[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
After helping his brother out of a dire situation, Sario Ramsey wants nothing else to do with the preternatural world. He doesn't even want anything to do with Aldrich, a wolf shifter Sario suspects is his mate. Unfortunately, Sario's stepfather has put a bounty on his head. Leo is hell-bent on making Sario, and his brother Sylvester, pay for his sons' death, and Sario must stay one step ahead of Leo if he is to survive.
Aldrich's life has never been easy. His parents were killed when Aldrich was only ten, and he was thrown into the worst city in the demon realm, forced to fend for himself. He might have calmed down over the years, but he holds no love in his heart.
That is, until he meets Sario, a human who turns out to be his mate. It's just ironic that Sario is the stepson of the man who slaughtered Aldrich's parents.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.


Breathing Easier (MM)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole
This is the 14th book in the wolves of desire series. We get to see another member of Sebastian pack find his mate. Even through Sario knows little bit about the world he is push into doesn't mean he will fall in line. Aldrich has done things in his life that can effect keeping his mate safe. will they be able to the crazy man off their back? This is a must read series that you will fall in love with page one. A must add to your TBR today cant wait for the next story
virginia lee
This is my favorite book by Lynn Hagen in a long time! Sario and his brother are great characters and I enjoyed both their books, and of course, who doesn't love a werewolf. Aldrich is a great name for a wolf=shiifter by the way and he has a surprising secret to make him extra interesting. We also get to meet old friends and visit some old haunts. Five stars!




Ignoring his flourishing erection, Sario looked the street over, envisioning hellhounds waiting in every shadow, ready to grab him and take him to Leo. He shook his head, a cold sweat breaking out over his skin. “Way too risky.”

“What does that mean?” Aldrich’s hand slid down his spine, then ghosted back up to his nape.

Sario straightened and took a step back, severing the touch. His car was useless, and walking made him an easy target. He wiped the sweat from his brow as he watched someone spill from the tavern, cross the street, and get into the car parked next to his.

That hadn’t even been the hellhound’s ride. Looking up at Aldrich, Sario decided to tell him the truth about what just happened.

When he was finished Aldrich’s features darkened as he scanned the streets. “We’re going home.”

Sario side-stepped the man’s hand when Aldrich reached for him. “That’s not my home.”

He didn’t have one. Not anymore. And that thought just sucked balls. Sario was homeless. He didn’t even have his car anymore. Not unless a miracle happened and his Camaro instantly repaired itself.

“You can’t stay out here.” Aldrich pulled his phone from his back pocket.

“Who’re you calling?”

“Sebastian. He needs to know what’s going on. Xander needs to know, too.”

Sylvester. Sario needed to protect his brother. He didn’t care if Sylvester was mated to someone who could keep him safe. Sario had to be there for him.

One minute they were standing on the street, and the next, Sario felt like he was falling backward. He screamed, but the sound was muted as the town faded and he was surrounded by darkness.

What in the blue blazes was going on?

Sario hit something hard as nausea rolled through him. He pushed to all fours and vomited on the grass beneath him. It felt like a night of binge drinking, but without the fun of alcohol. He’d had a few nights like that in the past, and this was exactly how he felt the next morning—like a dog turd that had been run over.

He spit repeatedly, trying to get that taste off his tongue. What he wouldn’t give for some mouthwash right about now…or a scouring pad.

When he was able to stand without the threat of falling on his ass, Sario pushed to his unsteady feet, then looked around and gasped. “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore,” he whispered to himself.

They seemed to be on some large, grassy mound with a black lake nestled in the middle. Across the street were a java shop, a fancy restaurant, and to his right, a tall apartment building.

“We’re in the demon realm.” Sario looked down at the grass to see Aldrich lying on his back, holding his head. “I hate traveling that way.”

“Come again?” Had Aldrich said “demon realm”? No, no, no. Sario wasn’t going to believe such a place existed. He refused to believe it. Hadn’t he already experienced enough of the weird and dangerous? Please tell me I heard him wrong.

Aldrich shoved to his feet and looked up and down the street. The unsettled look in his eyes made Sario’s insides twist. Aldrich grabbed Sario’s hand and started forward. “We need to get out of here. I don’t know what just happened, but this is the last place I need to be.”

“Wait!” Sario tugged at his hand, but Aldrich refused to let him go. He took a calming breath, forcing himself not to freak out as Aldrich stopped pulling him forward. “Okay, now explain to me what just happened. We were standing by the bar one second, and now, poof, we’re here.”

“My best guess is that we were sucked into a portal.”

The skin under Sario’s right eye began to twitch. “You said that with a straight face, like that happens all the time.”

“Not that I know of.”

“Then how do we get out of here?”

“I don’t know. I’ve only been here twice, and…we’ll figure this out.” Aldrich looked deep in thought before he spoke again. “I’ll have to see if I can find a demon warrior.”

The nauseous feeling returned. “What the hell is a demon warrior?”

“Demons sworn to protect the demon realm.”

Sario was just going to roll with this. He’d ignore the panic and seek out these warriors if that meant getting back to Desire. “Do you know how to find them so we can get out of here?”

Aldrich nodded toward the apartment building. “They live right there.”

Maybe something would actually go right tonight. “Great. Let’s go.”

“I still need to call Sebastian and let him know what’s going on.” Aldrich released Sario’s hand and patted his pockets. He looked at the grass and cursed.

Sario didn’t have to ask what was wrong. The screen on Aldrich’s phone was shattered. Worse, Sario had left his phone in his car.

Aldrich snatched the device from the grass and turned it over in his hand. “I just got this damn thing.”

“Hope you had insurance.” Sario laughed nervously. He had to laugh, because he really felt like crying, and he didn’t want to turn into a baby in front of Aldrich.

With a growl, Aldrich shoved the phone into his pocket. “Come on. I just hope one of the warriors hears me.”

With no other choice, Sario followed.




He knew what would happen if he had sex with Aldrich. Sylvester had already filled Sario in on the whole mating thing—and given him a little too much detail, in Sario’s opinion.

If he had sex with Aldrich, their souls would be soldered for all eternity. Was he ready for that? Could he handle…everything?

Once again steeling his spine, Sario grabbed Aldrich at his nape and pulled him in, capturing his soft lips in a blazing kiss. Aldrich growled into Sario’s mouth, lifting Sario off his feet and taking him to the bed.

After putting him on the mattress, Aldrich pulled back, staring down at him with wild, lust-filled eyes. “Are you sure about this?”

“Hell no,” Sario answered honestly. “But for once in my life, I don’t want to run from something that scares me.”

Aldrich brushed his hand down Sario’s chest. “Neither do I.”

They didn’t say another word as they undressed each other. Sario kissed and licked at every delicious inch of Aldrich’s skin he revealed. His hands and mouth worshipped Aldrich as Aldrich did the same to him. By the time they were completely naked, Sario was already close to the edge.

“Give me a minute,” Sario begged as Aldrich kissed his inner thighs. “I’m about to explode and I don’t want to come so soon.”

Aldrich gave him a wicked grin that set Sario’s body on fire. “You think I’m only capable of giving you one orgasm?”

Oh hell. Those words had Sario’s pre-cum leaking a river. He licked his dry lips, trying his best to return the seductive smile. “I accept your challenge.”

Aldrich threw his head back and gave a deep, smoky laugh. “Do not challenge me if you’re not up for the task.”

Sario pushed to his elbows, narrowing his eyes. “Are you calling me a five-minute man?”

One of Aldrich’s brows arched. “Prove me wrong.”

Dropping back down on the mattress, Sario slung his arms out. “Then use me until I’m a dried, shriveled prune.”

Aldrich’s canines descended and there was a slight glow to his eyes. It was an eerie look, but it was also seductive in a way that had Sario’s heart thundering.

His gaze stayed locked on Aldrich’s as Aldrich lowered to his knees before Sario’s lower half, which dangled off the bed. He spread his legs, then pushed back to his elbows to watch Aldrich lick his way up Sario’s thighs. The tip of his tongue teased at Sario’s balls, tracing the wrinkled lines as Sario hissed.

Aldrich looked up at him, his eyes dark and mysterious as he mouthed Sario’s balls, lashing the sensitive skin with his tongue as he placed his hands on Sario’s thighs, spreading his legs farther apart.

Sario’s arms shook, but he refused to lie down and miss what Aldrich was doing to him. He wanted to see every lick, suck, nibble, and kiss. Watching only heightened his arousal to levels he never knew existed.

When Aldrich scraped the tips of his canines along Sario’s cock, he nearly came. The entire time, Aldrich never looked away, and neither did Sario. Their gazes stayed locked as Sario’s breathing became shallow.

He squeaked when Aldrich grabbed him behind his knees and lifted his legs, spreading him wide before he bathed Sario’s hole with his tongue. Sario lost the fight to stay upright. He fell onto his back, hissing and moaning as Aldrich shoved his tongue deep into Sario’s ass.

“Fuck!” Without a single touch to his cock, Sario came, jets of cum spurting onto his chest and chin. His body shook wildly as he writhed on the bed, clawing at the sheets as Aldrich dined on him.

Sario blinked a few times as he gazed up at the ceiling. He sucked air into his lungs as small aftershocks made him jerk slightly.

Aldrich rose to his feet, smirking as he headed to the bathroom. “Don’t you dare fucking move.”

Sario didn’t plan on it. His limbs were too unsteady for him to even turn over to see what Aldrich was doing. He heard the sink turn on, then a gurgling sound.

Aldrich was brushing his teeth and rinsing.

Hell. If Aldrich was just getting started, Sario was in trouble. In truth, he was a five-minute man. But in his defense, his past lovers hadn’t been this mind-blowing. He’d always gotten his rocks off and left. But Aldrich wasn’t a simple lover, either.

He’d issued a challenge, and it looked as though he planned on making Sario come as many times as possible before the night was over. The thought made him smile.

Aldrich returned, walking toward him with a sexy gait, his hard, thick cock jutting from between his legs. “Ready for round two or do you need some recovery time?”

Sario’s cock was only half-hard, but he was pretty sure he would be erect again in no time. “Bring it on, mister.”

Aldrich chuckled. “I like your spirit. Let’s see if you’re still saying that in an hour.” He winked at Sario. “I know how to come and still stay hard.”

The man was out to kill him. Sario turned over and crawled up the bed, but before he could settle on his back, Aldrich was behind him, grabbing Sario’s hips. He drove two wet fingers into Sario’s ass, making Sario’s eyes cross.

“Goddamn!” He dropped to his shoulders, rubbing his forehead into the pillow as he spread his legs, whimpering.

“I’ll have you in every position, and on every flat surface in this room before I’m done with you.” Aldrich dropped the bottle of lube next to Sario. He hadn’t even seen Aldrich grab it from wherever it had been stashed.

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