[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Interracial Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, bondage, sex in shifted form, HEA]
Jessup Stone is a wildcat struggling with his pride’s refusal to accept him as a gay man. At the same time, he’s looking for love at Interracial Heat dating service. His last few dates were nothing special but this one blows him away.  
Brady Lawry isn’t really looking for love, but he’s not opposed to finding it. However, he’s certain that new love won’t be an ex-baseball player. The last thing he wants is a macho man—that’s his job. But the heat of the wildcat burns away his defenses.
Jesse is walking on air until he witness a murder that turns his life upside down. Suddenly thrown head first into a conspiracy, he’s worried this will put a kink in his romantic life, but the danger only draws him and Brady into their own personal firestorm of emotion that leaves him breathless. One wrong move could leave him mated that’s only if they both survive the killer’s games.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Wildcat Heat (MM)
7 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Brady’s lips pulled into a smile. “Let’s go inside and get you a drink to calm your ruffled feathers.”

“Making fun of me?” Jesse demanded, his voice getting a little soft as he propped a hand on his cocked hip.

“Course not, baby,” Brady said in a placating tone. “It seems like you might have had a trying morning and need a stiff drink or cold brew.”

Jesse sniffed. “I know you’re making fun of me,” he said coldly. “I’m—”

“C’mon, Jess, don’t be a diva,” Brady said. “Or I’m going to have to paddle your ass.”

Jesse glared at him, his lips pulling into an “as if” expression. “I know you don’t think that’s happening at this stage.” Brady’s expression went from tolerant to cool as he took a step toward him and Jesse shivered feeling like stalked prey.

Brady surprised him then by running a hand down his bare arm. “I’m serious about the paddling, sweetheart.”

Jesse opened his mouth to rebuke the statement as he took a step back and stopped. The very faint sound of a growl rumbled from Brady’s throat and his eyes turned—they turned panther green. He blinked and the panther was no longer watching him with displeasure, the man was back in control.

Son of a freaking bitch!

“How in the hell did you ever hide all that sugar from your teammates?” Brady asked in a low tone that made his stomach flutter with hunger, not fear, and he knew he should be afraid.

He’d heard rumors about black panthers and how dangerous they were. He’d also fantasized about being with one. They were without a doubt the most delicious predators in the shifter community. He’d also heard they were very well endowed.

“That was all a part of my self-education on how to be straighter than straight men,” he said breathlessly.

“I guess some things can’t be excised.” Brady caught his hand. “Be a good boy now, or I’ll have to take you to the bathroom for a little discipline.”

“I’ll behave,” he agreed demurely. The wildcat inside his mind had no trouble giving in to a more dominant cat.

“Let’s go inside.” Brady opened the door for him and the host gave them a smile before showing them to a table.

This was a freaking stroke of fate. His parents would never give the impression of being less than human and had made sure their children were the same. They were trying to marry him off as well, but what patriarch would willingly give his daughter to a gay man when he knew her chances of happiness were almost nil?

“Is your case going okay?” He made an effort to speak deciding not to dwell on the truths of his life or what had been.

“I’ve made some progress,” Brady said blandly.

“I’ve got two tickets to a play tonight at the Red Theatre. Would you like to go with me?” This might not be his mate, but Brady could be his ticket into the panther den. Then, he could meet other men he wouldn’t have to hide his true nature from.

Brady shrugged. “Okay.”

“The play starts at eight. Can I have your phone? I’ll put my number and address in.”

“I have them,” Brady said with a smile. “My agency does all the background checks for Ash. I just had your file pulled.”

Jesse’s eyes widened and then narrowed. “Why? I got the feeling you weren’t really interested.”

“I like the way you smell,” Brady told him.

Intrigued, Jesse leaned forward with his heart beating faster. “How is that?”

Brady leaned toward him. “It’s like fresh snow with a hint of lady slipper orchid.”

“What does that smell like?” he pressed. He had no idea what the heck the flower even looked like.

“Kind of warm and sweet like vanilla,” Brady murmured.

Jesse smiled shyly. “So good?”

“So damn good,” Brady corrected. “So, don’t cover up that scent with the cologne you were wearing last night. I’d rather sit next to you in that crowded theatre getting drunk on the decadent smell of you.”

His cat purred. “You didn’t like it?”

“It’s nice, but your natural scent is nicer,” Brady answered. “It makes me hard.”

Jesse smiled. “Just looking at you gets me hard.” He winced and Brady chuckled. He liked the warm contagious sound and laughed too. “You did that on purpose,” he accused.

Brady grinned. “Not this time.”

The waitress brought their meal right then, giving Jesse time to recover. He couldn’t believe he’d said that. It was true he was strongly attracted to Brady, and his cat was eager to play with the panther it had glimpsed outside. However, he hadn’t meant to let that slip.

They finished up lunch amid conversation about sports and movies and Brady paid again which surprised Jesse. All of the men he’d ever gone out to lunch with had suggested they each pay for their own. Maybe Brady thought he was having some financial issues thanks to the problems with the new building. He was on the verge of that, but he could have paid for their meal.

They stepped out into the sunshine and Jesse’s shoulder brushed Brady’s, his cat purred and urged him to take Brady’s arm or his hand. It wanted to use him for a scratching post as much as it wanted to feel him up. He fought the urge by shoving his hands into his pants pockets.

“Why did you want a lunch date?” Jesse asked. “No one ever goes on a lunch date unless they’re breaking up or are already serious.”

“I wasn’t going to ask you out tonight,” he admitted. “I was going to suggest we see each other tomorrow.”

Jesse sighed. “Because despite liking the way I smell, you aren’t interested in me?” His wildcat balked and paced the insides of his mind in anxiety at not seeing the panther again.




Brady prowled over to him and glided his fingers over Jesse’s jaw. He kissed him, pushing a hand into his silky hair. Jesse moaned and leaned into the kiss as Brady’s tongue stroked over his, dueled with, sucked it. He stroked his hand up Brady’s arm before both hands glided down the silk of his shirt and tugged it from the waistband of his pants. He pushed his hands beneath to stroke the warm skin.

Brady groaned and broke the kiss. He kissed the side of Jesse’s neck before ripping his shirt open and trailing kisses down to his throat. He licked over the column of Jesse’s throat and nipped at it.

Jesse groaned as a wave of heat washed over him. “Brady.”

Brady worked the button of Jesse’s pants free and dragged the zipper down before pushing his hand inside. He curled his hand around the warm flesh of Jesse’s dick. Brady stroked his thumb over the head swiping away the cool pre-cum beaded on the tip. He used it to work Jesse’s cock with easy strokes before suddenly drawing his hand back. He pushed his shirt open and lowered his head to trail kisses down to his chest. He flicked his tongue over a taut peak before sucking it and then scraping it with his teeth.

Jesse groaned harshly and stroked his fingers over the back of Brady’s head. His black hair was soft but cut so low the strands were too low to pull. His blood turned molten hot as Brady’s tongue swiped over the other nipple before biting the tiny point.

“Oh fuck,” Jesse said on a rough groan. Damn his body was turning into a wildfire, his breathing coming harsh.

Brady pressed kisses over his stomach as he sank to his knees. He curved one hand around Jesse’s cock and drew it from his pants. Brady licked over the swollen head as he held Jesse’s gaze. He swirled his tongue around the bloated head before sucking it into his mouth while he stroked his thumb down the tight ridge of the shaft.

Jesse let out tight cry.

Brady sucked Jesse’s cock deeper into his mouth. He lifted his head. “You taste like vanilla too.” He licked down the shaft letting his tongue curl around one orb. Brady sucked it and then sucked the other.

“Oh God! Fuck, Brady, you’re driving me insane.”

Brady licked back up and then lifted his head. He got to his feet and reached for the lube. “Turn around,” he ordered and Jesse did.

Jesse felt cool lube cruise down the crease of his ass and then a firm finger dragged it to the secret garden between his cheeks. The blunt tip of Brady’s finger breached the treasure box.

“Damn your ass is so tight. I can’t wait to get my dick up it.” His slick finger pushed in deeper past the tight ring of muscle and forged into the hot depths beyond. He drew his finger out, added more lube and pushed it back in.

Jesse moaned and braced his feet more firmly on the floor as pleasured built in his belly. “Damn that’s so good, Brady.”

Brady drew his finger out and pushed two back into the tightness. Sharp teeth bit the flesh of his shoulder and Jesse purred. His fingers clenched in the bed sheets, he breathed out raggedly as Brady fucked him harder, spread his fingers apart and drove them in deeper.

Jesse reached for his pulsing cock. His balls were tight and his dick was killing him. “Oh fuck,” he said roughly as he stroked himself. “Brady, please I need you so bad. He grunted as a heavy tap landed on his butt cheek.

Hard and deep, Brady’s fingers fucked into him, brushed his prostate and retreated before brushing up against it again, causing bliss to unfold in Jesse. “Yes!” He threw his head back pushing his hips back and thrusting into his hand.

He was going to come. He felt the need boiling in his balls like a bomb on the verge of exploding.

“You’re going to cum aren’t you, baby?” Brady crooned and one hard tap to Jesse’s ass sent him tumbling over the edge. A hard cry was wrenched from him.

Brady quickly pulled his fingers free and Jesse barely heard the sound of foil paper ripping. Moments later, he felt the blunt head of Brady’s dick as it teased the rosette of his anus. He drew in a breath as the head pushed inside him. This part always hurt, but it was worth the delicious pleasure that followed.

He pushed against the thickly cock forging into the tight confines of his ass. Jesse gripped the covers and hissed out a breath as the shaft slid over tight tissue that protested the intrusion.

“If you want me to stop—”

“Oh, fuck no. I just—haven’t been with anyone in a while.” Nine months or more. He’d been trying to prepare himself to accept a life he knew would destroy him, but in the last two months he’d known it wouldn’t work. He’d walk out of his home one night and pick up the first man he met in a bar and that would begin a downward spiral of infidelity from which he’d never recover.

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