Discovering Desire (FMMM)

Whyr Desires 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 66,725
2 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Menage Amour: Menage, Paranormal/shapeshifters, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, FMMM, HEA]

When Maggie Black is freed from captivity, she tries to return to a normal life. But one night with her friends, she meets her mates. Desire grows quickly between them and she revels in the connection. An attack on her reveals the danger isn’t all in the past.

Jeremiah, Gideon, and Sterling Shaw found their mate and they’d do anything to keep her safe and with them. When the attacks keep coming, they stay close and watch over her while trying to allow her a normal life. The attraction draws them closer to her. They desperately try to discover who’s coming after her and protect her until they do. Now that they’ve found her, they can’t lose her.

With attacks still coming, they struggle to keep her safe and Maggie fears it will never end. The sex with her three men is deliciously intense and Maggie’s feelings deepen. Somehow, they have to stop these attacks before they lose everything.

Discovering Desire (FMMM)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Discovering Desire (FMMM)

Whyr Desires 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 66,725
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


When would this end?

Maggie leaned her head against the wall and scrunched into the corner of the cage. The chilly metal pressed against her cheek. Caged like some damned misbehaving pet. She shook her head. This sucked.

At least, huddling at the back gave her some distance from the sticks the guards poked into the cages when they needed to move them. The clubs were slightly less painful than those damn cattle prods as long as the bastards only used the clubs to guide or nudge her.

She licked dry, chapped lips. Damn, she needed help. Had Penny remembered the code? Does she know I’m in trouble?

Maggie shook her head. Penny would catch it even if she didn’t realize the truth at first. The mention of Granger might take her off guard, but hopefully, their recent conversation about the code would help. Penny would remember and Ethan would tear this city apart. Hopefully, before Maggie lost her mind.

“Hey.” A rough voice sounded from the cage next to her.

Maggie sat up. When had they put someone in that cage? It had been empty the last time she saw it. She tilted her head. With that deep voice, it had to be male. But was he actually a prisoner?

The man could be a plant to keep an eye on them. One of the other women had muttered about someone betraying her when she tried to escape. What better way to gain a prisoner’s trust than to act like one as well.

“Hey, little cat, don’t worry. We’ll get you out of here. I’m Jeremiah.” His voice sounded a little closer, as if he leaned against the bars on his side of the box.

The wall blocked her view of him and the bars were too close to get even a peek at his hands. How long had he been here? Was there another holding area or could they have just brought him in?

“Why should I be worried? I’m only sitting in a little box like a bad puppy.” She kicked at the wall. “And how many of you are over there? Who’s the we?”

“Unfortunately, right now, it’s just me, but you know how this goes. Someone will come.” His voice lowered. “We’ll get you to safety.”

“As I said, just having a little vacation.” And when she got the chance, she would rake her claws over that doctor’s face. Whatever he’d pumped into her kicked her system in high gear.

“Come closer so we can talk quietly. I don’t know if they have listening devices in the cages.” He tapped the side of the wall.

She shrugged. What else could she do? Not like anyone was saving them at the moment. She scooted closer. But she wouldn’t trust him. She couldn’t take the chance.

“You’re here now, aren’t you?” His voice was so low, barely a whisper.

“Yeah.” She leaned her head against the wall.

“I couldn’t believe it when they dragged you past me. I never thought I’d be happy to be in this place,” he said.

“Why would you be happy?” She frowned. Had the drugs made him crazy?

“I found you. You’re my mate.” His voice softened.

Oh, hell, didn’t he realize it probably wasn’t true? They’d injected her with so much stuff that she couldn’t trust anything her senses told her. He was probably in the same situation.

“Have they injected you?” She leaned her head against the wall separating them. A distinct musky scent combined with an acrid hint of coffee swirled around her. Her heart raced. Mate.

“Yes. Several times before they brought me over. I was asleep when they did that, so they could have pumped more into me,” he whispered.

“What they’ve put into me has me so messed up. It’s probably not true. I know they’re tampering with the reproductive system and some of the drugs probably fuck with our senses. Don’t get your hopes up about that. It would be worse finding out it’s not true.” She put her hand on the wall. But if it was true, it would be one decent thing to come out of this clusterfuck of a disaster.

“No talking down there.” Two guards strode down the aisle between the cages. They rapped on the bars. “Get back from the bars.”




He tugged at the right side of her panties. The lingerie ripped, the fabric loosening on one side. He moved over to the other side and tore the band. She lifted her hips as he tugged on the ruined scrap. Maggie squirmed. Now, she’d feel his tongue on her.

He gripped her hips and lifted her. She pulled at him. Damn, he needed to take the hint. He swept his tongue upward from her entrance over her clit. A jolt shot through from that sensitive bundle straight up her body. She tensed and her fingers tightened in his hair. He circled the bud and glided one of his hands across her thigh. She shivered and tilted her hips upward. Her inner muscles clenched, desperately aching for the feeling of something sliding into her.

“I think someone’s a little too focused there and has forgotten about me,” Sterling said.

He closed his teeth around the tip of her nipple. Even blunted by fabric, the sting slashed through her, seeming to intensify everything else. She gasped. He closed his lips over the peak and sucked, but after a moment lifted his head. Damn tease. He gripped the front of the bra and ripped it apart.

“As fun as it is to tease you, I want to feel your skin beneath my lips, not fabric. I can’t get a good taste of you and that will not do.” Sterling swiped his tongue up the slope of her breast and circled the nipple.

“You’re so sweet and wet for us. Were you thinking about what we’d do to you before you came out to get us.” Jeremiah’s fingers slowly pushed into her.

She drew in a shuddering breath. “If you think I could prepare all this without a little fantasizing, you don’t know me that well.”

“Were you tempted to play with this sweet pussy?” Jeremiah lapped at her clit.

“Not when I was looking forward to you doing it.” She tugged on his hair. “You’re neglecting me.”

He laughed. “No, I’m not. You’re just a little impatient.”

“One day, I’ll tie you to the bed and show you impatience.” She narrowed her eyes on them. The revenge would be so sweet. An ache pulsed through her and the emptiness within frustrated her.

“That sounds promising. Let me give you something to fuel your dreams of revenge.” Jeremiah curled his fingers within her and rubbed against the sensitive tissue.

Lightning seared her. She bucked upward, trying to draw more of that.

Sterling’s mouth closed over her nipple and he drew hard. He cupped the other before he pinched the hardened bead. A stinging jolt shot through her. She moaned. Fuck yes, that was what she needed.

Jeremiah slid his fingers in and out of her as his tongue lashed her clit. Fire rose within her. She moaned and writhed. Fuck, they would drive her slowly out of her mind.

“Climb onto Sterling, Maggie. I need to get you ready for me.” Jeremiah rose onto his knees. He gripped her waist and helped her up.

She blinked, lost and aching. Fuck, a little cool down before he started tossing about orders would be good. She swung her leg over Sterling’s hips. He guided her down onto his cock. His full length slowly pushed into her as she lowered her hips. A current sizzled through her. She tightened her legs around his.

“No, Maggie, you have to stay still.” Sterling tightened his grip on her. “Let Jeremiah prepare you.”

“You make me this hot and now you want me to wait?” She gripped his shoulders. This was another form of torture.

“You want us both?” Sterling slowly stroked his hand up and down her back. “We wanted you hot enough so that you wouldn’t cool down too much while he prepares you.”

“You’ve been preparing me for weeks, playing with my ass every time we have sex. Now, I want you both.” She shook her head.

Jeremiah’s hands slid up her thighs. “We needed to do that so that you wouldn’t be in any pain when we did this and you’re not ready right now. I have to work some lube into you. Sterling will make sure that you don’t cool down too much. Now, relax.”

She rested her head in the bend of Sterling’s shoulder. A snick rang through the room. She took a deep breath. Must be the lube. She relaxed her muscles as much as possible. Warm lube dribbled onto the crease of her ass. He rubbed the thick liquid in before pressing two fingers in. She dug her nails into Sterling’s shoulders and breathed, but her muscles tightened anyway.

“Don’t clench. I don’t want to hurt you.” Jeremiah’s hand stroked over her butt.

“You don’t know how that feels.” She rocked against Sterling.

Sterling groaned. “Damn, Maggie. Not yet. Wait for Jeremiah to slide into you.”

“It won’t be long. I want to drive my cock deep into you.” Jeremiah pressed two fingers into her before withdrawing.

More gel landed and was worked into her. His fingers pushed in, scissored and then withdrew. He pulled back and added more gel. She moaned as his fingers eased free. He moved over her and his cock brushed over her ass.

The head brushed against the tight ring before he pressed into her. Slowly, he filled her. A slight pang arced through her. She tensed and closed her eyes. So full.

“Ease back a little, Jeremiah. I need to give her a little something extra. She’s tense and I think the desire has faded during the wait.” Sterling ran his hand over her side.

Jeremiah pulled back. Sterling slipped a hand between them and his fingers settled on her clit. A jolt ran through her and she rocked her hips up. She hummed. Jeremiah sank back into her again slowly. Not even a hint of pain this time. Sterling’s finger circled her clit a few more times before he pulled his hand free.

“Now, we can all have fun.” Jeremiah’s palm skimmed over her hip. “Ready, Sterling?”

“More than. I don’t know how long I’m going to last.” Sterling’s lips brushed over her cheek.

Jeremiah pulled back. Maggie pushed back, taking him deeper. Sterling’s hips pushed up and he pulled her down. Her inner muscles clenched around his cock. She groaned. Damn, this was better than she’d imagined. In a slow rhythm they pushed into her and then withdrew.

She clung to Sterling. Pressure swelled within her. They moved her between them. She ground down against Sterling and pushed back into Jeremiah. A wildness slowly built within her. Finally, she was with two of her men.

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