Paula's Desires (MF)

Brothers Bound 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,182
2 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, bondage, flogging, sex toys, HEA] 
Paula has always had overly sensitive skin. All her life. Falling down would lay her up for days. Having Sam Keepher touch her the way she so desires would most likely send her into a comatose state that would kill her. She's sure of it. Her heart yearns for this man, to be with him, to have him touch her. Can she find the strength to keep her calm and cool about herself while around him? Is it mind over matter when it comes to her sensitive skin?
Sam’s heart aches at the thought of seriously hurting Paula. His Dom wants nothing more than to give her what she yearns for. Will Sam and Paula manage to work around her disability and bring her to that mind altering state of bliss?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Paula's Desires (MF)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Paula's Desires (MF)

Brothers Bound 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,182
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




It was afternoon when Paula finally awoke. She reached out, her eyesight blurry. The beeping of machines filled the quiet room. A heavy moan escaped her dried lips as she struggled to get rid of the dried-out-carpet feeling from her mouth.

Sam took hold of her hand. “Paula.” He whispered her name. Her eyes blinked a few times, then she managed to focus on him. Guilt. He had seen that look in many a woman’s eyes. He caressed her forehead, cringing, hoping he wasn’t hurting her.

After sitting and taking in anything else Lila could tell him and inhaling the coffee Jared had gotten him, he figured it had been him rubbing her back that had set her off. With everything else on her mind, it was the simplicity of comfort that had turned the night into a disaster.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

Sam shook his head. He reached above her head and produced a glass with clear liquid, straw poking out the top. “Here, drink. The nurse said to make sure you drink,” he whispered. He didn’t want to raise his voice in fear that he would hurt her friggin’ hearing.

Paula gulped back the water, eyes closing. She could feel it sear through her body. She cringed. She hated this part. She would fill up on her water, her body would be slow to recover, and peeing would be painful. She moved away from the straw, turning her head away from his intense gaze. She heard him put the water back.

“I’ll call Lila to let her know your awake… she just had to go get you some clothes.”

Paula nodded. She pressed the button for the nurse.

The nurse entered minutes later, first glancing at the handsome man next to Paula, then at Paula. “Oh Paula, you lucky girl. He stayed by you the whole night,” she praised, offering him a smile.

Paula closed her eyes. “I need to use the washroom,” she whispered.

The nurse nodded. “’Kay, let me know when you’re ready.” The nurse hummed, leaning close, easing her hands under Paula.

Paula cringed as sharp needles pricked every part the woman touched. Tears streamed down her face and she whimpered through the pain.

Sam’s heart clenched. “I can help Paula,” he uttered, rounding the bed.

Paula shook her head, inhaling a deep breath. “No,” she panted, winded from the action of just getting into a sitting position.

The nurse offered an apologetic look. “She’s fragile right now, sir.”

Sam nodded, ushering the woman away from her. “I was a nurse for a few years after college,” he offered. Mind you, he never did this kind of nursing. More along the lines of bandaging up soldiers and sending them on their way out to fight.

Paula whimpered, hand grasping his bicep. More tears, and she shuddered, a soft wail escaping her.

Sam stared as a puddle formed at his feet. “Well, if that doesn’t beat all. I guess you really meant it when you said piss off, eh?” he joked.

Paula sobbed, falling limply in his arms. He shushed her, holding her close, careful not to squeeze. “You have another gown, Nurse?” he asked.

She nodded, racing from the room.

“’Kay, Paula, you have to help me out here…Can you move? I’ll help you to the shower. Are you able to shower?” He was sure water beating down on her skin would be pure torture.

She shook her head. “Bath,” she panted, her nails digging into his skin. Her grip was weak but those nails were sharp.

The nurse returned, going straight to the washroom. “You’ll have to pick her up and bring her over, sir,” she called, already turning the water on and checking the temperature . She returned to them, lifting the front of Paula’s shirt.

Sam pushed her hands away. He didn’t like the way the nurse handled Paula. “Ease up, would you?” he ordered, fierce grey eyes flashing at her as Paula tensed in his grasp.

The nurse raised a brow at him.

He narrowed her eyes. “She’s resting. Just give her a second,” he grumbled, feeling Paula relax in his arms. “Okay. Now we can move,” he murmured.

The nurse lifted the front of her gown and produced a needle out of nowhere. Sam stared, wide-eyed, as she plunged the thing in Paula’s firm, round belly. He cringed, felt himself turn green. He hated needles. The world spun and he averted his gaze, inhaling a few deep breaths.

Paula laughed, or tried to, resting her forehead on his chest. “Big baby,” she teased.

Sam scoffed. “You have no idea,”




“On your back legs spread,” he directed. She did as she was told. Sam harrumphed as he assessed her position. Nope, he wanted her to watch what he was doing. She needed to see that her pussy could accommodate the dildo. It would give her the confidence that she could accommodate him. He crossed to another side of the room.

Paula sat up. “Sam—Sir?” she questioned.

Sam grabbed up a large triangle-shaped pillow also known as a love pillow.  He placed it behind her. “Lay back.” He placed a hand on her shoulder easing her back.

She did so looking at him, frowning. She didn’t want to sit up. She wanted to lie down. Sam caught the defiance in her eyes and waited for her to argue. She pressed her lips together and stayed silent.

Sam brought out the dildo. “Have you ever tried to use one on yourself?” he asked.

She shook her head. He shot her a sharp look. “No Sir,” she uttered, sharp tone to her voice. Sam’s hand slapped her thigh so quick she didn’t even see his hand move. “No Sir,” she corrected herself in a polite manner.

Sam ran the tip of it over her pussy. “Why not?” he murmured, running the length of it through her juices.

Her legs spread wider. “I thought it would hurt,” she admitted.

“Am I hurting you?”

She went to shake her head. “No Sir.”

He placed the glistening dildo at the entrance of her cunt. “Are you scared?” he asked, looking her in the eyes.

Paula dared peek down. Well, that was a sight. “No,” she answered with a shaky voice.

He added a little pressure and her legs tensed. He narrowed his eyes and she stopped. “Breath, Paula,” he ordered.

She inhaled a sharp breath, closing her eyes, shaking her head as dark images assaulted her.

“Look at me, Paula,” he ordered.

Paula’s eyes flew open and looked into his. His other hand came to rest over her belly and his thumb caressed her clit. She bit her lower lip, eyes dilating. He pushed the head of the dildo in. Her hips backed away. “Don’t make me tie you down,” he warned.

A strangled yelp escaped her.

“Remember, Paula, you’re in control here.” he reminded her, giving a twist. Her eyes fluttered closed and a sigh escaped her. Sam grinned he gave it another twist, thumb circling her swollen nub. He inched it in a little more. She panted a quick breath.

Sam studied her every facial gesture, slowly inching the dildo into her sweet pussy. Her breathing accelerated. Her chest heaved. He dipped his tongue circling a nipple. She cried out, hands coming up. He stopped everything. “Hands down, sugar,” he ordered.

Paula whimpered eyes shooting open.

He raised his brows. “I would one day like to fuck this sweet pussy hugging this dildo,” he declared

Paula looked down eyes widening. He had the thing in her all the way! How the fuck? Her eyes darted back up to him. His eyes twinkled.

“Hands stay to your side or everything stops.” he ordered.

“Yes sir,” she murmured, her voice a husky whimper.

Sam gave the dildo a twist. His mouth returned to her breast and his thumb slid across her clit.

Paula jolted, her hips jerking downward a gasp escaping her. Her head fell back as he sucked on her nipple, his teeth nipping. His tongue licked and he moved to the other. His thumb circled and swiped her swollen clit and her hips jerked.

Paula panted. “Need to move,.” she panted. “Please, can I move?” she pleaded, hips already rolling against his hand.

Sam groaned, peeking down between them, watching her beautiful hips moving. He pulled the dildo out an inch, and a gush of hot air huffed from her mouth.

“More please,” she whimpered.

“Watch, sugar,” he ordered, removing his thumb, moving back.

Paula stared as the dildo slid easily in and out of her, her eyes darted to his.

He smiled. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened just the tiniest bit. Well fuck, he liked that look. He took hold of her hand. “Here, sugar, I want to see you fuck yourself.”

Paula took hold of the end sliding it.

“Go faster, sugar,” he order, crouching back on his haunches, watching as she fucked herself.

Paula picked up her pace. She wanted his hand on her again, his thumb touching her.

Sam stood and crossed back, grabbing the next size up. He wanted her to come with one in her. He returned, kneeling in front of her. “Pull it out, sugar,” he ordered.

Paula shook her head, pleading in her eyes.

Sam raised his brows. “Paula.”

His tone was stern and she felt like a bad girl in need of disciplining.

Sam caught the naughty look. He stopped her hand. Paula released the sweetest whine. He slid the slickened dildo from her, tossing the thing behind him. “Over now, ass up!” he ordered.

Paula was quick to do his bidding, yelping when his had smacked the side of her ass.

He reached around her and repositioned the triangle, gently pushing her down on it. He leaned over her the seven-inch dildo at her entrance. “I really prefer you on your back where I have the enjoyment of watching your beautiful tits bounce when you move.” He inched the dildo in and she tried to move away from him.

He pressed his cheek to hers. “Am I hurting you?” he asked. She shook her head. “Words, Paula!” he ordered.

“No…I want the other one.” she demanded.

“I’m nowhere near that size, Paula. You need to know you can take my size…any size. Your body was made for this,” he replied huskily.

She whimpered as he pushed it further into her.

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