Master and Inquisitor (MF)

Masters of Submission 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,900
28 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Everlasting Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, spanking, breath play, sex toys, HEA]

When thirty-four-year-old Club Submission owner Ethan Strong hires the enigmatic and beautiful young woman to work behind the bar, he’s instantly drawn to the submissive with the sad blue eyes. Twenty-seven-year-old Beth Beaumont’s previous Master died three years ago, yet only now does she feel ready to embrace the lifestyle again. Ethan is instantly attracted to his mysterious new employee, and they soon embark on a D/s relationship that breaks all the rules. Beth’s past holds a chilling secret that she dares not divulge—even to her new Master. Her life depends on maintaining her silence. However, Ethan’s built-in lie detector never lets him down, and he instinctively knows Beth isn't telling the truth. As a respected Dom, he will not tolerate a sub who repeatedly tries to deceive him. To break her resolve, he calls upon the services of the Inquisitor—a darker, less benevolent side of himself, who never shows any mercy. Will Beth be forced to yield such deadly secrets to her Master and Inquisitor?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Jan Bowles is a Siren-exclusive author.

Master and Inquisitor (MF)
28 Ratings (4.3)

Master and Inquisitor (MF)

Masters of Submission 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,900
28 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jan Bowles
This was a book that just sucked me right in. I love this series and I think this is one of my favorites in it so far.
Loved it not much more to say :-) if your not reading this series you don't know what your missing FABULOUS
donna b buccella
Professional Reviews

5 STARS (THE ROSE THAT RULES ALL): "Master and Inquisitor is the fourth book in the Masters of Submission series by Jan Bowles. The blurb from this book just drew me in and I knew I had to review it. Beth Beaumont is a natural submissive who has not ventured back into the lifestyle after the death of her Dom three years ago. It’s very apparent that Beth is at the end of her rope with all the stress of the last three years. Living on the run and in the federal witness protection program takes its toll on anyone. I am surprised that Beth stayed away from the lifestyle that its very apparent that she needs. The grief that Beth faces as she slowly ventures back into the lifestyle is heartbreaking. She is a very strong character. Ethan Strong, along with his brother Matthew, are owners of Club Submission. He has a darker side he call the Inquisitor. He does not let submissive lie to him and calls the Inquisitor to interrogate and punish a sub for lying to him. Ethan sees the ideal submissive in Beth and persuades her to let him become her Dom. Right from the beginning he thinks she is lying to him and is not sure why. Will the Inquisitor get Beth to tell him what is going on? I enjoyed the suspense. I enjoyed the twist on removing the threat. It was completely unexpected. The sex scenes were realistic and in depth as well as hot and steamy. I enjoyed this book, but this book is not for the faint of heart. This book does contain some extreme elements like caging, suspension and breath play. The only thing that would have made this book better is if it was longer. I can’t wait to read the rest of the books in the series." -- Victoria, Romancing the Book

5 BLUE RIBBONS: "MASTER AND INQUISITOR is an outstanding addition to the MASTER OF SUBMISSION series. This reviewer/reader has been blessed with reading all in this highly addictive novels. Out of all the authors that I count as my all-time favorites, Jan Bowles name is high on my list. I feel that she is an author that no true romance fan can live without. Once you experience any of her books, you will become an instantaneous fan." -- Suzie Housley, Romance Junkies Reviews

4 STARS: "This isn’t your normal dominant boy meets submissive girl and they live happily ever after. There is an HEA, but it comes after much heartbreak, and a couple of brushes with death. Beth has been on the run for three years in the federal Witness Protection Program. She saw her Master gunned down in front of her and was brave enough to put his killer behind bars. But his brother has put out a contract on her life and she has left behind everything she knew. But in spite of her fears and nightmares, she wants to move on and starts working at a BDSM club, where she comes to the attention of one of the owners, Ethan. The two fall in love, but Ethan demands total honesty in his subs and Beth can’t give him that without putting his life on the line along with hers. After Ethan saves her from an attempt on her life, he turns into the Inquisitor, a sadist who shows his subs no mercy. Eventually she breaks down and tells him her story. It takes a surprise twist to remove the threat to their happiness. I found the suspense in the book excellent, and the sex scenes were detailed and believable. For the most part, I liked both the main characters, and the character development flowed nicely with the story line. Overall, this book was a nice change of pace with suspense, poignancy, and passion. Be aware, this is a true BDSM book and contains anal sex, bondage, clamps, caging, suspension, and breath play." -- Shadow, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

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Ethan took her hand and helped her from the car before putting his arm around her shoulder. He then guided her to the impressive entrance that shared an uncanny resemblance to that of Club Submission itself.

“I see you enjoy the finer things in life, Ethan.”

“You bet. I worked my ass off to get where I am today.” His mesmerizing green eyes appeared to her as liquid pools of pure energy. They held her enthralled and captivated in a way she’d never experienced before. Not even with Antonio. “I enjoy beautiful things, Beth.” Like an aphrodisiac, his words seemed to physically embrace her and pull her toward him, arousing her, making her pussy wet with sexual need.

The frisson of nervous tension in the pit of her stomach intensified when he punched a four-digit code into a keypad, and the impressive twin oak doors swung obediently open. Clearly sensing her apprehension, he took her hand in his, calming her, making her feel safe. In the last few weeks she’d come to trust Ethan implicitly. That was why she was standing outside his awesome home at four in the morning.

“We know each other, Beth. You trust me, right?”

“Yes, of course.”

Once inside, she was immediately overwhelmed by the sheer space available. A large entrance hall flowed seamlessly to a treble-width staircase, which rose majestically to a large galleried landing. It was obviously a building designed by and for a man. As a woman she so wanted to feminize the place with brightly colored curtains and soft furnishings. She preferred carpets and rugs, but every square foot of flooring was covered in a dark, uncaring hardwood. Beth found the never-ending expanse of white paint overpowering and far too masculine for her tastes. The only respite to the stark, bare walls was a collection of life-size photographs brutally depicting Ethan’s time as a successful bare-knuckle boxer. Yeah, this was a man’s domain all right. No woman in her right mind would allow such graphically aggressive images to grace her walls.

Ethan took her hand and led her up the stairs. The stainless steel and glass banister was again something only a man could find attractive. What was wrong with stair carpet and a wooden banister, for Christ’s sake?

Like a scene from Alice in Wonderland, they walked hand in hand along the seemingly never-ending landing, until Ethan suddenly stopped outside a large heavy oak door. He moved behind her and circled her waist with his arms, then rested his chin on her shoulder. “Remember what I told you about the Inquisitor, Beth.”


“This is where he satisfies his darkest desires.”

“You mean—”

“Uh-huh, this is the Inquisitor’s Chamber. Step out of line, young lady, and the Inquisitor will provide the appropriate form of correction.”

Beth nodded nervously. “I see.” Her voice quavered slightly as she wondered what lay behind the locked door. Appealing to his natural dominance, she lowered her head, and said, “Sir, do I get to see inside?”

“Have you misbehaved, my sub?”

“No, Sir, not today, Sir.” She thoroughly enjoyed her part in the role-play.

“Then this room is strictly off-limits to you.”

She wondered if he felt the tiny tremors coursing through her veins as he wrapped his arms around her even tighter. She guessed he did, because he seemed to know what made her tick.

He tenderly kissed the top of her head. “Don’t worry, little one. I’m sure you’ll always be perfectly behaved in my presence. If you’re a good girl and don’t misbehave, I can’t see a reason I’d ever need to bring you here. I trust I’ve made myself clear.”

“Yes, Sir, you have.”

His voice was low and menacing when he spoke. “You know what pisses me off more than anything, Beth? What really makes me fucking angry? What makes the Inquisitor appear?”

She shook her head. Fucking hell, her panties were soaking wet again. How the hell did he make her feel this way without even touching her?

“Lies, Beth, lies, that’s what really makes me angry, but I’m sure you’ll never lie to me.” His eyes narrowed on her profile, and she knew he was looking for tells in her body language.

Beth tried not to blush with guilt, but she didn’t think she succeeded very well. She’d lied from the first moment they’d met, and she’d hated every minute of the deceit. It went against everything her previous Master had taught her. She consoled herself that although she hated lying to him, it was a necessity, not an indulgence. Whatever discipline Ethan had in store for her, she knew she could never tell him the truth about her past. It could cost her her life.




“Please, Sir, that hurts.”

“Don’t presume to rely on my benevolence, sub. Your pussy belongs to me. I decide, what, when, and if. Do I make myself clear?” His eyes burned with unlimited passion and a smattering of cruelty, making her sex wetter still. She didn’t dare to challenge his absolute dominance over her.

“Yes, Sir,” she replied breathlessly, writhing helplessly on the bed. It was all part of the game they played. Ethan was an experienced Master and knew she couldn’t remain still for one moment when he touched her like that. She figured he was ready to ratchet up the intensity of the scene.

Stony-faced, he stood abruptly from the mattress and walked to the end of the bed. “Your legs are never still. I clearly need to restrain them to stop you fidgeting.” Taking hold of an ankle in each hand, he roughly spread her legs wide before attaching her leather ankle cuffs to the metal bedposts. Fucking hell, Ethan was like an animal as he forced her legs apart, but she liked him all the more because of that. His uncompromising actions meant her pussy was exposed to his intense scrutiny. With her hands and feet secured, Beth tried desperately to move, but found it almost impossible. Whatever lay in store for her, she wouldn’t even be able to thrash about. The idea worried and excited her in equal measure.

Ethan tested her bindings. “That’s better. If my sub refuses to behave and lie still, then I’m left with no alternative.” He began shedding his Wranglers, sliding them down his muscular thighs before kicking them from his feet with a flourish. Completely naked now, his enormous cock jutted angrily out, its purple crown weeping his arousal. Beth whimpered with need. She’d never seen him so pumped up.

Spread wide and completely at his mercy, she swallowed nervously as he stood at the end of the bed directly between her parted legs. His gaze feasted on her exposed pussy. “Hmm, I can see my sub has been having naughty thoughts without my permission. I don’t believe I authorized such an indulgence.” He knelt between her legs, and immediately dipped two fingers deep into her honeyed arousal. Staring directly into her eyes, he pulled his fingers from her wetness and showed them to her. Heavily coated with her feminine juices, they glistened in the subdued lighting. Ethan smiled. “I really shouldn’t encourage such wanton thoughts, but…”

Beth watched him lower his head, and a cry of pure ecstasy left her lips when she felt the tip of his tongue circle then flick across her sensitized clit. “Sir, oh, my, God…Sir.” Her head thrashed from side to side, and she yanked helplessly on the restraints, desperate to relieve the beautiful, exquisite feeling with the aid of movement. There was no escape from the almost overwhelming pleasure of his tongue. She just had to lie there and take it—enjoy it. Just what the hell is this beautiful man doing to me? It’s so good I can’t stand it. Ethan’s probing tongue swirled and penetrated in a way she’d never known before, lashing her clit and vaginal walls until her stomach quivered uncontrollably, and submissive mews began drifting from her lips.

His teasing tongue brought her to the very edge of orgasm. He must have known by the soft pants coming from her lips how close she was. When he stopped abruptly, she silently cursed his timing. Goddamn you, Ethan Strong.

Ethan raised his head, a confident smile to his lips. “Whose pussy?”

On the point of delirium, she replied in a tiny voice, “Yours, Sir.”

Gentle butterfly kisses accompanied by his soft, sweet breath drifted up her belly, heightening her sense of arousal. His tongue swirled over her nipples still held tightly in the chromed clamps, causing intense, erotic pain to sear into her brain, making the age-old fight-or-flight response kick in. Beth could do neither, because it was almost impossible to move. All she could do was throw her head back as she tried unsuccessfully to get away from the wonderful excruciating intensity.

She cried out in a garbled rush that verged on panic, “Please, Sir, I don’t think I can hold out much longer.” Her voice shook with emotion. She didn’t want to use her safeword. It went against everything she believed in, but it was there as the last resort, and at this precise moment in time, she felt sorely tempted to use it.

Ethan must have heard the heartfelt plea in her voice, because he smoothed a hand around her throat and stared down into her face. “Look at me.”

When she did as he commanded, she felt their connection, their union, deepen. His gorgeous green eyes burning with excitement and intense pleasure soaked up the obvious distress in hers. She’d given him exactly what he craved the most—her helplessness, her vulnerability, her absolute surrender.

“Good girl, you’ve pleased me immensely. I’m going to remove the nipple clamps now, so be ready for some more pain.” He cocked his head to one side, clearly relishing her discomfort.

Knowing just how much it would hurt, Beth scrunched her eyes tightly shut, and whimpered. “Yes, Sir, but please hurry.”


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