Cherry Hill 1: A Place to Call Home (LoveXtreme)

Cherry Hill 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,961
15 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Contemporary Menage Romantic Suspense Romance, MFMMM, HEA]
Athena is in hiding and will do whatever is necessary to be free. No one can be trusted. Not even the good-looking local sheriff.
Battered, abused, forced to live as a prisoner after her father double-crosses some business man, her future looked grim until she decided there was no one to save her but herself. She was willing to die for freedom and never once thought by running would she wind up in a place like Cherry Hill, Texas. The local sheriff, Kane McCabe and his three brothers aren't exactly buying her story. Culter runs a dojo, Chase and Fox are mercenaries, and they know when someone is in trouble and lying to survive. They do their best to convince Athena to trust them before it's too late.
Athena never knew love before, she feared intimacy and letting down that guard. The McCabe brothers prove to her that love is real, and they can make a safe and loving home in Cherry Hill, only if they eliminate the real threat and save her and their future together.
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
Cherry Hill 1: A Place to Call Home (LoveXtreme)
15 Ratings (4.4)

Cherry Hill 1: A Place to Call Home (LoveXtreme)

Cherry Hill 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,961
15 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
The story was good and I enjoyed it.
Perfection. No one does it as good as Dixie!

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Sheriff Kane McCabe was off duty when he walked into Harper’s dance hall. He had to see for himself that Hannah Murphy was working behind the bar. All day he’d heard about the good-looking brunette with the deep green eyes and sexy smile who stepped in to assist when Harper’s bartender didn’t show up for work. Now here he stood, a good distance away and watched as she shook up drinks in some silver shaker while her abundant breasts bounced in the tight T-shirt she wore. He could see all the guys gathered around there, and then as he walked closer and closer, her exceptional body came into full view. The shirt was tight, her breasts extra-large with deep cleavage, and her hair pulled up and back in some fancy style that showed off her thin neck. She looked to be in superb physical condition, her arms muscular, defined, as well as her legs as jeans stretched across them tight.  She looked exotic, sexy, and she smiled with those full glossed lips, until she caught sight of him. Then suddenly, as his heart pounded inside his chest and their gazes locked, she nearly dropped the shaker.

The guys in front of her by the bar turned around to see what put her into a state, and then greeted him.

“Sheriff, good to see ya. Did you come out to meet Hannah? She’s new here,” he said, and Hannah stepped closer to pour the concoction as Kane looked at her full breasts and gorgeous face, and realized he was still staring when she looked up to ask him what he wanted.

“What can I get you, Sheriff?”

He was tempted to say “you.” Which shocked the shit out of him, but he didn’t show his desire.

“Murphy’s,” he said, and she nodded. He watched her walk to the other beer spouts to get his Murphy’s Irish stout. Maya walked by saying hello, and he noticed that her uniform was a bit different. She had the top tied up underneath, showing off her flat belly, a tattoo and belly ring, and her top was lower. Glancing back at Hannah, after he said hello to Maya, he realized that Hannah’s uniform was not as skimpy or revealing, but Hannah had more curves and was more well-endowed up top.

She returned with the beer and placed it down on the coaster, and he inhaled, catching her sweet scent. She smelled good as he absorbed the attraction he felt, and then placed a twenty down onto the bar. She reached for it, worrying her bottom lip, which she seemed to do every time he was around. He knew he was taller and larger than the average man and it showed. He stood straight, moved between Lenny and Fred as she got him his change and then placed it down onto the bar. He had to look down at her, towering over her so much and it made him feel protective of her like she was fragile, and in need of protecting.

“When did you start working here, Hannah?” he asked, and took a sip from his pint of Murphy’s.

“Last night, Sheriff. She was coming in to check out the job after Harper went to her house and talked her into helping out since Cass and another woman left. She started to check things out when the place got super crowded and she stayed and worked. It was meant to be,” Lenny said, and then looked at Hannah and raised his beer to her smiling.

She chuckled.

“That’s how it went down?” Kane asked, and she looked at him shyly.

“Yes, sir.”

“Interesting,” he said, and held her gaze while he took a sip from his beer. She stared right back at him, her eyes gazing over his chest and then his face, perhaps feeling the attraction he felt.

“Hey, sexy. I need another round.”

She snapped out of her stare and turned to the left. He glanced that way and saw Ike Bravalo with his brothers Stan and Barkly. Ike smiled wide and licked his lips as he looked at Hannah. It pissed Kane off, but she handled him with calmness. Perhaps she had been warned about the types of men the Bravalo were, especially when they were drunk.

“Meet my brothers. This is Stan and Barkley,” he said, and she nodded.

“Nice to meet you. So what do you need?” she asked, and he told her. When she turned, all three men were staring at her ass.

“She’s fucking hot,” Kane heard Barkley say.

She returned and placed the beers down and Ike gave her the money. Kane kept eyes on them as they walked away, but Ike kept looking at her. When she came back over his way to refill Lenny’s beer mug, Kane warned her about the Bravalo men. “You make sure you don’t take any crap from those guys. Any issues, call over the bouncers, ya hear?”

“I heard about them from Maya and Ade.”

“What time do you get off?” he asked.

“You’re about the hundredth guy to ask her that question tonight,” Lenny said, and laughed. “She ain’t biting, Sheriff.”

“What the hell? Seriously?” Kane asked, and he was pissed. His response and his attitude obviously intimidated Hannah as she walked away to help more customers. When he saw Harper walking his way, he stopped her. “Hey, Harper.”

She kissed his cheek hello and then moved next to him. “What’s going on, Kane? I haven’t seen your brothers for a while. They due back soon?”

“Yeah, tomorrow actually.”

“Ahh, in time for the fight?”

“Maybe. Culter will be here.”

“Good. It will be nice to see him.”

Kane looked back at the bar and at Hannah.

“Ahh, something finally catch your eyes around Cherry Hill, Sheriff?” she asked, and was smirking.

He squinted. “What?”

She nodded her head toward Hannah’s direction. “Hannah? Interested, huh?”

“What do you mean?”

“Oh come on, you can’t take your eyes off of her. I’ve seen you striking up conversations with her in town, too. What’s the deal?”

“I’m the sheriff. I need to know everyone around the town.”

“Ahh, so men are already asking you for guardianship of her or something?”

“Not yet, but I’m sure soon enough they will be.”

“And what will be your response?” she pushed, and he shook his head.

“My usual, I’m sure. That I need to see a shared interest from all parties and know it’s something that will last and not some sort of game.”

“I know you’ll do a good job. She’s real sweet, and to be honest with you, I don’t think you need to worry about her accepting anyone any time soon.” Harper glanced at Hannah.

“Why is that?” Kane asked.

“She isn’t interested,” she replied, and then looked him over and stared at him in a way that made his gut clench and feel like Harper knew something or believed she did.

He narrowed his eyes at her. “I run a safe town here, Harper. I make sure my men look out for the community members, old and new.”

“Which is why I think right here in Cherry Hill is where she belongs,” Harper said, and squeezed his shoulder.




She eased her head back against his chest and closed her eyes and breathed. “I need so much. Want so much, and I’ve never gotten anything I wanted. Take me. Make love to me. Take his touch, his battering hands away. Oh please, please take it away.”

“One by one, then together,” she heard Kane say, and then he pushed down her panties and she was lifted up into the air by Fox.

“Do we need protection?” he asked her.

“I have an IUD,” she said, voice cracking as she lay her head against his head and he carried her into the shower. The water flowed over then and he set her feet down and began to wash her.

“Hands on the wall in front of you. Relax your muscles. Enjoy this because every bit is supposed to bring you pleasure and bring us to becoming a deeper part of you.” He pressed his mouth to her shoulders and she absorbed it all. As scared as she felt, and emotional about what would come of this, she needed them. Had learned to become dependent on their closeness, their expressions of care and desire for her, and their authenticity, too.

“You’re a work of art. From your strong, muscular shoulders, to these tight abs, and sexy ass and thighs, you are incredible, Athena. A goddess and ours,” he said, and kissed along her back as he washed up her up and paid close attention to her breasts, her cunt, and ass.

Then Kane joined in. He leaned down, cupped her jaw, and pressed his lips to hers. When he released her lips, he stroked his thumb along her nipple. “Our own special goddess.”

She stared at his muscles, and slid her hand from the wall to his chest as he moved slightly in front of her and she kissed him. Fox slid fingers to her cunt in that same moment, and she moaned into Kane’s mouth. She wasn’t scared. It didn’t hurt. Instead, she felt her pussy clench, her desire to be their woman overpower everything else, and it began.

The water flowed between them, and as Kane slid his mouth from her lips to her neck and breast, lowering down to suckle hard, she rocked her hips to Fox’s finger thrusts.

“Oh God yes, yes it doesn’t hurt. It feels so good, so right.”

Fox leaned against her back, his erection tapping her spine as his mouth landed on her shoulder and by her ear. “Only pleasure, always. You’re so wet, Athena. Wet and ready for your men to take you. To mark you our woman.”

“Yes, yes, do it. Oh!” She gasped and gripped Kane’s head and hair as he suckled and tugged on her nipple, hard.

Fox pulled his fingers from her cunt from behind and widened her thighs. She felt his cock at her entrance and lowered, tilting her ass back for acceptance. She craved more. Wanted them to make love to her and claim her as their woman.

Kane cupped her cheeks as he lifted his mouth from her breast. Fox pulled her hips back as he eased his palm down her back, pressing her lower. “I belong to you, too. It isn’t about us taking control, it’s about an equal giving and taking. I’m yours, Athena. All yours. Every fucking inch of me,” Kane said as he held her gaze.

She licked her lips as more tears fell, and she was shaking worrying about her body’s reaction to tasting him, to sucking on his cock, when in the past it wasn’t pleasant and was forced by a monster. He cupped her cheeks. “He has no place here. Never between us and what we have. Never.”

She nodded, pulled him closer by his hips, and then licked his cock.

“Sweet Jesus.” He exhaled and she wanted nothing more than to pleasure him, to be what Kane and his brothers wanted and needed. It was so very different, so pure and perfect.

“Here I come, Athena. Ours forever,” Fox said, and slowly began to push his cock into her cunt from behind. “Ease those hips. Accept me, I’m yours and you’re mine. Work that mouth over Kane’s cock. Make him beg for mercy.” He slid his palms up and down her back as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper. She was doing this. There was no turning back, and she never wanted to go back to the old, damaged Athena. These men were her new life, her destiny, and she would love them with all her heart.

“Fuck!” Fox exclaimed, and shoved all the way in.

She moaned against Kane’s cock, and he grunted. “Fuck, your mouth is incredible. Your body perfection. You’re more beautiful than we ever deserve,” he said as he caressed her wet hair, gripped it tightly into a fist, and began to thrust a little faster into her mouth. The water splashed and the sound of Fox’s grunts, his muscular hands on her shoulders as he stroked faster, deeper into her channel, made her come in a flash. Her body erupted.

“Mine. Mine,” he roared and came.

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