Ernest gasping aloud, and then he went back to feasting on Luther’s succulent meat.

Just as they were both ready to blow, Ernest moved again. Straddling his lover, he began to finger his hole, staring down into Luther’s pale eyes. Ernest groaned when he felt thicker fingers begin to stretch him and arched back, fucking himself up and down.

“There you go, baby,” Cooper growled, moving in behind Ernest. “Watching you pleasure yourselves is sexy as hell.” Another finger joined the play, stretching Ernest even wider. “Ride him, cowboy,” Cooper suggested, lifting Ernest up a little, helping the smaller man and guiding him onto Luther’s weeping cock. With a gasping cry of relief, Ernest sank down, feeling Luther fill him to the hilt. He began to bounce up and down, sharp little jolts that hit his prostate with each surge.

Luther writhed beneath him, clutching at the quilt.

“Here, honey, suck on this,” Zane commented, kneeling beside Luther’s head. Luther turned to the side, opening wide to take Zane’s thick, dripping dick into his mouth. Groaning, Zane began to slide in and out, shallow fucks at first as Luther got used to sucking off a bigger dick. Moaning, Luther slurped and sucked eagerly. At the same time, Cooper was busy sliding his fingers inside Luther’s hole, already slick with lube. Cooper was multitalented—and thoughtful.

“Fuck him while I fuck you,” Cooper growled, and Ernest lifted off his mate, shoving Luther’s legs wide, and then pushed forward, sliding inside his mate’s clenching hole with a hard thrust.

Luther cried out, and then moaned in delight as Ernest began to fuck him hard and fast, giving little quarter. “Fuuuck,” Luther whimpered around Zane’s cock.

“Now my turn,” Cooper snarled, moving into position, his cock sinking inside Ernest’s loosened chute slowly and steadily. Ernest gave a strangled cry, pausing to let Cooper drive deep, and then began to move again. Fucking himself back and forth, he felt Cooper take over the pace, holding Ernest’s hips and thrusting over and over. Each hard stroke had Ernest sinking deeper inside Luther’s ass, the smack of flesh against naked flesh blending with the moans and cries of mutual pleasure.

Luther came suddenly, convulsing on the bed as he shot his load all over his abs and chest. Zane followed swiftly, jetting into the little shifter’s gasping mouth, filling it with warm, creamy cum. Gobbling it quickly, Luther cried out when he felt Ernest lose it, the pounding of Luther’s ass finishing with Ernest blasting searing heat deep inside. Cooper let out a guttural groan of completion, and then began spurting inside Ernest.

Ernest felt the hot semen lash his chute, his cock sloshing around inside Luther’s damp hole, and shuddered in reaction to the onslaught of pleasure. He couldn’t get enough of his mates, never wanting to be away from them. He could quite comfortably stay in this bed forever, with an occasional foray to the kitchen for food. He fell forward, still joined to both Luther and Cooper, sandwiched between his two lovers, loving the feel of them surrounding him. Cooper began kissing his neck and shoulders tenderly, his big hands kneading Ernest’s ass gently, murmuring approving words, his hips rocking gently, his cock still semi-hard inside Ernest’s ass. Ernest nuzzled into Luther’s neck, kissing him gently, lovingly. He turned his head, finding Zane’s mouth, hungrily licking at the mess of cum that was sitting on the man’s tongue. The dirty kiss was erotic as hell, the pair of them sharing Luther’s sexy load. 

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