The Barlow Brothers: Burning Pleasure (MFMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,647
5 Ratings (4.2)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, figging, sex toys, HEA] 
When state arson investigator Tamara Royce is summoned to Pleasure, Tennessee by one well-placed phone call from the Barlow brothers, she knows her mind, body, and heart are in trouble. She’s resisted the brothers’ advances for too long. Two things kept her from submitting to her deepest, darkest desires. She refuses to choose as adamantly as Darryl refuses to share her with Seth and Colt. She’s also afraid Seth will attempt to control her entire world. But, when she faces off with them as she works to catch an arsonist, she quickly learns there’s no amount of inner strength that will save her from their beds.
Seth, Colt, and Darryl Barlow’s dominance varies, but their desire for the super-sexy and, so far, unattainable Tamara is one in the same. They’re willing to make compromises within themselves in their quest to claim her, but will that be enough or will the burning pleasure they give her leave their heart in ashes? 
A Siren Erotic Romance
Tonya Ramagos is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Barlow Brothers: Burning Pleasure (MFMM)
5 Ratings (4.2)

The Barlow Brothers: Burning Pleasure (MFMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,647
5 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Tonya is one of my favorite authors and always writes very interesting books. Loved the interaction with everyone in this book and can't wait for more!!



“I appreciate you getting here so quickly.”

Tamara jerked her gaze back to his, licked her lips, and watched his attention follow the path of her tongue. Christ on a pogo stick! After all the times in the past their paths had crossed, she should’ve been used to the intense reactions her body insisted on having around this man by now. Shouldn’t she?

You haven’t gotten used to Darryl. Why should Seth be any different?

Because, of the three brothers, Seth was the one with the reputation of being the most dominant, controlling to the point that he took over every aspect of his submissive’s life. That was what she was most afraid of when it came to giving in to him. It wasn’t so much the extent of what he might do behind closed doors, but what he would attempt to do in public or how much he would try to shield her from the world. She might give up her body, she might even let a man into her heart, but she would never give up her career or allow a man to break down her inner strength.

“You’re welcome.” It took a whole lot of effort and a long reach inside herself to find her equilibrium again, but somehow she managed. “Darryl’s not going to buy trashcans. He’s going to look for who sells wire-meshed ones in town and, if he’s lucky, find out who has bought one recently.”

“Are you saying this fire was started in a damn trashcan?”

For the second time in damn near as many minutes, Tamara felt her world tilt on its axis as Colt’s question drew her attention to him. While Darryl could’ve been mistaken as a family cousin rather than the youngest Barlow brother, there was absolutely no denying the fact that these two were siblings. Colt was just as extraordinarily handsome as Seth. A Stetson sat low on Colt’s forehead, too, though his was a dark brown that came close to matching the color of the strands of hair that poked from beneath to tease the collar of his shirt. His eyes were the same dark brown as Seth’s, too, though the intensity in Colt’s was marginally softer. He was dressed in a plaid Western shirt that probably would’ve looked ridiculous on most men. On him, it looked positively stupendous. His jeans looked a little more worn than Seth’s, but not by much, and rode low on his narrow hips, lovingly framed his groin, and hugged his long legs. Brown cowboy boots finished the six-foot package wrapped in pure sex appeal.

Focusing on the job she’d come to this town to do was her only hope of keeping her universe from exploding right now. She forced herself to do just that as her mind tripped and stumbled and finally latched onto the question Colt had just asked.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying, and it was skillfully done at that.” Despite the openings in the wire-mesh that allowed more oxygen to fuel the fire set inside the can, the way the arsonist had organized the contents had kept the flames controlled long enough for him, or her, to ignite the other two points of origin.

“Then this was the work of a professional?”

Tamara shook her head at Seth’s question. “It could’ve been an amateur. With the World Wide Web at everyone’s fingertips these days, getting information on how to properly set any kind of fire isn’t hard to come by.”

“Well, that’s helpful,” Colt muttered dryly.

“I’ll ask both of you the same thing I asked Darryl. Is there anyone you can think of who would want to torch this place? A club member, former employee, or maybe a town resident that wanted you out of business?”

Both men shook their heads, but it was Seth who answered. “We don’t have an enemy we know of in this town, sweetheart.”

“At least not one that’s ever given us a clue he or she is an enemy,” Colt added.

“What about a girlfriend?”

“It’s been a long time since we’ve had a girlfriend,” Seth told her.

Tamara knew damn well it likely hadn’t been that long since the two of them had been with a woman though. “Okay.” What did they call them? She hesitated as she searched her brain for the terms she wanted to use. “How about a pet or a willing submissive?”

Colt looked impressed. “Did Darryl teach you about pets and willing subs?”

Tamara planted her fisted hands on her hips and glared at him. “I have a brain, Colt. I may not have ever stepped foot in this place, or any other club like it, but I watch television, and I read books.”

Seth’s lips kicked into a devilish grin as he started toward her. “Are you telling us you watch BDSM porn and read erotic novels?”

Tamara felt her cheeks heat. Jesus! She couldn’t remember the last time she’d actually blushed. “Cut it out, Seth. I’m being serious.”

“So are we, sweet thing,” Colt told her as both men closed the distance between them.

They had done it to her before, managed to get her talking and catch her off guard long enough to situate her between them. She’d managed to quickly escape the last time, thankfully, due to being summoned by her boss across the room at a charity function for the fire service. McGregor wasn’t here today to save her, and when Seth stopped in front of her and locked one strong arm around her waist and Colt moved in behind her and put his hands on her sides above Seth’s arm, she had nowhere to go.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve had a pet or willing sub, too,” Seth told her.

The warmth of Colt’s breath fanned the fine hairs on her lobe when he dipped his head and angled it beneath the bill of her helmet to speak in her ear. “Do you want to know why that is?”

Stay focused. Stay focused. Stay focused!

The trouble came from the fact that she was focused, but on things she absolutely didn’t need to be concentrating on. Things like the way Seth’s woodsy cologne smelled and the minty scent of Colt’s breath and the strength of both men’s arms and hands that had created a cage around her. Things like the heat that reverberated off both of them, hot enough that she was able to feel it through the fire-protective gear and her clothes beneath. Things like the way their rock-solid bodies penned her more pliant flesh between them.

“This could have been a random act,” she finally said, ignoring Colt’s question. “But given the severity and intensity of this fire, if it was, it could be a sign that there will be more fires to follow.” It could be the start of a serial arsonist who got his jollies off watching places burn.




Tamara stopped arguing and allowed herself the pleasure of being pampered. So this was what it felt like to be loved. She’d never known the sensation, never thought it could feel like this.

Darryl washed her front, lathering her flesh with soap, and lingered on her breasts long enough to have her writhing. “This is the first time I’ve ever give a woman a bath,” he commented as he continued on to wash her abdomen and belly.

Colt chuckled. “Give me the cloth. I’ll take care of her sexy backside.”

“In a minute,” Darryl told him as he slipped the cloth between her legs. “I’m not done yet.”

Tamara feared by the time he deemed her front thoroughly washed she’d be out of her mind. She was damn near close to it when he finally straightened in front of her, after making sure to wash her all to way to her feet, and handed Colt the washcloth.

She didn’t fare any better under Colt’s gentle perusal of her flesh. He cleaned her back, taking a great deal of time to alternate the cloth and a hand on her butt cheeks. Then his hands framed her hips, and she felt him start to kneel, bringing her down with him.

“Now to rinse you off,” he said as he settled her to sit on his lap in the bottom of the tub and proceeded to splash the water over her, washing away the suds.

Darryl was still standing in front of her, his erect cock jutting out of his body like a come-get-me exclamation point. Colt’s equally hard cock was nuzzled in the crack of her ass. Tamara couldn’t help herself. She wriggled her ass on Colt’s cock and started to reach for Darryl’s. A curt command had her hand freezing in midair.

“Suck him, Tamara. Suck Darryl nice and hard while Colt fucks you.”

Holy fuck! That was Seth who had just given her that command. How could she have forgotten he was in the room?

She had to lean over to see him with Darryl standing in front of her. He hadn’t moved from where he’d been standing when she’d taken off her clothes, although he had turned to face the tub. He was still standing there with his arms folded over his chest and that unreadable look in his eyes.

Those eyes locked with hers, and he repeated the command. “Suck Darryl nice and hard while Colt fucks you.”

“I need a condom,” Colt told him.

Seth reached into a drawer beneath the sink, palmed a foiled wrapper, and sent it sailing through the air straight into Colt’s lifted hand.

Colt ripped it open with his teeth and reached both of his hands between her legs. “Lift up, love, so I can get this on.”

Tamara shifted and lifted her hips, using the floor of the tub for leverage. Her pulse was pounding so loudly in her ears she was only scarcely hearing the words they said to her. Her nipples were throbbing, her clit pulsing in rapid rhythm, and her channel flaming with need. Her mouth was tingling, too, and as her attention locked on Darryl’s cock only slightly above her head, she felt those tingles ignite into a blaze that drew a protesting sound from her lips.

“I can’t get to you.”

He obliged her by bending his knees and leveling his cock with her mouth. Colt’s hands moved to her waist, and he adjusted her body until the head of his cock was grazing her outer folds. Colt gave her enough time to fold her hand around the base of Darryl’s shaft and indulge in a quick taste of the precum beading in the slit of his cockhead before he used his hold on her hips to pull her body down.

He sheathed his cock with her pussy in one fluid motion that drove him all the way inside her channel to the hilt. Her lips clamped over Darryl’s cockhead, more out of response than design, and slid down the length of his shaft.

A gruff moan mixed with a guttural growl and her own muffled cry as the men started to move. Neither of them allowed her an ounce of control. Darryl buried a hand in her hair, fisted the strands, and fucked her mouth with his cock as Colt used his continued hold on her hips to lift her body up, drop it down, and pound his dick in her pussy.

They instantly sent her to the edge of a precipice they created. She could’ve held it off. Maybe. She could’ve thwarted off the impending orgasm. Maybe. She could’ve done it, but Darryl reached down with his free hand, captured a nipple between his thumb and forefinger, and pinched. Her eyes flew open, but it wasn’t him she saw. Her gaze had shifted around him and landed on Seth.

The plea that bubbled in her throat, one she couldn’t say with Darryl’s cock lodged in her mouth, must have been clear in her eyes because he said, “Not this time, love. Soon, you’ll know what it feels like to have my hands on you, to have my dick inside you, and to fully be at my command.”

The promise in his tone sent her flying. She felt the dam on her control give and couldn’t do a thing to stop it. She came, screaming around Darryl’s cock in her mouth from the force of it and felt her pussy shatter around Colt’s dick buried deep inside her channel. Only when the last dregs of her pleasure subsided did the men let themselves go. Darryl’s hand fisted more tightly in her hair as he shot his seed down her throat. Colt’s hands gripped her hips so hard as he found his release that they were sure to be bruised come morning.

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