More Than His Sexy Toy (MF)

Club Esoteria 13

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,465
13 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, public exhibition, paddling, sex toys, HEA]
Shy, self-conscious Mimi Westbrook lives for the Friday night when Master Chaz Montgomery visits Club Esoteria for some sexy fun and games. But after six months of seeing him a few times a month, Mimi wants more with the man who holds her heart. She wants to be invited into the rest of his life.
Chaz lives a complicated life and wants to protect Mimi from it. A car accident leaves Chaz in need of round-the-clock care. It also brings Mimi into his life outside the club where she meets his roommate. His female roommate, Kelly. When she has to leave town, Mimi volunteers to take over as his caretaker.
Once she knows his secrets, will Mimi still want to be a part of his life? Or will she walk away from the man who holds her heart?
A Siren Erotic Romance
More Than His Sexy Toy (MF)
13 Ratings (4.5)

More Than His Sexy Toy (MF)

Club Esoteria 13

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,465
13 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I love love loved this!!!! Master Chaz and Mimi were perfect together! Once he smarten up and realized what love stood in front of him lol lol. Glad Mimi finally got semi comfortable in her own skin, hoping they live HEA!!!!
Love this series
This story was Fantastic!!!!!
donna b buccella




Though he had seen her car in the Club Esoteria parking lot, Chaz Montgomery wondered if his sexy toy was available or if she had given up on him and accepted another play partner for the evening. Pain shot through his chest at the thought of watching her play with someone else though they had no commitment to one another. Their needs had meshed the first time they had played, and the connection between them had only grown stronger since. She adapted immediately to whatever he demanded of her though sometimes he wished she would say no. He had yet to find an activity she was not willing to at least try once.

It had been three weeks since he had been to the club. Three long weeks since he had taken pleasure in her full, ripe womanhood, driving her to one orgasm after another using his lips, tongue, teeth, and fingers, gaining as much pleasure as she did until he had to sink deep into her and feel her soft, wet flesh embrace his cock. He then drove her up the mountain once more before allowing his own release. His orgasm had been so strong his entire body went weak and he had simply cuddled with her until Taurus had kicked them out at closing time.

Just thinking about that last time had his cock filling with anticipation at seeing Mimi again, playing with her, and once again giving her the attention which brought them both intense pleasure. If only he could see her outside the club. But his life was full of complications he did not want her involved in. For the time being, they would have to settle for what they had now, an intense and, he hoped, fulfilling sex life at the club.

After checking in at the front desk, Chaz stepped into the club. His eyes swept the room, looking for the auburn-haired beauty who had become his sole reason for not cancelling his membership and returning each Friday night.

There she was, sitting in what was now known by club members as “The Land of Unclaimed Subs.” All he could see was her auburn hair, more brown than red, which currently hung to just below her jawline. She had been letting it grow for a while now from a super-short pixie cut. He could not be sure but suspected it was to please him though they had never talked about it. He had mentioned during one of their first sessions how much he loved the feel of a woman’s hair brushing over his thighs as she sucked his cock. Since then she had been keeping it neat and tidy but was obviously letting it grow out.

Before he could take a step in her direction, Jackson stepped in his path. “Hey, Chaz, it’s been awhile.”

“Yeah. Life’s been crazy,” he responded though his gaze never left Mimi.

He sucked a quick breath as Mimi stood up. She wore his favorite outfit, a loose-fitting denim jumper with oversized armholes and buttons halfway down both sides. From this angle he could not tell but expected that she wore nothing underneath the dress. His cock jerked and hardened further as she slowly looked over her shoulder directly at him.

“She’s been here the last three Friday nights. Waiting,” Jackson said, his tone giving Chaz the impression that he did not approve of the way Chaz was treating his toy.

Chaz nodded. “She’s a good woman.”

“Yes she is, and she needs a man who can appreciate her goodness more than once or twice a month,” the bartender muttered under his breath as Chaz walked away.

As he sauntered across the club’s main room, his gaze remained on Mimi. If anyone else had spoken to him, he had not heard them. His total focus was on the woman who had the ability to make him rock hard with her smile.

“And there it is,” he murmured as her lips turned up though he saw hesitancy in her eyes. Her entire being seemed to light up with that smile, and he could not help but grin in response.

After a moment, she dropped her eyes to the floor as uncertainty filled her expression. She was wondering whether or not to kneel as he entered no-Dom’s-land.

“Stay on your feet, my sexy toy,” he said. He watched as she relaxed and moved into the standing position he preferred. Hands behind her back and stacked one on the other at her waist, heels about a foot apart with feet turned out slightly, shoulders relaxed, and eyes on him.

“Were you going somewhere?” he asked as he stopped with only a small space between them.

She nodded and dropped her gaze to the middle of his chest. “Yes, Sir. I was going home.”

Chaz did not ask why. He already knew. None of the other club members wanted to play with the woman who was so self-conscious about her weight she had a hard time playing in the main club room and so tense she had a hard time playing in the private rooms. He had slowly helped her work through her fears, but he did not think she would be able to perform for another Dom.

Which was fine with him, though he thought the other Doms in the club were either blind or crazy. She had a submissive’s heart and emotional strength he had never seen in any other sub he had played with. Her creative suggestions for their playtime were so hot that he worked hard to incorporate them into their scenes.

“Can I talk you into changing your plans?”

He asked to be polite though he knew the answer even before she slowly nodded and the smile returned to her lips. “Yes, Sir, you can.”

“Good,” he said as he closed the last distance between them and wrapped his arms around her. “I need to be with my Mimi tonight.”




“Now, what’s been going in your life the last couple of weeks?” he asked as his hands settled on her hips and gently massaged them before moving down her thighs to her knees.

Mimi had to take several deep breaths before sharing the few small bits of news that had taken place in her tiny, boring life. Master Chaz did not make it easy to tell her stories as his fingers began to trace lines and circles up her body, around her breasts without touching her nipples, and then down to within an inch of the top of her slit. Once again she wondered how he was able to listen and remember everything she said while he played with her body.

She sucked a breath and shivered when he leaned forward and stroked the flat of his tongue over her right breast. She had to close her eyes and drop her head back to hold onto her composure when he opened his mouth around the peak of her breast and exhaled on it. When her hips jerked, his hands held them still.

“You’re a little tense tonight, aren’t you?” he asked. His tone was so matter-of-fact she had to fight down an urge to lift one hand from his knee and smack the back of his head as she screamed, “Of course I’m tense. I’m horny and scared and need more than an occasional Friday night with you.”

Instead, she took another breath and released it slowly before answering, “Yes, Sir, I guess I am.”

“Mmmm, we’ll have to see if we can do something about that,” he said in the deep, dark voice that ratcheted up her arousal every time he used it.

He then began asking questions, which forced her to concentrate as he continued to stroke, lick, and nibble at her body. She gasped and shivered long minutes later when two fingers parted her lower lips and slid between them, stroking down either side of her clit. They came close but not quite close enough to trigger the orgasm burning deep inside her, just begging for release.

Those same two fingers then slid full-length into her pussy while his palm covered her clit. She clenched around the digits, panting in an effort to rein in the strong and growing need to come.

“Sir?” she whispered as her hips began to rock back and forth on his fingers. One of the first things he had taught her in his gently dominating ways was that he decided when, and if, she could orgasm.

“Look at me, sexy lady,” he said, his fingers sliding out until only the tips remained in her hot, wet channel.

Fighting herself, Mimi forced her eyes to open so she could look into his eyes that glowed like quicksilver.

“Let it loose, Mimi,” he said. “Come for me.”

He shoved three fingers deep into her pussy and began to slide them in and out, fast and hard. A second later, the base of his palm rubbed back and forth on her swollen and sensitive clit.

His touch, his words, his eyes combined to catapult Mimi over the limits of her control. She cried out as her orgasm exploded, shooting out through every nerve ending, every blood vessel, every atom of her being. The release burned away her fear of being in the main room naked. It disintegrated the worries she lived with on a day-to-day basis. It even made her forget to ask or worry about where he went when he left the club and how many other women he gave such pleasure to.

All she knew was the feel of his hands on her body, his lips suckling at her nipple, the soft suede of his vest beneath her fingertips, and blessed peace.

When he settled deeper in the chair, she curled forward, resting her cheek on the top of his shoulder as she tried to pull the remnants of her pride around her. At moments like this, she tried to just relax and accept her place in his life as his Friday-night sex toy.

She had barely recovered when he pulled a condom from his pocket before opening his jeans. Shoving his pants down far enough that his cock and balls bounced into view, he sheathed his cock. Once he finished, he shifted so the underside of his cock pressed between her puffy labial lips and against her clit.

“Ride me, Mimi,” he ordered through gritted teeth. “Hard and fast because one or the other of my heads is going to explode if I don’t get some relief right now.”

Mimi giggled at the visual his words painted for her. She reached down and lifted his cock from his belly. When he hissed at her touch, she froze.

“Don’t stop,” he said between gritted teeth as he peered at her through heavy-lidded eyes.

“Yes, Sir,” she said, knee-walking closer to his body before she fit the head of his cock into her entrance. His hands wrapped around her hips, his fingers pressing deep into her flesh as if he fought to remain in control.

They sucked hissing breaths in tandem when she dropped down his generous length, taking him completely into her warm, wet passage in one stroke. She only stopped when the hairs around the base of his cock tickled the bare skin around her pussy.

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