[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifter, werewolves, HEA]
Erin Swanson is the son of a powerful man, and his father is out to exterminate all shifters off the face of the earth. He's a hard man, but everyone knows he loves his son, which is why Damon Slaughter, so named because of all the kills under his belt, targets Erin for revenge and makes Erin his mate.  
The plan was simple. Damon wouldn't fall in love. That should have been easy, considering how weak the whelp was that he took. Erin is small, hardly befitting of the son of a tyrant. But something in his spirit, in the way Erin doesn't lay down and die, in how hard he works, calls to Damon in a primal way he hasn't felt in years.
Damon is falling in love, which is bad timing when people in his pack, who are unhappy with this mating, choose to take matters into their own hands and dispose of Erin once and for all.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.


Mating His Captor (MM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




 “I said stop that! I need him in one piece!”

“He’s an idiot. A couple of bruises won’t hurt him.”

The alpha growled. The other shifter must have backed off.

And Erin was still pressed against the alpha’s chest. He breathed hard, not because his lungs were closing up but because of the terror of this situation.

He was on the cold, hard pavement on a road not many people used, especially this time of night, surrounded by broken glass and people who meant to harm him. He had no clue what was going to happen to him in the next twenty-four hours.

The alpha ran his hand through Erin’s hair, a surprisingly intimate gesture, considering what these men were doing to him.

“From this day on, you are part of the Slaughter clan, and you will leave behind that human world.”

Erin blinked. “What? Nnngh!”

A sharp, strange noise left his throat when he felt a new kind of pain, one Erin had never expected and didn’t know what to do with, clenched terribly at the side of his throat.

Sharp, horrible at first, and burning along the side of his throat.

The pain was hot, and it flared through his body so brightly he didn’t know what to do with it, and he could hardly think for a moment.

When he could think about it, when his mind cleared up enough to put together what was happening, he wanted to scream. He wanted to thrash and pull away and fight. Erin raised his fist to bring it down on the alpha’s head, but a hand caught him around his wrist, stopping him.

Erin groaned.

“It’ll be over in a minute, human. It’s not that bad.”

But it was bad. This was bad because Erin knew what this was, what they were doing to him. They were forcing him to mate with their alpha. The alpha was putting the bite on him, scarring him, injecting him with the hormones that would make him…that would make him want…

Erin moaned. His body went slack in the alpha’s arms, and the sudden rush of pleasure was almost too much for him to handle. His cock was immediately hard in his pants, and Erin suddenly found himself trying to get close to that feeling instead of farther away.

Oh God, it felt good. It felt so good. He wanted to thrust his cock against the alpha, or touch it, but the shifters were still holding him by his wrists as the alpha bit him and drank his blood.

He thought he heard them chuckling. They were probably making fun of how wanton and horny their prisoner suddenly became. That was all right. Erin didn’t care. He didn’t care about anything so long as it meant he was able to get more of this intense feeling. This rush of pleasure.

He tried to think through it. Erin wanted to be able to fight through the pleasure. He remembered how an alpha drinking the blood of the person he was biting would signal something in the alpha’s brain, as well. It also put something inside the alpha. Erin would have the bite mark, and the alpha would share the blood of his new mate. That was how these things worked. Erin knew this because he’d learned about it in school.

Erin moaned as another rush of pleasure hit him, and all the logical thoughts he’d tried to hold on to flew away.

He wasn’t going to be able to stop this by thinking about something else. This was happening, and the warmth that rushed through his body was almost too much for him to handle. He couldn’t focus on anything other than how amazingly good this felt, and he wanted more. He wanted so much more that it hurt.

The shifters on either side of him let go of his wrists, but he almost didn’t notice because he wasn’t fighting to get away anymore. He wanted to stay right where he was. He never wanted to go anywhere else. This was where he was meant to be.

And if he didn’t get any more of this pleasure, he was going to lose his damned mind. Erin wanted to come. He wanted to have an orgasm, and he wanted it given to him by this man right here. He couldn’t, though. Even though he felt close, it was almost as if there was something plugging up that final push he needed to come, to feel as good as he knew he could feel.

Erin whimpered when those sharp teeth were pulled out of his neck. The alpha pulled back, allowing Erin to see the blood on those scary-looking teeth. He was so dozy with pleasure that he couldn’t bring himself to fear those teeth, even though they really were the scariest things he’d seen in a long time. Scarier than the slides he’d looked at in school of other shifters’ teeth because this was happening in real life.

Erin didn’t care. He was boneless, and he was right where he needed to be.

The alpha smiled at him. “You’re mine now.”

Erin nodded. “And you’re mine.”

The alpha frowned. Did he really not expect Erin to say anything to him?

Maybe it didn’t matter because then the alpha looked up at his men. “Take whatever’s in the car and roll it in the ditch. We’re done here.”

Erin glanced back at them, watching as they did as they were told as the alpha stood, pulling Erin up into his arms and cradling him.

Erin felt safe here. He really did, which was good because that meant he wasn’t so scared anymore, that he wasn’t at risk of not being able to breathe.

At the same time, he wanted the alpha to know something before he was kidnapped and taken away.

“I still hate you.”

The alpha smiled at him. “Don’t worry. I don’t much like you, either.”




Erin moaned. “Oh God. Oh, what the hell is that?”

“My hand, fool,” the alpha growled.

No kidding, and it felt great on his skin, but Jesus, how was it possible that his touch could be this intoxicating? The feel of skin-to-skin contact was overpowering Erin’s senses. He gripped the alpha tighter, pushing his fingers through his hair and yanking him down as close as Erin could get him.

“Fuck me. Inside me. Right now. Need it.”

He was going to yell at this man and hate him later. If Erin didn’t get this as soon as possible, then he was going to fly apart.

The alpha nodded. His eyes were bright red, but there was something almost calm in them, as if he were being pulled apart by the need to fuck Erin as much as Erin was.

The alpha pulled and ripped at Erin’s clothes. He was so strong, so powerful, and the sudden rush of cool air against his hot skin when he was free from the confines of his shirt and jeans was enough to make Erin sigh in pleasure.

Then he was overheated again, as if his body had adjusted accordingly and he was once more drowning in the desire to be claimed.

It was starting to hurt. This aching pain showed up within Erin’s body. It had been just an annoyance when the alpha had been carrying him away from the car, before Erin had been knocked out, but now he felt the fire of the lust inside him. It was painful, and his testicles felt swollen and tight. His cock felt the same way. Every touch brought pleasure but also added to the sense of pain and need.

“Hurry. Oh God, please hurry. I feel like I’m going to die if you don’t get inside me.”

“You won’t. It just won’t be pleasant if I deny you.”

Erin shook his head, desperate for this alpha to not do that to him.

He suddenly figured that this had to be the way the shifters tortured their victims. Make them super horny and leave them unsatisfied. Erin would lose his mind if this was what his death would look like.

Killed by cock tease. That would be something for the newspapers to chuckle over.

Luckily it didn’t appear as if that was the angle the alpha was going for. When Erin was naked under him, the other man reached for something. Erin looked up and realized there was a dresser there, and on top of it were a number of different bottles, a blindfold, some handcuffs, and a couple of energy drinks.

Even through his haze of lust, he knew how fucked up it was to see something like that.

“Jesus. What are you going to do to me?”

“Nothing that you won’t beg for more of, trust me.”

Erin looked up at the man. He was so big and powerful. Erin had yet to stand in front of him, but he knew this alpha was tall, and with his long, dark brown hair and those eyes, on top of the sun tattoo on his cheek and the spirals down his arms, he looked like a wild man, someone who definitely lived in the forests.

And he was sexy as all hell. What was his name? Erin would like to know.

Erin didn’t get the chance to admire him for too long, or to ask that question, before the alpha grabbed him by the hips and yanked him around.

With a rough shout, Erin found himself suddenly on his hands and knees.

He did a little growling of his own at the position. “What are you doing?”

“This will make it easier,” said the alpha.

And much less intimate. Erin was annoyed with that but then incredibly sad.

He’d almost forgotten why he was actually here. Just because this alpha was in lust with Erin didn’t mean he liked Erin or wanted to face him when he fucked him. It was so laughably stupid that Erin couldn’t believe he’d almost made the mistake of thinking this was something more than what it really was. Something that could almost be romantic.

Then those thoughts went right out of his head when he felt two slicked fingers penetrating him, and Erin’s entire world was pleasure once more.

* * * *

 Damon growled. Of course that, even from this position, he would find the annoying human attractive. Damon almost decided to hell with it all and turned him back around, but he didn’t.

He hadn’t been lying. This would be easier. He didn’t know how much this young man got around. Being the son of a wealthy general meant he’d likely had some lovers, but none would have compared to Damon’s size, and he wasn’t merely patting himself on the back with thoughts such as that.

Erin Swanson was his mate now, so Damon would do his best to not cause him unnecessary harm. He’d given Marrick enough shit for hitting the man so many times last night.

The tension Damon sensed within his mate melted away the moment Damon pushed his slick fingers into the man’s hole, seeking out his prostate as if it was prey and then playing with it mercilessly.

That sad slouch left as Erin moaned. The pink flush returned to his skin, and he thrust back against Damon’s fingers.

Damon smiled. Good. This reaction was good, and his cock pulsed hot and heavy at the sight and at the sounds his new mate made.

“You like this, don’t you? You like feeling my fingers in your ass.”

Erin nodded. “Yeah.”

“Good. My cock is aching to be inside you. I bet you feel warm and tight. You’re mine now.”

Erin nodded again, putting up no fight, simply agreeing.

The wolf within Damon howled at that, pleased. It didn’t want a fight. Not with this. Damon would like it if his mate was a little feisty in things other than admitting who he belonged to.

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