[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, vampires, M/M, HEA]
Jeremy Myde is a shifter and FPA agent. When a new blood serum, with the ability to change humans into vampires, is discovered, Jeremy helps the team investigate. During the course of the investigation, Jeremy faces several obstacles. The most challenging of which is his mate.
Although Jeremy is desperate to mark and claim Roman, he keeps the young man at arm’s length afraid to make the final step.
Roman Ulanski has been living with Jeremy since he was rescued by the FPA. After recovering from the physical and emotional abuse he endured at the hands of a rogue shifter, Roman is finally ready to move on with his life. He wants to leave the past where it belongs: in the past. The only problem is that his mate still treats him as though he’s fragile. To prove his strength, Roman starts training to become an FPA agent.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Olivia Black is a Siren-exclusive author.


Mates at Last (MM)
15 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffet




Roman Ulanski stumbled back and fell to the ground. He didn’t know who had pushed him until he was already lying on the floor. Blinking rapidly, he looked up and watched in terror as a bullet connected with David Choi’s chest. A look of shock crossed over the other human’s face before he flew backward and hit the ground with a resounding thud.

Roman rolled over onto his belly. He started to low crawl toward David, intent on helping the man, when a mighty roar ripped through the warehouse, shaking the building.

Momentarily stunned, Roman turned his head and watched as Jeremy’s clothing tore apart, ripping to shreds. The male shifted, turning into his other form so fast that if Roman had blinked, he would have missed it. One minute Jeremy was standing across the warehouse, and in the next, a gigantic lizard was in his place. The animal’s yellow vertical-pupil eyes were intelligent, clear, and focused directly on Roman.

The Komodo dragon had a long, flat head with a round snout, bowed legs, and a long, thick tail. His thickly muscled limbs had three-inch claws on each foot. And his stone-colored body was covered with large scales. In his animal form, Jeremy appeared to be around ten feet long and weigh over three hundred pounds.

There were sounds of more gunshots, screams, and a deafening roar. The beast opened his mouth wide, showing off his serrated teeth and forked tongue.

The Komodo dragon moved then, running toward Roman. He covered Roman, his big body a protective shield against the danger surrounding them. Roman froze. Not because he was afraid of the huge lizard, but because the people around them instantly scattered, running away. Another snarl ripped through the warehouse.

Roman slowly rolled over onto his back. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to get to David, not now. “Hey, there, big guy.” He kept his voice low and calm, trying to soothe the beast.

This wasn’t the first time Jeremy had shifted in front of him. But the man never seemed to remember what happened when he turned back to his human form. It made Roman wonder if the two were separate beings, human and beast coexisting together, yet independent from one another. The lizard couldn’t seem to stay away from Roman, unlike the man. Jeremy tended to keep his distance. It was almost as if he were trying to keep Roman in a little bubble, afraid he might break and fall apart at any moment.

Roman didn’t blame Jeremy. They’d met under less than ideal circumstances. Jeremy had seen Roman at his absolute worst. When Roman had been kidnapped, raped, and tortured by a rogue wolf shifter named Morenov, Jeremy and a few other FPA agents had rescued him. Roman was taken to FPA headquarters and moved into one of the empty condos on Leonard Street.

Once he’d healed physically, Roman moved into Jeremy’s place and stayed in his guest room. It took a long time for his body to recover from such a traumatic ordeal. But, eventually, Roman did recuperate. Although, once a week, Roman still went to see a therapist, and he also spent time with Daniel, Braig’s True Match. The two of them had been rescued from the same rogue. Their friendship grew after they had been saved by the FPA.

In truth, the past would probably always haunt him, but Roman was desperate to move forward with his life. He didn’t want the past to dictate his future. He refused to live in fear.

He wasn’t a victim. He was a survivor. Roman just needed Jeremy to see that. He had to prove that he wasn’t a delicate piece of glass. That was one of the reasons that Roman took Abram Jackman up on the offer to become an FPA agent. With the right training and guidance, Roman would never be a victim again. He would be able to protect himself and prove once and for all that he was a worthy mate.




Jeremy’s beautiful cock stood hard, pointing straight at Roman. Roman’s mouth watered, desperate for a taste. He wanted to pull the thick cock into his mouth and swallow it whole. Impatient and eager, Roman flicked out his tongue and licked a bead of pre-cum from the crown of Jeremy’s shaft.

“Oh God,” Jeremy breathed out.

Roman groaned. His mate tasted delicious.

Leaning forward, Roman took the head of Jeremy’s cock into his mouth for the first time. He wrapped his lips around the man’s girth and applied some pressure, sucking.

Jeremy stumbled back, falling against the wall. He spread his legs, giving Roman more space.

Roman placed his hands on Jeremy’s thighs. He bobbed his head, taking more of Jeremy’s cock into his mouth on each downward stroke. His tongue danced along the underside of the man’s dick each time he dipped his head. As Roman pulled back, he swirled his tongue around the glans before rapidly taking the entire shaft back into his mouth, the tip sinking into his throat.

Opening his eyes, Roman looked up at Jeremy. He wanted to see the shifter’s reaction. He wanted to see the expression on Jeremy’s face. As soon as their eyes met, Roman got lost in the shifter’s sea-green eyes. He couldn’t look away. Jeremy reached out. He pushed his hand through Roman’s hair, gripping the strands between his fingers, caressing his scalp.

Roman took Jeremy all the way to the base and made good use of his throat as well as his mouth.

Jeremy shouted, “Roman!”

That was the only warning Roman got. The shifter’s hips thrust forward, and he spilled into his mouth. Swallowing rapidly, Roman took everything the other man had to give him. Hot spunk spotted across Roman’s tongue and filled his mouth. He stayed at the man’s feet, gently sucking until Jeremy’s cock softened.

Jeremy grabbed Roman and pulled him to his feet. The shifter wrapped his arms around Roman’s waist, drawing him in close. When their naked bodies touched, Roman moaned, and Jeremy let out a groan. One of Jeremy’s hands moved up Roman’s back. The shifter wrapped his palm around Roman’s neck. Before Roman knew what Jeremy was doing, the shifter connected their lips in a passionate kiss. Roman whimpered.

Jeremy’s tongue swept across Roman’s lips, demanding entry, and he opened his mouth. Hot and strong and perfect. The kiss was so much better than anything Roman had been able to imagine when he lay alone in his bed, thinking about what it might be like to feel Jeremy’s mouth against his.

Jeremy moved. He pushed Roman back, pressing him against the cool, wet tiles. The shifter leaned into him, connecting their bodies. His cock rubbed against Jeremy’s as the shifter pinned him to the wall. Jeremy touched him.

The shifter ran his hands over Roman. It felt so damn good to have his mate touching him. He’d been dreaming about this moment, and it was finally happening. The only thing Roman could do was cling to the shifter.

Roman moved his hips, trying to gain more friction against his erection. Arousal raced through his veins. He moaned as Jeremy’s tongue danced and twirled against his own. Pleasure raced through Roman’s body fast enough to make his head spin.

“Please,” he whispered. Roman wasn’t exactly sure what he was asking for, but he was desperate to come. His cock ached.

Jeremy rocked his hips, moving his thigh between Roman’s legs, teasing his cock. Roman groaned. Dizzy and drunk on excitement, he squirmed against the tiles. He started moving with Jeremy, their bodies coming together frantically.

Whining into Jeremy’s mouth, Roman tried to hold back his approaching orgasm, but it was impossible. Pleasure tore through him, strong and sharp.

Disconnecting their lips, he cried out, “Jeremy!”

Roman’s voice echoed throughout the bathroom, bouncing off the walls. His hips jerked, and his muscles flexed as he came, shooting hot jets of spunk against Jeremy’s thigh.

“You’re so beautiful,” Jeremy murmured, burying his face against Roman’s neck.

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