Fighting for Love (MF)

Learning to Love 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 73,955
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]
Sylvia Knox is a well-known family court lawyer who is being threatened by the husband of one of her clients. Michael Larson is one of the top security guards at S&C Security and is sent to protect Sylvia after his detail at Seth’s house is over.
Sylvia and Michael want each other from the start but when the threats towards Sylvia start to get serious, will Michael be able to keep her safe? Time is of the essence and they need to quickly figure out who it is and how he is getting information. He already knows she has security and makes sure to inform her that he could care less and isn’t giving up on getting what he wants. 
On top of this, how will Sylvia react when Michael brings home a seventeen year old foster child, Chandler? Will she send Michael and Chandler packing or will she agree to help? Can their relationship survive the obstacles constantly getting in their way?
Note: This book is written in first-person point of view.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Fighting for Love (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Fighting for Love (MF)

Learning to Love 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 73,955
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Holy shit, I think to myself as I take a deep breath to compose myself. I have no idea how I’m going to protect this woman. I can’t even talk to her because I’m afraid if I open my mouth I’m going to tell her how sexy she is with her dark blonde hair that falls in luscious curls to just above her perky breasts.

All I could think about while she was standing in front of me in her office was bending her over her desk, grabbing that long hair of hers and fucking her until the world heard her scream my name. She didn’t even hide her want for me, as a matter of fact she was blunt about it. I had to stand there and fight the hard-on that was threatening to erupt in my fucking pants.

I shake off my thoughts because I need to walk this building and decide if I need backup or not. I head out of the kitchen and back to Courtney’s desk so I can ask her some questions. “Excuse me, Courtney, right?”

She bats her lashes at me and says, “Yes, Michael.” She tries to sound sexy but she’s young and fails miserably. I want to roll my eyes but I can’t because I’m a professional, so I run my fingers through my too long hair. I don’t know what made me try and grow it out but it is driving me crazy.

“Is this the only entrance into Ms. Knox’s office?” She smiles at me. “Yes, sir, she has her own private bathroom but there are no other entrances.”

I nod. “Okay, good. I plan on standing by the elevator and will probably make rounds every so often just to make sure nothing looks suspicious. I will be in early every morning to walk the office before Ms. Knox gets here, but it is important you notify me if something happens while I’m making rounds. Here is my card with my cell number. Simply text me 911 and I will know to get back here, understand?”

“Yes, sir! Is there anything else I can help with?”

I want to ask her what her boss’s story is, but that would not be professional. “No, that is it for now. Please excuse me while I learn the building.” I walk away from her desk and I can feel her eyes following me. I know she’s checking me out, but I won’t turn around because the only eyes I want on me right now are Ms. Knox’s.

I take the elevator down from the top floor office to the lobby. There are a ton of people going in and out of this building on a regular basis. She is the only lawyer in her building, so there is no chance of someone coming in to see their criminal attorney. I quickly scan the area to get an idea of what the small main lobby is like. Seth has spoken with the head of security for the building itself since we, as a company, do not work this building. He confirmed that there are cameras around and they are keeping an eye on things at all times. I scan the ceiling spotting the locations of some of the cameras and notice there are quite a few. This area is pretty much set, so I introduce myself to the guards and they inform me they knew I was coming and to let them know if I need anything. I ask a few questions about which angles their cameras are pointing and one guard happily fills me in. I confirm the security here know that I’m carrying while I’m in the building and around Ms. Knox and he just nods. I can’t carry in the courthouse so that will be the difficult part. I may have to get backup for court days, but I need to ask her about how serious these threats are, as well as, why she hasn’t filed charges. I will be sure to talk to her before the end of the day.

I go back up to the office and take my place by the elevator. For the first time, it is weird being here because Courtney keeps glancing over at me. I don’t like it and will have to figure out how to handle it. I start pacing the entryway so I do not have to make eye contact with this woman one more time.

Then all of a sudden I hear, “Courtney eyes on your work. If Michael is a distraction for you, I can find someone who won’t have this issue.”

She’s embarrassed and clearly shaken, “No...No, ma’am, very sorry, it won’t happen again.” She walks toward me and says, “Michael I would like to get lunch, shall I drive or would you like to?”

I laugh. “I will drive you, ma’am, where would you like to go?”

 She pushes the button for the elevator. “The deli up the street will be fine thank you.” She seems a bit uptight since her conference call and I can’t help but wonder if it didn’t go as she planned.

We walk into the elevator together and when the door shuts I can feel the tension. Neither of us knows what to say, so I force myself to focus on my job. “Ma’am, I have some questions I need to ask so I can be sure I do my job efficiently.”

“I figured you would, we can discuss them over lunch. I do not get out of the office often, so I want to enjoy something other than a yogurt for a change.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

I feel like there is a bit of tension in the car as I drive toward our location and when we arrive at the deli and she jumps out of the car before me. I’ve barely put the car in park. “Ma’am, if I’m going to protect you, then you need to let me get out of the car first,” I say a bit frustrated. What is she thinking? This woman has no idea what it is like to have security, either that or she isn’t taking her threats seriously and I need to figure out which it is.

Her stuffy attitude softens a bit. “I’m sorry, Mike, I didn’t even think. I just got out.”

I close my eyes and take a deep breath to calm my frustration. I do not like being called Mike. “First, my name is Michael and second, please let me do my job. Going forward you will not get out of the car until I open the door for you. Even if I wasn’t protecting you, you are in my car and I would open the door for you because I’m a gentleman. Now shall we get lunch?”




“Are you sure you want to do this?”

She nods. “Michael, I have never been more sure of anything.” Thank God I carry a condom in my wallet at all times. I give her a huge smile before I kiss her again hard and rough.

She pulls away and says to me, “we don’t have long before Courtney gets in.”

“Well, I guess I better give you what you want then.” I kiss her one more time before I spin her around and bend her over the arm of her couch. I smack her ass. “If we are doing this, I’m in charge, not you, do you agree?” She nods and I slap her again. “Say it!” She’s panting and I love it.

“I agree!”

I smile. “Good, for now I’m going to give it to you hard and fast because we do not have a lot of time, but later I will take better care of you I promise. I slip her thong down her legs and she steps out of them. As I stand, I gently rub my fingers up the inside of her leg until I get to her inner thigh. She shivers with anticipation. I slowly rub my fingers through her folds. “Fuck you are so wet for me.” I slam two fingers deep inside her and she whimpers. I finger fuck her hard while I unbutton my pants with my other hand and once they are undone I remove my wallet and pull the condom out with my teeth. Sylvia is panting and moaning on the couch with her hips riding my fingers. “Lay still woman.”

I pull my fingers out of her to slip the condom on and I watch as she lays completely still waiting to feel my cock enter her and fuck her until she explodes around me. I slip the tip in and pull it back out.

“Michael, don’t be a tease.”

I slap her again and leave a beautiful pink mark on her ass. “Who is in charge?” I groan.

She pants. “You! Please Michael it has been so long, I need this.”

I slam my cock into her without warning and she screams out.


I pause leaving my cock buried deep inside her. After a minute, I start pounding her so hard I’m shifting the couch and I don’t give a fuck. I squeeze her hips hard, slamming her against me so she’s meeting each thrust.

“Michael, I’m going to come!” I know she’s asking for permission so I continue pumping in and out of her.

“Let it go!” I growl and she responds beautifully. I feel her pussy tighten around my dick as she starts milking me for my seed, so I empty my load in response. I lean over the couch and kiss her beautiful back right between her shoulder blades before I pull out.

I grab the end of the condom as I pull out of her so I can slip it off and tie the end. She stands taking a deep breath as she tells me there is a trash can in her attached bathroom. I smile as I adjust my pants and then walk over to dispose of it. On my way back she meets me outside the bathroom door.

“That was pretty amazing.”

I kiss her and say, “You have seen nothing yet, but trust me I plan on showing you plenty more. First, I have to get you another security guard before I get fired.”

She grins at me and says, “Make the call because I want much more of this.” She rubs my dick through my pants.

I grab her hand. “Courtney is probably already here, behave yourself and I will take care of you later.” I kiss her hand and walk out of her office feeling like a new man.

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