Healing Hearts 9: Adding up to Love (MFMMM)

Healing Hearts 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,489
11 Ratings (4.5)
[LoveXtreme Forever: Contemporary Menage Romantic Suspense Romance, MFMMM, reverse harem, light spanking, HEA]
Afina is trying to resist a pull toward Internal Affairs agent, Avery Armos. So much so that she accepts meeting Gains Fanders for drinks with friends unaware that he's a dirty cop, or that he has ties to her ex-criminal boyfriend's brother, and a hatred of Avery. As it becomes clear her organized, accountant life may turn upside down, she gives into the attraction, as she is quadruple teamed by Avery and his brothers during their personal style of interrogation. It seems her past relationship and a current dirty cop may force their worlds to collide, adding up to love.
Unfortunately, they are not aware of all the players in this game, and Afina suddenly becomes the main target in revenge and consequences to Avery's actions, to Gains actions and even others. It's a race against time to find her before she is whisked out of the country. Afina may be an accountant, but with a military family, and a desire to fight for her life, she takes matters into her own hands. It's all in the battle to get back to her lovers, and not let a cop killer get away.
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
Healing Hearts 9: Adding up to Love (MFMMM)
11 Ratings (4.5)

Healing Hearts 9: Adding up to Love (MFMMM)

Healing Hearts 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,489
11 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley

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Afina chuckled and gathered up her things and prepared to leave. “I know how much my cousins love you. They won’t let you up for air once you get home tonight, and you won’t even look at your phone until they let you out of bed Saturday and probably not until it’s almost time to leave for the party. I’ll talk to you then.”

“Fine.” They hugged good-bye, and then Afina freshened up in the lady’s room, fixed her lip gloss and mascara, which was pretty much all she wore, then sprayed a little perfume and headed to meet her friends at Casting’s.

As she headed out of the office and down the hallway, she waited for the elevator to arrive. The building housed some main government offices, some special branches of law enforcement, and other community programs. As the elevator opened, she stopped short. There stood Avery Armos. He smiled softly, eyed her over, and then held the door.

“Afina, how are you?” he asked, in a deep, soft tone that did things to her body instantly.

“I’m doing well, Avery. How are you?” she asked him as the door closed, and she turned away to face the number pad. She didn’t need to press the “Lobby” button. It was already lit up.

“You look exceptional. What are you doing downtown?” he asked. She glanced at him in the dress suit, seeing his badge, gun, and handcuffs on his waist as he placed his hands on his hips.

“I was just at Guardian’s Hope doing some bookkeeping for Kai.”

He stepped closer, inhaled, and held her gaze. He reached up and caressed her hair. “I haven’t seen you around. Things are well?” he asked. She worried her bottom lip. She knew he liked her, and hell, she liked him, but the instant friction and problems with her brother, cousins, and Avery would cause nothing but problems. So she would have to ignore the desire she felt and be practical.

“I’ve been working a lot, plus volunteering, as well.” The elevator stopped, and the doors opened.

“It was good seeing you,” she said to him and began to walk when she felt him grab her hand. She turned toward him, staring way up at the six foot four sexual god, and he stepped closer, slid his palm to her hip, and whispered softly, “We should hang out again sometime soon.”

She lowered her eyes and snorted a little. “I don’t think we should.”

His hand came up from her wrist to her cheek, and she tilted her head up toward him.

His eyes lingered on her lips and then into her eyes as his other hand squeezed her hip bone. “Oh, I think we should hang out again. It was a great night. Almost perfect.”

“Almost?” she asked.

He licked his lower lip. Those amazing blue eyes drew her in and his lips, firm, and commanding. She knew. He kissed her that night, and nothing compared to it.

“I wanted to take you home. That would have been perfect.”

“Avery.” She went to pull away, but his hold was firm on her hip. He looked around them and so did she. There were other people there, and she didn’t want to make a scene. He didn’t either.

“We should get together. Dinner or something.”

“It wouldn’t be smart. I need to go. You know it won’t work out, and you know why. Besides, I don’t date. Have a good night,” she said, and this time when she turned to leave, he let her. But as she walked out the door, she looked over her shoulder and he was staring at her body, and she felt it everywhere. In her breasts, in her pussy, in her gut, and in her heart. She had to clear her head. Michael and her cousins would be so angry. They would never want to hang out at a party together, and they would totally try to talk her out of dating him. Plus he had brothers, and they were scary, intimidating individuals.

She headed to her car, and a guilty feeling hit her as she prepared to go to Casting’s. Why was she even bothering with this? She didn’t feel for Gains what she felt with Avery, but Avery would be a mistake. Gains would be more accepted by her brother and cousins. She was losing her mind. This is why she needed to not date. It was nothing but aggravation.




Beck set her feet down, turned her around, and unzipped the dress. It pooled to the floor. She covered her breasts, stepped from it, and stared at them, wide-eyed.

“Holy fuck, she’s gorgeous,” Brick said. He walked closer, pulled her hand from her breast.


“No, no, you put your arm down. Show us what’s going to belong to my brothers and I. You want this as much as we do. Your body is on fire like mine is. Look at my cock, and how hard you got me, baby.” He unzipped his pants, but it wasn’t necessary. She could see the thick, long bulge, but then he was stepping from his pants, those clad iron thighs thick solid, and his cock long and thick too. Her lips parted. Then Beck stroked her cheek.

He was naked, too.

“We want to make you our woman. Avery and Saber want you, too, and they will get here as soon as they can.”

“We haven’t even gone on a date,” she said, voice cracking.

Beck leaned closer and licked her nipple.

“Dates are overrated. Nothing has ever felt more perfect than right fucking now with you. You’re fucking hot. No other man but my brothers and I will possess this body, baby. Say you want that. That you want all of us,” Brick said, and they heard the knock on the door. She gasped, but then Brick pulled her into his arms and kissed her. He lifted her so she straddled his hips, and he stroked a finger into her pussy from behind. She kissed him back. Did she really care at this point? She wanted them. She found them irresistibly attractive, and if things got screwed up from the case or if they were lying, then so be it. She started to rock onto his fingers.

“What do we have here?” Saber’s voice had her pulling from his mouth. Saber came right over, looked at her breasts as Brick lowered her feet to the rug. Saber cupped a breast and stroked her nipple but stared into her eyes. “You’re incredible, Afina.” He lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her. Brick released her to him, and Saber lifted her up and lowered her to the bed. He kissed her lips, her neck, and then over her breasts. She ran her fingers through his light brown hair, and he looked up at her as he suckled a tit between his lips. Those piercing blue eyes that matched Avery’s affected her entirely too much. Her pussy creamed, and she gripped his hair.

“Saber, oh God, that feels incredible.”

“Just wait,” Brick said and raised her arm above her head as he spread her thigh. He suckled along her groin, and Saber’s mouth explored further down. Beck climbed onto the bed, raised her other arm above her head, and she moaned, tilted her head back, lifted her torso, and came.

“What the fuck is going on in here?”

She gasped at the sound of Avery’s voice, as his eyes upon her naked body, spread wide on her by his brothers as they all feasted on her.

“Avery. Oh God, I can’t believe this. Are you okay?” she thought to ask.

He squinted at her. “Now that I see you here and safe with my brothers, yes.” He started to undress.

“Condoms, do we need them?” Brick asked.

She shook her head. “I have an IUD, but if you guys are—”

Brick kissed her hard on the mouth, then she felt Saber move out of the way and Avery took his place. Brick released her lips, and Beck tugged hard on her nipple then released it.

“It’s been a while for all of us, too,” Beck told her. She believed him. Believe them as Avery slid his palms up her thighs, spreading her legs, and then up over her breast to her cheek. His naked body, muscles upon muscles, pressed over hers as he kissed her tenderly. He held her gaze, and she stared at those gorgeous blue eyes. She could feel Avery’s thick, long, hard cock against her belly. With all four men around her, she felt wrapped in a blanket of masculinity. They were sexy, commanding, wild, and so experienced she was both turned on and overwhelmed with trepidation. Would she satisfy them? Be a lover they would want over and over again? One they never had before and never wanted to give up? She started to feel panicked like this was a mistake. Then Avery cupped her cheeks, and those piercing blue eyes held hers. She absorbed his firm jaw, his handsome features, and that seasoned look of his.

“You accept us as your lovers, your men? No turning back. Even if your cousins try to give their two cents?” he asked her, and she squinted at him. She had a feeling Mike already contacted him.

“I accept. No other women for you guys, just me, right?” she asked as tears stung her eyes.

“Oh, baby, no other women but you, and no other men but us for you. Now let me see what’s mine.”

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