Fireman's Flame (MM)

Cade Creek 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,998
58 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]
After seven years, Chester Bailey has called it quits. His divorce has finalized and he’s packed up his life with plans to move to Cade Creek. But fate has a sense of humor, which Chester discovers when he’s involved in a car accident just as he reaches the small country town. Rescue comes in the form of the sexiest fire chief Chester has ever seen…and maybe a new love interest.
Fire Chief Jack Helmond is used to being called to the scene of accidents. It’s part of the job. When he discovers a frightened young man pinned in his car, the job takes on new meaning. Rescuing Chester becomes personal.
But Chester’s past refuses to give up so easily. His ex won’t let a little thing like a new lover or even divorce papers stop him from claiming what he believes is his. If Jack has any hope of keeping the flames of romance burning between him and Chester, he’ll need more than fellow fire fighters to help him. He might need all of Cade Creek. 
A Siren Erotic Romance
Stormy Glenn is a Siren-exclusive author.
Fireman's Flame (MM)
58 Ratings (4.6)

Fireman's Flame (MM)

Cade Creek 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,998
58 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffett
Loved jack and Chester's story...this was sweet loving and oh so sexy..
This was fantastic and I can not wait for more
donna b buccella
Not my favorite so far. That’s NOT to say that I didn’t enjoy it because I definitely did. Jack is awesome and I really liked him. Something about Chester kind of bothered me and I’m not 100% sure what it was. I think it was the way he just shut down on a discussion leaving Jack frustrated and trying to figure out what he did wrong, when IMHO, Jack did nothing wrong. I think Chester just frustrated me.

Loved Arson the fire station dog. He pretty much kicked ass!
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

" In this third book of the ‘Cade Creek’ series, Fire Chief Jack Helmond falls for Chester, a man he rescues from a car wreck that is about as bad as they get. A misunderstanding has Jack withdraw, much to Chester’s disappointment, and it takes quite a bit of back and forth before these two men actually communicate and manage to understand each other. Their romance is very sweet, but external forces, like Chester’s ex and fear of commitment, keep pulling them apart. Lucky for them they live in Cade Creek where pretty much anything is possible. Chester is on the run from his abusive ex-husband and has decided to settle in Cade Creek since he has a friend there. Just when Chester reaches Cade Creek’s city limits, a drunk truck driver barrels into his car, crumpling it badly enough for Chester to be pinned inside with no chance of escape. He cannot believe his luck when the sexiest fireman in history comes to his rescue, but he begins to reconsider when Jack keeps going hot and cold over the next few weeks. To top it all off, his crazy BDSM-obsessed ex-husband follows him and wants him back. And with Jack enthusiastic one day, and pulling back the next, Chester is no longer sure of anything. Jack has never fallen for one of the people he rescues on the job, but what he feels for Chester is too strong to ignore. Until Jack finds a man calling himself Chester’s husband at the hospital, which makes him withdraw. It takes a while for him to figure out that the husband really is an EX, but his careful attempts at dating lead to more misunderstandings, and everything looks bleak again. Then it all comes to a head, and Jack has to make up his mind once and for all: does he or does he not want to make a life with Chester? If you like sweet romances hindered by a ton of misunderstandings, if characters on the run being recued by strong, handsome men are your thing, and if you’re looking for a read that is as sweet and hot as it is frustrating until the characters learn to talk to each other, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Chester shook his head as the red traffic light he was stopped at turned green. He knew it was going to take a whole hell of a lot more than a desire to start a new life for it to actually happen, and he hoped his friend Yancy could help.

Chester eased the car into traffic once again, heading for the Cade Creek Diner, a place he had been to before and fallen in love with. Granted, it had taken a lot of talking and some heavy eyelash fluttering to convince the cook to add a few vegetarian dishes to the menu, but now that he had, it was one of Chester’s favorite places to visit in Cade Creek.

A vegetarian cheese omelet sounded like just what he needed before calling Yancy and asking the man to come into town so they could talk and he could explain to him how his life had gone so horribly wrong…and then ask for his help.

Chester didn’t even have enough time to scream as something hard and heavy slammed into the side of his car. The sound of metal on metal was horrendous, and one he would never forget, but it was better than the sound his vehicle made as it was crushed like a tin can—with him inside of it.

When the world stopped spinning, Chester found himself lying against the door of his powder-blue VW Bug, his legs pinned by the steering wheel and the dashboard. Pain made his vision blurry as it exploded throughout every inch of his body. His very cells screamed in agony. Something warm and wet trickled down the left side of his face.

Chester made sure he didn’t move any more than he had to as he took stock of his injuries. His head ached but not as much as his legs. Fire burned down them like his skin was being peeled off. Tears sprang to Chester’s eyes when he was able to wiggle his toes. He wasn’t paralyzed, but it was obvious from the amount of pain he was feeling that something was seriously wrong.

When he lifted his hand to the side of his face, he could feel wetness and jagged flesh. It was obvious he had a gash on the side of his head. Chester suspected that he had hit his head on the side window as the glass had shattered, most likely from his head hitting it as the car flipped through the air. There were some cuts on his face and neck, also most likely caused by the breaking glass.

“Are you okay?”

Chester turned to see a well-groomed dark-haired man looking down at him from the passenger side window, which strangely enough seemed to be the top of his car now. “What happened?”

“A truck ran the red light and hit you.”

Well, that would explain it then.

“I’m Kapheri.” The man had a very interesting accent as he spoke. “Can you tell me your name?”


“Good.” Kapheri smiled. “Do you know where you are, Chester?”

“Um…in my car.”


“True.” Kapheri chuckled. “Can you tell me where your car is?”

Chester almost said “in the street” but he knew the answer the man was looking for. “Cade Creek.”

“Can you tell me what year it is, Chester?”

Chester frowned. “Really?”

“Afraid so.”

“Twenty fifteen.”

“Good, good.” Kapheri’s perfect white teeth gleamed when he smiled. “Okay, an ambulance is on its way. Try not to move.”

“Thank you.” But he really didn’t have any plans to move any time soon. It hurt too damn much. “The driver of the truck? Was he hurt?”

“He walked away without a scratch on him.” A deep scowl crossed the man’s face as he looked up and past the car at something Chester couldn’t see. “The police should be here in a minute or so to take him into custody. The bloody bastard reeks of alcohol.”

Chester sputtered with bitter amusement. “I’m going to die because some asshole had too much to drink and decided to take a five-ton truck for a joy ride?”

That sounded like his luck.

“Well, I don’t think you’re going to die, but…yes.”

“Is…” Chester licked his lips, wishing he had something to drink. They felt so dry they hurt. “Is there anything left of my stuff?”

Once again, Kapheri lifted his head and looked beyond what Chester could see. “You might be able to salvage some of it but I’m pretty sure the trailer is a total write off.”

“Damn.” He hadn’t taken the insurance out on it. In retrospect, that had been pretty stupid of him. He had been fairly confident of his own driving skills. He never dreamed he’d have to worry about some ass wipe with too much to drink ramming into him. “There’s snow in my car.” Chester didn’t know why that was important, but it seemed to be.

“You hit a snow bank, Chester. There’s snow over fifty percent of your car.”

“Oh.” Chester screamed as he involuntarily tried to move his leg and a spike of pain ripped through his body that was worse than anything he had ever felt in his life. He was positive he was going to die because nothing that hurt this bad couldn’t be fatal. “Ho–how far away is…is that ambulance?”

“Soon, Chester.”

Chester almost cried out when the man’s face disappeared. He wanted to beg the man to stay, to not leave him alone. But another face appeared, one that took Chester’s breath away with its sheer masculine beauty, and with the way he was panting that was pretty hard to do.

“Hey, I’m Jack. I’m a fireman. Someone called and said you were having a little trouble today.”




“Need you naked, baby.”


Jack chuckled as his hands went to Chester’s shirt. He lifted his arms when Jack nudged him, and stepped out of his pants when directed. When Jack’s hands slid down Chester’s arms and then circled around to pull them up over his head, Chester’s head fell back, a long groan of need falling from his lips.

Chester jerked when he felt a set of warm, callused hands land on his ass before they moved around to his hips. A tingling began in the pit of his stomach. Jack was touching him, stroking his skin like it was fine silk. He bit his lip to stifle his outcry of delight. The way that Jack touched him sent an involuntary chill through him.

His heart was beating so fast in his chest his lungs could barely keep up. His muscles were stretched so tight from straining that Chester was afraid they were going to snap like an overused rubber band.

“Turn around, baby.”

Chester turned eagerly. He leaned forward, resting on the counter, and settled his head on his arms. He stuck his butt into the air, spreading his legs until he could feel his cock and balls hanging in the air between his legs.

The position was a little unsettling.

Jack’s hands explored the hollows of Chester’s back and moved down around his hips before slipping up over his ass cheeks. It was like Jack was on a mission to drive Chester out of his mind. It was working, too. The mere touch of Jack’s touch sent a warming shiver through Chester. The anticipation of where Jack was going to touch him next was almost unbearable.

Chester stiffened when he felt slick fingers move between his ass cheeks. He’d been stretched before, but this almost felt like the first time. Maybe it was because it would be the first time with Jack that made the difference, maybe not. Chester just knew that his ass muscles clenched and unclenched, almost begging to be breached.

The first touch of Jack’s finger pressing against his tight ring of muscles almost sent Chester over the edge. Only by curling his fingers into the palms of his hands was he able to stave off his orgasm. Bearing down on Jack’s thick finger, he tried to steel himself for more. The second finger slipped in easier than the first, but Chester still hissed when Jack started moving both fingers in and out of his tight opening. There was always a slight burn to being stretched, and he knew that. He just hadn’t expected to feel such overwhelming pleasure.

Jack’s wiggled his finger in Chester’s ass, stretching his opening to force in another digit. Chester almost couldn’t breathe through the pleasure that raced through his body as Jack pushed another finger in and grazed right over Chester’s sweet spot.

“Jack!” Chester wailed, unable to keep his cries to himself. He almost couldn’t breathe through the pleasure that raced through his body. He groaned when Jack’s fingers stroked through his hair. He loved to have his hair played with.

“Are you ready for me, Chester?”

Chester felt his blood surge at Jack’s question. He was more than ready for the handsome fireman. “Yes. Please.”


Chester heard a tearing sound and then a moment later something hard pressed against his ass. It was big, thick, and hard. Chester gripped the counter, positive he was being split in two. He could hear Jack’s heavy panting behind him. He might have been making his own heavy pants, but since they quickly turned into groans of pleasure, he couldn’t be sure.

“Okay, baby,” Jack whispered into Chester’s ear as he pulled him back up from leaning over the counter. “You let me do all of the work, okay?”

Chester nodded, having no idea what Jack was talking about until the man began to move, making a small thrusting motion with his hips. He felt the pressure of Jack’s hands on his hips increase as he was pulled back.

“That’s it, baby!” Jack’s hot breath blew out over the nape of Chester’s neck as the man chuckled. “God, Chester, I knew you would be perfect.”

Jack’s hips thrust forward once again, and Chester felt the man’s long, thick cock fill his ass. A hot ache began to grow in Chester’s throat as Jack moved. Jack hands went to Chester’s chest, his abdomen, his nipples. He even stroked them down Chester’s arms. There didn’t seem to be an inch of flesh that Jack didn’t touch.

Chester felt his ass muscles clench around Jack’s cock, sending shocks of pleasure through his body. His body welcomed Jack inside of him with a searing heat and a slick tightness that he never expected.

Jack started moving faster, thrusting forward with a single-minded purpose. Chester moaned as the long, thick cock that seemed to fill him so perfectly brushed across his sweet spot with every thrust. He could hear Jack grunt and moan, calling out his name.

Chester’s heart hammered in his chest as he strove toward something elusive, something just out of reach. He groaned, growing frustrated. A hot ache began in his throat. The pleasure he was feeling was explosive. It needed just one flicker of a flame to ignite.

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