Matings and Magic (MM)

Fury 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,860
6 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Fantasy Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, M/M, HEA]
Dragon warrior Gold needs to make amends to his mate. Sebby, a warlock, was nearly killed, and Gold is going to make things right.
Until he's injured during the mission.
Sebby doesn't want his mate getting himself killed to get back at the warlocks who wanted Sebby dead, though he is proud of the lives Gold saved. Still, Sebby accidentally spelled Gold to mate with him, and when a warlock is brought back as a prisoner, Sebby is left with the realization that, if he really loves his mate, he'll ask the warlock to remove the spell.
Gold doesn't want the spell removed. As far as he's concerned, the spell was the push he needed in the right direction. However, when Sebby can't let it go, Gold takes drastic measures to prove his love for his mate is beyond spells. When Sebby is taken from him, Gold will do everything possible to get the man he loves back.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.


Matings and Magic (MM)
6 Ratings (4.5)

Matings and Magic (MM)

Fury 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,860
6 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Gold never in a million years would have thought he’d be in a building run by the Dog Catchers, the humans in charge of hunting down and arresting omega werewolves.

Or that said building would be occupied by dragons and warlocks.

Something was fucked with the universe if that was happening.

Fire licked up the far wall in the cafeteria. It was the only way they had been able to get in.


Smoke bellowed and belched from it, spilling into each hallway.

It was much messier than Gold or his brother, Silver, would have thought. The place was going up much faster than anticipated, and many of the warlocks and Dog catchers were too focused on putting out the fire to notice there were a number of dragons in the building who didn’t belong.

The other dragons had either gone outside, because they didn’t care to help, or had fled the compound, and the fire, entirely.

Maybe this was out of their pay grade.

The fucking cowards.

“We need to get to where they keep the prisoners,” Silver announced over the blare of the fire alarm, and the shouting of hundreds of people who scrambled to get their shit together and either evacuate, or put out the fire.

No way were fire trucks getting up here in time to do anything about this. The building would be enflamed before they could get a hose here.

Silver pointed his arm down one way. “Gold, you take Rey and Storm that way. Blaze and Drake, you come with me.”

Gold nodded. He would have rather gone with his brother, but now was not the fucking time to be arguing about this sort of thing.

How the hell were they going to find the prisoners in time to get them out of here before anyone asphyxiated or burned to death?

Gold and the other dragons were fairly tall, so most everyone had to run at a slight hunch, shirts over their noses, just to be able to breathe.

He didn’t like this. Fuck. What if by lighting that fucking fire they ended up killing all those innocent omegas trapped in here?

Aiden’s parents were here. His mother and father. If they fucking died, Rey was going to have to head home and tell his mate what had happened.

Gold would have to return to his own mate a failure.

How was he supposed to look Sebby in the eyes, after promising to get revenge on the warlocks here, if he killed the people he was supposed to have saved?

They didn’t find anything in any of the rooms down the hall they were sent. Nor the other hall they checked. A whole lot of nothing. More office spaces. A few rooms with empty cages.

Jesus, what the hell were the Dog Catchers doing in here? Some rooms had pentacles on the walls and floors, written in chalk.

Right. Those rooms would belong to the warlocks. Maybe they were testing their magic out on the omegas.

Probably with the approval of the Dog catchers. The fucking assholes.

Whatever. It was fine. He had to keep going. That was all there was to it.

As they went down a third hallway, Gold began to worry that he might end up circling around the whole building and finding his brother again.

They found a set of stairs. Stairs that led down to cooler air. Down to a space that might fucking trap him, Storm and Rey if he wasn’t careful.”

“We going down there?” Storm asked.

“I am.” Rey pushed his way to the front, already rushing down into the dark unknown. “I promised Aiden I would bring his parents back to him.”

Gold opened his mouth to point out that Sebby, a warlock who used to work in this building, hadn’t said anything about a basement prison.

Then again, he was a terrible warlock. Maybe he hadn’t known they were being kept down here. Maybe Sebby had been such a poor excuse for a magic weilder that he didn’t have the clearance.

Also, when Gold had still been angry with his mate, he’d kept Sebby in the basement as well.

Basements made for great prisoners. It made sense.

He quickly followed after Rey, Storm close behind.

And he was right to go. He knew it the second he started to hear the voices calling out.

“Help us!”


“Let us out of here!”

Holy fuck, they were down there. The omegas were down here, and before Gold made it to the bottom, he smelled the smoke.

The smoke must have been coming in through one of the vents. Somehow, it was getting down here, and it was choking the omegas.

He heard coughing. His vision burned and blurred when he made it to the bottom floor. It was such a long stairway down. No windows that he noted, but his vision was so terrible it was difficult to tell either way.

They had clearly done everything in their power to make sure the omegas were never escaping this place. It was enough to piss Gold the hell off.

The fucking assholes. Those Goddamned Dog Catchers needed to rot in hell for this.

Rey was already at the cages. He pulled at the bars. His face turned bright red with the struggle, but there was some warping.

Several omegas clustered around the bars, some trying to squeeze themselves through the tiny opening Rey created for them.

It wasn’t enough. Only the smallest of them would fit.

Gold motioned to Storm, who seemed stunned with shock. He wasn’t moving. His gaze seemed to be looking at something incredibly far away.

Gold snapped his fingers in front of the man’s eyes, snapping him out of...whatever this was. “Hurry up and help him!”

Gold already moved to the bars. He grabbed one side Rey already had and began pulling. Storm did the same with the others.

“We’ll get you out,” Storm said. “Don’t worry.”

“Thank you for coming for us.”

“We’ll get you out,” Storm said again, pulling harder.




Sebby knew he should have been getting Gold off him, that he should be forcing the dragon shifter back into bed so he could feed the man a proper breakfast and help him recover, but the touch of that heated mouth on his cock…

This was the first time Gold had ever put Sebby’s dick into his mouth. This was the first time Sebby had anyone go down on him full stop.

He still had yet to tell Gold that he’d been a virgin before the mating happened. He wasn’t sure if he would ever tell him. Gold felt guilty enough about everything as it was. He didn’t want to saddle him with something else. Especially when the heat of his mouth, how wet it was, and how tight, as just so, utterly, achingly good.

His hips undulated without his control. He couldn’t stop himself from canting his cock forward and back into that mouth.

“Ah, god,” he groaned, losing himself in the pleasure.

His hands found the back of Gold’s head. The man kept his head shaved, so there was nothing but skin there and the light scratch of incoming hair.

He liked that feeling. The sensation only added to his pleasure as he thrust in an out of the man’s willing mouth.

He was going to pop. Every lick, every moan from Gold’s mouth, and the grip of his hands on Sebby’s hips was overloading his fragile senses.

He wasn’t used to this. He wasn’t used to being able to hold back his orgasm yet.

Gold had accused him of having a hair trigger inside him.

He’d done it with such a smile on his face, back when he was still angry at Sebby for the spell he’d cast, that it had been enough to make Sebby believe there might be a chance for them.

He felt he should warn the other man, that he should let Gold know what was happening deep within him, but Sebby couldn’t get the words out as the pleasure inside him continued to coil tighter and tighter.

And then it sprung.

Sebby gasped. His body spasmed. He had to hold tightly to Gold’s shoulders because his knees continued to try giving out on him.

And Gold drank him down, as if he was used to this. As if he was a professional.

Sebby knew he shouldn’t, but he leaned against the other man, desperate to keep himself from falling over.

He shouldn’t have put his weight on Gold the way he did, Christ, the other man was still recovering from his own trauma.

But Sebby couldn’t help it as he gasped for breath.

That had been such a rush.

Meanwhile, Gold continued to suck on his softening cock, as though wanting to drink every last drop be could get out of him.

The pleasure turned to something a touch more uncomfortable now that he was spent, and so sensitive, but even like this, Sebby could tell that if Gold decided to keep that up, Sebby would be hard again very soon. He would want more.

“Gold,” he sighed the name, his hands stroking the back of Gold’s neck and head.

Only then did Gold pull his mouth away to look up at him. His golden eyes glazed. Beautiful. “Yeah, baby?”

Sebby smiled at him. He didn’t think he was ever going to get used to hearing such a sweet name coming from Gold’s lips. He liked it when the man called him baby.

“Not that I didn’t like that, but you should be resting.”

“I should be inside you.”

Sebby tensed, then gasped when he felt Gold’s large hands slide around to his ass, his fingers, pushing through his crease, touching his hole.

That felt good.

And those bright, golden eyes continued to gleam. “I need you.”

How could he say no to that?”

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