Adam's Aberdeen Angus (MM)

Bourne Bulls 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,575
4 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Romance, M/M, HEA]
Adam Bourne was in a rut of his own making. His family expected him to be the one to get married and have a family, as all his brothers were gay. So was he—and that was only one of his problems. But Adam’s life was about to get very interesting and his rut could be a thing of the past.
Gareth Underwood had been Adam Bourne’s nemesis for nearly two decades, both in business and bulls. But now Gareth needed his help. Well, he needed his land and his home, to be precise. He was a man who had lusted after Adam for far too long, wanted him from afar, and Gareth intended to catch him.
But things were not all moonlight and roses for the enemies turned lovers. Especially when a vertically challenged, yet intrepid, explorer arrived on the scene along with a little, occasionally smelly princess.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Adam's Aberdeen Angus (MM)
4 Ratings (4.8)

Adam's Aberdeen Angus (MM)

Bourne Bulls 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,575
4 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Gareth was surprised at how little furniture Adam possessed. The kitchen seemed to be the only furnished room, even his bedroom only had a single bed and a book stand. He dumped his bags on the floor of the spare bedroom and frowned. The room was huge, clearly a large double, and it was at the front of the house. Adam’s room was much smaller and at the back. It contained a small three-foot single bed and built in storage, which he presumed held his clothes. The only thing that looked personal was the Donald Duck alarm clock on the bedside table.

The hidden side of the big gruff business man he’d known and lusted after for years was not curbing Gareth’s interest or lust. But hell, this place needed a few home comforts. A few phone calls later, Gareth just hoped his new landlord liked surprises.


* * * *


“I think you may need this brother dear,” Mark said as he handed a folder to Adam.

“I thought we’d cleared all last month’s invoices, Mark.” Adam glanced up as he lifted his hand for the file.

“It’s not exactly an invoice, and I’ve had to rewrite it twice with what I’ve seen happening at your place.”

Adam’s blood ran cold. Had his brother been up to the farmhouse and walked in on Gareth Underwood? “Um, er…I can explain that, Mark.”

“Oh really? I just want to know when you’ve had time to go shopping. Mind it’s about time you furnished that place. It was always cavernous and cold.”

“What the hell are you going on about?” Adam glared at his brother, who seemed to be losing the plot.

“Well, going by the number of items that are being emptied out of the wagon that’s at your place, I’d say I was talking perfect sense. John and I have been watching for the last half hour, and I must say you have picked some lovely pieces. That bed was gorgeous. I’d love to chase my lover around that thing. Ooh…” Mark shivered as he quickly left Adam’s office.

Adam shook his head, thinking his brother didn’t have a lover, did he? It wasn’t until he opened the file a minute later that the penny dropped, so to speak, as he looked over a tenancy agreement for the joint occupation of Scalebor Farm with Adam Bourne and Gareth Underwood.

“I don’t need a tenancy agreement,” he shouted.

Mark laughed. “Read the small print, big brother.” Adam almost didn’t want to, and finally gave up and went to see Mark.

Mark was precariously perched on his desk, leaning out of his window. He turned and smiled at his brother. Adam was still confused. “Why twice and why joint?” He asked, not explaining any further.

“Well, first you were just renting a room, then, I decided to be hopeful and bunked you in together, then all the furniture arrived and so although you own the farm, he’s furnished it, so it’s now joint. Hence, three attempts, and thus two re-writes.” Mark smiled again as if it all made perfect sense. “Come on, Adam, you’ve lived there since you were married, not that Kate was with you. And Polly moved her stuff out when she left. Maybe you’ve picked the right team this time?” Mark giggled and winked at his brother. Adam had never been winked at so much in one day, and it was really unsettling.

“Look, I’m going up to the lab. Samuels needs new samples for his British Limousin’s, and Peterson wants to double his order and add more diversity. I’m going to ask Judith if she can put a rush on. Hopefully, Rob can handle the work with Luke being absent.” Adam then ignored Mark, who was still giggling, and headed out. Adam had every intention of heading straight home afterwards. Thus, avoiding any family and finding out what the hell was going on at his farm.


* * * *


Gareth was done. He’d emptied his storage unit. Well, not personally, but paying the storage crew an extra five hundred meant they’d hung on and emptied the stuff into the farm house as well as cleared his unit. It was worth it, as his mother’s furniture was old and deserved the care they’d given it, plus, there was no way he could have completed it solo. The only problem they had was having two kitchen tables, but Adam’s was a fold away number which was now pressed up against the hallway wall.

Gareth felt a little uneasy as he wandered through the farm house. It did look like he’d taken over, but at least now the place felt like a home and not a squatter’s dump. He’d lit the fire in the front room, and sat in his mum’s enormous sofa. None of his siblings had wanted any of the furniture. They said it was simply too big, but at six foot three, too big was perfect. Adam would fit, as well.

Was he straight? He’d been married, so he had to be at least bisexual, please. His reactions today seemed promising, and now, they were on the same side. Gareth groaned. He was in no position to make a move. The last thing he wanted was for the man to throw him out for hitting on him, never mind the fact he was probably going to have kittens when he got home tonight.

Well, shy bairns get n’out, as his Geordie brother-in-law would say, and Gareth wanted this time, and being shy had never been his thing.




Gareth couldn’t believe what was happening to his body. Sweat was collecting and sliding down from his temples. He could feel the slow progress it made. His nerves seemed to come alive with the touch of Adam’s lips in his most intimate of places.

Gareth’s senses were on fire; he’d always fantasied that being with Adam would be fucking hot. But he never expected it to completely blow his mind. He could feel Adam’s tongue piecing his entrance. It felt like an electric pulse passing through him and gathering intensity in his balls. If Adam touched them now, he would blow.

Adam suddenly pulled back and Gareth could not contain his whimper of regret. Adam blew a gentle breath over his hole, the cool air tingled his nerves.

“Adam, please,” Gareth begged. He didn’t know what he was begging for, but knew Adam could give it to him.

“Lube?” Adam questioned, and Gareth had no clue. His mind was mush and remembering where they had left it was well beyond his capabilities by now. “Yes,” Adam hissed as he reached over Gareth’s exposed body. Before Gareth had time to blink, two slick fingers pushed passed his virgin entrance, which had been relaxed by Adam’s tongue. The burn was slight, but the intensity was explosive. Gareth was desperate to feel more. Another whimper escaped his lips. 

“More. Now. Ready.” Gareth blurted out, finally reduced to one word sentences. 

“I’ve got you, babe, just a little more stretching. I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Wont. Hurt. Please!” Gareth had never begged so much in his life, but if he didn’t get Adam’s cock inside him, he was going to scream blue murder.

Adam backed up, then crawled on his knees, holding his cock ready. “I’m here, baby, ready and waiting to blow,”

Gareth burst out laughing, things were getting silly. 

“I thought that might break the tension,” Adam added with a grin.

“Get on with it, before I have arthritis in my knees,” Gareth grumped.

“You really are an old man.”

“If you want to pop my cherry, Mr. Bourne, you’d best get on with it, otherwise I’m going to roll over and give you something to suck.” Luckily, Adam got the idea and sheathed up. Gareth had no problem with the position, apart from the fact he couldn’t see his lover as Adam penetrated his virgin ass.

Gareth couldn’t stop the tremor that raced across his body as Adam pushed the blunt tip against his hole. “Relax, love,” Adam murmured as the head of his cock plunged past the outer ring of muscle. Gareth gritted his teeth to stop the grunt of pain that wanted to escape. The burn continued as Adam slowly pushed forward. Gareth forced himself to breathe pushing back on Adam, letting that gorgeous cock of his slide home.

Adam grunted, but didn’t move. Gareth realised the man was waiting for him, and he was most definitely ready. 

“Move!” Gareth groaned, pushing back against Adam. He took the very obvious hint, withdrew, and then surged forward, grazing Gareth gland as he went in. Gareth thought his world had splintered into a million, glorious shards of white, hot ice, and he was in no rush to pick up the melting pieces as Adam plundered his ass again and again.

What have I been missing?

Gareth knew the end was coming and fast. He felt his balls tingle as though Adam had passed a parcel load of highly active volts through them.

“Adam, I’m…argh!” was all he managed to say before his completely untouched cock shuddered through an unbelievable release.

Adam had just completely rocked his world and ruined him for any other man. Gareth could feel his grin spreading across his face as Adam thrust three more times and cried out Gareth’s name. If his grin could get any bigger, it did as Gareth felt the warmth of Adan’s hot cum coating his insides, unfortunately, while in the condom. Maybe that was something they could rectify, well, if Gareth had a say in it they could.

Adam slumped on his back, pushing Gareth into his cooling cum. And even that didn’t ruin his feeling of exhilaration and peace.

As their heartrates returned to normal, Adam slid from Gareth’s back and gently pulled himself free. Their combined sweat cooled on their skin. 

“Sorry,” Adam mumbled.

“What the hell for?” Gareth asked turning to face him, thinking the worst and Adam wasn’t in the same sated place he was. Adam must have seen the look on his face. He rushed to reassure Gareth.

“No, no! Not the sex, that was mind blowing.”

“Thank fuck,” Gareth groaned and pulled Adam in for a slow sensual kiss, plundering his lover’s mouth, and making sure Adam had no doubts about how Gareth felt.

Adam pulled back, much to Gareth’s disappointment. “No, I meant for collapsing on top of you. My brain was scrambled there for a minute. I’ll go get a cloth and we can clean up.

“Nah, I think we both need a shower, and I’ll change the comforter. It’s a tad sticky.” Gareth wrinkled his nose and Adam laughed.

“I wonder why?”

“I have absolutely no idea.”

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