The Sleeping Beauty's Castle (MM)

Stories, Tales, and Legends: Retold 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 30,154
1 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative Fantasy Fairy Tales Romance, MM, HEA]

Gard’s minor magical gift lets him see the darkness inside people. Knowing servant Falk is marked by the old god Veles, Gard blackmails the man to go on a suicide mission with him. Soon after, ashamed of his conduct he releases the man from his promise, but Falk decides to accompany him anyway. 

A trip to the most dangerous barony in the kingdom to attempt to lift the curse on the Sleeping Beauty’s castle brings the two men closeness they didn’t expect. While their feelings for each other grow stronger, the danger that they’re about to face might yet prove deadly.
Discovering the truth about the Sleeping Beauty’s castle in the most dangerous kind of way leaves Gard on the brink of death and Falk facing his past. It will take a lot of help from Gard’s family to convince Falk that the two of them can have a future together.
The Sleeping Beauty's Castle (MM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

The Sleeping Beauty's Castle (MM)

Stories, Tales, and Legends: Retold 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 30,154
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Gard’s upbringing hadn’t been exactly what one would call traditional. A son of Duke of Mazovia in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Gard was a result of a fate-magical curse laid on one of his fathers, and spent the first years of his life being nursed by a she-wolf. He had been raised in a magical mansion and amongst his uncles fate-cursed to spend their days as ravens. All of it had left traces on Gard. While he was not a wizard, he did have some minor magical gifts. One of them was seeing a person’s true nature. That’s how he knew, after only seeing the servant Falk once, that the man was not what he seemed.

Gard knew only that Veles’s mark was a darkness within Falk, that the man could use magic and turn into a monster. He was also a deceiver, hiding amongst good people of Lord Roger’s castle. Gard normally did his best to avoid the creature even if he was also secretly attracted to its darkness.

But that was before he was forced to volunteer for a mission that was all but doomed to fail without magic. There was no time to get a proper wizard to accompany him, even if he could find a willing one, which was doubtful. So Gard was going to swallow his disgust and do the only thing that gave him a chance of fulfilling his quest while staying alive. He was going to partner up with a monster.

Gard had almost reached the end of the long hallway when the man he was looking for appeared as if brought by his thoughts. Falk was walking down the hallway in the opposite direction, his head bent to avoid looking anyone in the eyes. His impotent anger overwhelming him, Gard sneered as he snatched the man by his shoulder and spun him until his back hit the wall. Falk’s eyes grew wide as he looked up at Gard.

“You!” Gard snarled, and he watched in satisfaction as the man swallowed nervously. “You and I need to talk.”

“T-talk,” Falk uttered and licked his lips nervously. “M-my lord, I d-don’t understand…”

“Not here!” Gard looked around and spotted a door to an empty chamber. He dragged his charge with him and pushed him through the door with such force that Falk fell on his backside. Gard only sneered once more, then closed the door after making sure nobody was in the hallway listening in on them.  

“My lord, if I did anything to offend…” Falk started, but Gard snapped at him.

“Shut it! Your entire existence offends me, but that is not the point. Today Lord Roger decided to send his eldest son, Sir Paulus, on a quest. Apparently, the king grew tired of not having access to one of the strategically placed baronies and charged Sir Roger with solving the problem. Sir Roger thought his eldest son best suited to such a quest. I disagreed and volunteered for the task myself. Tomorrow at first light you and I will embark on a journey towards Black Forest. We will endeavour to free a fair maiden of her curse. And we will either succeed or die trying. Is that understood?”

The longer Gard spoke, the more emotions flickered over Falk’s face. From surprise to confusion to sudden understanding and then fear.

“B-but, my lord,” he finally uttered. “The only barony towards the Black Forest with a cursed maiden is the Sleeping Beauty’s castle. You cannot mean to go there!”

“I can and I will. We will. Like I said, you are going with me.” Falk’s horrified expression turned stony cold. He got to his feet and slapped his backside a few times to clean off the dust. When he looked back up, Gard was pleased to see the man had decided to discard his mask. Instead of the guileless eyes of an oblivious servant, a cold-blooded killer looked at him. 

“And why would I go with you? It wasn’t me who was foolish enough to volunteer for a suicide mission. That was all you. Why should I take part in something that is doomed from the start?”

“I’m quite aware what I volunteered for, thank you very much. I wasn’t going to allow Sir Paulus to lay down his life on a quest he had no chance of succeeding at. He’s too valuable, too good of a person to die like that. I, on the other hand, am quite replaceable, and with you at my side, I have the slightest chance of surviving this foolishness. But to answer your question, my dear Falk…” His last words rang heavy with sarcasm. He stalked towards the man, grasped his chin in his hand, and lifted Falk’s face towards him. “You will go with me and help me try to free the Sleeping Beauty from her curse. No. You will help me succeed, because if you do not, the whole world will know your true nature.” Falk’s eyes widened and he gasped. Gard’s grin turned nasty. “You will come with me and do exactly as I say because otherwise I will tell the whole world that you are naught but a beast, Veles’s pet!”  He spat the last words and pushed Falk’s face away from himself. Without another word he turned on his heel and marched to the door. “Meet me by the stables at first light. Don’t be late!” he shot over his shoulder as he left the room. He had some preparations to do before the journey.




While their moves were fumbling and there was as much breathless laughter at the poking and bumping and tangled limbs as there were moans and hungry kisses, the lust Gard felt was as strong as ever.  Falk’s hand wrapped around both their cocks and stroked, making Gard gasp. He was hard and aching and wanted more. He dug his fingers into Falk’s buttocks, pulling him closer. Falk leaned in and kissed him roughly, and Gard had a sudden feeling that the man’s teeth were slightly sharper than normal. He dismissed it as he concentrated on the kiss. Falk pulled away and Gard said breathlessly, “We need slick.”

“We’ve got some butter. It will have to do,” Falk said, rolling off and reaching for the saddlebags they’d left nearby. He pulled out the wrapped bit of grease and grinned victoriously. Gard gave a short laugh and shook his head. “So, which way do you want it?” Falk asked.

“I don’t know. Why don’t you decide?” Gard didn’t have a preference. He was equally eager to try both fucking Falk and being fucked by him. Falk seemed torn between the options, and Gard offered, “Why don’t you fuck me first? I can return the favour later.”

“Works for me.” Falk grinned, and Gard couldn’t help but return the fierce expression. Tension coiled in his belly as he turned to his hands and knees and stuck his ass in the air.

“Take me like this. I always wanted to do it this way.” He didn’t mention that somewhere deep down he had some of the wolf left from being nursed by a she-wolf and among her pups. Every once in a while that wild part of him would manifest in some small way. Like now. The thought of being mounted and mounting Falk in return…his cock grew impossibly hard at the imaginings. Falk was back in a blink of an eye, his fingers slick and shiny with butter melting on them. He gazed at Gard, who looked over his shoulder. The man’s eyes held a certain intensity in them, giving Gard a thrill.

Falk reached underneath and started working Gard’s cock, even as his buttered-up fingers glided over Gard’s hole and slipped inside. The intrusion wasn’t unwelcome, and Gard released a sigh and let his head fall, his eyes closing at the feeling of being stretched, filled by Falk’s fingers. The hand on his dick tightened as Falk added another finger, the stretch intensifying. Falk took his time, preparing him thoroughly before backing away. Gard looked up and met Falk’s serious, intense gaze.

“Are you ready?” the man asked. Gard swallowed loudly but nodded.

“I’m ready. Fuck me.”

Falk gave a wide, wild grin, showing off teeth that looked the slightest bit too sharp. “Oh, trust me, I will. I’ll fuck you nice and hard, don’t you worry.”

Gard couldn’t help but give a strangled laugh at the proclamation. “Hurry up then. What are you waiting for?” Falk’s grin widened, and he approached Gard, his dick held firmly in his hand. Gard watched, his head craned over his shoulder until he felt something big touch his hole.

“Okay, now.” Falk’s voice sounded a little growly and strained. “Try to relax and bear with me. Ready?” Gard nodded and gave a grunt that had to pass for confirmation, because he was out of words. He hissed at the stretch as Falk’s cockhead pushed against his entrance and popped through the ring of muscle. Falk groaned but kept pushing in until he was buried to the hilt, and Gard took deep steady breaths to help with the burning, stretching sensation. Falk froze once he was balls deep and asked, “Are you doing fine?”

“Right as rain,” Gard uttered through gritted teeth, and he wasn’t lying. The burn was fading, leaving him feeling full, but not uncomfortably so. “Will you move already?” he snapped, causing Falk to chuckle and give his side a little slap.

“Always so bossy. You just can’t help it, can you?” That was the last thing they said for a while. After a moment to catch his breath, Falk started thrusting. He went slow at first and Gard had time to take stock of himself. The sensations weren’t unpleasant. Actually, they grew increasingly more interesting. Soon he became impatient.

“Would you speed up already? I’m not some wilting flower! Go on, put your back into it!” he ordered. Falk chuckled but obliged, starting to thrust in earnest. After a minute or so he hit something deep inside Gard, making him moan. “Fuck, that was good. Do it again!”

“Like I said, you can’t help it.” Falk chuckled but increased his efforts to hit just right, and Gard was assaulted by pleasant sensations. The warm tingling feeling travelled straight to his balls and they tightened. His cock was hard and ready to spill. Gard focused on feeling everything. Falk’s fingers digging into his hips, Falk’s cock stretching him wide, and Falk’s balls slapping against Gard’s ass. Gard’s world narrowed to Falk, Falk, Falk, and his orgasm took him by surprise. His cock was still shooting cum all over the blankets when he felt Falk’s thrusts falter as the man lost his rhythm, and the next thing he felt was warmth filling his ass when Falk spilled deep inside him.

They froze like that for a long moment, Gard on his hands and knees, wobbly but staying mostly upright, Falk clinging to his hips as if they were his lifeline. Finally, Falk gently withdrew, and Gard groaned at the strange feeling. Falk hummed behind him, and then there was a feeling of soft cloth wiping the cum dripping out of his ass. As soon as he felt more or less clean, Gard let himself collapse. Falk was right there, spooning Gard from behind, cuddling under the blankets. They fell silent.

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