[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romanctic Suspense, shape-shifters, M/M, HEA]
Lyle Du’Val came to Itáyu Lake following his ex, Adriano. Instead of getting him back, he found his destined mate, Kai Kramer. Kai isn’t too pleased with Lyle still chasing after his ex-boyfriend, but he is willing to be patient.
When Lyle finally decides to move on and accepts Kai, he learns things about his mate that he never suspected, such as Kai having a daughter. With this new mating comes a daughter that just wants a family, and she wants Lyle to be her mommy. Kai is stunned as he watches Lyle easily fall into the role of a parent for his daughter, Zarinna, and he quickly finds himself falling for his mate.
Just as the three of them are starting to settle into their new lives together, Kai’s ex and Zarinna’s mother starts making demands. Kai and Lyle find themselves having to protect the young cub from her own mother. At the same time, they try to nurture their new mating bond.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lyle's Lynx (MM)
11 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Two weeks. He’d been at Itáyu Lake for two weeks. More accurately, he’d been hiding at Itáyu Lake for two weeks. Lyle knew he was running out of time. Eventually, he was either going to have to go into town and face Kai, or the lynx was going to corner him here.

Lyle just couldn’t find the courage to face the man. And what a man!

When Lyle had followed his ex-boyfriend to this backwoods hole in the side of the mountain, it was with the intention of getting Adriano back. Of course that hadn’t worked out, what with Adriano finding his mate here. No matter the fuss Lyle might have kicked up upon arriving, he did realize there was no way to win.

It was during his fit over not wanting to admit to having to let Adriano go that he’d met Kai. The lynx shifter was gorgeous, almost to the point of making Lyle self-conscious, and Lyle knew himself to be magnificent!

The first time he saw Kai it was like the entire world stood still. The universe realigned so he was at the center. Dramatic, but completely accurate.

Their meeting wasn’t the problem. It was the horrendously failed follow up on Lyle’s part that haunted him. How could he face Kai knowing he’d run off terrified of the emotions racing through him in those moments? He’d run from the all-consuming, world-engulfing desire that rose up as Kai drew him close and kissed him like Lyle held the answers to the cosmos.

After that Lyle added another smudge to his perfect record of behavior, not that Kai knew anything about that. He’d hidden in a cave up in the mountains sending his mate into a panic, leading Kai and Adriano, plus his new demonic mate Ignacio, to the home of Hunters in their search for Lyle. He did feel a smidge apologetic for that.

When he’d come back to the house, Lyle had another chance to make things right between him and Kai. His mate had held him close, encouraging him to come home with him. To Lyle’s credit, he had in fact returned to Kai’s house...only to flee at the last minute.

His behavior was sickening, and Lyle didn’t see how to come back from those incidents.

Ever since following Adriano from the coven and coming here, Lyle felt lost and off kilter. Could someone fall upwards? If so, that was what was happening to him. He kept waiting to hit the ground so he could climb back up but, no matter what he did, he never came down.

Lying on the log, he ignored the moss and twigs no doubt tangling in his hair as he gazed up to the stars. Perhaps if he went back to the coven he could make everything return to normal? He needed something to balance this all out with.

“Kai,” he whispered into the night. His chest tightened and his stomach seemed to have some annoying winged creatures take up nest inside it. He’d read so many stupid poems describing love that he was fairly certain he knew what he was experiencing, Lyle just wasn’t ready to face his embarrassment and lay himself bare for a man so perfect.

Closing his eyes, he pictured Kai Kramer in all his flawless glory. His black hair, cut short in the back and longer in the front with a purple streak falling over his left eye. His ears were both pierced with multiple holes. Lyle licked his lips as he remembered Kai’s tongue stud teasing against his own tongue. His dark, narrow, amber eyes were lined with kohl, drawing attention to the beautiful glistening gems.

As he lay there, imagining his mate’s lithe feline body encased in a fitted button down shirt and tight skinny jeans, Lyle felt his body stir awake.

Huffing, he stood up, stripped down, and jumped into the icy waters. The chilled liquid did the trick to keep his body from heating up and making him act irrationally. He’d had enough of that. Lyle had played the fool when Adriano left him, never again.

Until he could learn to control himself and act like his proper awesome self he wasn’t going anywhere near Kai. No matter how much that thought hurt.

And it hurt to be away from his mate.

Swimming around the lake, Lyle tried to numb his aching heart. This was for the best. It wasn’t like the distance would be permanent. He just needed to remain separated from Kai long enough to get his shit together.

Lyle frowned at that thought. He didn’t like to think of himself having anything to do with such crass words regarding excrement.

He just needed to remain separated from Kai long enough to get his act together. There, that was so much better and fitted him far more appropriately.

Diving down below the water, he raced after the reflection of the moon, breaking the surface directly below it and erasing the image once again.




Lyle growled low as he turned and pressed against Kai. He kissed his neck, his tongue snaking out to taste Kai’s skin. The salty tanginess had him groaning. He wanted to drink, but something kept him from sinking his teeth in. The more he thought about drinking the more he resisted. If he drank from Kai, it would start the mating bond. It wouldn’t completely seal the deal, but it would make it painful for Lyle to be away from his mate until they’d truly claimed each other.

“No,” he whispered.

“It’s okay.” Kai combed his fingers through Lyle’s hair, pulling it free from the braid and letting it fall around him. “I understand what it means for you to drink from me, and I’m okay as long as you are. I want this, don’t you?”

Lyle whimpered. “Yes.”

“Then, drink,” Kai instructed, holding Lyle tight.

Releasing a shuddering whimper, Lyle opened his mouth, his fangs sliding free, and pierced Kai’s neck. Instantly the rich, thick blood filled his mouth. The taste was explosive, like pop rocks plus chocolate. Yeah, explosive chocolate was the perfect description for the delicious liquid slipping down his throat.

“Oh, gods,” Kai groaned. His hand tangled in Lyle’s hair while the other gripped his ass firmly. Lyle ground down against the firm cock pressing against him. “Shit!”

Suddenly Kai’s hands were scrambling, reaching for their pants and freeing their straining erections. Lyle knew that wasn’t going to be enough. Releasing Kai’s neck and licking it to seal the wounds, he stood, pushed his jeans and boxers off, and straddled Kai. The feel of his mate’s cockhead rubbing against his bare ass had Lyle moaning.

“Want,” Lyle whined, rubbing against the hard rod, trying to get it to go in. He couldn’t remember ever being this desperate when he was with Adriano. It was like he’d die if he didn’t have Kai inside him, now!

“Easy,” Kai soothed, kissing Lyle’s neck. “First.” Kai pressed a lubed finger against his twitching hole. Damn, Lyle was so delirious with lust that he didn’t even see Kai produce a bottle of lube, let alone open it.

As that finger slid inside him Lyle trembled. He didn’t want prepping, he wanted Kai inside him!

“I know,” Kai shushed him when he started whining, “but I’m not entering you dry. I refuse to hurt you.”

“Kai,” Lyle whimpered rocking back on that lone digit, trying to get it to go deeper.

“Almost,” Kai said, his other hand smoothing up and down his side. “How about you lube me up?”

Lyle nodded, and accepted the tube that was handed to him. With trembling fingers he managed to squeeze way more than needed onto his palm and slick up Kai’s cock. Divine save him, he was acting like a horny virgin. Of course, with his pulse racing a mile a minute and his breath coming in short ragged gasps as Kai’s finger continued to slide in and out of him, he felt exactly like an overexcited virgin. Lyle just prayed he didn’t come prematurely.

“Now,” Lyle demanded rising up and bringing Kai’s cock to his entrance, “please.”

“Damn, you’re so sexy,” Kai growled, removing his finger and lowering Lyle down, sheathing his cock slowly in Lyle’s ass.

Now Lyle was glad for the few minutes they took to apply lube. He could feel himself stretching wide as Kai went deeper than his finger ever could. He couldn’t even imagine how this would feel without the lube easing the way.

Still, his desire to be one with his mate drove Lyle through what discomfort there was and take all of Kai into himself. Shuddering as Kai slid home, Lyle fell forward, his forehead resting against Kai’s shoulder.

His mate, probably thinking he needed a moment, paused for a second before he started to move. Shallow thrust and small circles of Kai’s hips sent tendrils of electric currents along Lyle’s nerves. Moaning, he pushed back, urging Kai to do more. When Kai showed no signs of speeding up, Lyle took control.

Setting his hands on the back of the couch, Lyle used the leverage to steady himself as he started riding Kai’s cock. Up and down, with a twist of his hips once seated had them both moaning. Every few passes he would rest on Kai’s length, grinding it against that sensitive bundle of nerves in his ass.

“Kai,” Lyle growled, his fangs fully unsheathed, “more.”

“I was trying to be gentle,” Kai ground out before flipping them around. Lyle found himself on his back, Kai hovering above him on the couch, Lyle’s legs thrown open as Kai started pounding into him.

“Oh, gods!” Lyle shouted.

“Shhh.” Kai kissed him hard. “You’ll wake Zarinna.”

Whimpering and moaning into the kiss Lyle pulled Kai closer, accepting his weight fully as his mate powered into him. Kai thrust his tongue into Lyle’s mouth, the wet appendage dancing dangerously around his fangs before finally being nicked.

The combination of Kai’s blood on his tongue, and his cock inside him was it. Lyle came as he sucked Kai’s tongue into his mouth.

“Fuck,” Kai growled, pulling away and dropping his head to Lyle’s shoulder. “Mine,” he snarled, an extremely feline sound, before biting down hard, tearing through the fabric of Lyle’s shirt in the process.

Lyle came again as Kai claimed him, completing their mating bond.


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