Keena's Surrender (MF)

Brothers Bound 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,511
1 Ratings (3.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA] 
Keena’s been hurt, hunted, and haunted by her past. Returning to her hometown and hiding was probably not her best option but she had nowhere else and nothing else she could do with herself.
George spots Keena at introduction night at Club Collard and can’t figure out what she is doing there. She is in the wrong place, any man with eyes can see that. When she is forced onto a St. Andrews cross and terrified out of her mind he takes it upon himself to care for her. Little did he realize what helping her would do to him.
Can Keena surrender herself to this man? Can they overcome the atrocities she has been through and come out on top? Can she bring herself to trust George Keepher to keep her safe?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Keena's Surrender (MF)
1 Ratings (3.0)

Keena's Surrender (MF)

Brothers Bound 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,511
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




George eased her limp body away, taking a closer look at her face. Mascara streaked her face, her lips, a pale pink, nose all reddened from her crying. He grabbed a tissue, wiping the mascara stains away. Poor pet, what atrocities had happened to her to make her react this badly? He reached down, loosening the ties of her high heels and letting them fall from her feet. Her feet automatically slipped under the blanket. She curled up closer into the fetal position on his lap. He winced. Shit, she was still scared. It was going to be a long night. He shifted back, resting against the base of the cross. No way was he waking her. He would let her rest and wake on her own.

Lila peeked into the room. George was propped up against the base of the cross, the poor girl curled up in his arms. She looked like a rather large ball sitting in his lap. “Closing,” she called softly.

George nodded. “I’m just going to wait till she wakes on her own. She was pretty distressed,” he called softly, the little one shifting on his lap. He glanced down at her. Her face was crinkled in a petrified frown, still asleep.

Lila grimaced at the sight. She nodded. “I’ll let Blain know.”

George nodded. Blain would close up instead, and leave him to do as needed. George had been working here a year now, and had closed the place numerous times for him. And Blain knew the importance of taking one’s time with traumatized subs. Or subs that had reached sub space.


* * * *


Keena felt heat against her cheek. She shifted and her legs cried out in stinging pain. She groaned, trying to straighten them out.

George came awake. “Easy, babes, you’re stiff,” he warned, automatically messaging her aching tendons with his hands.

Keena’s head came up, catching on his chin. She grunted, groaning as the pain of his hard chin striking her hard head assaulted her. She covered the top of her head to stop the sting. “Sorry,” she whispered, backing away, teetering. She squealed as she tumbled out of his arms. Wait, nope, his arms tugged her back and held her steady. She froze.

“Easy,” he repeated softly but firmly.

Her eyes met his and it was him! The guy who looked like the one who was teaching the class! This was the one that had made her want to have sex! Her jaw dropped and she openly stared at him. Broad jaw lined with a skinny beard, broad mouth that she had visions of taking her own lips in an assaulting kiss. His almond-shaped chocolate brown eyes made her heart melt, so soft and welcoming. His hair was in a disarray of wildness that made her think of wild animals. But it was his eyebrows that had her heart skip a beat. Angled sharply, they made him look devilish.

He smiled and the cutest dimple appeared on is left cheek. She reached out and touched it. “You make me hot,” she mumbled.

George smirked. That alone was worth the stiffness in his lower back. “Thank you, babes,” he replied.

Keena blushed. Oh, shit. She just said that out loud to him! She groaned and scrambled out of his arms. She took in her surroundings, eyes landing on the cross behind him. That stupid fear gripped her all over again, a sharp breath hissing from her.

“Keena, is that your name?” he asked softly, moving into her vision and blocking out the cross. Blocking it from her vision should help her calm down. She seemed to relax when she focused solely on him. He liked that.

She blinked, her eyes looking at him questioningly. “Pardon?” Had that been his soft voice? How could this large man have such a soft, comforting voice?

George moved as she went to look around him at the cross. “Your name, baby. Is it Keena?”

Keena nodded, moving the other way. He moved, keeping it blocked from her. She furrowed her brows. “Karla had that man strap me to that!” she uttered. Her mind screamed. She was pissed off! She shouldn’t have screamed and got scared! She should have stood her ground and kept her cool. Maybe that man would have stopped. Maybe he wouldn’t have? Fear streaked through her again.

George nodded. She was getting that wild-eyed look again. He was sure he had seen anger for a millisecond, but that damn fear was blazing brightly.

She met his gaze. “You got me down,” she murmured.

Again he nodded.

Keena released a soft grunt of uncertainty. Why had her friend put her in that thing? What had possessed Karla to get a man to lock her up? Karla didn’t have the right to make that call, no one did! Only she did. Tears welled in her eyes.

George waited as her mind reran the events. She scrambled around him and looked at the St. Andrew’s cross more closely. Her hand trembled as she reached out to touch it. She turned and gawped at him. “Why would anyone want to be held in it against their will?” she cried.

George released a breath. “No one that is placed there goes there against their will,” he replied calmly. He could sense her endorphins were still flying. She had questions and he would answer them the best he could to ease her anxiety.

Keena looked back up at the cross. How could someone let themselves be used in this manner? She looked at the man with gloom-filled eyes. “I want to go home,” she whispered. She needed to go home and get out of this outfit, clean herself from this place, this night.




Did she know how sexy she looked sprawled in his bed, her hair a tumbled mass of chaos framing her beautiful face? The shirt he had lent her for the night was shifted up and one perky breast peeked out and begged for him. He tugged the blanket lower as he knelt on the bed. He motioned her to spread he legs further. “We stop when you say, Keena.” And he hoped to God he could keep that promise. He leaned closer to her pussy and inhaled her musky floral scent. Roses. She had the fragrance of roses on her. He smiled. He liked that. He’d have to make sure to have flowers sent to her. He slid his tongue along her slit and his ego flew at the exquisite moan that escaped her. The way her legs spread further and her hips lifted, begging for more. Yes, he would give her more.

Keena clutched the pillow above her head, shoving it against the headboard. Her body arched as he skillfully plundered at her pussy with his tongue. She moaned when he teased her cunt with his thick finger, her body shifting, trying to insert more of it in her. “Please, George,” she begged, moving her hips. “Now, George. Please.”

George chuckled against her pussy. His tongue fluttering against her hard little clit. “Please what, Keena?” he asked, his finger teasing her cunt. Her juices spilled from her and he inserted his finger to the first knuckle, feeling her body shift to get more.

“MORE!” she demanded.

George chuckled. “More of my tongue?” he teased, flicking steadily at her clit, keeping his finger knuckle deep. Her frustrated groan turned him on further. If he didn’t watch himself, he may just come in his pants from these sweet moans.

“Your finger, George! Please. Now,” she begged, reaching down and taking hold of his wrist with her hand. She tried to push his finger further in, but he wouldn’t allow it. She growled in frustration and looked at him, annoyed. When her gaze clashed with his, he let her have it. Her mouth fell open and her legs spread further. She couldn’t tear her gaze away from his.

“That’s it, baby, eyes on me. I want to see that passion in your beautiful eyes.”

Keena tried to close her eyes but couldn’t bring herself to do it. To see his soft brown gaze turn deep chocolate was making her hotter. The way he licked his lips with that wonderful tongue that had just been against her clit…She bit her lip and rode his finger, her breathing accelerating as the friction grew. She shook her head. She wanted to come with him in her. Wanted to feel his thick cock buried deep in her. “You, George. I want you,” she cried, trying to hold back the orgasm creeping its way through her. “Now, George, hurry, please,” she begged, reaching for his pants.

George allowed her to slide his pants down as far as she could. Her hands were utter bliss as they caressed his aching cock. “Condom in the pocket,” he murmured as her hands stroked him. Fuck, he could watch her delicate hand stroke him all day. She kept one hand on him while digging in his pocket with the other. When she retrieved the condom, he groaned at the loss of her hand on his dick, and watched as she tore it open. Her hand soon returned, rolling the condom blissfully down his dick.

“Now, George,” she demanded.

George grinned, leaning towards her and nipping her lips. He pushed his finger back in her cunt, cupping her mound with his palm and offering enough pressure to bring her clit back to that beautiful point it had been seconds ago. He waited till her breath was ripping from her and she had that wild look in her eyes. Yes, that look she had had right before she had spoken and demanded more of him. He positioned his cock at the entrance of her cunt and held still. He looked her right in the eye. “Are you sure, Keena?” She only nodded her head, her hands grasping his shoulder. “Speak, Keena. I wanna hear your voice,” he whispered, nipping her lips with his.

“Yes, George. I am sure, now, please,” she whispered breathlessly, shifting her hips, trying to get more of him. When he sunk in, she screamed and both fell still.

He waited for her to adjust to his length and girth and marveled in the warmth her tight cunt offered. He trembled, his eyes searching her. When she nipped his mouth with hers, he pulled out of her the tiniest bit and took her mouth hungrily as she hooked her legs around his, pulling him back to her. He grasped her hip and held her to the bed, growling. “You make me so fucking horny, Keena.” He thrust roughly into her.

Keena panted, her cunt milking George as he thrust in and out of her. She reached down and circled her clit with her finger. She hoped he wouldn’t get mad that she touched herself. She bit her lip, grasping her breast with her other hand and tugging at her nipple.

“Again, Keena. Harder this time,” George demanded. When she had pinched at her nipple, her cunt had squeezed delightfully around his cock. “That’s it, baby, more, keep on doing that,” he ordered, keeping his thrusts steady. He wasn’t sure how long he could keep it up. Sweat beaded on his temples and he was sure he was sweating all over her. When she shifted her hips and a squeal escaped her, he knew that was the spot she needed hit. He hammered her pussy and soon had her screaming in ecstasy beneath him, her hands clutching at him, her gaze on his, his name whispering off her lips.

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