Lila's Chance (MF)

Brothers Bound 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,302
1 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
When Lila spots the handsome and notorious Jared Keepher, not only does her heart skip a beat but her whole body awakens with the physical need to hop on this man and keep him forever. But she's heard the horrible rumors about his past. She needs to retreat fast from this one and she knows it. There is just no way she is going to fall for this handsome brute.
One of the greatest things about life is choice. And Jared is about to make a choice. He will leave behind his BDSM lifestyle for good and do whatever it takes to keep beautiful Lila in his life. Little does he realize, Lila has a kinky side of her own. Can Jared and Lila come together and make a relationship work between them?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lila's Chance (MF)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Lila's Chance (MF)

Brothers Bound 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,302
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Jared looked around the establishment, smiling when he saw Master Blain. He crossed over, shaking the older man’s hand. “Blain,” he greeted.

Blain scoffed. “Rumor is you have your sights set,” he murmured.

Jared shrugged. “Little brother said I had to come. Some little fiasco with Rick?”

Blain chuckled, leading him to the bar. “Sam, sneaky bastard. You know, I may just put that one in a Rick situation one day.”

Jared raised his brows. Sam had lied to him? He took up a stool at the bar, nodding a hello to Jazz. “Evening, Jazz. Going to come shoot some hoops on Sunday?” he asked.

Jazz grinned. “Sounds good. My nephew grew another foot this last spring. I’ll bring him along.”

Jared nodded. “Sounds good.” He turned his attention back to Blain. “Business is good?” he asked. Jazz placed a bottle of Molson Canadian in front of him. He’d served Jared enough to know the man preferred the Canadian lager. Blain nodded, eyes staring across the room. Jared followed Blain’s gaze and his heart jumped. Shit! That was Lila!

Blain snorted. “You know little Lila?” he murmured.

Jared shook his head. “Not really.” His eyes devoured her. What the hell was she doing here? “Who does she belong to?” he asked, looking at the collar on her neck.

Blain smiled. “Me.”

Jared narrowed his eyes on him. “Pretty sure you have, what, four now collared?”

Blain smiled, nodding. “Yes, and only Olivia bows to me. The other three are hanging from the roof.” He looked around the room. Jared followed his gaze. Blain glanced down at his apparel. Black jeans, black tee. Shit, Master Chance didn’t dress up anymore. He remembered the leather pants, crisp white shirt, hair drawn back, and he had always had a sophisticated feel about him.

Jared caught the look. “Don’t play that anymore,” he replied.

Blain nodded. “Not your fault what happened, Chance,” he replied, making sure to use Jared’s actual name.

Jared tensed. No one called him Chance anymore. He had resorted to using his middle name the last ten years. He gripped his bottle of beer, eyes glued to Lila, her heavy breasts round and beautiful, her dusky pink nipples slightly upturned. The latex skirt hugged her hips and waist beautifully. “No one calls me Chance anymore, Blain. Jared now. How come she’s half-dressed?” he asked, glancing at the other women. They wore jeweled ornaments on their nipples and had shaved pussies.

Blain shrugged. “I allow the girls their own rules,” he replied. He had asked her to go naked and she had flipped up her shirt and showed him the jagged scars on her stomach. She was uncomfortable with them being out on show. Had she been a part of the scene, he would have simply made her, but nope. She wasn’t, and just needed a job. So they compromised.

Jared met her gaze and her brown eyes darkened. His gaze darted momentarily to her breasts. Her nipples puckered fiercely.

Blain chuckled. “You’re the second Keepher boy to come in here and get her to react. I have had men compliment her and not once did her body respond to anyone, not even the boys here.”

Jared looked back into her eyes. She had her head bowed. “You’ve taught her the basics?”

Blain shrugged. “Nothing to teach. She likes reading about the scene. Smart cookie, that one. Wanna talk to her?” he offered, an all-knowing look in his eyes.

Jared laughed. “I have her phone number. I can talk to her whenever I want,” he replied blandly.

Blain smiled. “Want to fuck her?”

Jared scoffed. “Not your place to offer her up like that,” he replied. He’d known Blain a long time and this was the first time he had ever had the man offer a woman up like that. Perhaps he was taking him the wrong way? Maybe Blain was just inquiring if it was something Jared wanted.

Blain sighed. “She has kids,” he shared, swirling the amber liquid in his glass.

Jared nodded. “Met them, nice kids. Their father is an asshole.”

Blain rolled his eyes. “You met him, too!”

Jared tore his gaze from Lila, turning his full attention on Blain.

Lila released a breath of relief. She jangled her chains, catching Jazz’s attention. Jazz hopped the bar and went to her. “May I have a break, Master Jazz?” she asked meekly, eyes lowered.

Jazz nodded hugging his hulking arm around her tiny waist lifting her and unhooking her hands from the hook on the roof. He rubbed her wrists, carrying her to the bar.

“I need to use the facilities,” she murmured.

Jazz sighed. “Shit, Lila…you okay tonight? You’re all out of whack. Never seen your pretty titties pucker like that till Master Sam stepped up,” he looked her over concerned, leading her to the hall that led to the bath room, still rubbing her hands and arms.

Lila shook her head. “Not used to seeing people I’ve dealt with in the outside world in here,” she mumbled.




Jared laughed then. He gripped her chin with gentle hands, lips caressing hers. A soft moan escaped her. Her eyes shot open as she thought of Sam kissing her. Jared smiled. “That thought?” he asked.

Her cheeks flushed. “Master Sam kissed me,” she blurted.

Jared grinned. “Why?”

Her gaze met his. “I said he was beautiful,” she answered.

Jared raised a thick eyebrow. “Why?” He loved the honesty in her eyes. She had remarked how he had looked scary at the garage. Rick was the cute one and she liked George’s name. She had not said anything of himself.

She swallowed. “I responded to him,” she admitted. Jared harrumphed. That could be a problem. “I was thinking about you,” she added. How could she not? She associated his brothers to him. He was the oldest, right? He had to be. He seemed like the alpha in that pack when it came to all of them.

Jared smiled, pride and happiness filling him. She had thought of him. His mouth covered hers in a hungry kiss. His tongue swiped through her warm mouth, and a whimper escaped her. He pulled away. “You don’t normally respond?” he asked, opening the bag and laying out his toys.

“No Sir.”

Jared ran his finger along the round curve of her ass. “Anal play acceptable?” he asked, finger dragging past her ass, running along her wet folds.

“Yes,” she whispered, cheeks flushing. She couldn’t believe she had just admitted that to a man. Shit, Paula didn’t even know she did that to get off.

Jared smiled. Good, he was going to take her ass one day. He grabbed the lube, squirting it along the crack of her sweet, supple, apple-shaped ass, a gasp escaping her. His thick finger ran along the crack of her ass. “When was the last time you had sex?” he asked.

Lila grunted. “With a man?” she whispered, eyes widening as his finger thrust into her ass.

“Yes,” he answered, marvelling in the way her body strained, the goose bumps that rose over her heated flesh.

Lila’s head fell forward as warm sensations poured through her. “Years…shit…” Her brain went blank. He was thrusting his fingers in and out of her ass. Good God, he was finger-fucking her ass. She moaned. A squeal escaped her as he pinched her nipple.

“Have you ever come from a man finger-fucking your sweet little ass, my pet?”

Lila moaned. “No…no man has ever done that,” she whispered, cheeks squeezing as warmth spread and thundered throughout all of her. Her pussy clenched in anticipation and her nipples stiffened.

Jared smiled. Good, he would be the first to fuck her ass. He pulled out his finger and grabbed up a wipe. After he was done cleansing his finger, he grabbed up the plug.

He eased the plug in. Lila gasped, her ass cheeks clenching at the intrusion. It was obvious she had not ever had anything that thick in her ass. He nuzzled her cheek. “I am preparing you. One day, you will feel me here,” he declared.

“Yes Sir,” she whispered breathlessly. She couldn’t wait for that day. She had asked her ex for that, and he had criticised her and said he wasn’t gay. He had been so closed-minded in the bedroom.

Jared cocked his head as she stiffened. “Thinking again, sugar.” He hummed, hand skimming over her ass. He loved her ass, tight, round and the perfect handful. He moved between her spread legs, hand running along the length of her back.

“My ex didn’t approve of anal anything,” she whispered.

Jared scoffed. “His loss.” He leaned over, dragging light kisses over her. He reached around her, cupping her breasts, his fingers pinching her puckered nipples.

Lila gasped as thunder hammered through her from nipples to pussy to ass and back up. She shivered. Her arms strained and her hands balled into fists. Her breathing accelerated at the waves of desire rearing through her.

His hand drifted down, his finger delving into her silken folds. Her stomach went taut, waiting for him to caress her clit. A hard smack to her ass was his response, followed by the thundering climax that struck her out of nowhere as the plug in her ass buzzed to life.

She shuddered, teeth gritting at the next orgasm threatening to strike.

“You are not allowed to come until I let you, pet,” he ordered in a husky voice.

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