Leaf Three: The Angel of Death (MFMM)

The Clover 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,785
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Reverse Harem, Crime/Mystery, Suspense, Paranormal, Vampires, MFMM, HEA]

Sophia Dane finally comes face-to-face with the angel of death behind the homicides. When she thinks the case is closed, it instead reveals all the pieces at play. She and Chester Thatcher meet Sigmund Roth, a prodigy in psychology who is eerie and hard to read. His presence only complicates the case, because nothing Sophia sees now is what it seems.

Her personal life also becomes hectic as she learns more about her vampire mates, Balthazar, Dominic, and Ensoro. When her parents decide to reenter her life after years apart, it adds fuel to the fire. Sophia has a harder time dealing with everything happening to and around her.

Meanwhile, Sophia has to deal with the underground vampire organization by going undercover. Everyone comes together to stop the threat posed to humans, but all plans are flawed. Sophia tries her best to keep the peace among everyone, yet that bubble can burst at any moment.

Leaf Three: The Angel of Death (MFMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Leaf Three: The Angel of Death (MFMM)

The Clover 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,785
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“I’m ready,” Sophia said as she stepped out of the bathroom. She’d had to get ready for the dinner meeting the underground vampire organization was having tonight.

Unlike what she’d thought, the dinner had been set as semi-formal, so she’d gotten herself anything that would help her blend in, a light two-piece black dress with slightly see-through long sleeves. She completed the look with straightened hair, some natural makeup, and a pair of short black heels.

“Perfect,” Balthazar said as he walked straight toward Sophia.

“Freeze,” Sophia said, and Balthazar stopped mid step with a look of confusion. “You know I’m not used to looking like this. I don’t want anything or anyone to ruin this look before I even get there.”

Balthazar grumbled. “Not even a kiss?”

“I have lipstick on,” Sophia muttered.

“You can retouch it. Don’t worry too much about it,” Ensoro said.

She tightened her lips. The way they stared at her made clear what they thought of her. The tension in the room was evident. She was about to enter enemy territory, after all. “Only one kiss.” Sophia welcomed Balthazar’s lips, followed by Ensoro, and Dominic. She gave them each a hug, just in case.

Dominic caressed her cheek gently. “Focus on your assignment while you’re there.”

“I will. Knowing the three of you, Commander Grave, Thatcher, and the other Nobles will be on standby is reassuring,” Sophia said quietly. Having them still didn’t lower down to zero the chances of something wrong happening. They didn’t know who they were up against at the core of the organization. Eve herself hadn’t gotten that close over two years ago.

Ensoro checked his watch. “Almost seven. Madison will open the gateway for you so it seems like you’re a low-ranked vampire,” he said. “Uri and Lydia are still busy managing everything back at the coven, so they won’t be on standby with us.”

Sophia took a deep breath and nodded. At the slightest possibility of danger, she was to retreat immediately and contact Eric. If it didn’t work, she could only wait for Eric to get her. As a human, she couldn’t risk going against vampires, especially when the first wave of the organization had been willing to kill to get their way.

“Let’s begin this mission,” Balthazar said. His furrowed brows expressed his concern about the whole thing. He’d expressed worry since the beginning, before this mission existed.

She let Balthazar take her hand and lead her through a gateway. Another of her biggest fears, aside from being killed or ending up hurt, was to lose her memories and going through the shock of being surrounded by vampires. Having everyone on her side throw themselves into harm’s way was also another problem she didn’t even want to think about.

Madison smiled once she saw Sophia. Chester, Eve, and Eve’s mates were with her. “You look amazing. I have the location and I’ll drop you off just down the street. It’s a mansion, so you can’t miss it. Ready to go?” Madison asked.

“Not really, but I’ll do this either way,” Sophia said with a slight smile.

“You prepared a lot for this,” Chester said and patted her back. “We’re counting on you, and it’s not in my hands to relieve the pressure you’re feeling, but I’ll be on standby. Just keep that in mind.”

Sophia nodded and looked away. “I’d be lying if I said I’m not afraid. We don’t know who they are.”

“All I can ask of you is to remain focused and optimistic,” Eve said, drawing their attention. “As much as I don’t like some of the memories I recovered, I’m glad they’re being of use now. We can’t tell what might happen, and things might not end well, but our purpose is too important for us to sit back and do nothing. That’s why you’re doing this.”

Eve’s words were needed. Sophia nodded firmly, filling her mind with thoughts that this was to protect both humans and vampires. Unfortunately, it wasn’t yet time for vampires to resurface, especially not by force. That would only cause humans to fight back. Both sides would ultimately lose, and only destruction would become the end result.

Chester glanced at Balthazar, Ensoro, and Dominic. “Your mate will leave now. Don’t get any ideas to ruin the plan or make things worse for all of us. If Commander Grave came up with this plan, it’s because he’s aware of the risk and still wants to go through with it,” he said and rested his hand on Sophia’s shoulder. “Be careful out there. Don’t panic if we don’t make a move immediately. The Commander will be aware of everything without being present.”

Sophia fixed her small purse on her shoulder. “Let’s go. The anticipation is getting to me.”

“Once I open the gateway, walk through it,” Madison said.

As soon as it opened, Sophia went to the other side. She nearly stopped once she saw the small crowd walking in the same direction. Several gateways opened apart from each other. Along the road, the woods on either side, a few people, clearly vampires, watched them. At the end was the mansion, brightly lit inside and out. Any unsuspecting individual would take this as a common dinner party, aside from the gateways.

Sophia swallowed hard as she approached the mansion. A couple of intimidating vampires were checking each guest. With so many people gathered, she couldn’t tell what they were doing. She got roughly in line with the crowd, waiting for her turn. Raphael and Nadia were nowhere in sight.

“Keep moving, everyone, we don’t have all night,” one of the vampires called out.

Through one of the gateways came Ferret, towering over the others, his hands in his pockets. Sophia scowled. Had he been on their side all along or not?




“Balthazar, Dominic, and I spoke among ourselves. Well, mostly Bathazar and me,” Ensoro said and rested his hands on Sophia’s waist. “We always take turns. How about we…do some teamwork?”

She looked over her shoulder at him. “What do you mean?”

“He means to use both,” Balthazar added. He squeezed Sophia’s ass with his warm hands and pressed his hard bulge against her covered pussy. “To be fair, it’d save us some time. And you have a few vampire abilities now, even if we would go easy on you either way.”

“Both?” she uttered, and Balthazar nodded. Heat rushed to her cheeks. She’d been meaning to give her mates attention without leaving any of them out. This was an option she hadn’t considered before. “We can try, I think.”

Ensoro left and returned within seconds. “Let’s begin, then,” he said, not hiding his giddy smile.

Sophia allowed them to lead the way since they had discussed this before. They had plans for her, and she desired to see what they’d come up with. Balthazar pulled her pants off, Dominic finished removing them along with her underwear, shoes and socks, and Ensoro got on one knee behind Sophia. She jolted when Ensoro smeared a cool substance over her pussy.

“Cold?” Dominic asked as he took Sophia’s jacket off. She shook her head, so he unbuttoned her shirt.

While Balthazar slid one of his fingers into Sophia’s twitching pussy, Ensoro pushed one into her hole, squeezing her ass with his other hand. They were eager, yet kept themselves under control. This was new to Sophia. She couldn’t do much else but go with their flow.

Ensoro pumped his finger gently into Sophia’s ass, kissing her back several times, and Balthazar kneaded her clit. Meanwhile, Dominic tilted her jaw up and they kissed. They had only begun and Sophia’s senses filled with desire.

Moaning against Dominic’s lips, she parted her lips. He slid his hot tongue against hers and swirled them together before he teased the top of her mouth. Sophia squeezed Balthazar’s shirt. This time, Balthazar and Ensoro added a second finger to both her pussy and her hole.

For the next few minutes, they worked on getting Sophia ready. The longer they took, the more she anticipated it. Her heart thumped for them to continue, and she held back from coming so they could do it together instead.

“Should we move to the bedroom?” Ensoro asked.

Balthazar stood with Sophia in his arms and wrapped her legs around him. “Let’s not forget Sophia has work in the morning.”

Now all she wanted was for them to pound into her. They kept dragging it on. Instead of waiting, Sophia took the initiative. Balthazar came to a stop when she rubbed his bulging crotch with her pussy a tad. But Sophia couldn’t get what she wanted. Ensoro put his hands on Balthazar’s shoulders and guided him the rest of the way to the bedroom.

They walked into the room and Balthazar lay on the bed, taking Sophia with him. He pushed at his pants and filled Sophia’s pussy with his cock. A quiet beast-like growl escaped him. She moved his shirt along his torso, yet he was too distracted thrusting into her to care about taking it off. Sophia gave up on that as pleasure took over.

“If you don’t mind,” Ensoro said behind Sophia, on his knees. He guided his prick and slowly pushed the head into her hole.

Sophia went still, the foreign sensation drawing her full attention. Balthazar continued, yet didn’t touch her with his groin so she wouldn’t move. Ensoro filled her hole every few seconds until he pressed his hips against Sophia’s ass. She melted between her mates, feeling filled to the brim. Ensoro scattered slow kisses on her shoulders and neck.

“Here,” Dominic uttered. He moved Sophia’s jaw to the side and pressed his hard cock over her lips. His brows furrowed a tad when she engulfed his prick into her mouth. The skin right below his red and black eyes turned a light shade of red as he watched Ensoro and Balthazar thrusting into her.

With overwhelmed senses, Sophia couldn’t react to being taken by her mates simultaneously. She clenched her shaky hands on Balthazar’s sturdy chest. It took her a while to adjust to the newness, but now she desired for them to fuck her. As much as she couldn’t ask them to go at it however they wanted, her desire for more took over.

Balthazar pinched one of Sophia’s nipples and squeezed her other breast. “The look on your face is so lewd,” he said.

She looked down at him. Dominic had to thrust his cock into her mouth since she could barely move. Intense pleasure had been taking over, to the point that she didn’t know what to do. She entered a daze. All she could hear were their groans of pleasure and the sounds of skin smacking against skin reverberating in the room.

“En, tell me how to do that,” Balthazar said.

Ensoro tilted Sophia’s hips. “Like this. Follow her heartbeat.”

She froze in place at how Balthazar’s cock rubbed the twitching walls of her pussy. With a few more pumps of Balthazar’s prick, she came hard in uncontrollable jerks, moaning against Dominic’s cock. Balthazar replaced Ensoro’s hands on her hips and fucked her deeper. Her eyes rolled back and closed as he continued to pound his engorged prick within the tightly snug walls.

Balthazar nibbled his bottom lip, thrusting upward into Sophia’s pussy. “Do you want more?” he asked, and she nodded briefly.

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