The Demon Warriors Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Demon Warriors

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 142,097
5 Ratings (4.6)

In Hondo, longing to find his mate, Hondo didn’t know he had been staring at him for one hundred years. His little buddy, Chris, will have to open Hondo's eyes. Chris knows that in order to be claimed by Hondo, he has to make the thickheaded Hondo see him for what he really is, more than just a friend.

In Snooke, with the crystal missing and the warriors on the hunt for it, Kane finds himself on the hunt for Snooke. The slim demon keeps disappearing and then reappearing bruised and battered. Kane vows to protect the demon, but at what cost?

In Rainerio, saying everything that comes to mind may not be a good thing. Dillon finds this out when he pursues Rainerio, a fierce Demon Warrior who won’t give Dillon the time of day. But he isn’t one to give up. He’ll have Rainerio in his bed.

In Takeo, Takeo wakes to find himself in a dark, dank cell. He doesn’t know how he got there, or even where he is. When Constantine threatens to go after Kamiko next, Takeo finds a way to escape. He travels through the realms with only one thing on his mind—finding the man he loves and keeping him safe.


A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Demon Warriors Collection, Volume 1 (MM)
5 Ratings (4.6)

The Demon Warriors Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Demon Warriors

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 142,097
5 Ratings (4.6)
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Hondo turned, his eyes hooding when he saw Chris standing there with nothing but his shirt on.


“Damn, you are one sexy motherfucker.”

Chris blushed and twisted his hands in his shirt. “Go on.”

Hondo placed his hands on Chris’s sides, lifting him up and setting him on the counter. He leaned in, kissing Chris with savage intensity. Now that he had a taste of the demon, Hondo wanted more. “I want to have sex with you.”

“Didn’t we just do that?”

“Oh, grasshopper, you have much to learn.” He chuckled when Chris beamed up at him.

“You’re the one I want to show me.”

Hondo froze at the statement, his head spinning at the revelation that Chris was a virgin. His libido came to a skidding halt. Did he have it in him to be Chris’s first? Thinking of someone else teaching his lover the ways of love making made Hondo’s body begin to ignite.

“Hondo,” Chris shouted, trying to squirm out of his arms.

“Shit. Sorry.” Hondo took a step back, concentrating on his demon. The heat slowly left his body.

“What’d you do that for?”

“Thinking about someone else in your bed,” he admitted.

“But I don’t want anyone else, dummy. I haven’t been chasing you for so long only to toss that aside to be with someone else.”

Hondo pulled Chris’s shirt over his head and then picked Chris up from the counter, walking him to his bedroom. He gently lay Chris down, pulling his shirt over his head as he kicked his shoes off. “Are you ready for this?”

“Yes, Hondo. I’m nervous, but I want you,” Chris lay there watching Hondo as he pulled his jeans off. Chris’s eyes widened when Hondo’s cock slapped his stomach.

Hondo crawled onto the bed, running his hands over Chris’s body, kissing his way around the soft skin, trying his best to relax his lover.

Chris became unglued. His legs instinctively wrapped around Hondo as his body called out to him. His lover pulled at Hondo’s hair, mewling as Hondo sucked up a bruise on Chris’s neck. He lined his cock up with Chris’s hole, the tip touching the tight star. Hondo went back to making love to Chris with his hands and mouth. His cock had a natural lubricant. The pre-cum would shoot out in bursts, lubing and relaxing Chris’s anus for penetration.

His lover began to bite and nip at Hondo’s neck, his hands wandering all over Hondo’s back. Hondo pushed in an inch as Chris dug his nails into Hondo’s back. “Relax, baby, let my natural lube do its job.”

Chris nodded, attacking Hondo’s mouth with his own.

Hondo pushed in a little further. His jaw clenched in such a tight grip. He pulled Chris into his arms, cupping the back of his head as he fully seated himself.

“Hondo, show me how good sex can be.” Chris began to snap his hips, driving Hondo crazy. Hondo slid his hand across Chris’s silken belly, feeling the demon’s muscles clench and unclench. Waves of ecstasy throbbed through him as together they found the tempo that bound their bodies together.

Hondo gasped when he felt them bind together. Oh god, Chris was his mate. All these fucking years and his mate was right there under his nose.

“Hondo.” Chris’s eyes widened, feeling the binding as well.

“I know, baby. I have you.” Hondo buried his face in Chris’s neck as he swiveled his hips, making sweet and slow love to his Chris. His mate.

Hondo’s heart burst when tears slid down the side of Chris’s face. He knew they were tears of joy because he felt the same way.

He pulled back and then thrust forward, taking Chris to heights never felt before. Hondo rolled to his back, taking Chris with him. “Ride me.”





“Let me show you what a dork can do.” Kane slid his hands around Snooke’s waist and pulled him up into those strong arms. Snooke’s head fell back as Kane began to kiss down his neck, sucking and twirling his tongue over Snooke’s Adam’s apple.

Snooke’s neck was on fire as Kane made a trail down to his collarbone. Kane’s mouth covered Snooke’s skin hungrily. Snooke clutched Kane’s hair, his lips parting as Kane’s hands traveled down his spine, covering his buttocks, and then squeezed.

Want crashed over him as Snooke’s cock pulsed out a rhythm to Kane’s tongue. The fear he held inside melted away as Kane held him close. Kane lifted his head and stared down at Snooke. His eyes were soft, tender. Kane looked at Snooke as if he were the stars and the moon. At that moment Snooke knew he didn’t want Kane to ever leave his side.

He loved Kane.

Kane now owned Snooke’s heart.

“I’ve been a lonely warrior until you.” Kane took Snooke’s lips, his tongue exploring the recesses of Snooke’s mouth. Snooke whimpered as Kane slowly walked them over to his bed. He gently lay Snooke down. For every inch Kane exposed of Snooke’s chest, he kissed, licked, and nipped. His fingers slowly unbuttoned Snooke’s shirt, kissing and pressing his lips upon Snooke’s heart.

Snooke pulled his arms free from his shirt as Kane kissed his way down Snooke’s chest to his abdomen. Snooke’s cock jumped when Kane bit the clasp to his slacks and then mouthed his erection through the fabric. Tension began to build in Snooke. The need to come was getting close. He closed his eyes, willing himself to calm down.

Kane slid the clasp free from Snooke’s pants as his lips worked Snooke’s cock. When his shaft was finally free, Kane slipped it into his mouth.

“Oh,” Snooke groaned. He raised his legs as Kane slid his pants down and then off. Snooke grabbed his knees and pulled them back, giving his lover all of him. The voice in the back of Snooke’s mind kept telling him to leave and never look back. Kane didn’t need to get involved. But his body wouldn’t listen.

Kane was fast becoming his whole world, and that was dangerous. Snooke lost his train of thought and gasped as Kane’s tongue pushed past the ring of muscles, his hands gliding over the back of Snooke’s thighs.

His skin began to hum when Kane licked a path up to his balls, circling around them and taking each orb into his mouth. Had anyone ever taken their time to make love to Snooke’s body like this? Snooke’s head thrashed back and forth, his hands fisting the sheets. “K–Kane.”

Snooke could feel the pre-cum leaking onto his stomach as Kane lapped his way up and then licked his belly clean, taking his cock into the haven of his mouth. Snooke bucked, his hips thrusting as Kane worked Snooke’s cock down his throat.

Snooke’s back bowed as Kane’s throat muscles worked his shaft. His legs swung up, and his feet planted themselves onto Kane’s back. Snooke fucked Kane’s mouth in a frenzy.

Kane’s fingers massaged Snooke’s hot, sensitive skin, sending his senses to another realm. Snooke felt as though he wasn’t even in his own body. Kane had taken him to the highest peak, and that’s where they were hovering now.

Currents of fire shot through him as Kane worked his cock, taking Snooke so close to the edge, he could see the abyss below.

“Kane!” Snooke cried to the heavens as he came. Kane drank him down, body and soul. There wasn’t one part of Snooke that Kane didn’t own now.

He fell back on the bed as Kane rose above him, staring down at Snooke with hooded eyes. The warrior pulled his shirt over his head, tossing it aside, his eyes never leaving Snooke’s.

Snooke’s heart beat loudly in his chest as Kane kicked his jeans off. His lover stood there gloriously naked, his cock hitting his abdomen. There was no rolling away now, and Snooke didn’t want to.

Kane slid onto the bed, his hands skating up Snooke’s body as the strength of Kane blanketed him. “I knew I’d get you in my bed.” Kane lowered his head and took one of Snooke’s nipples into his mouth. He could feel Kane’s cockhead at his anus, the pre-cum relaxing his muscles.

Snooke spread his legs wider, wanting to feel his lover buried deep inside of him. Why couldn’t he crawl inside Kane and live there safely forever?

His hands came down on Kane’s head, pulling at the mahogany hair as the warrior gently bit his nipple, teasing it with his lips. Goose bumps broke out over Snooke’s skin as Kane’s fingers traced over his shoulders and down his arms.

Snooke lifted his legs higher as Kane slowly pushed through, breaching him, taking Snooke’s body in more than just the physical sense. He could feel his lover’s cock deep inside as his warrior lifted his head and stared into Snooke’s eyes. “You’re mine.” Kane lowered his head, tracing Snooke’s lips with his tongue. “I’ll never let you go.” Their lips collided in a fierce play of desire, hungrily taking what the other offered.

But I’ll just break your heart. Snooke’s mind whispered the words. He wrapped his legs around Kane’s waist, feeling the steel shaft moving in and out of his body.

Snooke cried out when he felt the binding begin. No! Kane couldn’t be his mate. God no. This couldn’t be happening. It wasn’t safe for Kane to be near him, but now they were mates. A single tear slid down the side of Snooke’s face as he thought of how Kane would be in danger now.

They both would be.

“Snooke.” Kane gasped, locking eyes with Snooke. A smile formed on Kane’s face. “I knew you were the one. From the moment I saw you, I knew.”

Snooke felt like he was spiraling out of control as Kane thrust harder. His cock was smashed between his body and the warrior’s solid muscles. The friction was going to make him come again.

“My shorty.” Kane kissed down Snooke’s neck tenderly. “My Snooke.”





“Why can’t you let me be?” Rainerio asked as his fingers dug into Dillon’s ass cheeks. “You insist on taunting me, tormenting me. We can’t do this, Dillon.”

“We’re both adults. I don’t see what the problem is.” He whimpered as Rainerio’s hands glided across his ass, his fingers teasing his crease. “You want it, I want it. That equals two to me.”

“What you most desire isn’t always good for you,” Rainerio said as Dillon ran his hands through the long, cocoa-brown hair. The warrior kissed his temple, making Dillon close his eyes in pleasure.

“I need to feel some part of you inside of me,” Dillon softly pleaded as he pulled on Rainerio’s hair.

With a satisfied sigh, Dillon felt a strong, warm hand separating his cheeks, a finger circling around his entrance. Bearing down on Rainerio’s finger, Dillon tried to impale himself all the way.

Rainerio growled in his ear as he nipped the shell of it. “I say when you get more.”

Dillon nodded rapidly. “Okay. I can handle that. Now give me another. I need another finger.”

Dillon’s skin stung when Rainerio smacked his ass. His head spun from the sensation as Rainerio added a second finger. The spanking was well worth it as the large fingers scraped across his naughty spot. He was barely hanging onto the edge as Rainerio added a third finger.

“Oh, jeezus.” Dillon emphasized the word as tiny rockets went off inside of him. Rainerio was going to send him to another world, he just knew it. He fisted a handful of Rainerio’s hair as the warrior fucked him crazy with his fingers.

“You want to feel my cock in your ass, don’t you?” Rainerio’s voice was thick with passion, and he was moving, walking slowly to Dillon’s bed.

Rainerio’s eyes locked with his now as he was slowly lowered to the bed. Dillon clenched his ass cheeks, unwilling to let the large fingers desert him. They felt too perfect, too right, just where they were. “I want to feel something in my ass, preferably your dick.”

Rainerio tossed his clothes aside as Dillon took in all the muscled glory of the warrior. “Now that is one fine-ass-looking body. Give me some of that horse-hung cock.” Dillon wiggled his fingers at Rainerio, feeling impatient as ever.

Rainerio smacked him on his bottom again. “Ow, what was that for?”

“Your dirty mouth.”

“You know you like it.” He smiled smugly at the cock-diesel warrior.

Rainerio raked Dillon with his chocolate-brown eyes, making him shiver at such a seductive look. Dillon hooked his knees with his hands, pulling his legs back and giving Rainerio a display of what he had to offer.

Rainerio licked his lips as he lined his cock up. Dillon became frustrated when Rainerio didn’t enter him. He already knew that they didn’t need condoms, Snooke had tipped his ear about that, so what was the hold up? Panic set in as the idea that Rainerio might have changed his mind. “What’s wrong?”

Rainerio manacled Dillon’s wrists as he brought them over his head, locking them within his large hands against the mattress. “Nothing. Let the natural lubricant do its job.”

Dillon shuddered at Rainerio’s deep voice. It was soulful and erotic. “Natural?” This was getting better and better. Dillon barely held on as he waited. He could feel the muscles to his entrance start to relax as something wet slid down his crease. “That is so damn cool.” He sighed.

Rainerio lowered his head, taking Dillon’s mouth in their very first kiss. Rainerio was claiming his lips like a possessed man. Dillon was all for that. His tongue explored the recesses of Dillon’s mouth as his fingers tightened around Dillon’s wrists.

The warrior was mastering him, and Dillon couldn’t have been happier. His head fell to the side as Rainerio nipped down his neck, biting into his shoulder. Dillon’s hips bucked as Rainerio kissed away the pain.

Dillon’s ankles dug into solid, muscular flesh as Rainerio finally entered him. He gasped for air as the large cock grazed over his naughty spot and kept going. His fingers clenched and unclenched as the small bite of pain turned into the most astounding pleasure ever imaginable.

“Dillon. Hell, Dillon.” Rainerio looked as though he was begging with his eyes for Dillon to do something. They looked tortured and lust-filled at the same time. His powerful thighs inched up a little further, making Dillon’s ass raise higher.

Rainerio’s lips touched Dillon’s nipples with tantalizing possessiveness as he began to move inside of Dillon’s ass. He behaved as though he were a starved man, his lips sucking on every inch of Dillon’s body as he tried to eat him alive.

Dillon’s head thrashed from side to side, his breath coming out in rough pants as Rainerio fucked him harder. The warrior’s muscled thighs thrust him forward, making Dillon cry out with unquenchable pleasure.

“Oh god, Rainerio.” A feeling of utter closeness washed over him. Dillon felt as though he were inside of Rainerio’s body, like they had become one.

The warrior’s head snapped back as he stared down at Dillon with widened eyes. “This can’t be.”

“What? What can’t be?”

Instead of answering him, Rainerio tried to fuck him through the mattress and into the apartment below them. Dillon was lost, wrapped up in the agonizing pleasure that seemed to take over his mind, body, and soul.

Never in his life had he felt such crippling abandonment. He was taken from that room and shot straight to heaven where Rainerio was making him wish this could last forever.

Rainerio hitched his thighs up further, hitting his naughty spot on every damn stroke. Dillon pulled at his wrists, trying to free them so he could dig his fingers into Rainerio’s honed muscles.





Takeo blinked several times as his eyes finally fluttered open. They were aching badly as he tried to focus his vision. He could tell they were swollen, because he was barely able to use them to see. He wasn’t sure where he was or how he got there, but he could feel something digging into his wrists. He glanced up to see that his hands were bound by steel manacles that were biting into his flesh. There was dried blood around his wrists and trailing down his arms, creating a strange pattern as it ended at his elbows.

Another thing he noticed right away was that wherever he was, it was cold. A deep chill settled in his bones, making him slightly shiver. Takeo glanced down through his swollen eyes to see that he was hanging naked in some dark, dank room that smelled of urine and death. There were a few rats in the corner, eating at something indiscernible.

As he glanced around, trying to focus in the dark, Takeo took in the room. It was some sort of cellar. The walls were made of concrete that had moss and fungus growing in a plethora of greens and browns and even some black. The floors had some sort of black buildup caking it, almost like a slimy film.

He pulled at his wrists only to clench his jaw in pain. His head fell back as he looked up to see that the steel had worn through his flesh, biting into his bones. He curled his fingers around the chains, trying in earnest to pull himself up to relieve some of the pressure. His shoulders felt like they were being pulled from their sockets.

It wasn’t easy. Takeo was solidly built, and his wrists were taking on a lot of weight. He saw that the chains that helped suspend him were threaded through some sort of eyebolt. It was large and thickly made. There was no way Takeo was going to be able to pull it from the ceiling.

He tilted his head to the left, wiping the sweat from his stinging eyes, eyes that could barely see his surroundings as he hung there, suspended in midair. He kicked his foot out when one of the rats scurried toward him, trying to nibble at his toe. He wasn’t going to be their next meal. The rat scurried back over to the others, ignoring Takeo for the moment.

His toes just barely touched the floor, and he knew eventually the group of vermin would set their sights on him as their main course. He could only keep his body curled up for so long before exhaustion would set in and the rats would have their dinner.

As he glanced around the room, seeing one door made of metal and shut tightly, he focused on the last thing he remembered. He had felt a tugging in his chest and knew a soul was being taken. He and Wayland had followed that feeling until they found themselves behind King Wings, where Gammy was playing with some unfortunate person, teasing him before sucking his soul out through the victim’s mouth.

Everything after that was fuzzy.

His eyes snapped to the side when he heard movement, a shuffling of some sort. His vision blurred for a moment and then slowly came back into focus. The door was slowly opening, the hinges squeaking loudly, echoing through the small room and grating on his ears.

Licking his dry, cracked lips, Takeo strained to see who it was. His mind raced with all kinds of possibilities as the door creaked back, revealing someone Takeo had never seen before.

“Are you enjoying your accommodations?” the man asked as he stepped into the room. Takeo wasn’t sure who the man was, but it didn’t bode well when the rats ran in fear. That told Takeo he was dealing with someone very evil.

Takeo refused to utter one single word. He had learned through experience that if he stayed quiet that the other person felt compelled to fill that silence with mindless chatter. A person could learn a lot that way.

The man’s eyes roamed over Takeo’s body, a slight grin pulling at his lips as his eyes told Takeo that the man was void of any kind of compassion. The stranger’s eyes were dark, sinister, and downright creepy as fuck. Takeo clenched his jaw, immediately regretting it as pain shot down his neck and over his shoulders.

He had a feeling his jaw was broken.

“Nevertheless, I hope you’re quite comfortable. You’ll be vacationing with us for quite some time.”

Takeo kept his eyes downcast as he tried to think of a way out of this mess. Short of gnawing his own damn hands off, things were looking pretty damn grim.

“I’m surprised you don’t remember me. You’re the one who had me locked away in that godforsaken underground prison. Have you ever been there as a guest? You should try it sometime. Your mind starts to go a little mad after being in there for centuries.”

Takeo glanced up quickly and then looked back down, trying his best to place the face. He knew three had escaped from the detention cells that were located in the underworld, and he knew who Gammy was. Takeo also knew who Crypt was.

Crypt was a vile creature who no one could mistake for anything other than pure evil. He was the largest being Takeo had ever seen, with powers and strength to match, but the thing had a pea for a brain. Crypt went off of pure instinct.

But the man standing before him wasn’t Crypt or Gammy. So this had to be Constantine, Marino’s brother. Marino was a foul being. He created the drug called Liquid Wrath that creatures across every species were addicted to.

And this was his brother.

Takeo knew for a fact that Constantine was even more evil than Marino.

“Answer me!” Constantine bellowed, his voice bouncing off the four stone walls. When Takeo didn’t utter a single word, Constantine stepped closer. “I know exactly what to say to get you talking,” he whispered in a cold, malicious tone. “You have a human friend in the human realm that you are very fond of. Kamiko, right?”




“What’s wrong?” Takeo asked as he climbed onto the bed. “Have you changed your mind?”

Hardly. He’d have to be knocked out and dragged from Takeo’s apartment in order to refuse the man. He wasn’t that stupid. “No.” Kamiko didn’t want to talk anymore. They had talked enough over the years. It was time to get down to the funky sex and sweating part.

Tucking his hands behind Takeo’s head, Kamiko pulled him down, connecting their lips in an electrifying, make-your-eyelashes-curl kiss. Kamiko could die a happy man now with the way Takeo was mastering his mouth, drawing the kiss out like a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Kamiko could tell Takeo was trying to be gentle. But he didn’t want gentle. Kamiko wanted skin-slapping, fall-off-the-bed, scream-until-his-voice-was-lost sex. Was that too much to ask for?

He tried to flip Takeo over onto his back, but with his soon-to-be lover’s weight, that didn’t work out too well.

“What are you doing?”

“Flip over,” Kamiko commanded as he pushed at Takeo’s chest. He was trying to take charge, but Takeo’s bulky frame was denying him that pleasure.

Takeo’s brow arched as he moved to his back. As soon as Takeo’s weight was off of him, Kamiko pounced. He dropped down between Takeo’s legs and swallowed his cock before the man could utter one ounce of protest.

“Fuck!” Takeo shouted as his head fell back onto the mattress, his legs pulling up as his feet planted firmly on the bed. Kamiko opened wide, lavishing Takeo’s cock with his tongue as he snaked a hand down to Takeo’s balls and tugged on them.

Takeo groaned.

Kamiko took that as a sign that he was doing a good job. He wasn’t well versed in the art of blow jobs, but he knew enough to get him by. Even in the dark days years ago, Kamiko…he pushed that thought aside and attacked Takeo harder, with more vigor.

“Kamiko.” Takeo whispered his name like a lover in the night, making Kamiko’s skin feel like it was alive for the very first time. He opened his mouth wider, taking Takeo’s shaft deeper into his mouth.

He pulled back, suckling at the head as Takeo ran his hands through Kamiko’s hair, fanning it out over his thigh. His fingers were like a soft caress, making Kamiko’s body shiver in delight.

“Come here, little flower.” Takeo’s tone was commanding, yet gentle.

Kamiko was having none of that. He didn’t want gentle, at least not now. He wet his finger, praying Takeo didn’t knock him on his ass as he quickly inserted a finger into Takeo’s ass.

“What the fuck!” Takeo shouted as his hips bucked, ramming his cock down Kamiko’s throat in the process. He gagged and pulled back.

Well, that worked out well.

Kamiko froze, Takeo’s cock still shoved between his lips as he looked up at Takeo. He didn’t look mad.

“You’re full of many surprises, aren’t you?” Takeo growled as he pulled Kamiko up and tossed him on his back. “Let’s see how you handle a warrior fucking you.”

Kamiko spread his legs apart, a hopeful smile playing at his lips as he batted his eyelashes at Takeo. “Show me.”

Takeo’s eyebrows shot up, and then his lids fell to slits as he crawled up Kamiko’s body. “Slow and steady or fast and hard?”

“Fast and hard,” Kamiko quickly answered.

“Do not forget that it was you who asked for it,” Takeo warned as he set the head of his cock at Kamiko’s hole. He jerked when he felt something wet spurt inside his hole. He glanced up at Takeo, his eyes wide.

“It is a lubricant that a demon’s cock gives off to relax the entrance. Pre–seminal fluid,” Takeo said as his ran his hands through Kamiko’s hair, giving it a light tug.

“Harder,” Kamiko begged.

Takeo’s nostrils flared as he tugged harder, sending small shards of pain and pleasure through Kamiko’s scalp. He shuddered as he moaned. “Again.”

Kamiko could feel another spurt as Takeo pulled just a little harder. He could feel nails scraping his scalp as Takeo pulled slightly harder than the last. Kamiko was going wild under Takeo. His fingers dug into Takeo’s chest, leaving half-moon bites behind as Takeo leaned forward and began to play with Kamiko’s nipples with his tongue, lapping, sucking, and gently biting them until Kamiko was ready to come from the exotic sensation.

Who knew he had sensitive nipples?

Kamiko’s hands flew to Takeo’s hair as he pushed his lover’s head closer, begging. He yelped when Takeo bit one nipple and then lapped at it with his tongue.

Another spurt…

Kamiko was trying desperately to impale himself on Takeo’s cock, but whenever he pushed down, Takeo moved back. “Let it do its job, little flower.”

Frustrated, Kamiko yanked at Takeo’s hair. “It has done its job. Fuck me.”

Takeo grinned as he leaned down and kissed Kamiko. “You must learn patience.”

Kamiko didn’t want to learn patience. He wanted to be fucked. His ass chased Takeo’s cock as his lover chuckled. To see Takeo smile was like watching the heavens open up. It took his very breath away.

“Are you ready?” Takeo asked as he nipped at Kamiko’s shoulder.

“God, yes.” He had been ready years ago. Kamiko grabbed Takeo’s shoulders as his lover’s cock slowly entered him, quick spurts of the lubricant shooting inside of him as Takeo eased his way in.

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