[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Yuki, a dragon shifter and one of the immortal knights charged with protecting humanity, has been left scarred and damaged by the brutal death of his mate. Hundreds of years later, Joey is reincarnated and blessedly returned to him, bruised and beaten by the very people who would wish Yuki and his brothers harm.  
Joey has been looking for his dragon for a long time. With memories of his past life returning to him, he doesn’t expect to fall in with the witches. Thankfully he escapes, but not before they give him something that would ensure their curse was transferred to the man he loves. 
The curse is worsening. Yuki can’t control it, and when it compels him to fight his brothers, to hurt them, and Joey is harmed after being caught in the middle, Yuki will need to find a way to end his curse before he destroys the man he loves, and also himself.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.


Cold Knight (MM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




A hard smack across his cheek pulled him out his thoughts. “Pay attention!”

“I’m paying attention,” he said.

“He looks like he’s high on something.”

“And dirty,” said another one of the big men. “You think he’s a drifter?”

Joey wanted to flip the man off, but he also didn’t want to get his finger chopped off with one of those swords.

Drifter. Fuck this guy. He was only dirty because he’d spent the last day and a half stumbling through the woods, trying to get away from those freaks who’d drugged and attacked him. He wasn’t normally this dirty.

“I’m not a bad guy. I didn’t do anything.”

He sounded groggy as all hell, though. Guess he couldn’t exactly blame these guys for thinking he was a drug addict or something.

Get away from him!”

That voice. Joey’s eyes popped wide. The effects of the drugs still made his brain seem cloudy as all hell, but holy shit, the sound of that voice, even though it seemed enraged, made Joey’s body come alive.

His dragon.

“Get off him. Get the fuck off him!”

The big men who were on top of Joey, threatening him, looked back just as a pair of hands grabbed at them, yanking them away, pushing them.

He had black hair and the darkest eyes Joey had ever seen in his life. At least, that was what he’d thought because, in the next instant, those eyes turned a bright shade of ice blue. He’d literally never seen that color of eyes before on anyone, never mind on an Asian guy. A dragon tattoo snaked up his neck, and it wasn’t just the tattoo but a combination of everything that did it.

The hair, the eyes, the shape of his body, along with the tattoo, set off a reaction within him that he couldn’t hold back or ignore.

This was him. This was the dragon he’d been looking for. He’d been searching for this man since before those crazy sons of bitches had drugged and kidnapped him.

Now he was here. Holy shit. Joey had made it.

He held his arms out to the other man. “It’s you…”

The man with the dragon tattoo looked down at him, blue eyes wide. They were like crystals with the way they glimmered down at him.

Joey only wanted to touch him. He wanted to touch this man so badly he didn’t know how to contain himself, and it hurt that this man was still standing up and not coming down to him.

Then he did. The dragon man standing above him came down to him, reaching out with his hands as he fell to his knees.

The touch, the way this man scooped him up and pulled Joey into his arms, was the thing he’d been missing. It was the very thing that Joey had been needing.

He looped his arms around the man’s neck and buried his face into that strong, bare chest.

God, this guy was massive.

“Uh, Yuki? What’s going on? Do you know him?”

The men around Joey, who had tackled him to the ground, who had sounded so tough just a minute ago, now sounded more unsure of themselves, but Joey could hardly pay any attention to that.

Yuki. They’d called this man Yuki. That was his name.

It was the nicest damned name Joey had ever heard in his life.

“This is my mate, you idiots!” Yuki hissed, and his voice sounded divine, even when he sounded totally and utterly pissed off. “Which one of you fuckers hit him?”

“Uh, sorry, that was me.”

Gerrick,” Yuki growled.

“It’s okay,” Joey said, still feeling as if he was wrapped up in a cotton blanket. Everything seemed to be happening to someone else, but he was all right, so long as Yuki was here and Joey could hold him. “I’m not hurt.”

He felt Yuki’s hand touch his hair. Joey shut his eyes, reveling in the contact. God, it felt so good to be touched like that. Why couldn’t he seem to get enough of it? He’d only just been pulled into this man’s lap and he already felt that if he didn’t get the chance to crawl under his skin and stay there that it would never be enough.

Okay, his drugged-up brain actually produced a not very good mental image of that for him to look at. He should probably not think weird things like that anymore.

“They hit you,” Yuki said. “I’ll never forgive anyone who hits you.”

“Yuki, I’m sorry, man. I didn’t know, but come on, look at him. How was I supposed to know? He’s got a trail of darkness around him that puts Oscar’s eyes to shame. How was I supposed to know?”

Joey zoned out after that. He couldn’t seem to concentrate enough on much anyway, and it seemed better to let his mind drift off. At least this way he could relax in Yuki’s arms.

His dragon. He’d been looking so long for his dragon he’d almost started to think he was never going to find the man, but now he was here. Joey was finally with his dragon and everything felt all right with the world.

“I missed you,” he said, drifting off.




He reached down for Yuki’s cock, finding it easily in the water and moaning at the size.

Thick and heavy. It was arched forward, and the shaft pulsed and throbbed in Joey’s hand.

“Put this inside me. Put your cock in me. Now, please, right now.”

Yuki finally, thankfully, seemed to let go. Joey only had to keep looking into those eyes to know he was going to get what he needed. He was going to get everything he desperately wanted in this moment, and it was going to be amazing.

Yuki pulled his fingers out of Joey’s asshole, a suddenly tense air about him as his broad shoulders and muscles seemed to bunch up in anticipation.

Joey knew exactly how he felt. He was just waiting for what he really needed here, too. He was waiting for more, eager for it as Yuki slid between Joey’s knees, and taking himself by his cock in the water, he pressed the thick helmet of his dick against Joey’s crack, rubbing it there as though teasing him, as though making sure Joey knew whose cock he was about to have inside him.

As if he could ever forget something like that. “Tell me you want me.”

Joey nodded. “Want you. Need you.”

Yuki wet his lips. “Tell me how much you love me.”

That should have been a weird question. Joey knew it. They’d just met, after all, but maybe he really wasn’t quite right in the head because the first thing he did when that question was asked of him was nod quickly. “I love you. I love you so much.”

The words flowed easily out of his mouth. He meant them, too. That was the even stranger bit, but it didn’t bother Joey that he’d said them. He said them again and again just because they felt good to say, almost as good as when Yuki pressed the head of his dick against Joey’s hole and started to push forward.

Joey clenched his teeth together, still telling this man how much he loved him, how much he needed him. He couldn’t stop, and he wouldn’t stop. Not when he was so close to being joined with him. The thing he’d waited his entire life for without knowing it.

“Love you, love you,” Joey said, only halted by the sigh he let out when he felt the head of that amazing cock pop through the ring of muscle.

Yuki stopped, exhaled a deep, guttural noise, shivered, and then continued to cant his hips forward. He was slow, as slow as he’d promised Joey he would be this whole time. Joey didn’t care anymore, just so long as they both continued to make progress with each other.

Joey reached beneath the water, his slick hands finding Yuki’s ass and holding on tight. As tight as he could, anyway. The oil in the water made it hard for him to get a proper grip, and he felt more as if he was just rubbing and massaging Yuki’s ass, which was also fine so long as it forced the other man to hurry up and get inside him.

“Deeper, come on, come on,” Joey begged.

“Patience,” Yuki shot back.

Joey clenched his teeth. He could cry at that word because he’d never been more impatient in his entire life.

Then Yuki was as far as he could go, and Joey felt the coarse hairs of Yuki’s pubic region touching the back of his ass. It wasn’t just that. It was the feeling of being spread wide open, of having Yuki all the way inside him, touching everywhere that could be touched within him, including his prostate, with that beautiful cock.

“Oh God, that’s it,” he moaned.

Yuki leaned in, kissing him on the mouth, shutting him up before he could start babbling more. That was fine. Joey loved being kissed by this man. He moaned and tilted his head back as far as he could while he leaned against the back of the tub, opening himself up even more to the kisses Yuki had to offer him. They were amazing. They were everything that Joey wanted.

Yuki pulled his cock back but then pushed it forward again before he could slip all the way outside of Joey’s body. Joey moaned a small noise, muffled even more while his mouth was connected to Yuki’s.

Yuki did it again and again. He kept going slowly, as if he was trying to do anything and everything in his power to keep from fucking Joey hard and fast, the way Joey needed him to.

But the back-and-forth, steady rocking did have an appeal that Joey didn’t think he would be feeling right now. This was good. Oh God, this was very good. His pleasure was building. The slick, forward slide of that wicked tongue in his mouth while Yuki pinched and teased Joey’s nipples made him hotter. It made him wilder, even though the other man wasn’t going that fast at all.

God, it was better than he’d thought it would be, and the pleasure with him was rising up so high he almost didn’t know what to do with any of it. It was pulling. It was pushing him closer and closer toward that precipice, and Joey did not want to fight it.

The hard grunting noises Yuki let out, the heat of his body, sizzled and popped inside of Joey’s blood, each noise stimulating him better than any porn he could watch on the Internet.

So close. He was so close, and it was so good and…

Joey groaned. He reached into the water between their bodies, his hand finding his cock and stroking hard and fast, even though Yuki was refusing to give it to him hard and fast. He came quick and hard, shouting against Yuki’s mouth, tensing, his muscle spasming.

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