Glywyn (MFM)

The Maidens of Mocmoran 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 69,445
1 Ratings (4.0)
[PolyAmour: Erotic Fantasy Rubenesque Multiple Partner Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
The blood of war runs in the realm of Teveoch. There has always been war in Teveoch. But there is also love, sex, intrigue, strange and dangerous creatures, passion, and deception.
The sensual and sexual Glywyn, clan of Glaerd of Mocmoran, has caught the eye of King Gaeldos of Teveoch. With the help of two of the king’s royal guards, Draedon, son of Gaeldos, and Theoch, son of Baeod, she escapes Teveoch and the king’s sadistic intent, heading to safety in the realm of Yaeltaran. Along the way, she’ll discover the dangers in her world, the sensual and sexual woman she is, and the love of the two men whose hearts she has captured.
She never thought true love was possible. But in the arms of Draedon and Theoch, she’ll find out just how amazing true love can be. But she’ll also discover how her life will change, and the impact that loving two men will bring to her world.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Glywyn (MFM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Glywyn (MFM)

The Maidens of Mocmoran 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 69,445
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Oh shit!” she said aloud. “Thank you,” she said, realizing she wasn’t lying flat on the floor.

“Are you all right, milady?” a deep voice asked her.

“I-I-I’m fine,” she stuttered, staring into the face of one of the most gorgeous men she’d ever seen. “Clumsy, but fine,” she said breathlessly.

“Are you sure?” another voice asked her, and she turned her head to see the other most gorgeous man she’d ever seen standing next to her.

“I just walked out of the wrong exit. And now I’m lost. Fuck! Oh shit,” she said, covering her mouth. “I’m so sorry for my language. I cuss when I’m nervous. And I’m nervous. I’m Glywyn, clan of Glaerd.”

“Hello, Glywyn clan of Glaerd. I’m Draedon, son of Gaeldos, and this is Theoch, son of Baeod.”

“Gaeldos? You’re the king’s son? Oh, just shoot me now,” she said, closing her eyes in her humiliation.

“No one will be shooting you, if I have anything to do with it,” Theoch said, looking at her intensely.

It had to be a dream, she thought. Men like them couldn’t exist in reality. Draedon was so tall. He had to be at least six and a half feet tall, because he was at least a foot taller than she was. His dark brown hair was cut in roguish layers, lying along his shoulder. He was clean-shaven, letting the strong features of his face show. Theoch was just as tall as Draedon and equally muscled. She glanced down at the tattoos covering both of the men. Theoch’s tattoos trailed down his chest, and further, as she saw them disappear into the waist of his pants. She licked her lips unconsciously at seeing his taut abs and the tattoo encircling his navel. His skin was like dark honey, and his eyes were sultry and half-lidded. Facial hair framed his jaw and full lips. Lips that were smiling at her, as she had been studying the two men at her leisure.

She giggled. “You’ll have to forgive me for staring, but I’ve never seen men like you before. Gorgeous men.” She smiled.

She knew she shouldn’t flirt with them. Her father was waiting for her…somewhere. She knew she should excuse herself and try to find her way to the lifts. She should, but something was happening to her. From the moment she’d met Draedon and Theoch, she’d felt a pull toward them. She excused it as her vaedra overpowering her senses, but each time she looked into their eyes, she could almost imagine how it would feel to be in their arms. Their bed. It felt…right.

Theoch looked at Draedon as she looked back at him. “And we have never seen a woman like yourself with such beauty, milady,” Theoch said to her. His voice was deep and seductive, as was Draedon’s.

“Is that so?” she asked. She giggled again. “The way you two speak. You don’t have to call me milady. You can call me Glywyn. Unless you have to be formal.”

“We can be whatever you wish,” Draedon said, as he gazed at her.

She knew that gaze, because she was sure she was gazing at them in the same way. In that way that held so much promise of dark interludes, quickened pulses, and seductive kisses.  Theoch licked his lips, and she wanted to trail her own tongue along his tongue’s path. She caught Draedon staring momentarily at her breasts, and her pulse did quicken. She felt as though the air had been sucked out of the space between her and the two of them. It felt hard to breathe, and the excitement of that feeling made her giggle. Daddy, she reminded herself.

“Well, it was nice meeting both of you, but my father is waiting for me downstairs, so I have to find the lift to take me down,” she said a little too breathlessly.

“You can find it through the door behind us, but you can’t leave us yet. Please,” Draedon said to her, smiling in a way that made her forget, if only for a second, that she even had a father. 

“We’ve only just met,” Theoch said, his gaze staring so intensely at her. “My heart would break if you left now.”

She started to walk between them, as they continued to stand on either side of the small hallway, their muscled physiques making it impossible to go around them. “Wow. I hate to have to break your hearts, but like I said, I have to look for my father.” She walked between them, and the front of her body brushed against Draedon’s, and then Theoch’s, as she turned to smile at him.

“Then, please,” Draedon said, taking hold of her hand before laying a kiss on top of it. “I hope to see you again, Glywyn, clan of Glaerd.”

“And I wish the same,” Theoch said, laying a kiss on her hand as Draedon had done.

Glywyn giggled as the two men kissed the top of her hand. “Oh… Okay. Um… This is different. I’ve never had anyone kiss my hand before.” She smiled at them.

“I truly find that hard to believe,” Theoch said.

“Then tell me, how do you say good-bye to someone you hope to the goddesses to see again?” Draedon asked her with a seductive gaze.

It wasn’t what she had planned. In hindsight, she surprised herself. But as she stared at the two men who seemed to pull at her heart and her body, she felt drawn to them. She closed the distance between her and Draedon, wrapping her arms around his neck as she kissed him deeply. She smiled at him, turned, and kissed Theoch just as deeply.

“Like that,” she said. “It was very nice to meet you Draedon, son of Gaeldos, and Theoch, son of Baeod.” She smiled at them again, and ran down the hallway and out the door.




His penis was hard, thick and long, as she released it from the confines of his pants. Her hand encircled him as he gasped. But then he moaned in pleasure, as she devoured him into her mouth, sucking, and massaging the shaft with her hand. She glanced over to where Theoch was sitting in the chair, rubbing his hand along his groin, as he stared at her with heat in his eyes.

She smiled at him, and turned her attention back to Draedon’s cock, licking along his length before sucking him greedily into her mouth again. He moaned something unintelligible, holding his hand to her head. She stopped what she was doing, sitting up on the futon, as she began to remove her dress.

“You don’t mind if I take this off, do you?” she said to him.

Draedon shook his head, removing his pants quickly. His eyes remained on her, as she stepped out of her dress pooled on the floor, and then removed her bra and panties. She lay back down with Draedon, as their lips came together explosively. His hands roamed along her body, pausing at her breasts, and sucking her nipples into his mouth.

“I’ll leave you two alone,” Theoch said, as he started to leave.

“No, Theoch,” she said breathlessly, glancing over her shoulder at him. “Stay. Do you mind?” she asked Draedon.

“Not as long as I can still do this,” he said, sucking on her nipples again.

She giggled, but turned to look at Theoch again. “Can he still do that?”

The intensity of Theoch’s gaze told her that he had no intention of leaving as he unfastened his pants, sitting back down in the chair, and began to rub his hand along his penis. “As long as I can do this.”

“Baby, don’t worry,” she said to Theoch, as Draedon rolled her over onto her back. “You won’t need to wait for long.”

Draedon pulled her into a seething kiss, nipping and tugging at her mouth, before their tongues played a game of discovery. His hands gripped ample handfuls of her ass, pulling her pelvis against his, as he ground his groin on her. But then his lips trailed along her body until he knelt between her thighs.

“Oh shit, yeah,” she heard Theoch whisper.

Draedon smiled up at her, and then over to Theoch, before licking along the slit of her pussy. She sighed in response, running her hand through his silky hair. But then she began to moan and writhe on the futon, as Draedon licked, and sucked, and delved inside of her pussy, making her arch her back at the sensations he was giving to her.

“Now,” she whimpered, begging for him to be inside of her. “Please.”

Draedon came to her, kissing her deeply. She tasted her arousal on his lips, which only heightened it more. And then she felt him begin to push inside of her. His hard, thickness stretched her pussy with each thrust he gave and made her grab onto him, wrapping her legs around his waist. He felt so fuckin’ amazing. She was made for them. She knew that now. She had waited all of her life to make love to them. To feel them inside of her, thrusting, and hitting so many amazing places. But it was much more than what he was giving to her with his cock. He gazed at her, and gave his heart also.

She touched him along his face, gazing back at him, and knew at that moment something changed between them. He began to thrust harder and faster, sending her to dizzying heights until they both cried out in release, professing their hearts to each other.

Draedon fell to the side, making soft moaning sounds. She knew he was lost in pleasure. He’d drank in her aura. Her vaedra. And as he’d been surrounded in the intensity of her aura, she’d received his pleasure in tenfold. But she wasn’t finished.

She kissed him lovingly, standing and walking over to Theoch. She stood naked in front of him, watching him massage his cock. She smiled wickedly at him, straddling his lap, as she slowly began to work his erect penis inside of her.

Theoch speared her with a smoldering gaze, holding her hips in his hands, as she moved on top of him. “I told you, you wouldn’t have to wait too long,” she whispered to him, as he leaned forward and kissed her passionately.

“Tell me what you want, Sweetness,” he asked her, licking around her breasts before sucking on her hard nipples.

“Feeling you inside me is what I want,” she said breathlessly. “You feel so good. Harder.”

He thrust his hips upward, making her yell out, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Kiss me, Sweetness,” he said to her, and she did, moaning into his mouth as she came again, almost violently, feeling Theoch empty himself inside of her, yelling out his own release.

She held onto him, as if he were her life’s blood, and in some way, she knew he was. That connection, that change she felt with Draedon, was with Theoch, too. She smiled from sheer happiness, kissing him deeply again.

“I can’t move,” he said. “Go and lie down. Sleep. I just want to sit here and relive all of that.”

“There’ll be more, Theoch. We’ll make love again. I’m yours. Yours and Draedon’s. And you both are mine. We belong to each other.”

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