[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Alpha Brian Walker has lived amongst the hunters for years. He never suspected they might have been the ones who destroyed his pack, or turned him against his family. A tip from a stranger throws him into a tailspin, and the life of his mate is put in danger. The people he trusted are not to be trusted, and the man he fell in love with might be in danger.
Eddie just wanted to go to school and earn some money. The tall, looming, and handsome figure that caught his eye was never part of the plan. When Brian comes to him, Eddie can't say no. Not even when the dangers are revealed. The fact that his new lover is a werewolf, and that he may have gotten Eddie pregnant, throws everything for a loop when the hunters attack.
They're after Eddie and the baby, and Brian will destroy anyone who tries to harm his mate.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Giving In (MM)
9 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Another sexy, hot read in the world of the Luna werewolves. Eddie was super adorable and Brian was great (at least after he got his head out of his butt). Thanks to James and Rick - the future versions anyway - it looks like Dakota's pack is slowly growing and getting stronger.

Can't wait to see who the next book is about!
Christy Duke




The kiss was warm, wonderful, and it brought Eddie right back to when he’d been in Brian’s truck the first time, feeling the rough scrape of beard hairs that Brian always seemed to keep at that sexy, haven’t-shaved-in-three-days look. He’d been nervous and excited. He’d been lusting after Brian almost since the moment he’d first laid his eyes on the man, and when he had him…

It had been amazing. Eddie had gotten off spectacularly. Brian hadn’t. Someone had interrupted them and Brian had to leave.

Eddie wasn’t about to let the man go this time. As Brian kissed him, his lips and tongue devouring Eddie whole, Eddie didn’t just hold on for the ride, he gripped Brian’s shoulders rightly, his hands holding on and almost bunching up the leather jacket he had on him.

He was…Eddie was honestly afraid Brian would vanish if he let him go. He was terrified this was going to be another dream he woke up from with his cock painfully hard, and an empty, dark feeling consuming him.

A hard puff of breath escaped Eddie’s lungs when his back was pushed hard against the wall of his hallway. One of his picture frames fell. He pulled away from the kiss to look down at it. Some of the glass had broken. He looked back at Brian.

Brian panted for breath, his lips were dark from their kiss, and Eddie was willing to beT pretty much all the change hidden at the bottom of his couch that he was going to have some red scratch marks around his mouth.

He loved that. He wasn’t entirely sure why, but for some reason, the idea that he was being marked by this man, that Eddie was going to have some physical sign of their kissing on him, turned him on like crazy.

“I…I need you.”

Brian groaned. Eddie thought it was a groan, had to be, but it did almost sound sort of growl-like just before Brian threw Eddie for a loop and actually picked him up.


That growling noise again. “Where is your room?”

Even though Brian had asked the question, he already started walking. There weren’t many doors in the tiny apartment, literally only the front door, bathroom door, and his bedroom, so Brian was almost there when Eddie got his shit together and pointed. “That one.”

He didn’t have the chance to be embarrassed about how small his room was, the fact that Brian was going to see his pathetic twin bed that was definitely unmade because he never made it.

Brian didn’t seem to notice the mess, the pencil crayons or paints, the books on the floor and on the shelves, along with all the papers he was supposed to be studying every minute he wasn’t either sleeping or working.

Brian fell down onto the bed with Eddie. Eddie heard a crack somewhere in the old, wooden frame, but he didn’t have the chance to even lift his head to see what had happened, because Brian’s mouth was back on Eddie’s, and it made him forget everything else in the world other than the heat of Brian’s mouth, the touch of his tongue, and the way it curled Eddie’s toes in his shoes.

He squirmed beneath Brian. God, he knew where this was going, and he could already tell it was going to be a thousand times better than what he’d already gotten back in that truck. Eddie kicked his shoes off, humping against Brian’s thigh, searching for any kind of friction he could get.

The little he did get was enough to make him moan against Brian’s mouth, to tremble beneath him.

Eddie was heating up. He was beyond hot as hell, but he couldn’t help himself. He was going to go nuts if he didn’t have Brian inside him within the next five minutes.

Brian chuckled at him. Eddie felt the vibrations of that laugh against his mouth and tongue. He felt it buzzing even when Brian pulled his mouth away to stare down at him. The man Put his large, calloused hand on Eddie’s cheek. “You are amazing.”

Even the touch of his hand on Eddie’s cheek was enough to make him feel like there was someone touching his cock.

Eddie was losing his mind. He tried to tell Brian to touch him some more, to beg for more, but the only thing that came from his throat was a helpless wail.

Eddie’s spine arched. He pushed his body against Brian’s. The clothes were choking him. He needed to get out of them.

“I can’t…I can’t breathe. I need…oh fuck, I need…”

“I know, sweetheart. I got you.”

Eddie couldn’t take in a proper breath until Brian ripped his clothes clean off him. Eddie panted, his chest heaving, but he felt like he could finally take in a gulp of air. Brian was ripping his jeans right off Eddie’s body. He’d torn his button-down and white tank top like they were nothing. It kind of looked like he used something to cut the material with before ripping them with his bare hands, but when Eddie tried to look, he couldn’t see anything that Brian could be using. No knife or anything.

For a split second, it did look like his fingernails were kind of long and…strange looking, but then Eddie blinked and it seemed to be gone.

A trick of the light. Something his brain was making up because he was so damned horny he couldn’t contain it. There was no way Brian’s fingernails had looked as pointed as that, and the red he’d seen in the man’s eyes had to be because of the red curtains covering the slim window near the ceiling of his room.

Yeah, that was it. That made the most sense.

It was as if Eddie blinked and then Brian was naked on top of him, with him, the flesh of his body coming down onto Eddie’s.

Eddie’s mouth dropped open. He sighed when he felt it. Strong muscle, warm skin, fine hairs on Brian’s thighs and darker, thicker hair around his cock. His chest hair was wonderful. Not too much, and not too little. He was perfect. Eddie marveled as he ran his fingers through the curls on Eddie’s chest, admiring them as his body pulsed with life and pleasure.

Brian pushed his legs wider apart, spreading them, settling between them, and when the firm length of his cock slid against Eddie’s, his mouth slid open, he shivered, sighed, and his head fell back on his thin, hard pillows.

“That’s it.” Brian thrust forward, his cock was warm and soft, yet hard. It felt damned good, too. “You’re mine.”




“Brian, for God’s sakes, what are you doing back there?”

He’d figure it out in another second. Brian leaned down, holding tightly to Eddie’s hips, and yeah, Eddie felt it the instant Brian’s tongue touched his hole.

Eddie nearly bucked him off. Brian had to back off before Eddie smacked his tailbone into Brian’s nose.

He laughed at the idea of his mate breaking his nose by hitting him with his ass during sex. That likely wasn’t an altogether common way of getting injured. He’d rather be in a bloody fight with his brother than walk into a hospital and try to explain that one.

God, what’s so funny? Get back to what you were doing!”

The alpha within Brian rumbled in approval. “You’re so bossy when you’re horny.” He pressed his tongue back to Eddie’s hole, tasting him, feeling the man tense up, listening as he hissed with pleasure. “You have no idea what that does to me.”

Eddie clenched his fists in the sheets. “You have no idea how much this is hurting me! Please, stop teasing me.”

Eddie clearly wasn’t playing around with that one, he was begging. Not in a cute, playful way either. He really was starting to need this.

“Okay. Okay. I got you.”

Brian pressed his tongue back to that puckered hole, but this time he wasn’t just teasing. This time Brian hardened the end of his tongue before he speared the man.

Eddie moaned, loudly. There was no way in hell the rest of the house couldn’t hear him, but to Brian, it was the sounds of his mate singing for him. It was glorious, and Brian thrust his tongue deeper into that hot space, holding on to Eddie’s hips for dear life as his mate tried to rock back against him.

“Oh, God, fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

Eddie cursed a lot when he was getting off. Brian had been away so long, forcing himself to stay back, to observe instead of actually be there, he’d almost forgotten.

It was cute, and Brian wanted to hear more of it. He thrust his tongue forward again, flicking it, finding that sweet spot he’d been searching for, and this time he really did make his mate sing.

Eddie’s body heat intensified, he seemed to be thrashing around, but then Brian realized his mate was trying to look back at him, to see what he was doing.

This must be driving him insane. It wasn’t exactly a cake walk for Brian either. His dick throbbed between his legs, testicles tightened almost all the way up into his body. Each moan, each clench of Eddie’s hole around Brian’s tongue, brought on another pleasurable throb to his cock.

God, he might just come without touching himself. Eddie was close enough as it was, if the taste of him and the way Eddie’s arm kept moving was anything to go by.

The alpha didn’t like that. It wanted Eddie’s pleasure all for itself. It didn’t want Eddie to come until Brian’s cock was buried deep inside him.

Brian wasn’t going to last. His first orgasm of the night and he was going to pop off like a teenager. He pulled his tongue back before Eddie could do just that.

“N-no! No, no, please—”

“I’m not stopping.” Was that Brian’s voice? Damn, he sounded gruff. The animal side of himself was a lot closer to the surface than he thought it was. “I’m going to fuck you. Stay just like you are.”

Eddie dropped his head and moaned. “Oh, thank God. I thought you were going to keep on taking your sweet time or something.”

Sweet time? Brian would’ve laughed at the sudden appearance of a smart mouth on his mate, another symptom of his lust, but now Brian was too caught up in his own pleasure. The wind could hit him the wrong way and he might come.

“Don’t push your luck too much.”

Eddie laughed, looking over his shoulder as Brian opened the cap of the little bottle of lube. “Don’t you like it?”

Even sweaty and flushed, Eddie sounded amazing. He was a little sex kitten, a playful minx, and his every thought, word, and breath called out to the animal inside of Brian to answer. He was going to answer.

Brian knew he didn’t prep his mate enough. Using his tongue and some time with his fingers and the lube wasn’t nearly enough, but he couldn’t help himself. He needed to be inside his lover. Now. His wilder side demanded it. Brian couldn’t remember the last time he’d lost control to that side of himself. He’d always managed to keep some sense of himself intact, but even as he lined up the dark, swollen head of his cock with Eddie’s hole, he barely managed to choke out a warning.

“Push out, baby.”

“Not my first time.”

No, it wasn’t. Brian pushed forward. He heard Eddie’s soft grunt, he felt the way his mate’s body tensed, but there was nothing he could do about it. Already Brian felt the sizzle, the heat, and pleasure of Eddie’s body, but he needed more. He pushed his hips forward again, until that tight pressure gave in and Brian’s cock popped through the ring of muscle.

He sighed. Eddie grunted.

Brian fell over Eddie’s back. He barely kept himself from putting all of his weight onto the other man as Eddie squirmed and sighed beneath him.

“Don’t move,” Brian moaned. He held himself up with one arm, curling the other around Eddie’s waist, feeling the small life of their pup in there. Brian pressed a kiss to the spot between Eddie’s shoulder blades. “Give me a second…to get control.”

“Feels good,” Eddie said. Brian wasn’t entirely sure if his mate heard what Brian had just said, but it didn’t matter. All that mattered was he had him.

Brian kissed and sucked on Eddie’s skin. His hips canted forward, almost as though they had a mind of their own. It was slow at first, barely there, but then the motion got faster and faster. He couldn’t stop himself even if he wanted to.

Yeah, he was definitely losing control to the alpha inside him. He didn’t care, either. This was what he wanted. This was what he’d been denying himself ever since the night of their mating. He’d been denying it ever since meeting Eddie.

“Love you. Mine. You’re mine.”

Eddie moaned and grunted with each forward thrust. Did he hear the word Brian had just said right?

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