Drake & Deuce: Mixed Signals (MM)

Silver's Studs 17

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,823
5 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative, Suspense, Drama, Older MM, HEA]

Drake Crawford returned to Silver to open a restaurant and to be near his family. He was glad to be back. A quiet life was what he wanted, not love. But when he met Deuce Olson, the man set off all sorts of triggers. Having been in bad relationships, however, he had no plan to follow through on what his heart was urging him to do.

While visiting friends in the small town of Silver, Deuce Olson was trying to decide if he wanted to make the move there. He had no one back home. When he met Drake, he sensed trouble, something he should avoid at all costs. Getting hurt sucked and he wanted no part of it. Of course, life was sending him signals he couldn’t ignore.

If they could decipher the signals, they were receiving to know what they truly wanted, they would have it all. Love, passion, and a lifetime of happiness.

Drake & Deuce: Mixed Signals (MM)
5 Ratings (4.8)

Drake & Deuce: Mixed Signals (MM)

Silver's Studs 17

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 38,823
5 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


As it turned out, Deuce was invited by the friends he was visiting to sit with them. And Drake was there. He nodded in acknowledgement, but then went back to the conversation he was having with others at the table. Deuce wasn’t close enough to hear what it was about. His own attention was captured by Eddy, Bear’s husband. The baby he was attempting to feed had just spluttered, sending the soft food in his mouth flying, mostly on the front of Eddy’s T-shirt. The little guy seemed to think that was hilarious. Or maybe it was Eddy’s dramatic reaction. Either way, father and son were adorable together, and they both laughed until they were gasping for air.

Deuce didn’t know if that was good for a growing brain, but it did bring a smile to his face.

Lifting the pulled pork sandwich to his mouth, he took a large bite and began to chew. Damn, it was good.

As the afternoon progressed into the evening, Deuce noticed that Drake seemed to counter every move he made. Each time Deuce would make a move in his direction, Drake would walk in the opposite direction. Not overtly, of course. He wasn’t that blatant in his evasion tactics, but it was obvious to Deuce.

By the time the sky was dark, and the stars were visible, Drake was all but running to his car. He was doing a power walk kind of thing. Shaking his head, Deuce followed. If nothing else happened, he was going to kiss the sexy man.

When Drake was about to open the door to his drab little SUV, Deuce put his hand out to prevent him from doing so. Drake spun around and looked up at Deuce, his eyes wide in his face. The man was slightly exotic looking. He gave it some consideration.

“Do you have Russian ancestry?”

Startled, Drake stared for a moment before he nodded. “Yes, way back a century or so. I’m distantly related to Colt Redford. His ancestors were among the founding families. It was his grandmother, or great-grandmother, or something who was Russian. As the story goes, her brother was visiting his sister and he fooled around with an ancestor of mine.”

“Man, that’s interesting. You’ll have to tell me more later on.” One step and he was much closer to being pressed against Drake. He could feel the heat coming off the man’s body and catch his scent. It did amazing things to his senses. “For now, I’d like a kiss from you. You do kiss men, don’t you?”

“I’ve kissed one or two. I thought I did a pretty good job of letting you know I didn’t want to get to this point with you.”

That was kind of like an arrow straight in the gut. Deuce couldn’t explain to himself why. It wasn’t like he wanted more than a quick fuck with the guy. It also wouldn’t hurt to have a casual fuck buddy when he visited Silver. The idea was rather cavalier, but true. He wouldn’t lie to himself, and he wouldn’t lie to Drake.

“Hey, why don’t we go somewhere we can have some quality private time together?”

The look Drake gave Deuce wasn’t exactly a boost to his ego. “I’m not horny or looking for ‘private time.’ Can’t you just go away and find someone else to pester to ease the ache in your loins?”

Snorting, Deuce grinned. The man had a sense of humor.

“I don’t think anyone else will do. Something attached to my aching loins is, or would be, pointing at you, if I didn’t have these jeans on. Jeans, I might add, that are getting mighty uncomfortable.”

Drake reached up to stroke his cheek before patting it. “Ah, poor baby. Have a nice night. I’m on my way home. I have a long day tomorrow and need to get some sleep.” He stepped back, allowing the night air to cool him.

Knowing the guy had a restaurant, Deuce couldn’t argue with his reason for wanting to go home. “I can come with you.”

“Well, you probably wouldn’t keep me up long.” He seemed to give it some thought. Then he shook his head. “No, I better not. Well, it was great meeting you.” A slender hand was actually held out to him. Humoring Drake, Deuce took it. The man’s skin was soft, well-cared for. “Maybe we’ll meet again on your next visit.” The tips of his slender fingers stroked along Deuce’s palm, causing him to shiver with pleasure and his cock to pulse. “Take care.”

It wasn’t until Drake was driving away in his boring beige vehicle that Deuce realized he hadn’t gotten the kiss he’d wanted so badly. Damn! Then he was grinning widely and curling his fingers into the palm that still felt as if it was buzzing. Turning on his heel, he headed toward where his friends were now gathering around a large fire.

As he sat down on the bench made from a split log, he chuckled. Deuce couldn’t wait to demonstrate to the smartass just how much sleep Drake would lose if they had sex. Deuce didn’t do anything without giving it his all. The one time they were together would be the one time Drake would always remember. Yeah, he was that good.

And he never rushed a damn thing when the mood struck him.




Deuce followed Drake up the stairs. His gaze was fixed to the man’s taut rear end. Although he was curious about Drake’s home, his interest remained on Drake. He didn’t glance into the room to the left, but he saw a bed with his peripheral vision.

Despite being alone in the house, Deuce closed the door. It instantly made the room seem more intimate. Drake turned around, his fingers busy undoing the buttons of his shirt. Moving forward, he pushed Drake’s hands out of the way. “Let me do that. I’ve fantasized about slowly removing your clothes and kissing every inch of skin.”

Chuckling, Drake nodded. “Sounds like a plan I can live with. Do you mind if I help with yours?”

“Not at all.”

They were a little clumsy at first, but they finally managed to get each other undressed. Deuce held off on kissing skin until they were both on the bed. Their legs tangled as they pressed close to each other. He liked that Drake didn’t seem to be in a hurry. He’d briefly dated one guy who would basically put his ass in the air, no foreplay, no soft words, no build-up to what would happen between them. It was all about sex. And that was fine. There was a time and a place for it. But Deuce wanted more with Drake, and it was nice to see that they seemed to have similar ways in how they went about things. At least with each other. The other person was important, too. Drake wasn’t just some random fuck for Deuce.

Sliding his hand down Drake’s back, Deuce pulled their bodies closer. Their cocks were crushed together. It felt incredible. This was so much better than some stranger in the back of a club.

Warm, moist breath caressed his cheek as Drake sought out his mouth. Deuce met him halfway. Their mouths met and locked, and their tongues began to explore. Licking and nibbling on each other turned out to be a lot more fun than he’d expected. He pulled away and smiled when Drake began laughing. Looking at the other man, he saw the pleasure in the warm brown eyes.

Deuce’s cock throbbed as he moved his hand down to cup the mound of Drake’s firm ass with his fingers. Pre-cum leaked as his balls clenched. Drake moaned against his ear as Deuce began to lick and nibble on the man’s neck. There wasn’t one damn thing he didn’t like about Drake. The man smelled good, he felt good, and the sounds coming from him were egging Deuce on to do more.

All for giving him what he wanted, Deuce reluctantly pulled back. “Lube, baby.”

“Drawer. Table.”

Laughing softly, Deuce released Drake long enough to retrieve the lube from the bedside table. There were also condoms. He snagged one but shoved away the unpleasant sensation he got when he thought about the man being so prepared for “company.” Jealousy was out of place. Not only did he not want to experience it, but he didn’t want to think of the reasons why he would feel it in the first place. Drake had a right to a life and owed Deuce no explanations.

After gloving up, Deuce coated his fingers with cool, slick lube. He put the bottle aside, smiling as Drake reached behind his thighs and pulled his legs back, fully exposing his hole to Deuce.

Deuce wanted to take his time, but it wasn’t going to happen. His excitement was growing rapidly. It wouldn’t be long before he blew his load, and he had to be inside Drake’s tight ass.

“Oh, fuck yes!” Drake shouted as Deuce began to prepare him and dipped in with two fingers until he found his ultra-sensitive gland. The man’s color was high, and his eyes were closed. “That’s it. Hurry up! I need you in my ass. I won’t last forever.”

Chuckling, Deuce added a third finger, twisting and pushing until they were comfortably inside Drake’s body. There was no sign of pain on Drake’s handsome face. In fact, he appeared to be feeling an intense amount of pleasure. That was good. Pleasure was all Deuce wanted to give to him.

Pulling his fingers free, he added lube to his latex-covered cock and moved to position the head of his cock at the shiny, twitching hole. Deuce watched as the head of his cock pushed past the tight ring of muscles. His control was about to go up in smoke. Fucking Drake hard and fast was on the top of the list of the things he wanted to do with the other man. But first, they had to have the proper introduction.

“How much longer do I have to suffer?” Drake asked, possibly whining a bit. It was cute. His eyes were open now. They were narrowed as he stared up at Deuce. “Your dick needs to be all the way in my ass, not part way. Stop being a tease and fuck me already!”

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