Educating Casey (MFM)

Cattleman's Club 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 74,065
21 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, voyeurism, public exhibition, consensual BDSM, flogging, sex toys, HEA]
When her best friend Patton wants to know all the dirty secrets of the Cattleman’s Club, Casey is only too happy to oblige by going in undercover. But she gets more than she bargained for during her sexual enlightenment when her two gorgeous neighbors, Dylan and Jacob, show up to help the club’s owners with an arson investigation. Once the men realize their firecracker is everything they've been looking for in a woman, they’re willing to play the game and win her for themselves. But will she want to be won by the Andrews brothers? Or will they need to expand her “education in ecstasy” to keep her by their sides?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jenny Penn is a Siren-exclusive author.
Educating Casey (MFM)
21 Ratings (4.5)

Educating Casey (MFM)

Cattleman's Club 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 74,065
21 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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That truth hit him then and there as he gazed over at Casey, amazed at how beautiful one woman could actually be. The sunlight streaming through the kitchen window made her skin glow until she nearly glimmered like an angel. Of course, the devilish twinkle shimmering in her eyes assured a man that Casey was no saint. Far from it. She was a flesh-and-blood goddess who was meant to be worshipped both in bed and out of it, like maybe on the kitchen table…or bent over the couch, or even—

“So, how you holding up?”

Josh blinked as Casey’s question cut through his wayward thoughts. It took him a moment to remember Maria and their breakup. He was supposed to be emotionally torn up, but he was more nervous about what came next than worrying about what he’d lost.

“I’m fine.” Josh finally offered her that answer, knowing it had taken too long. She wasn’t going to believe him.

“Shit, you’re better than fine. You’re free,” Dylan proclaimed with a grandeur that Casey quickly seconded.

“To freedom.” Casey lifted her glass in a salute. “May we all use it wisely and never waste it.”

“I’ll drink to that.” Josh lifted his coffee cup and clinked it against her tea, but whereas Casey took a big gulp, Josh simply sipped. “So, what about you? You excited about your trip?”

“Oh, yeah.” Casey broke out into a big grin. A grin that kind of unnerved Josh.

“I take it you got big plans, huh?”

“The biggest.”

“Really?” Dylan perked up at that brag. “And what are they?”

“To spend as much time naked as possible,” Casey shot back obnoxiously, making Dylan snort and roll his eyes as Josh swallowed and tried not to picture her without clothes. It was pointless. 

“I assume you have similar plans?” Casey lifted a brow in Dylan’s direction. “I mean, given your weeks-long fast and all, you must be kind of…desperate by now.”

“Honey, I am never desperate.” Dylan tossed her a wink before throwing Josh under the bus. “But I do have big plans, and this time, I’m taking baby brother with me.”

Josh felt the ground shift beneath him as he silently started praying that Dylan would leave it at that. He didn’t want Casey to know about the sex club. It was embarrassing. It wasn’t as though he was going for the sex.

“Is that right?” Casey glanced over at Josh for confirmation and he quickly tried to change the direction of the conversation.

“More like I’m going along to bail him out just in case he gets into that much trouble,” Josh assured her, earning him a laugh from her and a dirty look from Dylan.

“I’ll have you know I have never been arrested,” Dylan said, defending himself.

“That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have been,” Josh muttered. He could think of a few times when they’d been teenagers and Dylan hadn’t been such an upstanding citizen.

“You know you two argue like an old married couple,” Casey commented as she lifted up a piece of bacon and dangled it over her mouth.

Josh watched as she lowered it all the way down and felt his breath catch as she ate the whole piece in one bite. He was hard and hurting in an instant. Thankfully, the counter hid his body’s reaction to Casey’s innocent provocation, but he couldn’t hide the truth from himself.  How sad was he? He was getting turned on by watching the damn woman eat bacon. Maybe Dylan was right. Maybe he needed to get laid. What he really needed was Casey.

“You know, I was going to say the same about you and me,” Dylan cut in, drawing Casey’s attention back to him and reminding Josh that he wasn’t the only one who needed her.

“Please, like I’d marry you.” Casey laughed. “I don’t even think that is legal.”

“What do you mean?” Dylan puffed up indignantly.

“I think there are laws against marrying dogs.”

“Ha. Ha. Ha,” Dylan shot back. “You’re so funny I forgot to laugh.”

“And that’s just like the lamest comeback ever!”

“Enough, children,” Josh intervened before their argument could really get started. “If you can’t be creative and clever with your insults, then keep them to yourselves.”

“Yes, dad,” Casey and Dylan echoed together in a harmonized routine that almost made Josh smile. His grin didn’t last long as Casey returned to the very topic he didn’t want discussed.

“So? Are you guys really headed out somewhere, or are you just going to beat around the bars in town?” Casey looked from Josh to Dylan, who snickered.

“Why are you so curious?”

“I was just asking.”

“Oh, really? So, where you going?”

“It’s where are you going,” Casey corrected Dylan as she stuck her nose up in the air at him. “And that’s none of your business.”

“That sounds like a singles cruise to me,” Dylan declared as he drew Josh into the middle of their argument. “What do you say, baby brother?”

Josh blinked, his mind going blank as his gaze caught Casey’s. He found himself instantly captivated and suddenly uncertain. “Uh…”

“You should come with us.” Dylan moved on quickly as he shot Josh a disgusted look before turning a lecherous look back on Casey. “You can lay around naked all damn day where we’re going, and we’d love to have you…join us. Wouldn’t we, Josh?”

“Uh…” Yes. Yes. A million times, yes! But that wasn’t going to happen. What was going to happen was Dylan making a complete ass out of not only himself this time, but Josh as well.

“Let me interpret for you.” Once again Dylan filled in for Josh. “That’s a yes.”

“It didn’t sound like one,” Casey disagreed as she studied Josh. “And why is he blushing?”

“Because he’s afraid,” Dylan admitted, crushing all of Josh’s hopes with his next revelation. “He doesn’t want you to find out I’m taking him to a sex club.”




Casey breathed out a sigh of satisfaction, feeling ready for a nap. It had been a long day filled with more excitement than she was used to. Now, after that little nightcap, she was feeling good, satiated and lip. Unfortunately, she was still bound, still forced to stand, and something told Casey there were no timeouts in this game.

Her prediction came true not but seconds later when an all-too-familiar set of rough hands gripped her thighs. The quiet boy wasn’t done, and he was far surpassing the fantasies of Josh she’d always entertained. She knew Josh well enough to know what kind of lover he’d be, all “please, may I, and thank you.”

Not exactly an exciting fantasy but definitely a sweet one. There wasn’t anything sweet about her quiet boy, though. Ravenous, that better described the man whose heated, heavy breath tickled over the lips of her pussy. She was still smarting from the sting of the flogger, and the soothing caress of the mouth breaking over her cunt had Casey sighing.

As if reading her very thoughts and determined to prove her wrong at every turn, the quiet boy gently rubbed his cheek over her mound, nearly undoing her. She wanted to sink down and curl into the hard strength of the body she could feel pressing between her legs. That wasn’t all she could feel.

There was no mistaking the hard, hot length of his cock bumping against her calf as he knelt there between her legs. He was big and thick, thicker than almost any other man she’d ever taken. Almost any except for the one she’d had earlier that day, and suddenly the thought of being taken by both her mystery lover and the quiet boy had Casey’s cunt weeping with a rush of lust.

She’d have tackled the man at her feet and taken what she wanted if it hadn’t been for those damn cuffs. They forced her to remain standing, and more importantly, they kept her at the mercy of the quiet boy, who was clearly intent on taking his time.

The gentle caress of the blunt tips of his fingers through her still-weeping folds had Casey whimpering and twisting within his hold. She didn’t want it soft. She didn’t want it sweet, but she didn’t have any control. That was in the hands of a man who clearly showed no mercy as he began to lick her cunt clean.

Casey’s breath caught as her heart seized and her body sparkled to life with a ticklish sensation that soon had every one of her muscles contracting as her whole body arched forward in anticipation for when that slowly lapping tongue would finally reach her clit.

Her poor, sensitive bud continued to throb within the tight clasp of the clamp. The pounding pulse beating outward grew to a delight almost too intense to bear as his tongue curled around her clit. Casey’s stomach clenched as the blood in her veins began to boil hotter and hotter.

There was no controlling the heat or the sensation. All she could do was endure it as the need began to thicken once again within her. It wound tighter and tighter until he again brought her to the breathless edge of another explosion. He held her there as his tongue finally dipped down to circle the sensitive opening of her sheath.

In the blinding seconds that followed, Casey knew the pain of pure, undiluted ecstasy as he fucked his tongue deep into her cunt, bouncing those damn balls on the tip of his tongue. They rolled across her sensitive wall, their heavy weight pressing down on the plug still filling her ass and making her muscles clench and spasm.

It was too much, and yet only the beginning.

With a hungry growl, her quiet lover snapped the reins of his restraint and began to ravage her pussy with a mercilessness that sent her flying over the edge once again. Casey barely recognized herself as the pleasure mushroomed through her, tearing away any inhibition or insecurity she might possess and reforming her into a creature of pure sensuality that craved nothing but the wicked bite of carnal bliss.

Despite all the games she’d played before, Casey had never allowed anybody this kind of control. She’d never trusted anybody that much, but here she did. Here she was free to dream…dream of Josh because it was his kiss she ached for, even though Casey knew he’d never clamp a girl’s clit…at least, she didn’t think so, but one never knew about the quiet ones.

They were the dangerous ones. The man kneeling at her feet proved that with every lick. He didn’t give her a chance to catch her breath, much less recover from the rapture still pounding through her veins.

Instead, he forced her higher, making her cunt cream harder as he continued to suck the proof of her never-ending release right off the shuddering walls of her sheath. Casey’s breasts heaved as she gasped and panted for breath as his tongue continued to twirl over her sensitive flesh with increasingly frantic strokes.

Like a crazed animal, starving and unable to quench his need, he devoured her cunt as he drove Casey right to the edge of her sanity. Then he stole it, along with the tattered remains of her self-restraint as he reached behind her to grab the knotted end of the butt plug. Almost immediately, he began to pump it back and forth.

It was too much. She couldn’t take it.

Her ass was on fire, her sheath a living flame, and the heat mushrooming out of her pelvis too intense to bear.

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