The Count of Aragon (MM)

Aragon 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 26,835
4 Ratings (3.8)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, shape-shifters, HEA]

Adam Galindo finds himself in Zaragoza, Spain, accompanied by his mother, Susan, to attend a memorial service for his father, Pascual.

Fighting heartbreak but trying to keep a brave face for his mother, Adam decides to tour the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar for a daytime diversion with his mother. What Adam discovers, while gazing at frescoes and watching Susan light a few candles in her husband's honor, is that he is the reincarnated Count of Aragon, Aznar Galindez, onetime savior of the city and vampire hunter. And he knows this is true because Emerico Espiritu, a Spanish vampire with one hell of a sexy smile and an even sexier attitude, has told him so.

Between accepting his new role in life and kicking Romanian vampire butt, Adam finds himself learning the ins and outs of vampire hunting when he's not practicing a little in and out of his own under the tutelage of Emerico Espiritu.

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Count of Aragon (MM)
4 Ratings (3.8)

The Count of Aragon (MM)

Aragon 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 26,835
4 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
Daily tedium forgotten, I was spellbound and read this novel from start to finish in one sitting. The setting helped having a bit of alove affair with Spain and the Saniards are rather hot! Could not even stop for coffee as I followed Adam’s adventures. The hero, a twenty year old part-time Gym employee from an uneventful suburban American background, visits his Spanish father’s ancestral village expecting rustic charm. What he gets is a sudden education in reincarnation and the dangerous reality of vampires. Caught in a war between vampire factions, Adam and his cousin Jose find that when even the good guys have to kill and drink blood to survive, choosing friends is not easy. They have not only their own safety to preserve; the lives of both their families are also at risk. Naturally, this is made much more interesting by the fact that vampires are sexy as hell, even the bad ones. Both Adam and Jose notice this. Love and lust well up at the most inconvenient times, so romance has to be slotted between vicious supernatural battles and startling revelations. This riveting introduction to the Aragon series leaves you excited and ready for the next episode.
Simone Sinna
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "Adam Galindo is instantly mistaken for Aznar Galindez, the count of Aragon, when he arrives in Spain with his mother. Adam is here in Spain to help spread his father's ashes. Emerico Espiritu a handsome, dark stranger who takes an instant liking to Adam, Emerico's reincarnated lover. Emerico is a wet dream of a man who has a few secrets. Before Emerico can act on his feelings he must first show Adam, who is a constant temptation, his destiny as the previous vampire hunter Aznar. Alex Carreras writing is very descriptive and gives the reader a beautiful visual of the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar through Adam's eyes. His writing is smooth and detailed giving us a clear view of what it's like to fall in love with a vampire under the starry skies of Spain. I found myself cheering as Adam and Emerico try to save the city, Zaragoza, from a rampaging clan of Romanian vampires. The only glitch I discovered in the book is a decision Adam makes in the end, the choice appears out of character from what Adam had stated earlier in the book (I would further define but I don't want to spoil the fun). The decision is justified and honestly I applaud Adam's choice but still slightly out of his character. Emerico and Adam fit together like two pieces of a perfect puzzle. The characters had chemistry and instant attraction from the first moment they see each other. The connection between the characters is powerful from the beginning and continues to grow as Adam and Emerico work together to save the vampires, el Fraternidad. Plus there are hot love scenes that are both sexy and touching. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a unique twist on vampire myths in the beautiful country of Spain with two hot men who kick butt! I am very excited and looking forward to the sequel!" -- Autumn Heart, M/M Paranormal Romance

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“What’s up?” Adam asked, watching the muscle in Emerico’s jaw twitch. And is Leandro actually growling?

“The Romani has declared war,” Emerico stated, stopping his jaw from dancing for only an instant. “We have found out that, tonight, they plan on killing vampires and humans alike by choosing the method, bathing by fire.”

“You mean like the same way that I saw the other night outside the bar?” Jose asked, his voice jumping a few octaves.

“Exactly,” Emerico answered. “They carry liquid accelerants with them, usually in a backpack or bag of some kind, and whip it out at the opportune moment. They click their fingers to make a spark and poof, up in smoke.”

Adam swallowed. “They can click their fingers and start a fire?”

This time Leandro answered what Adam had already figured out. “Just about. And the stronger ones can throw fireballs. Constantin…Nicu.”

“Can you two do that? Throw fireballs?” Adam prayed that they could.

Leandro growled under his breath and flashed a set of growing canines. Jose let out a whimper.

Emerico raised his hand and clenched his long, lean fingers into a tight first. “It is a cheap trick but one I’m not opposed to performing now and again.”

“That’s good,” Adam said, relieved. “I don’t mind cheap tricks if they save our lives.”

“Me either,” Jose chimed, topped off with an insecure smile.

Emerico unclenched his hand and placed it onto Adam’s shoulder. “Tonight might get a little dangerous, but just stay behind us and follow our lead. We will protect you, but you also have to fight for yourselves. The Romanians are a highly skilled and intelligent bunch, and they play dirty, very dirty, so I suggest, if the opportunities arise, you do the same. Got it?”

Adam and Jose answered in unison, “Got it.”

“Now go get your weapons, and we will wait here, and I will fill Jose in on the information I shared with you last night.”

Adam sprinted into the apartment for his backpack full of Emerico’s party favors and the silver daggers he’d hidden under his mattress. Grabbing and shoving them into his waistband of his jeans, the daggers nestled safely in the small of his back, Adam yanked his T-shirt over the exposed handles, hiding them from plain sight. Scribbling a note for Susan and Carmen, he locked the apartment door behind him and made his way toward the others.

“Where are we going?” Adam asked, catching his breath.

Leandro moved first, his agile, catlike stride hard to keep up with. “The bikes are parked around the corner. Let’s move.”

They did what they were told, Jose falling behind Leandro, more than likely enjoying the view of his muscular butt in his tight, black jeans, judging by the sly smile stretched across his lips and his unwavering gaze locked onto Leandro’s ass.

“We are going to the new part of the city,” Emerico picked up where Leandro left off, “to the bar where Constantin and his cronies hang out. See if we can talk some sense into him before he starts something that can change, or possibly end all our lives.”

Leandro growled, and Jose whimpered…again.

“Do you think we can do that?” Adam asked, now jogging to keep up. “Talk some sense into this guy? He doesn’t look like he particularly enjoys unsolicited advice.”

Emerico shot Adam a sideways glance as he reached out a hand to pull him closer. “We will have to do our best to convince him then, won’t we?”

“With our fists!” Leandro yelled from the front.

Rounding the buildings, Adam saw a pair of black and polished-chrome motorcycles already idling. Claiming one, Leandro whisked Jose onto the back of the seat and then took front position, the machine roaring to life.

Emerico followed suit. Before Adam knew what was happening, his arms were wrapped tightly around Emerico’s lean waist, and his legs straddled the vibrating monster made out of more than man-made materials. The motorcycle seemed to have its own living and breathing life force, Adam feeling the bike shift between his legs.

A few days ago he would’ve thought this to be impossible. But a few days ago he didn’t believe in vampires.

“Hold on tight,” Emerico directed. “Get ready for the ride of your life.”

Oh shit.




“Is this where things get a little freaky? Vampire freaky?”

“This is where things get good,” Emerico assured, running his lips lightly over Adam’s tender skin of his neck just below where his scruff was beginning to grow, not yet in need of a shave. Emerico started to count the seconds as he felt a faint tremble begin to overtake Adam’s body.

“Shhhh,” Emerico soothed, tickling the tip of his tongue upward along Adam’s strong jaw. “This is going to be something that dreams are made of, never to be forgotten.” He reached down taking Adam’s reviving cock into his left hand as he traced his fingertip of his right index finger along the delicate, shell-like curve of Adam’s ear. “I promise not to hurt you, unless, of course, you would like me to.”

Adam nuzzled into Emerico’s touch and ran his hands along his strong back. “I have to admit,” he began, his voice hoarse from sex and the anticipation of what was to come, “I’m not that experienced in having sex. I’ve only bottomed twice, and I’m not so sure I liked it.”

“Because you were with a greedy lover and a lover that was unskilled in bringing you pleasure. I am certainly not a greedy lover.” Spinning Adam onto his stomach, he ran his hands along Adam’s back, his silken, warm skin making his own cock spit with pre-cum. He kissed along his shoulder blades as he pushed his finger into Adam’s pulsing hole. It jumped under his touch as if it was ready for penetration even though Adam might not be. “Trust me,” Emerico whispered through his kisses. “Enjoy the pleasure I can give you, that I want to give you.”

Adam reacted with a deep guttural moan, and he arched his back as if serving himself up to Emerico. He continued with his planned seduction.

Angling over Adam, he slipped his dripping cock between his mounds and humped slowly, teasing Adam. “I am going to show you ecstasy my new friend,” he whispered into Adam’s ear.

“Please,” came a whimper from under him. “I know you can show me many things.”

With that, Emerico slid his engorged cock into Adam’s tight hole with one swift movement, burying himself completely. He exhaled and a moan escaped his lips, taking Emerico by surprise. He knew he was losing his self-control, something he normally prided himself in keeping, but this man was stirring up feelings he had buried long ago. Or so he had thought.

Emerico pumped, retreating his cock almost entirely just to fill Adam full again. Long and slow, he enjoyed the ride as his mind soared to great heights, remembering the first time he fucked Aznar in the same exact way. In…Out…

“That feels so good,” Adam cooed, his lustful words muffled by the pillow he had clenched between his teeth. “Fuck me good, babe.”

More and more, Emerico’s cock grew, expanding beyond its normal size, the ability to make his sex grow up to two sizes a welcomed trait by him, and usually, his lovers.

Widening his legs and pushing his body into Emerico’s, Adam bucked under him, sending chills racing along Emerico’s spine. He bucked back, finding Adam’s rhythm as if they were dancing to a tune shared only by them. Over and over and more and more, they rocked as Emerico kept fucking Adam’s stretched bud, forcing the delicate tissue to its limits.

“Whatever you are doing, keep…it…up,” Adam choked out, his breath catching on every word.

Sweat poured off of Emerico’s body and dripped onto Adam’s tanned, arching back, his muscular mounds meeting Emerico’s every thrust. Sucking noises filled the space around them where their sweaty bodies touched and then tore away. “This is heaven,” Emerico grumbled under his breath. “I have missed you, Adam, and I never want you to leave me. Ever again.”

Adam arched closer and craned his neck, stretching every muscle in his taut body. “I won’t. I will stay and help no matter what I need to do.”

Emerico quickened his pace and pressure, slamming and bucking into Adam’s tightness. “Promise?” He grunted. “We need you. I need you.”

“Yes,” Adam responded, biting at Emerico’s ear. “Now fuck me.”


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