His Beck and Call Girl (MF)

Club Esoteria 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,434
39 Ratings (4.1)

[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, with M/F/M elements, Consensual BDSM, public exhibition]

Sinclair Malone has had enough. After telling on-and-off lover Jackson Matthews off, she thinks they are through.

She soon finds out that Jackson has other ideas.

Jackson has been hurt in the past and is wary of what he feels for Sinclair. He doesn’t want to lose the creative beauty, but his life is so busy he doesn’t always have time for her. Knowing she’s curious about the BDSM lifestyle, he invites her to visit Club Esoteria where he tends bar.

Not a typical submissive, Sinclair Malone agrees to play one for an evening if it brings her closer to Jackson. Can their relationship grow after a night at Club Esoteria? Or will she remain his Beck and Call Girl?

A Siren Erotic Romance


His Beck and Call Girl (MF)
39 Ratings (4.1)

His Beck and Call Girl (MF)

Club Esoteria 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,434
39 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston

I think so far this is my favorite story I've read by Cooper McKenzie. It was a wonderful story and quick read. The thing about her books is they are all great hot stories but have life in them so they feel so real to me. So glad I got and read this book. I always enjoy the stories I read of hers
Karen Henderson
Love this series and author. Look forward to more.
Professional Reviews

5 FALLEN ANGELS: "Sinclair Malone is tired of being Jackson Matthews' beck and call girl, his dirty little secret. She wants to be his everything, just as he is becoming to her, and she's willing to break it off rather than being hurt any more than she already has been. Jackson has been hurt as well, but she now believes he will never be able to move past that hurt and welcome love into his heart again. However, he may have other plans. Jackson invites her to one of his workplaces, Club Esoteria, one evening. He wants to sate her curiosity and perhaps get to know her sexual desires further. Can the relationship survive beyond sex or is this all Sinclair will ever be to Jackson? I love the Club Esoteria series. Ms. McKenzie creates sexy, flawed characters that one cannot help but relate to. Sinclair and Jackson are no exception. Both desire love but have baggage that might prevent a happy ending. But each in their own way work for what's important in their lives and of course, that brings about resolution. The intimacy between this couple is deliciously molten. I love how Jackson, for as intelligent as he is, has difficulties communicating his feelings for Sinclair, but when he uses his body to demonstrate how he feels, skin speaks to skin, soul speaks to soul and they're able to read each other oh so well. A fabulous installment to this series, I find myself impatiently anticipating the next story in this series." -- Bella, Fallen Angel Reviews

5 CUPS: "Sinclair finds she chooses men who treat her shabbily. She leaves a bad marriage only to become the beck and call girl of another. Jackson's ex-wife did quite a number on him. His ability to trust women is non-existent but Sinclair makes him want to be a better man. Sinclair is willing to risk heartbreak and is tired of waiting. Jackson is lost and confused. Can two emotionally walking wounded find the courage to try again? His Beck and Call Girl is a fabulous story full of strong emotions. Pain, pleasure, anger, and confusion are all there for the reader to experience. The love between Sinclair and Jackson is apparent with every word. Cooper McKenzie is an amazingly talented writer with a talent like no other to draw a reader into her world and make their visit thoroughly enchanting. His Beck and Call Girl should be on every romance reader's virtual bookshelf." -- Delane, Coffee Time Romance & More

4 STARS: "HIS BECK AND CALL GIRL, the sixth book in the Club Esoteria series, continues along the similar line of previous books in the series, pairing a kind and gentle Dom with a new and curious submissive. There is nothing worse than not knowing where you stand in a relationship...not knowing if you are treasured or expendable and it is that uncertainty Sinclair feels regarding her relationship with Jackson and it is eating at her heart. Sick of the see-saw of emotions this man evokes, Sinclair struts in to the firehouse Jackson works, exuding confidence she did not feel and boldly announces that she has had enough of his wishy-washy behavior. She declares the time has come for Jackson to put the hurt he has experienced in the past behind him, time to open up and trust her or move on without her in his life. Either way, she makes it clear their relationship has come to the proverbial fork in the road. Throwing out ultimatums is dicey one never knows which way things will go. In Sinclair's case, it turns out to be an excellent decision on her part! She thought their sexual encounters were stellar in the beginning of their relationship, well, let me tell you when Master Jackson enters the picture, their lovemaking excels to galactic proportions bringing heat she didn't even know existed. I enjoyed getting to know the characters. They were easy to relate to and I loved watching their relationship accelerate once they addressed the big elephant in the room. For the lighter side of BDSM, I love this series, it combines just the right amount of kink and sweetness to appeal to a variety of audiences. It is an excellent series for readers new to the BDSM sub-culture. If you are considering dipping into the BDSM scene, Club Esoteria is a great series to start with. I promise it will leave you begging for more and will whet your appetite for an erotic read that's a step above vanilla as it incorporates elements of light bondage, spanking and D/s." -- I ♥ Bookie Nookie, The Romance Reviews

4 HEARTS: "Sinclair and Jackson have been having an on and off relationship for a while now but she is tired of being hidden away and decides to confront Jackson and tell him she wants a real relationship with him not to be something on the side and hidden. When Sinclair shows up at the firehouse to give Jackson a piece of her mind he is stunned. Jackson never meant to treat her so badly and only wishes that he can make things up to Sinclair before he looses her. Hopefully he can find a way to show her how much she means to him and that he is here to stay. I really liked Sinclair she is a strong woman determined to get what she wants. She is willing to go outside of her boundaries and hope for the best. Jackson is a great man he may not think that he is ready for a relationship but his heart has other ideas. The two are a hot couple when they get together and you can see the love that is between them. I enjoyed watching their playtime blossom into something much deeper. I would have liked to see more of Jackson’s personality and why he chooses to keep pulling back from Sinclair. Learning about his past may have helped me understand him more but no matter what I still liked Jackson he is a great man that has been hurt and must find a way to deal with it to be able to move forward and Sinclair looks like she may just be the woman to help him do that. She loves him and is ready to try. Seeing both Sinclair and Jackson willing to fight for their love was a nice read. As hot as their play gets we see it is all done with love and trust. This story is a great addition to this series and I hope that we get to visit Club Esoteria again in the near future."-- Gabrielle, Love Romances & More

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Sinclair had to jog to keep up with the fast-moving man, but she didn’t fight as he pulled her along in his wake. She wondered where they were going, but didn’t ask as they passed the restrooms and continued to the end of the short hall. Finally, he turned and pushed through a door on the other side of the hall. She had just enough time to realize they’d entered what looked like an elevator lobby before they were through another door and outside.

“Shit, gravel,” Jackson muttered. Turning, he bent and put his shoulder in her middle before straightening.

“Jackson!” Sinclair cried softly when she found herself over one shoulder with the back of her dress flipped over, exposing her bare ass to anyone who might be around. She grabbed at his waist, hoping she wouldn’t slide off his broad shoulder.

“Shhh, sunshine. I’ve done this dozens of times. Relax, you’re in good hands.”

She tensed even further when he started walking. When one hand came up and patted an ass cheek, she jerked then froze when the large, hard hand slid down the crack of her ass and between her thighs to diddle at the entrance to her cunt.

“Sunshine, your pussy’s all wet,” he said, sounding pleased and not at all surprised.

Sinclair moaned as he slid two fingers deep into her cunt then twisted them back and forth. The arousal that had ebbed and flowed during the evening flared to a new height with that touch.

“More, I need more. Please, Jackson.”

“Shhh, I know you’re hurting, baby girl. A few more minutes and we’ll see about relaxing some of that tension away,” Jackson assured her.

She squeezed her thigh muscles, causing her labia to gently massage her clit, but it still wasn’t enough. When Jackson stopped, a high, whining sound almost drowned out a series of electronic beeps. It wasn’t until he began walking again that she realized the sound came from her.

She tried to look around, but found it was easier to just close her eyes and let Jackson take her where he would. She trusted him. He always took very good care of her, at least whenever he was around.

A moment later he carried her up several steps and he walked across a platform. She sucked a breath when he pulled his fingers from her core, then squealed as her bare ass came into contact with what she realized a moment later was a table.

“Problem?” he asked with a cocky grin.

He straightened, then lifted her legs until she lay back on the table, her ass right at the edge.

“This table is cold.”

He chuckled as he flipped the hem of her dress up and bared her from the waist down. “Don’t worry about it, sunshine. In a few minutes you won’t care that you’re sitting on a table.” He pushed her knees to her chest then lifted her arms and wrapped them around her legs. “Hold those just like that, sunshine,” he ordered gently as he pushed a chair out his way.

Lifting her head from the table, she looked down her body and watched as Jackson lowered himself so his face was even with the top of the table. All she could see was the top of his head and eyes over her belly. His eyes met hers, and he winked.

Sinclair sucked a breath as Jackson licked at the skin just below her pussy. His mustache brushed over her entrance. Fire shot to both clit and nipples as he then breathed it against her clit. She moaned when his tongue slowly traveled up her channel, pressing between the thick, swollen lips of her labia. She gasped when the tip circled around and around her knotted-up clit.

A moment later, fingers slid into her cunt.

“More,” Sinclair moaned.

Releasing her hold on her legs, she tried to reach down and touch the man between her legs. But he was well out of reach below the table.

Instead of giving her more, Jackson pulled his face from where he was lapping circles around her clit without actually touching it. “Play with your tits, sunshine,” he ordered, his voice low and deep.

Without thinking, her fingers went to her tits and began to roll her hard, fleshy nipples. Her touch was rough and she cried out as lightning streaked through her body. She began to pant as she fought to remain in control, to keep from coming.

“No, sunshine, don’t fight it. Come for me. Let it loose.”

With that she felt his lips surround her clit and pull hard. She cried out as her orgasm slammed through her. Her belly muscles tightened, drawing her head up from the table as she panted and tried to fight it off.

She whined when Jackson pulled his mouth from her clit and his fingers from her cunt. When the thick, blunted head of his cock nudged at her entrance, her eyes opened and she looked down her body. She began to pant again as Jackson slid his long, thick length gently into her overflowing cunt. She moaned her approval as he filled her. They fit so well together.

He met her gaze and smiled. “Feels so good,” he murmured as his hands wrapped around her hips to hold her still. “This is going to be fast and hard. Later tonight we’ll do slow and easy.”

Sinclair felt her eyes go wide. Later?

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