Their Perfect Woman (MFM)

Men of the Border Lands 15

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,153
8 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Futurisitc Menage a Trois Sci Fi Romance, M/FM, HEA]
Benton and Travis are ready to settle down. They’ve resigned themselves to living without a woman, but then they find Gail rummaging around in their refuse pile. When they offer her a safe place to stay, they hope she will feel at home and stay with them. Will she be their future? The longer she stays with them the closer they get to making her their woman.
Gail has been running from the men who’d kidnapped her from her last home. When the two men who live in the house she stumbles on offer her a place to stay and food to eat, she’s cautious. Soon though, she comes to trust them and believes she’s found the perfect place to live.
Together, the three of them forge a family and make the house a home. Benton and Travis believed Gail is their perfect woman.  
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.


Their Perfect Woman (MFM)
8 Ratings (4.6)

Their Perfect Woman (MFM)

Men of the Border Lands 15

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,153
8 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
An amazing storyline with great characters.
I loved it. I was so wrapped up in the story the ending caught me off guard! I didn't realize it was over. I wasn't ready for the end! Loved the pups!

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Gail couldn’t believe her eyes. There were two men carrying boxes of stuff out the door of the house where she’d been digging through the ruined food for something she could eat. Why hadn’t she heard them?

Because I’m so freaking hungry all I can hear is my stomach growling.

“Hey there. Easy now. We aren’t going to hurt you.” The taller of the two men carefully set the box he was carrying down and held his hands out to his side.

The other man carried what looked like a sheet full of other things over his shoulder. He slowly dropped the bundle to the ground as well. Neither man made any move to get closer or aimed a weapon at her. Gail’s heart thudded in her ears like a train over railroad tracks.

“We won’t hurt you, but nothing in that pile is safe to eat. If you’re hungry, we’ve got food we’ll share with you,” the taller man spoke again. “I’m Benton and this is Travis. What’s your name?”

Gail didn’t know if she could trust them or not. In that moment, she almost didn’t care. She was starving, having existed on berries and leaves for the last few days. She’d found plenty of water, following the stream she’d found ever since she’d escaped from Beavis and Butthead. If they fed her, she could deal with the rest later. Couldn’t she?

“G—Gail. My name is Gail.”

“You look pretty torn up, hon. Why don’t you let us feed you and see about some of those cuts you have? Can’t afford to let anything get infected out here.” The one named Benton held his hand out toward her. “Come on. We won’t hurt you.”

Gail looked at the man’s hand. It was callused but clean. She edged closer to him despite the fear coursing through her veins at the thought of trusting another man. Where Beavis and Butthead had been short and stocky, this man looked to be about six feet with broad shoulders and a trim waist. His shaggy brown hair hung in waves over his ears but wasn’t stringy and dirty like the others’ had been.

The other man stepped back as she slowly reached out to Benton. The one called Travis was an inch or two shorter than Benton with thick black hair he had tied loosely behind his head. It was a good two to three inches longer than Benton’s hair. His eyes were a striking shade of light blue making him look like a fallen angel. Benton’s hazel eyes shown when he gave her a tight smile.

“It’s okay, Gail. We aren’t going to hurt you. Just let us feed you and take care of those scrapes. There may even be some shoes here you can wear. You’re feet are in bad shape.” Benton’s warm hand closed lightly around Gail’s as he spoke.

She gasped at the jolt of electricity that shot from his hand to hers then straight up her arm. She nearly jerked her hand from his, but hesitated. He wasn’t trying to trap her. She relaxed and allowed him to lead her toward the house. Travis followed behind them. Once inside, Benton released her hand and indicated a chair next to a table piled high with cooking utensils.

“Have a seat and we’ll rustle something up for you. Let Travis see about those places on your feet.” Benton pulled out a can and an old fashioned opener while Travis brought over a bottle and poured some water into a pan. He gently lifted one of her feet and began cleaning the multitude of cuts and scrapes on the bottoms.

“Damn, woman. These have to hurt. I’ll try to be gentle.” Travis cleaned and pulled out splinters as she fought not to cry out with each tug. He really was trying to be gentle.

“Here you go. It’s cold, but edible. Sorry we don’t have any bread, but we’ve run out of supplies for that. Going to make a potato soup later, but this should tide you over until then.”

Travis set a bowl of what looked to be green beans in front of her. She all but fell on the bowl, shoveling the contents into her mouth as fast as she could chew and swallow. She was embarrassed at her manners, but it was the first decent thing she’d had to eat in days.

“How long has it been since you’ve had anything to eat, hon?” Benton asked.

“Don’t know. Two, maybe three days. I’ve been eating barriers when I find them and chewing on pine nuts.”

“There should be plenty of potato soup for you to have a good bowl full tonight. Let’s get you cleaned up and you can rest while we get it ready.”

“Thank you. I was starving.”

“I can believe it. Drink all the water you want, we’ve got plenty stored and can go to the stream to get more should we need it.” Travis stood up with the dirty bowl of water and walked over to the sink to pour it out.

“Where are you from, hon?” Benton asked her.

“Originally from North Carolina, but not much left of it anymore. I’ve been living with some other people on a farm near Iowa when some men took me. I’ve been riding with them for about a week then managed to get away a few days back. I’ve been on my own since then.”

“They took you? Like kidnapped you from where you were living?” Travis asked.

“Yeah. I was out picking blackberries and they snatched me. One of them put his hand over my mouth and dragged me off to where they had their wagon waiting. I never even managed to scream for help. They people I was with probably think I wandered off and got lost or something.”

“I’m sorry you had to go through that. You’re safe here, Gail. No one will hurt you with us around. Let’s get you settled in the living room while we cook up the soup.” Benton helped her to her feet and half carried her into the other room that looked to have already been cleaned up.

She was fairly sure they’d been sleeping in there from the pallet on the floor in front of the fireplace. Benton had her recline on one of the lounge chairs and wrapped a light cover over her lower body.

“Warm enough for now?” He asked.

“I’m fine. Thanks.”

Gail watched as he nodded then walked back into the kitchen were the soft murmur of voices let her know she wasn’t alone anymore. Could she trust them? Right then, Gail didn’t think it mattered. She’d been fed and they hadn’t attacked her. For now, she felt she was safe. If things changed, she could always run away again. She wouldn’t be used by anyone else again.




By the time Travis had his jeans off, Benton had already knelt at the foot of the bed and was spreading her legs. Gail wasn’t sure what to think when he inhaled only inches from her pussy. She was sure her entire body turned red.

“What are you doing, Benton?” she asked.

“I’m going to lick this pretty pussy until you scream my name then I’m going to fill that cunt with my dick and make you scream again.” He grinned. “Travis is going to play with those amazing breasts while I do it.”

Travis climbed up on the bed next to her and laid down next to her. He reached out with one hand and rubbed lightly over her nipple. His callused finger felt good there, but she needed more.

Travis gave it to her when he latched onto her hard nipple and sucked. She bucked at the pleasure that shot from her nipple directly to her pussy. While he sucked and nibbled at one breast, his fingers played with the other one. The sensations were overwhelming when she hadn’t been intimate with anyone in nearly a year.

It completely took her by surprise when Benton licked up her slit then circled her clit with his tongue. She gasped and tried to close her legs. No one had ever done that to her before. It felt naughty and good all at the same time.

“Relax, Gail. Let me make you feel good. You taste like spicy cider. I don’t think I’m going to be able to get enough of you.” Benton returned to his assault of her pussy with his mouth.

It was almost more than she could take. The more he licked and sucked, hotter she felt. Her pussy quivered from his stimulation combined with Travis’s touches and sucks of her nipples. It seemed as if they were connected and where making her spiral out of control. When Benton thrust a finger inside her pussy, she nearly screamed in pleasure. She needed more though. One finger wasn’t enough.

“More, Benton. Please. I can’t stand this. I need to come.” Gail thrashed her head from side to side as her body climbed higher and higher.

Benton didn’t disappoint her. Seconds later a second finger entered her. His slow easy thrusts felt good, but weren’t what she wanted. Gail needed him to shove them deeper inside her cunt. She wanted more from him. She wanted both of them to stop treating her so gently. She wanted all of them.

“Harder, Benton. I need more. Don’t tease me, Travis.” Gail bucked beneath the men’s hands.

The next thing she knew Benton was pumping his fingers in and out while Travis sucked hard on her nipple. When both men worked together she felt herself nearly at the edge of her climax. As if they planned it, Travis bit her nipple and pinched the other one at the same time Benton’s mouth closed over her clit and sucked on it hard.

Gail exploded between the men calling out Benton then Travis’s name. Travis scooted up and kissed her running his hand along her cheek then down her arms until Benton had slowly brought her down from her high. She grabbed his hand when she became overly sensitive.

“I can’t take anymore, Benton. I can’t believe I screamed,” Gail said when she could breathe again.

“Where not finished yet, hon,” Benton said.

He crawled up her body to kiss her then lifted one of her legs over his arm and lined his cock up with her slit. He watched her as he slowly entered her. He pushed in then retreated over and over until he was finally all the way inside of her. He never took his eyes off hers while he did it.

“Your pussy is so hot and wet and tight, Gail. You’re squeezing me like a velvet fist. I won’t last with you like this the first time, but I promise we’ll make you come again before the night is over.”

“I don’t think I can climax again, Benton. I’m washed out.” Gail reached up and ran her hands over Benton’s chest, pulling lightly on the sprinkle of chest hair that grew between his nipples. She ran her fingers over them until they were protruding from the light touch. He moaned.

“You’re going to make me come before I’m ready to if you keep doing that, Gail. Have mercy on me.” Benton slowly thrust in and out of her in a pace that was designed to drive her crazy she was sure.

“You feel so good inside of me. I love the feel of your cock there.”

“Look at your bodies joined together, Gail,” Travis told her.

She lifted up on her elbows with his help and watched Benton’s cock slide in and out of her, his shaft glistening with her juices. It was mesmerizing. She couldn’t keep her body propped up and dropped back to the pillow all hot and bothered by seeing her body take Benton’s inside of her.

Benton continued to thrust in and out of her as Travis ran the tip of his dick over Gail’s lips. She smiled and licked the slit making him groan before she opened her mouth to take him inside of her. She sucked the bulbous head then ran the tip of her tongue around the underside of the rim. His shaft twitched in her mouth. She moaned around him and he began pumping in and out of her mouth in a jerky measured thrust.

When Benton began to thrust harder, Travis pulled free of her mouth and stroked his cock while his friend shafted in and out of her until she was slowly growing closer to another orgasm. His thrusts began to grow jerky until he groaned.

“I can’t hold on, hon. I’m sorry. Travis will finish you off. Fuck, I’m going to come.” Benton threw back his head and roared as he emptied himself inside of her.

Gail felt every spurt of his hot come coating her channel. She shivered as her body seemed to cool off when Benton fell over her. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed his cheek and shoulders.

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