Belonging to Them (MFM)

Lucky, Texas 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 47,776
8 Ratings (4.4)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, paddling, sex toys, HEA]
Katy Chapman has gained success as an up-and-coming movie star. Picked for an erotic remake of a novel, she lands her first lead role which takes her back to her home state of Texas and into the club of a former lover she wants to forget. 
Hunter Gibbs and Luke Palmer own and operate Leather and Lace BDSM club. For two weeks, they rent out the club for a production crew to film the latest Hollywood flick, but sparks fly when Katy walks in to the room. 
Not only did Hunter introduce Katy to the wicked world of BDSM years ago, but he proposed a new idea of ménage with him and Luke. Her role has become real life, but when a stalker proposes a threat, Hunter and Luke are the only men she can count on to keep her safe. Can Katy find a way to be with two dominant men amidst the paparazzi and overall craziness that goes along with fame and fortune?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Belonging to Them (MFM)
8 Ratings (4.4)

Belonging to Them (MFM)

Lucky, Texas 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 47,776
8 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Wonderful book. Read it in one night!




Day one of filming and Katy felt her stomach knot in a bundle of nerves. She arrived at Leather and Lace and took in the club. From what she understood it was a real BDSM club and one that would make the movie as realistic as possible. She took in the outside of it. Other than saying Leather and Lace on the outside, it looked ordinary. She would have never guessed it was a BDSM club or that it housed all the kinky things that most found taboo. She walked inside the doors and greeted the director, Christian Sparks. He was a talented individual that only worked with the top stars. Several people had told him about her and he gave her a shot. He praised her, proclaiming she was Elyse, the character, within five minutes of meeting her.

“Katy, darling, you look as gorgeous as ever.” Christian came to her. “Let’s get you in wardrobe and makeup. We’re doing the first sex scene today.”

Katy nodded. “Sounds great.”

She went out to the wardrobe trailer. They had picked out a slinky piece of lingerie that was purple and black. The bustier pushed her breasts high while the thong bottom did little to hide the essentials. She wore stockings and knee high boots as well. The hairdresser decided to curl her hair in soft ringlets. The makeup artist spent a good thirty minutes getting her makeup just perfect. She had tan lines and they needed to spray the lighter skin with darker tan so that it didn’t look horrible on screen. They didn’t seem too happy about that, but there wasn’t anything she could do now.

Nearly two hours later, she arrived on set and met the actor playing opposite her. He was fairly handsome but standoffish. Katy’s nerves spiked up a notch. What if they didn’t have on screen chemistry? What if they pulled her from the role and recast? She chewed on her lower lip to the point the makeup artist had to touch up her lipstick. She fidgeted. Maybe she wasn’t comfortable with this kind of movie. Maybe she wasn’t cut out to be an actress.

“Katy, I need you over here.” The director called for her and she took a deep breath before stepping toward him. The scene involved her lying in a bed with her wrists and ankles bound.

She could do this.

“Take off the robe. We’re going to start with Eric leading you to the room. You’re new at this, but you’re excited.”

That was an understatement. She’d gone over her lines in the makeup trailer and it was a fairly simple scene. She lay there while he tied her up. It couldn’t be that difficult.

“Okay, take off the robe.” Christian sat behind the camera in his chair and pulled headphones on.

Katy did as he said and walked over to where he wanted her to stand. They had installed tracks in the club so that the director could take the camera wherever he wanted it to go. She backed up against the wall and Eric came toward her, the scene beginning with him kissing her.

The director called action and Eric tangled his fingers in her hair, yanking her head back before he shoved his tongue in her mouth. Katy stiffened at the assault. What the hell was he doing?

“Cut,” the director yelled. “Katy, what’s with the corpse-like pose? He’s kissing you. Kiss him back.”

She swallowed hard. The next time, Eric pulled her hair hard enough to cause tears to fill her eyes. Christian wasn’t pleased, but it was with her, not Eric. She glanced over to the side, staring at the black door. Alisha would tell her to suck it up. She could do this. It was supposed to be hot. It was supposed to lead to sex.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she struggled with just getting to know her co-star. They shouldn’t have picked a sex scene for the first day.

They did two more takes and she struggled with them all. The hair pulling thing was only sexy if done right. Eric was trying to take plugs out of her scalp which had nothing sexy about it.

“Uh, may I interject?”

Katy glanced to her side and her breath caught in her chest. What the fuck was Hunter Gibbs doing on set with her?

Christian waved him over. “What is it?”

“In seduction, you don’t just pull the girl’s hair like that. That’s painful not pleasurable. There is a huge difference.” He walked toward her and Katy swallowed hard. Unable to move, she simply waited for what he was about to do. “Maybe do something like this.”

Hunter’s fingers slipped in her hair as he tilted her head to the side. He leaned in and brushed his mouth against hers lightly before tugging her hair. Katy’s mouth opened and his tongue slipped inside as his other hand cupped her neck. God he tasted good. Better than she’d remembered. The tug he had on her hair was enough to prove he was in control. He had complete control of that kiss and she damn near melted as a result.

When he finally pulled back, his fingers lightly gripped her neck. He stared into her eyes as he moved away, eventually breaking all contact. He glanced over at Christian who looked thoroughly impressed.

“Damn. She was into that.” Eric watched from the side. “How did you do that?”

Hunter gave her a soft smile before he turned to the guy. The last thing she ever expected was to see Hunter on her movie set. She especially didn’t expect him to be the consultant for how to turn her on.




 “Do you like how he sucks your nipples?”

Katy kept her eyes on his. “Yes, Sir.”

“More than the way he sucks your clit?”

Hunter pulled back and pinched the clamp open. She jerked her attention to him and the gadget that he put to her breast. “Answer him.”

She tried really hard to remember the question. “No. Yes. I don’t know.”

“Do you want your clit sucked?”

The throb increased between her legs. Hunter toyed with her, rubbing the open nipple clamps along her stiff nipples, but never releasing the clasp. Luke kept his attention on her, his eyes never leaving hers as he pressed her to answer his questions. She bit her lower lip.

“Yes, Sir.” God, how she wanted him between her legs. “Very much.”

He grinned. “Maybe later.”

Hunter chose that moment to clamp her nipple. Katy sucked in a breath as he adjusted the pressure. It wasn’t unbearable. The pressure of the clamp sent a huge wave of arousal through her that she didn’t know was possible. Hunter’s mouth went to her neglected breast, teasing it in the same way he’d done the first while Luke took a few steps toward them.

Luke stepped in behind her, his breath a soft whisper on the back of her neck. He rubbed the back of his fingers along her side, lightly caressing her hot skin. She clutched Hunter’s shoulders to keep steady, while both men played with her body. She’d never wanted a man’s touch so much. Just the thought of his fingers on her, his mouth kissing her had her damn near ready to explode.

“Spread your legs,” Luke whispered. His soft command had her needy clit begging for attention. She wanted him there. She wanted his fingers to give her the little push she needed.

She widened her stance and waited, trying to focus on Hunter’s lips sucking her breast instead of Luke’s fingers fondling her clit. He didn’t touch her there though. Luke continued to rub the backs of his fingers along her hip, over her ass and up her spine. His touch was light, softer than a feather. When Hunter pulled back, he lifted the other clamp to her breast.

“I think a spanking would send you into subspace,” Hunter commented. “Luke is going to do the honors.”

He released the clamp and the pressure bit down hard on her nipple. Katy gasped and closed her eyes. She never understood how closely related pleasure and pain were. She took a few deep breaths as Luke’s tongue flicked the soft spot behind her ear. Hunter’s hands held her hips so her legs didn’t give out. Both men had one hell of a night planned for her and it was only the beginning.

“Lean over the bench. I’m going to bind you and warm your ass up to a nice shade of red.”

Katy stared at the bench. It had been part of her movie. There was a scene where her lover bound her to the spanking bench and smacked her ass. Christian had filmed it in a way that it was going tobe played as a glimpse. The woman is in ecstasy and the scenes from the club were playing through her mind during the love scenes. It was really artistic instead of pornographic, but that was a film and this was real life.

“What’s with the hesitation?” Luke asked, forcing her to turn around and face him. He lifted her chin with his finger and stared into her eyes.

“I’m not hesitating.” She swallowed hard. “I was just thinking about my character.”

He leaned in to kiss her. “I don’t think who you are and the character you play are all that different.”

She didn’t either. She moved to the bench and knelt onto it. With the position, her legs were spread and both men had a good view of her wet pussy. Luke strapped her arms and legs, and just for kicks, she tested the binds. There was no way she could move. The thought should have scared the holy shit out of her claustrophobic side, but it only excited her. They could do whatever the hell they wanted and she couldn’t stop them, not that she really wanted to. Luke selected a riding crop from the wall and Katy’s heart rate sped up.

“Are we still using the color system?” she asked. “Because right now, I’m scared to death that that thing is going to leave a mark. I still have a week left of shooting in nothing more than my underwear. I don’t want people asking questions or too much soreness.”

Luke walked to her and squeezed her ass. “Trust me to take care of you.”

Katy licked her lips. Did she trust them? Yes. In a short time, they’d proven how trustworthy they were. They would never intentionally hurt her or embarrass her. She believed that. His weapon of choice was intimidating. The entire playroom was intimidating.

He messaged her ass which worked to loosen the tension she’d felt. She dropped her head forward and closed her eyes, completely trusting that he’d give her everything she wanted. Because she did want this. Wanted to feel the hard smack against her bottom. She wasn’t sure what left marks and didn’t really want to find out when she had a job to do. It shouldn’t have scared her, but it did.

Soft lips pressed against her ass and Katy smiled. The way he eased her fear made her feel like a goddess they planned to worship. Then the smack came. Hard. A rush of sensation brought every nerve ending inside her alive. She jerked her head up and cried out with the sharp pain. He waited a few seconds of torment before he delivered the next smack. Though not as unsuspecting as the first, the warmth of the hit radiated up her sensitive bottom. It was more delicious.

The agony continued and she loved it. The warmth of his method spread through her. Her pussy dripped with moisture, coating the insides of her thighs as she wiggled slightly in her binds. Closing her eyes she felt every stroke. She was there. Completely trusting and depended upon him. Hunter walked to the head of the bench and squatted down in front her.

“You’re beautiful like this.” He reached for the chain that dangled between her breasts. “So wanton and needy. So trusting.”

The paddle came down on her ass and she glanced up at him. “I need more. Please.”

“More what, sweetheart?”

Luke rubbed the paddle along her sensitive ass. “Cock?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

The paddle went to the floor with a thump and Luke undid her binds. Hunter helped her to stand, before leading her to the bondage bed. The used rope to tie her arms at each side while scooting her ass to the edge to tie her ankles. A middle strap wrapped around her knees and held her legs wide so that her pussy was ready for whatever they wanted. Hunter stood at her head and smoothed his hand down the center of her chest.

“Give her your cock,” Luke commented. He moved to a shelf and grabbed a wand. The vibration sounded before she felt it. When Luke pressed the head of the wand against her clit, she cried out. Hunter’s cock sat right before her and she angled her head back so that he could fit between her lips.

The wand hummed against her clit sending pulses straight through her body. Luke pinched one of the nipple clamps to relieve the pressure on her nipple then leaned forward to swipe the sensitive tip with his tongue. She moaned around Hunter’s cock, loving how they made her body come alive. But that wasn’t enough. She ached for more. Needed more.

The soft pulls of Luke’s mouth had her clutching Hunter’s thighs. Sex had never been so good for her. Never with just one lover. In so many ways they had ruined her. Ruined the way she saw men and what she expected from men. Hunter had always been the type of man she wanted and Luke complimented him well. They were a unit and she couldn’t imagine being with one and not the other.

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