[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Interracial Paranormal Romantic Suspense, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

Saxon came to Peyton City to catch a criminal, but he didn’t expect his mate to be that criminal. He also didn’t expect his mate to have ties to the infamous Circle of Steel. Torn, he has a choice to make: prove his mate is innocent, or break his oath to The Order.

Kian knows Saxon is his mate, but he’s not about to betray those he cares for. So he decides it’s best to resist the mating tug since once he mates with Saxon, Saxon has his loyalty first and all others second.

But both men are in a race against time, as the Circle’s diabolical plan to bring down The Order threatens to destroy not just one pride, but two, killing many in the process. To prevent the immediate destruction, Kian and Saxon must join forces. An enemy plotting to kill Kian wtih deadly poisons collides with sizzling wildcat passion. Only one can come away the winner. 

A Siren Erotic Romance
Poison and Wildcat Passion (MM)
4 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Gentleman Only was a split-level Craftsman-style building with a wide back patio and exposed brick on both levels that was complemented by beautiful blond wood floors. The barstools were mostly filled in the smoke-free gay club, and a glance at the dance floor revealed a crush of bodies swaying to a sensual beat by a band he’d never heard of.

Kian headed to the bar intent on having a drink before going to the upper level to have a quick bite. His day had been longer than he wanted it to be with only one interesting spot—the green-eyed panther from Avian’s office. The man still haunted his thoughts and not just because Kian wondered what he’d been doing there.

His cat was drawn to him and Kian wasn’t opposed to a fling. He’d been careful in his romances due to his brother’s aversion to his sexuality. He had no doubt Clevon would scare them away by any means necessary.

Kian climbed onto a vacant stool next to a man chatting up a petite blond. The bartender came over with a slow smile for Kian.

“Hey, baby,” he drawled. “I haven’t seen you in a few weeks. Here alone?”

Kian and the bartender had flirted shamelessly the last time he’d been here, and he could tell the guy had been on the verge of asking him out when Kale had dragged him away.


The blond grinned. “I liked you better blond,” he said with a wink. “What’ll it be tonight?”

“Just a ginger ale,” Kian told him. He’d like something stiffer, but he was driving and he might go over Avian’s formulas later. He needed a clear head for that.

The blond set the iced drink on the bar. “Here ya go.” 

“Thanks, Jon,” Kian said and reached for his wallet, but before he could get it free of his pants pocket, a bill was laid down on the counter.

“I’ll have the same.” His voice was low and masculine and almost inaudible despite the non-earsplitting volume of the music.

Kian turned to thank the guy and refuse, but he was caught in a storm of green and gold that made his heart beat faster as his stomach fluttered.

He tore his gaze from Saxon’s just to get his bearings and found his stare sliding down the other man’s chest to the exposed skin at his lean throat where his button-down shirt was open. It trailed down, pulling appealingly across his broad chest and tucking into the waistband of black jeans that were cinched with a black leather belt boasting a gold buckle. His name was etched on the buckle in black.

Kian’s eyes dropped a little lower to powerful thighs with an impressive bulge between them.

“Hello, Kian,” Saxon greeted him with a thread of amusement.

 Kian forced his gaze to Saxon’s and cleared his throat. “U—hi.” Kian had stopped by a gym where he had a membership, showered, and pulled on fresh clothes after getting his hair dyed.

Like him, the man had changed, too. So, he knew green eyes hadn’t followed him here. This was just a coincidence.

“Good to see you again,” Saxon said as his lips curved into a slow smile. “Find what you were looking for today?”

Kian lowered his gaze to Saxon’s hand, noting the neat, clean nails. They were nicely shaped and short.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“The books,” Saxon replied and picked up his drink. “Keep the change.” He barely gave Jon a look. “Shall we grab a table?” Saxon asked to Kian’s surprise.

Kian blinked. “Sure.” He climbed from his stool as Saxon grabbed his drink. Kian took one of the tables in the darkest corner of the room, where a couple at the next table was quietly talking.

“You dyed your hair,” Saxon said with a frown.

“You liked the blond better?” Kian asked with a teasing smile.

Saxon took his time as if considering his response. “Which do you prefer?”

Kian laughed. “I admit the blond was a nice change, but the black is more flattering.”

“You’re a good-looking guy, I couldn’t argue with either,” Saxon said and Kian laughed again.

“Are you always this good?” Kian asked.

Saxon’s brows lifted in query. “Good?”

Kian leaned toward him. “I bet your boyfriends can get away with murder.”

Saxon shook his head. “Not even, baby.” He reached out to draw two fingers along Kian’s jaw, and the contact shot through him like a bolt of lightning, making him shudder as his cock hardened.

The touch was alien but felt so right that Kian leaned back to escape the enticing warmth.

“Scared all of a sudden, cutie? I thought the night was about to get interesting,” Saxon murmured, amusement in his green gaze.

Kian shrugged. “I’m not afraid, but I’m not going to let you force me into something I hadn’t planned on.” That was easy to say, but just sitting here across from Saxon felt so right. It was as if he’d known him before in the metaphysical sense.

He believed in reincarnation, so it was possible, but he didn’t want to rush the tension between them into something more tonight.

“I don’t want to force you into anything, darlin’,” Saxon replied quietly. “I was just wondering if you’d like to dance or if you were too afraid to get a little closer to me.”




Kian faced him with a scowl and they were too close. The cat inside him wanted to rub against his mate and cement the connection already started. “No.”

“Not tonight, baby.” Saxon cupped Kian’s face and then claimed his mouth in a rough kiss.

Kian fought—no, he tried to. Didn’t he?

Saxon’s tongue swept into the humid depths of Kian’s mouth, and their tongues dueled in a slow dance that made Kian’s cock press tighter against the zipper of his pants.

He moaned and closed his arm around Saxon’s neck, drawing his head down farther. Kian strained against him, his blood molten as he scratched Saxon’s arms with nails threatening to go clawed. The kiss was too much. His head spun as his will faded.

He was drowning in sensation, and desire tore at him mercilessly. Saxon pushed his knee between Kian’s thighs and Kian ground against it, sending pleasure rippling through him.

Kian broke the kiss, panting hard as his head rested against Saxon’s chin. “S-Saxon, I can’t think.”

“I want you.” Saxon’s tone was a rough growl that stroked Kian in places he didn’t know existed inside him.

With Saxon’s engorged cock pressing against his belly, and his fingers biting into Kian’s waist, left him in no doubt of what Saxon wanted.

“I don’t think acting on that is a good idea,” Kian said and looked up into green eyes he was certain weren’t there earlier. The hunger in Saxon’s eyes cut a path through his logical mind, tearing up his defenses.

“Okay. Yeah.”

Kian rubbed against Saxon. “How are you doing this to me? Making me want you so bad I can’t say no.”

“You can say stop whenever you want,” Saxon whispered. “I’ll stop, Kian.”

Breathing hard, Kian pushed his hand beneath Saxon’s T-shirt. He drew his nails over Saxon’s skin and the panther growled. Kian loved it. The sound was rough and dark and curled around his penis, making it jerk.

“I need—”

“I’ll give you what you need, Kian.” Saxon bent his knees and brushed his jeans-covered cock against Kian’s. “Everything you need if you just let me.” He captured Kian’s lips again as he worked Kian’s belt open and ripped the button of his pants from its mooring before dragging the zipper down. He pushed his hand inside and cupped the weight of Kian’s cock and balls.

Kian moaned helplessly and stroked his hand down Saxon’s back to squeeze his ass. Saxon tore his lips from Kian’s to trail kisses down to his throat. He sucked his neck as he caressed Kian’s chest. Kian groaned harshly, his stomach muscles tightening. Firm fingers brushed his hip before Saxon caressed the back of Kian’s thigh.

Kian trembled, breathing harshly. Saxon looked into his eyes and Kian saw hunger blazing bright in the green depths. The look took his breath away and Kian reached up to caress Saxon’s jaw.

“I need your touch on my skin,” Kian murmured and his hands went to his shirt almost of their own volition.

Kian shrugged out of his shirt, and Saxon grasped the edge of the tank Kian wore beneath and tugged it over his head. He tossed it to the toilet lid before trailing his lips over a flat nipple to swirl his tongue around the dark areola.

Kian gasped. The first moist touch was a balm to his skin. “God, Saxon.”

Saxon drew his tongue over a turgid point and moaned harshly as Kian pushed his fingers into Saxon’s hair. Saxon pinched the other nipple and breath shuddered out of Kian.

Saxon sucked at the nipple before lightly biting it and turning his attention to the other.

“Your mouth feels so good on me,” Kian whispered.

Saxon flicked his tongue over the taut peak and then closed his hot mouth over it. The suction went straight to Kian’s cock and it jerked between them.

Kian mewled as Saxon sucked harder. “You’re making me insane with need,” he confessed raggedly as he pulled Saxon’s hair.

Saxon released his flesh and licked down over Kian’s stomach, drawing his tongue around the hollow of his belly button before biting at the soft edge of it as he dragged Kian’s briefs down.

Kian groaned as his cock sprang free and Saxon kissed Kian’s hip. Saxon caressed the other one with light scratches as he kissed the flesh of Kian’s inner thigh. He ran his tongue over his skin and up to the crease where hip and thigh met. He licked over the hairless groin at the base of Kian’s cock.

Kian’s breath stalled as firm fingers closed around his erection, and Saxon swiped his tongue over the head before drawing it down the shaft. He licked over one tight orb and then the other before gliding his tongue up the hard ridge of Kian’s dick to close his mouth over the tip.

“Fuck!” Kian shuddered. The moist heat of Saxon’ mouth was rapture, made Kian’s blood hotter. He smoothed his hands over Saxon’s back, nails raking at the barrier of his shirt.

“Please take it off,” Kian begged. “I need to feel you.”

Saxon rested on his knees before Kian and jerked the shirt over his head. “Better?” he asked in a voice tight with passion.

“Yes.” Kian skimmed his fingers over tough skin and sighed. There was nothing like running his hands over bare skin, and he reveled in the heavy muscles and strength of the man before him.

At the same time, Saxon took Kian’s cock into his mouth, and Kian gasped. Their eyes met. Saxon’s were full of fire that singed, and Kian whimpered. Resistance had been futile the moment their gazes locked in the mirror.

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